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Chapter 970: Isn’t money something you can casually pick up while taking a stroll outside?

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“Students will definitely like the ‘Learning God System’,” Song Shuhang replied.

Actually, a few months ago, Song Shuhang, too, wished to have a similar system that could allow him to ‘study automatically’. You enter standby mode and still keep studying. Scary, isn’t it?

With such a system at his disposal, he wouldn’t have to fear midterm exams, final exams, foreign language tests of any difficulty, intermediate or advanced computer application exams, and so on.

It was simply a wonderful idea.

Hopefully, Senior White would like this beautiful idea!

Venerable White earnestly pondered for a while, and said, “The ‘Learning God System’, huh? This system doesn’t seem too difficult to create, and we only need to set up a good starting database and prepare well-thought-out tasks. After the user completes the various tasks, we can reward them with magical techniques that can temporarily enhance their memory or other techniques that can help them focus and stay calm. All these magical techniques can help them obtain better results while studying.

“Afterward, we can reward them with permanent memory enhancement or mental energy-strengthening liquefied pills. Turning ordinary people into geniuses isn’t really difficult. After the database is ready, I’ll need only two days to create the embryonic form of this system. The degree of difficulty when it comes to creating this system is one-star at most. I’ll note it down for now.”

After saying this much, Venerable White took out a small notebook and wrote on it: [1. Learning God System.]

According to what Senior White had said, creating the Learning God System that every student wished for was very easy, only one-star level difficulty.

How wonderful would it have been to meet Senior White when I was still in junior middle school! Song Shuhang sighed inwardly.

“Do you have any other suggestion?” Venerable White asked another question.

From the looks of it, a system with a one-star degree of difficulty was unable to satisfy Venerable White.

“Senior White, let me think for a moment… Hmm, right! Aside from the much needed Learning God System when they are in school, ordinary people are definitely going to love a system that can help them make money after they graduate. After all, although money isn’t everything, you simply can’t do without it in this world. Therefore, a Money Making System is definitely going to be well-liked by ordinary people,” Song Shuhang said after pondering.

“A money-making system? Why do you want to create such a system?” Senior White was puzzled. “If you lack money, you can simply take a stroll outside and get plenty of it. If you feel that the amount isn’t enough, you can go to a mountain and start digging, obtaining quite a few valuable items. Then, you can sell these items and make a lot of money.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

At this time, Song Shuhang started doubting if he and Venerable White lived in the same world, because he definitely didn’t live in a world where you could get plenty of money while taking a stroll outside!

Seeking help: How can I make Senior White understand how difficult it is to make money while discussing this topic? I’m on hold; please reply quickly!

“Cough. Senior White, you are a special case. The large majority of the people in this world are unable to maintain their livelihood by taking strolls outside and picking up money, and the number of people that can actually find treasures after digging on a mountain is very low as well. After all, not everyone is as lucky as you, Senior White,” Song Shuhang explained.

“Oh, you are right. This matter is related to luck, which is something very difficult to explain.” Venerable White quickly understood. “In that case, about the [Money Making System]… it seems only slightly more difficult than the [Learning God System]. The simplest way would be for me to directly send money to the user,” Venerable White said.

“Senior White, you can’t do that. The system would lose its purpose this way. The objective of a system is to not let people live like salted fish, and they must obtain rewards only after completing tasks. Only if they have to work hard to obtain these rewards will people treasure them,” Song Shuhang said.

“You have a point! In that case, we can consider the Money Making System as the upgraded version of the Learning God System. After the host is finished gathering knowledge through the Learning God System, they’ll start earning money through the Money Making System. Appraising items, cutting stones and finding jade, inventing black technology, cultivating plants that other people can’t, breeding fishes that other people can’t, and completing similar tasks can all earn money. Very well, it’s settled then. The Money Making System will be the follow-up part of the Learning God System, and we can even fuse the two systems if we want. Wonderful.” After saying this much, Venerable White likewise noted down the Money Making System in the small notebook, setting its degree of difficulty to one-and-half-star.

Exactly what you would expect from Senior White, very quick-witted.

Song Shuhang fell into deep thought.

If the two systems were fused together… Heavens~ wasn’t it going to resemble a lot the cheat that the main characters in those ‘slice of life’ stories had?

The main characters of slice of life stories possessed similar cheats. They had incredible learning abilities and all sorts of wondrous techniques at their disposal. Whether we were talking about culinary arts, medical skills, appraisal techniques, or even animal breeding and farming skills, they would master them after studying them once.

They could use these skills to show off, and also to make money. After earning enough money, they would move to some small valley far away from the city—where the air was cleaner—and buy fields, houses, and ponds there, leading a happy life.

Heavens~ He also wanted to have this system!

Heavens~ After Senior White was finished merging the two systems, he was willing to become a beta tester and test it for him!

Heavens~ Just thinking about it was enough to make him salivate, how wonderful.

Heavens~ What was the deal with all these ‘heavens’? Earlier in the forbidden area, he heard that green sea turtle repeat this phrase again and again. Did he unconsciously pick it up as well?

Heavens~ How was that possible!

“Do you have anything else in mind?” Venerable White asked again.

Senior White wasn’t satisfied yet?

The degree of difficulty of the Money Making System was one-and-half-star, and even if the Learning God System was added, the total degree of difficulty wouldn’t exceed two-star. Senior White found this type of system too easy to create. If it was too easy, it wouldn’t be exciting enough, and if it wasn’t exciting enough… he wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment!

Song Shuhang held his chin and fell into deep thought. The learning and money-making skills were already there, so what was left now?

While in deep thought, he remembered his nominal disciple Joseph, whose full name was Joseph ‘Guy’ Maupassant!

After accepting Joseph as his nominal disciple, other than the ❮Times are Calling❯, he had taught him the first style of the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯ as well. However, he was well aware that Joseph would have a hard time obtaining good results even if he diligently practiced the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯ every day.

After all, he lacked a foundation establishment cultivation technique, and hadn’t opened any aperture. It was impossible for him to display the real power of the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯.

Actually, Joseph’s dream was just to learn the so-called ‘Chinese Kung Fu’. He was fine as long as he could leap onto roofs and walls, create small shock waves with his fists, and take on ten people alone.

Still, it was rather difficult for Song Shuhang to make his wish come true. All the techniques in his possession were ‘cultivation’ techniques, and he didn’t have the ‘ownership’ of any foundation establishment cultivation technique; he was unable to teach one to Joseph.

Other than that, Joseph had missed the best period to cultivate, and even if he started to practice a Foundation Establishment Technique right now, he would have a hard time obtaining any results.

However… if Venerable White could find a way to turn ordinary people into martial arts experts, like the ones seen in movies, perhaps there was still hope to make his dream come true?

The objective wasn’t to build the foundation needed to cultivate, but to strengthen one’s body until the user could leap onto roofs and walls, and take on 20 people alone.

“Senior White, how about making a [Martial Arts Expert Training System]?” Song Shuhang said in all seriousness.

“Martial Arts Expert Training System? You want to teach people how to cultivate?” Venerable White asked in puzzlement.

“No, these martial arts experts I’m talking about aren’t the experts of the world of cultivators. Senior White, you have also seen several movies as of late, and China’s homemade wuxia movies are closely related to the concept of martial arts expert. The objective here isn’t to reach immortality, but to become strong enough to leap onto roofs and walls, master fist techniques, and to take on tens of people alone,” Song Shuhang said.

“Oh, so you meant that type of expert! But, if they can’t become immortals in the end, what use is there to it?” Venerable White asked.

“Reaching immortality isn’t the final objective, it’s good enough as long as they can strengthen their bodies,” Song Shuhang said. “A lot of people have already missed the best period to cultivate, and they are fated not to walk far on the road of cultivation. Even with the help of a Foundation Establishment Technique, they won’t obtain good results after decades of training as long as they lack ‘body tempering liquid’ and ‘qi and blood pills’. Therefore, it would be pretty good if there was a Martial Arts Expert System that could allow them to become strong enough to leap onto roofs and walls.”

“Why did you suddenly think of this system?” Venerable White asked out of curiosity.

“It’s because someone pestered me recently, and I was forced to accept them as my ‘nominal disciple’,” Song Shuhang said, somewhat embarrassed.

Then, he told Venerable White about Joseph’s situation.

However, Song Shuhang had another idea in mind as well.

If the Martial Arts Expert Training System really came into existence, not only Joseph, but Mama Song and Papa Song could also benefit from it.

“Hmm, interesting. In that case, it would be better to get rid of some of the cultivation-related features of cultivation techniques and enhance the part aiming to temper one’s physical body. It should be feasible to create a ‘superhuman martial technique’ that shows quick results. However, it must be tested a bit first,” Venerable White said with a nod. “This system has around a three-star difficulty. Not bad, not bad. Compared to the [Learning God System] and the [Money Making System], this [Martial Arts Expert Training System] is more suited to my tastes. In that case, Shuhang, it’s decided!” The corner of Venerable White’s mouth rise as he lifted the pen.

“Senior White, did you decide which system you are going to create?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I’ve decided. I want to create the— eh? My spirit beast egg just hatched!” Venerable White said suddenly.

“?” Song Shuhang was confused.

“Just now, I used your [Divine Beast Training System] to register another account. Then, I took a look at the novice mission, and I just happened to have with me a spirit beast egg I found a long time ago. As such, I decided to hatch it,” Venerable White said smugly.

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