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Chapter 965: Truly desperate

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Venerable White quickly started to break the seals as he was falling to the ground.

The 100 seals on his body had gathered together and formed an army, and as long as he tried to break one of them, it would cause the other 99 to react.

The seal-breaking process was extremely difficult and complex. Under normal circumstances, when seals of this level were scattered, a cultivator of the Seventh Stage Realm would still need tens of minutes to break them. As such, now that those 100 seals had gathered together and formed an army, the degree of difficulty had increased by 10 times.

At the same time, the speed at which Senior White’s body was falling kept increasing due to gravity and speed increasing magical techniques concealed within the seals.

Since the start of the game up until now, Venerable White was only able to break one seal, and it took him quite a bit of effort.

If things continue like this, it’s going to be very difficult to break the 100 seals while falling from this altitude of 60,000 meters. I need to think of a faster way to break these seals… Venerable White thought to himself.

At this time, Venerable White and the old scholar were crashing downward face down. If they fell to the ground in this position, they would get to kiss the ground with their faces.

Thereupon, Venerable White slightly adjusted his position while quickly breaking the seals on his body.

But right at this time, blazing flames started to burn on the body of the nearby old scholar.

Venerable White couldn’t help but glance at the old scholar, who had already turned into a fireball. Weird, did he catch fire due to the friction with the air? However, they still weren’t falling that fast!

In addition, a Seventh Stage Venerable wouldn’t catch fire like that just because they were going too fast!

“Fellow Daoist White, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I had an inflammable magical treasure with me, and that thing suddenly went out of control and caught fire after I lost my strength due to the seal. However, these flames won’t hurt me. Ahahaha.” The laughter of the old scholar was transmitted from afar.

“…” Venerable White.

“Fellow Daoist White, I already broke one of the seals. What about you?” the old scholar said.

“Same here,” Venerable White replied.

Not only was the strength of their sealing techniques almost the same, their ability when it came to breaking the said seals was also equally matched.

“Tsk, it seems it won’t be this easy to determine the winner,” the old scholar said.

“Ahaha.” The corner of Venerable White’s mouth rose as he said, “Fellow Daoist Ruhuo, I suddenly had this new idea, and perhaps I can use it to break the seals faster. If this continues, I’ll definitely be the winner of this high altitude escapology game!”

Sure enough, Venerable White was just bluffing with a straight face. How could one come up with a new method to break seals in such a short amount of time?

He just wanted to use this opportunity to give the old scholar some pressure.

After all, they were chatting already, and he just added this casual sentence.

If it worked, good; if it didn’t, it was still fine. After all, he had just moved his lips and nothing more.

“Ahahaha, Fellow Daoist White unexpectedly had the same idea as me. I also just thought of a new method to break the seals. I’m confident that I’ll be able to break your 100 seals before reaching the ground!” the old scholar replied with a smile.

The old scholar was also talking rubbish in all seriousness.

Just as they were discussing, the level of the ‘speed-increasing rune’ active on the body of the scholar changed, upgrading to the second level. This caused his speed to suddenly increase by a notch.

“Aaaaah!” The old scholar couldn’t help but call out. Then, he took Venerable White over and quickly proceeded downward.

The corner of Venerable White’s mouth rose.

But, before he could even say something, the gravity and speed increasing runes on his body also mutated. The two runes possessed the ability to automatically absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and now that they had absorbed enough of it, the strength of the two runes doubled.

As such, the speed at which Venerable White was falling also increased by a notch.

“It seems Fellow Daoist Ruhuo also had the same idea… but, this is precisely what makes it exciting!” Venerable White was very happy at the moment.

The two Venerables were getting faster and faster; they headed toward the entrance of the forbidden area just as though they were two meteors.

In the meantime, in the area of the invisible sword insects ahead.

Little Cai lay beside Song Shuhang, waving her small claws from time to time while silently chanting the verses of ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯.

She had already learned the soul ferrying technique, and only lacked someone she could try it on. Up until now, she hadn’t had the chance to use the technique. Little Cai was a very diligent disciple, and she would review the soul ferrying technique whenever she had free time in order to increase her proficiency and avoid problems.

Ye Si held a teacup with both hands and sipped the spirit tea within. “Shuhang, Venerable White hasn’t arrived yet?”

Venerable White could use the power of space… As such, shouldn’t he have instantly appeared in front of them?

“Earlier, Senior White said that he was going to come over with another fellow daoist. Who knows, perhaps it was not appropriate to use the power of space in front of the opposite party, and the two of them decided to come over with a flying sword?” Song Shuhang guessed.

While speaking, he took out a blade of Saber Intent Condensing Grass from his magical bracelet.

Now, he was a cultivator of the Third Stage that had opened his four meridians, and he still lacked one short step to reach the peak of the Third Stage and transcend the tribulation.

Therefore, it was better to learn a few tricks before transcending the tribulation in order to be prepared for all eventualities, and learning saber intent happened to be a good way to increase one’s overall strength.

Venerable White had given Song Shuhang a box of ‘Saber Intent Condensing Grass’ with a whole 50,000 blades of grass inside. Senior White was planning to use a 5:1 exchange rate and get 10,000 ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ out of these 50,000 blades of ‘Saber Intent Condensing Grass’.

What Venerable White studied was sword intent, and eating Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seed wasn’t going to have any effect on him. However, he wasn’t really interested in the actual purpose of the seeds; he only cared about their deliciousness.

Song Shuhang held the blade of Saber Intent Condensing Grass in his hand and took a deep breath, gobbling it up.

Recently, he hadn’t had the time to look for Senior Medicine Master and buy some medicine he could apply while eating the Saber Intent Condensing Grass… and if one decided to eat Saber Intent Condensing Grass directly, they would feel just as though they were eating a knife made of steel. That painful feeling was truly impeccable.

However, Song Shuhang had had an idea, and he wanted to test it.

When using the Saber Intent Condensing Grass earlier, he had first swallowed it down, and only afterward used the ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue’ skill to transform the grass into ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’.

But, if he didn’t swallow it down, and just kept it in his mouth, using the ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill in the meantime, would he be able to refine the Saber Intent Condensing Grass?

After all, the name of his skill was ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue’, and not ‘Lotus Blossoming Throat’. It should be enough as long as the Saber Intent Condensing Grass was in contact with his tongue, there was no need to swallow it down!

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang cautiously placed the Saber Intent Condensing Grass in his mouth without swallowing it down.

Then, he activated his Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill.

Now, he would get to see if he was right or not!

Then, just as Song Shuhang was preparing to use the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill… the loud sound of a collision was transmitted from outside.


The entire earth shook, and Song Shuhang got a scare.

Just in this fashion, that blade of Saber Intent Condensing Grass he was holding in his mouth went down his throat.

Tears immediately streamed down his face.

Sharp pain was transmitted from his throat, just as though he had swallowed down a knife… It felt very painful!

Song Shuhang grabbed his throat with both hands, and bean-sized tears streamed down his face nonstop. Men had tears, but did not shed them lightly, because they hadn’t encountered an instance of deep sorrow yet.

Actually, Song Shuhang wasn’t even in deep sorrow right now… These tears streaming down his face were just a natural reaction of his body, similarly to how tears would flow out of one’s eyes if someone punched them in the nose. Eating the Saber Intent Condensing Grass raw had a similar effect.

Ye Si arrived behind Song Shuhang and stretched out her hand, gently massaging his throat.

“Huff~” Song Shuhang exhaled a mouthful of air, activating the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill. Four white lotus flowers appeared beside his mouth, and rich fragrance scattered in the surrounding area. It was the aroma of countless table delicacies gathered together, and all those that smelled this aroma would have their appetite stimulated, while drool would start to flow from their mouths. Even cultivators were affected by this aroma unless they used something like the Turtle Breathing Technique to hold their breath.

“What a good smell.” The eyes of the nearby Little Cai immediately lit up. “Teacher, can I eat those lotus flowers?”

“You can’t.” Song Shuhang used his husky voice, and said in all seriousness, “Actually, these lotus flowers are made from your teacher’s saliva.

“…” Little Cai.

“…” Ye Si.

Under Song Shuhang’s guidance, the four white lotus flowers scattered, leaving behind only four lotus seeds.

After materializing, the seeds got attracted to each other, and ended up merging together, forming a very big lotus seed.

Little Cai couldn’t help but say, “Teacher, can I eat that lotus seed?”

“You can’t— no, actually, you can.” Song Shuhang changed his statement halfway.

He had remembered that the daoist name of his head disciple was ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’.

Since she was called Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman, she had to be proficient in saber techniques as well, and saber intent happened to be something that all powerful sabersmen needed to have.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang said, “Little Cai, you will have your share of Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds after you learn saber techniques and get ready to condense saber intent!”

“Saber techniques?” Little Cai flapped her small wings. Teacher, are you making fun of me? I’m a small monster that hasn’t reached the Fifth Stage Realm yet… how can I even practice saber techniques?! Do you want me to curl up my wings to hold a saber and chop people?

Actually, this scene with a little bird holding a saber with its wings was rather twisted and scary.

“If you want these Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds, you’ll need to diligently practice saber techniques. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything I know without holding back.” After saying this much, Song Shuhang swallowed down that big lotus seed and looked outside the forbidden area.

For some reason, he found that loud sound of collision and rumbling noise very familiar.

“Has Venerable White finally arrived?” Song Shuhang wondered. The reason was that the way the ground shook just now somehow reminded him of Senior White’s ability to stumble on flat ground.

Actually, no. That rumbling noise that followed afterward was more like the sound of explosions…

Was it that purple-robed cultivator playing tricks?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thought… the peripheral region of the forbidden area—in other words, the place where he was right now—started crumbling.

F*ck, is this an earthquake?

Large swathes of the ground crumbled, and the invisible sword insects shot out of their nest, heading toward the depths of the forbidden area.

“This is bad,” Song Shuhang called out.

Although he couldn’t see the invisible sword insects, he could see the things blocking their way getting chopped to pieces. Therefore, he was able to guess their approximate position and the direction they were heading in.

And Song Shuhang just happened to be in the middle of their path.

Would he act like a brave hero, or run away like a filthy deserter?

Nonsense, it was obviously the time to run away!

If he stayed behind and played hero, he wouldn’t even resist for three seconds!

At the entrance of the forbidden area.

Venerable White and the old scholar crawled out of a huge hole with heads and faces covered in dust. Venerable White didn’t look that bad, but the old scholar had debris all over his face. From the looks of it, he didn’t land properly, and hit the ground with his face. A layer of flames was still burning on his body, and there were also the traces of explosions.

“Ah, I didn’t expect to fail in the end,” Venerable White said, somewhat depressed.

“Just a little more! Had I been given a little more time, I would have definitely succeeded!” The old scholar sighed.

“Fellow Daoist Ruhuo, how many seals did you have left?” Venerable Ruhuo asked.

“Only seven,” the old scholar said smugly. In addition, he had really managed to discover a new method to break seals towards the end, which sharply increased his seal-breaking speed. As long as he’d been given 10 more breaths, he would have gotten rid of those seven seals as well.

“I had six left,” Venerable White said with a smile.

“…” The old scholar. That was because you weren’t falling as fast as me! I didn’t expect that your speed increasing formations would be that crazy. 40 different levels, with each level being faster than the previous one.

“Let’s not talk about this. We both failed to beat this ‘high altitude escapology game’. Therefore, we’ll have another match next time,” Venerable White said with a smile.

“Good, we’ll settle this next time. Right, Fellow Daoist White, did we cause something to explode when we landed just now?” Venerable Ruhuo twisted his arm.

He felt as though he had fallen into a pile of explosives, getting literally blown away. It was truly tiring.

“It seems like something exploded. However, I was focused on breaking the seals, and I didn’t really pay attention,” Venerable White said.

At this time, in a far-off thick patch of grass. A broken ball-shaped puppet crawled out from beneath the ground with much difficulty.

This ball-shaped puppet didn’t have any offensive power, and was merely a reconnaissance-type puppet. Its body was particularly resilient, and it was quite good at escaping.

“It’s over, it’s all over.” The ball-shaped puppet absent-mindedly gazed at that huge hole. At this time, its mood was as low as the bottom of that pit.

Two Venerables fell from the sky, and they landed precisely on that ‘minefield’ that the purple-robed cultivator had prepared for Song Shuhang.

After the collision, a hole so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom of it appeared in the ground, causing the assassin-type puppet—as well as the several other puppets that were lying in ambush within the minefield—to instantly turn into ashes.

Soon afterward, all the bombs it had carefully planted detonated as well.

After the bombs detonated, that puppet below the ground digging a tunnel was also blown to pieces.

At this time, only this ball-shaped puppet with no offensive strength was left.

The purple-robed cultivator was truly desperate right now.

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