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Chapter 964: High Altitude Escapology Game [Two Venerables’ Edition]

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up, and he quickly answered the phone.

“Hello, Shuhang? Where are you? I’ve called you several times, but I couldn’t get through,” Venerable White asked. “Also, I asked in the group about you, and I’ve heard from Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly that you and I went to the Chu Family to help them resolve a certain matter. Then, we even went to the forbidden area…? But, I’m pretty sure that I’ve been learning how to operate excavators all day, when did we exactly go to the Chu Family?”

Sure enough, it wasn’t Venerable White who had gone with him to the forbidden area.

“It’s a long story. I guess I might have met the other Senior White,” Song Shuhang replied.

“The other Senior White? Oh, was it the one from the Netherworld Realm?” Venerable White asked.

“Yes, it’s very likely that it was him. However, it might have been someone else as well,” Song Shuhang speculated. After all, Ye Si had previously used that sword to enter the world of the black lotus and inspect the cocoon. The cocoon was still there, and Senior White was still sleeping within.

Song Shuhang speculated that the Senior White sweeping through the forbidden area with him was born from a magical technique or a cloning technique of Senior White Two. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have disappeared due to a time restriction.

“Interesting, has that other me also entered the main world? Tell me about this matter in detail later. It sounds like it’ll be entertaining. By the way, are you in the forbidden area right now?” Venerable White asked.

“Yes, I’m in the periphery of the forbidden area. However, a group of invisible sword insects is blocking my path, and I can’t get out,” Song Shuhang said.

“Tell me your exact position. I’ll come and bring you out,” Venerable White said.

“Heh~ I was waiting for Senior to say this sentence,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

After the end of his conversation with Venerable White, Song Shuhang opened the chat group and shared with Venerable White his real-time location.

“Got it, so this is the actual position of the forbidden area. Just wait a bit. I’ll get a friend of mine and come over to your position .” Venerable White sent a smiling emoji.

“Alright, Venerable White,” Song Shuhang replied.

Senior White’s friend?

Which senior would that be?

At the entrance of the forbidden area.

An assassin-type puppet stood there, intensely staring towards the inner area of the forbidden area.

“Damn, that Song Shuhang didn’t follow me. It seems that he got stuck in the area with the invisible sword insects,” a ball-shaped puppet beside the feet of the assassin-type puppet said while gnashing its teeth.

“Strange, was he unable to get through that area?” the assassin-type puppet murmured.

“What do we do? If that Song Shuhang doesn’t come out, the ambush we’ve prepared will be in vain.” the ball-shaped puppet said.

It seemed that the various puppets of the purple-robed cultivator each had a consciousness of their own!

They had planted a large number of powerful bombs at the entrance of the forbidden area to deal with Song Shuhang’s space-type magical treasure.

That space-type magical treasure, which could harness the power of space and directly teleport people, was something akin to a cheat. As long as he had the power of space at his disposal, they wouldn’t be able to hurt Song Shuhang even if they self-destructed.

Nevertheless, not everything was in vain when that puppet self-destructed earlier.

Back then, this ball-shaped puppet had been lurking in the dark and watching the entire scene.

According to the analysis of the ball-shaped puppet, Song Shuhang’s space-type magical treasure had its limitations.

For example, the place of entry and exit of the space-type magical treasure remained unchanged. The location where Song Shuhang disappeared would also be the one where he would reappear.

So, they’d laid an ambush and planted a large number of bombs over a relatively large area.

After coming over, Song Shuhang would have to face the wrath of the bombs. And even if he were to escape, there was no need to worry.

Sooner or later, he’d have to come out of there, and the bombs would immediately detonate when that happened! In addition, the bombs were going to explode in batches, and the explosions would last quite some time!

Then, if Song Shuhang’s ‘space’ had time constraints, even better.

“Hmm… perhaps we should figure out a way to get him out of that area with the invisible sword insects?” the assassin-type puppet said.

The ball-shaped puppet rolled around, and said, “How are we going to do that? Do you want to go over to him and say, ‘Do you need help getting out of this area?’ If you were to do that, the other party would definitely suspect us.”

“Actually, I think that he already suspects that we’ve prepared an ambush,” the assassin puppet said.

“Damn, if I’d known this was going to happen, I would’ve placed the traps in that area with the invisible sword insect,” the ball-shaped puppet grumbled.

“Stop complaining. At this point, we have no choice but to find a way to lure Song Shuhang here.” At this time, another voice echoed from beneath the ground. “I remember that some cultivators dug a passage under the area of the invisible sword insects earlier to avoid the insects. Unfortunately, the invisible sword insects found them alongside the passage, and killed them before they could complete it. I’m going to dig through that passage and try to get Song Shuhang to use it.”

A puppet that excelled at traveling through the earth was hiding underground. It was the same puppet that had quietly planted all those bombs.

Other than this one, there were four other puppets good at making joint attacks hiding nearby. If those several skin puppets were added, these were all puppets brought into the forbidden area by that purple-robed cultivator.

They were discussing how to defeat Song Shuhang.

“No matter what, we must bring back the ancestral puppet,” the assassin-type puppet murmured.

Then, just as the various puppets of the purple-robed cultivator were discussing how to lure Song Shuhang into the explosive trap…

Two figures directly appeared in the airspace of the forbidden area’s entrance through the power of space.

One of the figures was an incredibly handsome daoist with fluttering black hair, wearing a set of white clothes. It was none other than Venerable White.

The other figure was an old scholar wearing spectacles. His white hair was carefully combed, and he was wearing a heavy woolen sweater.

Just like Venerable White, the old scholar was also stepping on the air, and his aura didn’t seem inferior to Senior White’s.

“Fellow Daoist White, you really make others envious with this space-related innate skill of yours,” the old scholar said as he smiled.

“Fellow Daoist Ruhuo, your exquisite spirit beasts taming technique is also envied by innumerable fellow daoists,” Venerable White said with a laugh.

After laughing, Venerable White continued, “We’re currently 60,000 meters above the ground. Although this altitude isn’t high for either of us, it should be enough for us to have a little fun.”

The old scholar nodded, and said, “Fellow Daoist White, since the altitude is of only 60,000 meters, how about starting with a hundred seals?”

“Alright, a hundred it is. Whoever can rid himself of the seals of the other’s before landing wins!” Venerable White said.

After saying this much, Venerable White took out two disposable flying swords, which then slid beneath the feet of the two Venerables. After sealing their spiritual energy in a while, they were going to lose the ability to step on the air and ride a flying sword.

“The seals shall have a delay of twenty breaths. Fellow Daoist White, please prepare your seals.” The old scholar cautiously took off his glasses.

“Alright!” Venerable White answered.

Thus, the two thrill-seeking Venerables each used their strongest sealing techniques and left a whole hundred seals on the body of the other.

Both Venerable’s sealing techniques were very strong. Under normal circumstances, when Venerables of the same level had placed seals on the body of the opposite party, they would have a hard time removing them even after tens of minutes.

But now, the two thrill-seeking Venerables had each placed a hundred seals on the other.

After the two Venerable had placed their seals on each other, their faces turned somewhat pale—a side effect caused by the huge amount of energy in their body getting sealed.

“The level of Fellow Daoist White’s sealing techniques is beyond my imagination. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I did not think that the sealing techniques could be linked together like that, with a whole hundred seals becoming a single chain of seals. This trip was worth it just for these hundred sealing techniques.” The old scholar was full of praise.

“Fellow Daoist Ruhuo, your sealing techniques are not bad, either. The hundred seals seem to be scattered, but each of them is actually part of a specific company. Ten companies form a legion, and ten legions an army. These hundred seals are like an army, solid and unbreakable. This truly broadened my horizons,” Venerable White exclaimed.

“To tell you the truth, I felt that this altitude of 60,000 meters would’ve surely been enough to break Fellow Daoist White’s hundred seals… but now, I’m no longer sure,” the old scholar said. He had underestimated Venerable White’s sealing techniques. Although Venerable White was young, his accomplishments in sealing techniques weren’t inferior to his own.

“If I have to be honest, I feel the same way,” Venerable White said. He felt that the strength of the sealing techniques of this old scholar was the same as his own. Now, he was no longer sure if he could free himself of this army of a hundred seals before reaching the ground!

“But that’s what makes it exciting, no?”

“Hahaha, it is indeed so!” The old scholar laughed loudly.

The higher the danger, the higher the excitement… and the more exciting it was, the more fun they would have!

If it wasn’t even exciting, it would be a waste of time!

“Well then, shall we? I’m ready, Fellow Daoist White.” The old scholar placed his hands behind his back.

“Same here. Then, I shall count to three, and the flying swords under our feet will fling us into the air. At that time, our high altitude escapology game shall begin,” Venerable White said.

“Alright!” the old scholar said.

“1, 2… 3!” Venerable White said.

As soon as his voice fell, the two flying swords beneath their feet flew away and detonated.

Then, the two Venerables began falling straight downwards.

A hundred rays of light resurfaced on Venerable White’s body. It was the doing of those 100 army-like seals. During his descent, Venerable White discovered that some ‘speed-increasing’ and ‘gravity-increasing’ runes had been concealed within the seals.

Exactly what you would expect from an experienced Venerable; he truly was one not to be underestimated.

However, Senior White was by no means weaker than him.

Speed-increasing runes likewise appeared among the seals placed on the body of the old scholar.

Venerable White was truly fond of speed, so much so that it had been embedded into his bones. Therefore, he instinctively added quite a few of those ‘speed-increasing’ runes when he placed those 100 seals on the old scholar.

Their effects were truly excellent, starting with a twofold speed increase and getting stronger and stronger until reaching a fortyfold speed increase.

Just in this fashion, the two Venerables fell toward the ground at unprecedented speed!

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