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Chapter 966: Divine Beast Training System v1.5

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The purple-robed cultivator was truly depressed at the moment. All his battle-type puppets had been blown to pieces. Only the ball-shaped puppet was left, and the sole thing it was good for right now was to play some soccer!

Damn you, Song Shuhang! You’d better not forget about me, because I definitely won’t let you off! I’ll temporarily leave the ancestral puppet to you, but I’ll one day take back what is mine!

After saying this much, the purple-robed cultivator operated the ball-shaped puppet and carefully headed underground, preparing to leave this dangerous place using the Earth Crossing Technique.

But right at this time, Venerable White carelessly stepped on a round component as he was coming out of that hole, losing his balance and falling to the ground…

Upon seeing this scene, the ball-shaped puppet didn’t know how to ridicule him. This cultivator called ‘White’ had, very likely, the strength of the Ninth Stage Realm… and such an amazing cultivator actually tripped on a small component, falling to the ground?!

It was something that defied the principles of science and cultivation!

Just as he was falling, Senior White stretched out his hand and pressed it against the ground, propping himself up. His whole body shot up in the sky.

Then, he performed several consecutive somersaults in midair and landed steadily, just like a gymnast. Had this been a gymnastic competition, he would have definitely obtained a perfect score!

“I almost fell to the ground… Luckily, I didn’t get distracted this time. Otherwise, I would have created another hole in the ground,” Venerable White said. Recently, he had been trying to prevent himself from getting distracted, keeping under control the number of times he was stumbling and falling on the ground. The times had changed, and the land was full of skyscrapers nowadays. If he didn’t control himself and stumbled onto the ground in a densely populated area or next to a large building, he might cause a disaster.

“Crack~” At this time, the sound of something breaking was transmitted from beneath Venerable White’s feet.

Did I step on something? Venerable White lowered his head and looked at his feet, discovering that he had stepped on a round puppet.

The puppet had broken to pieces after he had stepped on it.

Strange, why was there a puppet here?

Venerable White got curious. He bent forward, picking up the ball-shaped puppet and inspecting its structure.

“The structure of this puppet is truly exquisite, more intricate than any other puppet I’ve disassembled in the past. Who is the master of this puppet? Why did they abandon it here? Since I’ve stepped on it, breaking it… I might as well bring it back with me to research it,” Venerable White said.

After saying this much, he stored the ball-shaped puppet in his spatial equipment, looking very satisfied.

The last puppet of that purple-robed cultivator left in the forbidden area had also kicked the bucket.

In the meantime.

Song Shuhang’s liver was in great pain.

He had run with all his might while dragging Little Cai along, and finally reached the golden disc at the entrance of the forbidden area. But, after reaching the place, he discovered that the golden disc had closed.

If he wanted to open it, he had to adjust the position of the rings within the golden disc one by one, which would take him a lot of time…

But, the problem was that he didn’t have time. The invisible sword insects had almost caught up to him! Sword marks kept appearing on the ground; it was a sign that the invisible sword insects were approaching.

At this time, he had no choice but to retreat to his Inner World alongside Little Cai.

But here came the problem… after entering his Inner World, he would have to come out from the same place. If the invisible sword insects were still there by the time he came out, they would turn him into a sieve!

“Eh? Someone is coming over!” Ye Si suddenly said at this time.

As she was speaking, an old scholar approached Song Shuhang with large strides.

This old scholar wore a warm smile on his face. His clothes were somewhat in disorder, with traces left by explosions as well.

Song Shuhang discovered that this old scholar had entered the area of the invisible sword insects, but none of the invisible sword insects around attacked him.

The old scholar also noticed Song Shuhang, and waved at him. “Ah! Little friend, are you Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Laser?”

“No, I’m not.” Song Shuhang shook his head. He definitely wasn’t ‘Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Laser’!

At this time, Song Shuhang’s body and Inner World were in close contact, and he needed but a thought to become illusory and enter his Inner World.

“Eh? You are not Tyrannical Laser Song Wan? Did I get the wrong person?” the old scholar muttered to himself. Thereupon, he waved at Song Shuhang, and said, “I’m sorry, Fellow Daoist. It seems I mistook you for someone else. You can keep having fun with these invisible sword insects, I won’t disturb you any further.”

After saying this much, the old scholar turned around, preparing to leave.

“Senior, wait a moment! If the person you are looking for is [Tyrannical Saber Song One], that’s indeed me!” Song Shuhang called out.

The old scholar turned around with a smile, and said, “And here I was wondering how I had gotten the wrong person when your appearance was the same as that of the ‘Tyrannical Laser Song Wan’ Fellow Daoist White described!”

After saying this much, the old scholar gently waved his hand, and the buzzing sound in the air stopped. The invisible sword insects calmed down and stopped moving around.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he put on a serious expression, and tried to correct the old scholar. “Senior, my name is Tyrannical Saber.”

“Tyrannical Laser? Isn’t that what I said?” The old scholar was puzzled.

Song Shuhang said, “It’s S-B-E-R, just like Saber from Fate— ugh. No, just like ‘saber’ in ‘lightsaber’. It has nothing to do with lasers!”

“Oh… Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Laser, I know, I know. I was just thinking about those lightsabers made of laser!” the scholar said.

“…” Song Shuhang eventually understood that the Mandarin of this senior wasn’t too good.

“Anyway, let’s not talk about this… I didn’t expect that there would be so many invisible sword insects here. These insects are very valuable, and if properly trained and added to a sword formation, they can display incredible power,” the old scholar said. “Unfortunately, the invisible sword insects here have already matured into insects and reached their final form. As such, there is no value in training them, and the only option would be to bring some back and breed them so that they can give birth to the next generation. Of course, if there are ready-made eggs around, even better. It would save a lot of trouble.”

While speaking, the old scholar took out a cloth sack and made two hand seals, muttering an incantation. Then, a few invisible sword insects in the air were seemingly sucked into the cloth sack and stored way.

“Senior, do you know Senior White?” Song Shuhang asked at this time. As before, he kept the connection with his Inner World open, and had yet to close it.

“Fellow Daoist White stayed behind. While we were coming over, he saw an interesting rune engraved on a wall, with an exquisite fist technique concealed within. Thereupon, Fellow Daoist White stayed behind so that he could research the talisman,” the old scholar said with a smile.

That was indeed very Venerable White-like.

After saying this much, the old scholar put the cloth sack away, and added, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Laser, I came here because I was looking for you.”

“You were looking for me?” Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

“Yes, I’ve heard from Fellow Daoist White that you have this ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯, a detailed record of spirit beast taming techniques that were lost in ancient times, something truly exquisite. Therefore, I wanted to borrow this book from you, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Laser, and take a look at it,” the old scholar said. “Of course, I won’t look at the book for free. I happen to have this thing here with me, and I can give it to you. You can treat it as an exchange of information.”

After saying this much, the old scholar stretched out his hand into his clothes, seemingly to take out something.

“Yes, I indeed have this ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯,” Song Shuhang said with a nod. He had told Venerable White about this matter related to the ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯ in the past. Thereupon, Senior White was aware that Song Shuhang had this book.

The old scholar searched for a while and then took out… a pair of spectacles.

This pair of spectacles was pretty cool, and it was the same pair of spectacles that the old scholar had cautiously stored away when he was playing the ‘high altitude escapology game’ earlier.

“Spectacles?” Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the old scholar in puzzlement.

He wanted to trade this pair of spectacles for his ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯? Unless the senior was joking, those spectacles should have some kind of special ability, right?

“Although it looks like a normal pair of spectacles on the surface, this thing is actually a magical treasure,” the old scholar explained.

“A magical treasure? What kind of ability does it have?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

“Don’t be impatient. Let me explain slowly,” the old scholar said. “I called this pair of spectacles… Divine Beast Training System v1.5.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Laser, a youngster like you should have read quite a bit of webnovels online, right?” the old scholar asked.

Song Shuhang silently nodded. He liked reading, no matter what it was.

“In that case, you should know about the cheats popular among main characters nowadays, right? The cheat I’m talking about in this case is the ‘system’ cheat. With the help of this system, those garbage main characters can ascend to the heavens and reach the peak of humanity, marry beautiful CEO wives, and become extremely popular,” the old scholar said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior, did you obtain this scholarly aura of yours by reading webnovels on the Internet…?

“As such, I took inspiration from those ‘systems’,” the old scholar said. “I’m a grandmaster spirit beast tamer, and I’ve received a lot of disciples. While teaching these disciples, I discovered that cultivating a master spirit beast tamer was rather troublesome. In order to become a master spirit beast tamer, one doesn’t only need talent… they need rich experience as well. If the master tamer makes a mistake while training a young spirit beast, there is a chance that the spirit beast might contract a serious illness or even die, causing unnecessary losses.”

Song Shuhang nodded.

“Thereupon, I decided to research and create this magical treasure—the Divine Beast Training System. As long as you have this item, you can reach the threshold of the ‘grandmaster spirit beast tamer’ rank. Then, with the help of the system, you can complete the various tasks and unlock more features, slowly becoming a grandmaster spirit beast tamer in the process,” the old scholar said as he raised the spectacles.

Although Song Shuhang didn’t fully understand the situation, he felt that it was pretty cool.

“At this time, I’m in the middle of expanding the database of the ‘Divine Beast Training System’, and I thought of borrowing your ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯ to add missing information to the database,” the old scholar said. “One day, I’ll complete the Divine Beast Training System and spread the final build everywhere! At that time, if a cultivator decides to become a master spirit beast tamer, they will slowly become one as long as they have the Divine Beast Training System!”

After he had said this much, the eyes of the old scholar shone.

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