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Chapter 957: Everything is White’s fault!

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While facing the inextinguishable heavenly fire, those demons of the Ninth Stage weren’t scared.

Then, just as the heavenly fire traveled alongside the chains and was about to reach the bodies of the demons… in the Netherworld Realm, the will of the ruler swept over, instantly snuffing out the inextinguishable heavenly fire.

The body of the stone giant stiffened. The heavenly fire that had troubled him for so many years was put out just like that? Who was the person behind those space gates?

Not only could the opposite party instantly snuff out Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s inextinguishable heavenly fire, but they could also command more than ten demons of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender rank…

Just now, did I throw that explosive technique in the face of this person…?

Then, while the stone giant was still in a daze, those ten or so chains pulled him along, slowly dragging him toward the space passage.

But, how could the stone giant let himself get dragged away like this?

The wound on his body had recovered for the most part, and so had his energy. Thereupon, the stone giant crazily attacked those several demons.

Although he was bound, as long as he operated the energy inside him, he could eject it from each part of his body, transforming it into plain and crude axes, swords, sabers, and spears made of stone that shot toward the demons of the Ninth Stage.

Each of the attacks of the stone giant possessed a crude and savage aura, and the power of the ‘path of the stone’ he had specialized in was attached to them.

His life-bound magical treasure had been damaged during his battle with Scarlet Heaven, and had yet to be repaired. But, under normal circumstances, even a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender would have to dodge these attacks he had just launched.

However, just as the attacks of the stone giant passed through the space gates and were about to hit the demons of the Ninth Stage… that will in the Netherworld Realm took action once more, making the attacks of the stone giant disappear without any trace. The stone giant was aware that that fearsome existence on the other side had neutralized his attack once more.

Dammit, how was he supposed to fight?! All of his attacks were useless, and he could do nothing but get passively beaten!

At this time, the stone giant was especially aggrieved.

Just in this fashion, those ten or so demons slowly dragged the stone giant to the Netherworld Realm.

But before getting dragged away, the stone giant glanced at Song Shuhang’s corpse once more.

He knew that there was a chance he had been tricked…

His sole consolation was that he had quickly made his move and crushed to death that small cultivator!

But right at this time, Song Shuhang—who was lying on the ground after getting crushed to death—slowly got up.

The parts of his body that got deformed when he was squeezed to death earlier slowly recovered. In the end, golden light resurfaced on his body.

Amidst the golden light, ‘Song Shuhang’ turned into a beautiful lamia that could make one’s heart flutter. The lamia had bright eyes, and the beauty mark next to the corner of her eye increased her charm severalfold.

After getting up, the lamia first rubbed her body, and then tilted her head to one side, looking at the stone giant as he was getting dragged away. After a short pause, she raised her small hand and gently waved at him.

In the Inner World, Song Shuhang swore that he wasn’t the one controlling the lamia and provoking the stone giant!

Upon seeing this scene, the body of the stone giant trembled.

“Aaaaaah!” he howled and opened his mouth, shooting out a streak of sword qi out of it. The sword qi was covered in those unextinguishable flames.


The sword qi directly pierced through the abdomen of the virtuous lamia.

The lamia used both her hands to cover her abdomen and revealed a painful expression on her face. Then, she painfully screamed, “Aaaaah~”

Her expression was very realistic, and it felt as though she was really in great pain. Golden energy flowed out of her abdomen, turning into red blood as it was flowing down. The blood also looked very realistic.

The only problem was that the voice coming out of her mouth was Song Shuhang’s.

After screaming, the lamia fell to the ground with a thud. She tilted her head to one side and started to faithfully play the role of a corpse.

Song Shuhang swore that he hadn’t dubbed the scene!

Earlier, when the lamia had assumed his appearance and got crushed to death, he had indeed lent his voice for the scream from the Inner World. But this time, the lamia had screamed on her own!

The stone giant roared again and again, shooting several streaks of sword qi toward the lamia.

The sword qi passed through her over and over again, turning her into a sieve.

But after getting hit by those streaks of sword qi, the supposedly ‘dead’ lamia got up again.

Then, she stretched out her hands and covered the various holes in her body, revealing a painful expression and screaming again, “Aaaaah~”

After screaming, she fell to the ground and continued to play the part of a corpse.

If one listened carefully, they would notice that the volume and length of the scream of the virtuous lamia were exactly the same as before. She had copied Song Shuhang’s scream from before, and was now faithfully reproducing it.

This time, the stone giant didn’t get to spit out more sword qi toward the virtuous lamia. His body had already entered the Netherworld Realm.

“White, despicable bastard! I curse you! As long as I’m living, I won’t let you off!” The stone giant left behind this threat before the passage connecting the Netherworld Realm and the main world closed.

In the Inner World, Song Shuhang was holding his chin, seemingly deep in thought.

This hot potato the lamia had baked was unexpectedly thrown to Senior White?

In the Netherworld Realm.

The ball of liquid metal looked at the stone giant from an elevated position.

Just now, it clearly heard this stone giant mention White’s name. Moreover, he cursed White with great hate.

The metallic ball recalled what had happened when the fragments of black metal were put together to form that square. In the picture, that cultivator with blurry facial features had shouted toward the screen, asking for help.

After recalling this matter, the ball of liquid metal had seemingly understood a few things…

“White, was this your doing? Sure enough, you were plotting against me! Even if you have entered the world of the black lotus, you are still firing shots at me!” The ball of liquid metal was furious.

It was definitely White’s fault if someone threw a bomb in its face just now!

The energy of the Netherworld Realm was particularly viscous today and troublesome to use? Definitely White’s fault!

Its mood today wasn’t good? Definitely White’s fault!

All the bad things happening in the world were White’s fault!

In the Inner World.

“Teacher, was that stone giant taken care of?” Little Cai asked.

“He should have been dealt with. Now, we should make haste and search this world of ice to see if we can find a cultivation technique that can treat Yinzhu’s cold disease,” Song Shuhang said.

If he could find a way to treat Li Yinzhu’s cold disease, all the better. Otherwise, he could only hope to buy a cure from that ‘Almighty Merchant’ Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue was looking for.

After saying this much, Song Shuhang prepared to leave the Inner World alongside Ye Si.

But right at this time, Ye Si said, “Shuhang, wait a moment. Although the stone giant was dragged away, there is a chance that his subordinates and servants might be still hiding in that glacial world. You can control @#%× over a long distance, right? In that case, isn’t it better to let @#%× explore the place first?”

@#%× was the name of the virtuous lamia. Song Shuhang was simply unable to say her name aloud, and had no idea what characters the name was composed of.

However, Ye Si could correctly pronounce the name of the virtuous lamia. Was it because she was one of Cheng Lin’s fragments?

In addition, let alone the dangers concealed in the glacial world… just that cold that could freeze one’s body and soul was enough to take down Song Shuhang and Ye Si.

“I’ll give it a try,” Song Shuhang said.

Song Shuhang had no idea how far the virtuous lamia could get from him without getting affected.

He knew that the virtuous lamia could leave his body only because she had once run to Fairy Lychee’s room while he was sleeping.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang issued a mental order from within the Inner World.

In the glacial world, the virtuous lamia—who was earnestly pretending to be dead—slowly got up. However, her body had shrunk by two-thirds this time.

Had that sword qi attack been a little more concentrated, the stone giant would have ‘destroyed’ the virtuous lamia. Perhaps if he hadn’t used sword qi but an AOE attack, he would’ve likewise destroyed her body.

After getting up, the virtuous lamia followed Song Shuhang’s instructions and started to stroll through the glacial world.

Perhaps because she wasn’t truly a living being, the virtuous lamia wasn’t affected by that cold that could freeze body and soul alike.

The virtuous lamia walked for 2000 meters, and then suddenly stopped.

This was the farthest she could travel from Song Shuhang without weakening the connection between the two. If she crossed this distance, she would eventually disappear and return to Song Shuhang’s body.

“Come back.” Song Shuhang gave another order to the lamia.

After this stroll, the virtuous lamia hadn’t found any other form of life.

This glacial world was extremely cold, and only people that had reached a certain level of strength could ignore the cold there.

If Song Shuhang didn’t have Senior White’s protection earlier, he would have already frozen and turned into a popsicle.

Just as the virtuous lamia was slowly turning around, an arrow suddenly shot toward her.


The arrow was precise and fast, and it pierced the throat of the virtuous lamia. Soon after, blood-red-colored energy overflowed from the arrow, spreading to the whole neck of the virtuous lamia like poison.

The virtuous lamia revealed a painful expression and used her hands to cover her neck. Then, she screamed in pain Song Shuhang-style. “Aaaaah~”

After screaming, the virtuous lamia lay on the ground, not moving in the slightest.

In the Inner World, Song Shuhang was speechless.

Was there really someone lying in ambush?

In addition, why did the blood-red energy on that arrow look so familiar?

Wasn’t that the same blood arrow that purple-robed cultivator used when he tried to sneak attack him?

Was it possible that that guy hadn’t died after Senior White disassembled him?

At this time, a figure quickly rushed to the glacial world from afar.

It was a puppet forged with cold iron.

The metallic puppet arrived beside the virtuous lamia and looked at her neck, as well as at the continuously spreading blood-red energy. Then, he laughed hoarsely. “Hehehe~”

Soon after, the metallic puppet spun its wrist, transforming it into a sharp blade, which it used to chop the head of the virtuous lamia off.

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