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Chapter 953: I have bad news: my time is up

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Just like Senior White had guessed, after the Palace of Winter was placed on the edge of Song Shuhang’s Inner World and started expanding, it increased the overall size of the world.

Around one-third of the Palace of Winter stayed in the Inner World, while the other two-thirds ended up in the chaotic region, covertly expanding the size of Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

“Ahaha, now I really want to see how that bastard plans to take back the Palace of Winter. I wonder if he has the capabilities to force his way into your Inner World.” Senior White laughed loudly, very pleased.

Song Shuhang’s Inner World was his personal space. Without his permission, even a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender that could control the power of space would be unable to barge into it. Unless… they used some backdoor.

After laughing, Senior White said, “Let’s go. Let’s enter this Palace of Winter and see if we can find medicinal pills inside.”

“Let me open the doors of the Palace of Winter.” Senior Sister Ye Si grabbed the sword ‘Deadly Cold’ and instructed the palace to open the doors.

As such, Song Shuhang’s group entered the palace.

Just as Senior White had guessed, the Palace of Winter was the area of the forbidden area where medicinal pills were refined. Aside from the main palace, all the smaller palaces attached to it had a large number of medicinal materials stored within. All the medicinal materials there were materials of the ‘cold’ attribute. However, their age and value were both average. Other than that, on their way there, they found a lot of side halls with a lot of medicinal materials, but no finished medicinal pills.

At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si suggested, “Right, shouldn’t the medicinal pills be in the room where medicinal pills are refined? Shall we directly head there?”

“You have a point,” Song Shuhang said with a nod.

After a short moment, in the room of the medicinal pills.

In the room, a pill furnace was currently operating.

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up. As expected, some medicinal pill was being refined.

At this time, Senior White stepped forward and sniffed. “Hmm, it should be a medicinal pill with properties similar to the ‘Nine Cold Pill’. The formula was seemingly altered a little, but there shouldn’t be much difference. Anyway, this Nine Cold Pill is an ordinary medicinal pill to recover ice-type true qi.”

In other words, the pill getting refined in the pill furnace wasn’t the one Song Shuhang was looking for.

There were also several other bottles of finished medicinal pills in the room, but they were all Nine Cold Pills. As for the pill Song Shuhang was looking for in order to treat Li Yinzhu’s disease, there wasn’t even any trace of it.

“From the looks of it, there are no valuable medicinal pills in this Palace of Winter,” Senior Sister Ye Si said.

In hindsight, it made sense. The guardian of the Palace of Winter was just a cultivator of the Second Stage. All the valuable pills in the room where the pills were refined should have been taken away already. What was left for the new guardian of the Palace of Winter, Cold Gleam, was just an empty shell…

“Don’t give up hope. Even if there are no medicinal pills, we can look for cultivation techniques. The person that created this forbidden area had reached the pinnacle of the ice element. If we can get our hands on their cultivation technique, the effects will be much better than the medicinal pills,” Senior White said.

“Mh-mm.” Song Shuhang nodded.

The Palace of Winter was just one of the checkpoints of the forbidden area. The forbidden area was very big, and perhaps the method to treat Li Yinzhu’s cold disease was somewhere else.

Afterward, Shuhang issued a mental order. He left the Inner World alongside Senior White and Senior Sister Ye Si and returned to the original location of the Palace of Winter.

A huge hole was left in the original position of the Palace of Winter. The Palace of Winter had been pulled away from the forbidden area alongside the ground below.

“Eh? Where did that Cold Gleam go?” Senior Sister Ye Si asked at this time.

Earlier, Cold Gleam was unconscious, lying on the ground. But, when they came out of the Inner World after some time, he had somehow disappeared.

“Umh… he didn’t become the lunch of the nearby guardian beasts, right?” Song Shuhang wondered.

Several dangerous guardian beasts were hiding in the forbidden area, and their strength far surpassed that of Cold Gleam. Since the Palace of Winter had disappeared, no one could guarantee that they hadn’t attacked him.

“There is a chance that he was rescued by his companions. After all, that guy whose hand drilled out of the black hole earlier could control the power of space. If he’d taken action, it would have been a piece of cake to take Cold Gleam away. In the end, Cold Gleam was still one of the guardians of this forbidden area, and it’s unlikely that the other guardian beasts ate him,” Senior White said with a smile.

“That makes sense. In that case, where should we go next, Senior White?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Hmm, let me think.” Senior White pondered for a short moment, and said, “Right, what about directly looking for the owner of that big palm made of stone? That guy seems the most troublesome person in this forbidden area. Therefore, we might as well give him a good beating and obtain all the information we want from him! When he took action through that black hole earlier, I locked onto his position.”

Like they said… to catch bandits, catch their leader first. Senior White felt that his decision was a pretty good one!

Song Shuhang said, “We are directly going to slay the boss?”

“Yes. We will directly teleport there and launch a surprise attack,” Senior White said. Then, he stretched out his hand and opened a space gate, jumping inside it with Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye Si.

Song Shuhang suspected that Senior White got somewhat bored while exploring this forbidden area and decided to directly take down the final boss.

Song Shuhang and Senior White arrived at their destination through the space gate.

As soon as he stepped out of the gate, Song Shuhang trembled and curled up into a ball. “Brrr~ so cold!”

Senior Sister Ye Si quickly turned around and drilled into his body, refusing to come out.

The place Song Shuhang had stepped into was a glacial world. Hail and snow were continuously falling from the sky. The volume of the hail was super exaggerated, and it felt as though the whole world was about to end as the hail was falling down and bombarding the icy land.

Just like the first layer of the forbidden area, this glacial world was also extremely cold. Other than the physical body, the cold there could affect one’s soul as well. This place was even colder and scarier than the first layer of the forbidden area.

“This is the manifestation of the pinnacle of ice power. Your strength isn’t high enough, and it’s pretty normal that you feel cold.” Senior White turned his head around, and said, “However, as long as you stay within a range of 200 meters from me, you won’t get affected. Although you might still feel somewhat cold…”

Song Shuhang inhaled some air through his nose and felt that his snot was about to come out.

Senior White continued, “If you stay some time in this glacial world, you might obtain some benefits. Not only can you increase your resistance toward ice-type injuries, but you can also slightly increase the strength of your soul and your mental energy.”

“Thank you, Senior White,” Song Shuhang said while shivering.

“You are welcome.” Senior White turned his head around once more, looking toward a distant place.

When he entered this world of ice, the owner of that hand made of stone likewise sensed his presence!


The earth started shaking around 300 meters away from their position.

Then, an iceberg that hadn’t undergone changes for thousands of years fiercely shook.

The iceberg split up, and a hand made of stone drilled out of it, breaking the iceberg into pieces.

It was the same guy that had attacked Senior White through that black hole earlier. It was a ten meters tall giant, and his whole body was covered in a thick layer of stone. At the same time, red-colored chains were binding his body and emitting metallic sounds as he was moving forward.

Both his arms were very long, and the palms of the hand very big.

“Is the main body of this guy that of a stone giant?” Song Shuhang said as he breathed through his nose.

“No, I’m just a human that practices a special cultivation technique. This layer of stone covering my body is a seal I placed upon myself,” the stone giant replied on his own initiative.

As he was speaking, flames continuously spurted out of his mouth. It almost felt as though he was breathing and spitting out flames. But, if one looked carefully, they would notice that it wasn’t only his mouth… tongues of flame would frequently come out of his eye sockets and other cracks in the layer of stone covering his body.

The presence of this stone giant spurting fire from all over his body in this land of extreme cold formed a stark contrast with the surroundings.

“Just like I had guessed, you wanted to borrow the Palace of Winter and this extremely cold place in the forbidden area to suppress the injury of your body,” Senior White said.

“Hehe, so what?” the stone giant said. “Although I’m doomed to suffer the pain of having my body consumed by the heavenly fire, the strength of the fire is suppressed to the limit in this place. Thereupon, my fighting capacity is hardly affected in this glacial world, and I can act as I wish. Fellow Daoist, although you are a Tribulation Transcender, you are not my match in this place.”

From the way he was speaking, the stone giant was very confident in his abilities.

Even if he is severely injured, he is still very confident in dealing with a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender… Is this guy one of those ‘Immortals’? Song Shuhang wondered. In addition, just as he had guessed, this Senior White wasn’t Venerable White. The Senior White of the Nine Provinces Number One Group wasn’t ‘Tribulation Transcender White’.

“Whether I’m your match or not is something you will find out only after we fight.” Senior White made his move first.

He stretched out his hand, and the spiritual energy of the world condensed in his palm, forming a sword light. The sword light flashed, and a streak of dazzling light headed toward that stone giant.

“That’s nowhere near enough!” The stone giant roared with laughter. Then, he ruthlessly clapped his palms together.


A terrifying hurricane was generated from his palms, heading toward Senior White’s sword light.

The hurricane clashed against the sword light. The two attacks entwined and canceled each other out.

The laughter of the stone giant stopped. Although it was just a probing attack, he noticed that the Tribulation Transcender before his eyes was somewhat stronger than what he had initially imagined. He was convinced that the hurricane he had generated would have blown to pieces the sword light of the opposite party, but the two attacks unexpectedly canceled each other out.

“This time, I will be the one attacking.” The stone giant clenched his hands and continually punched toward Senior White.

As he punched, the fists turned into several hundred meters big palms, swords, axes, and sabers made of stone that headed toward Senior White.

“Reincarnation-Defying Slash.” Sword light flashed as Senior White slashed. The natural laws related to reincarnation were reversed as the attack wrapped the various palms, swords, axes, and sabers made of stone that the stone giant had created, making them disappear.

At the same time, a huge space gate appeared behind Senior White. This space gate was directly linked to his treasure house.

The most eye-catching item in the treasure house was that ‘God Slaying Mother-Child Cannon’, but aside from the God Slaying Cannon, there were also several other cannons. Some were made of pure crystal, others of liquid metal or special jet-black metal.

There were all sorts of cannons in there. Song Shuhang, who was standing in the rear, roughly counted them and saw more than 300 different types.

“F*ck, the God Slaying Cannon!” The stone giant was also a man of culture, and he couldn’t help but call out after seeing the God Slaying Mother-Child Cannon.

Moreover, the God Slaying Cannon was only one of those 300 or so cannons! The strength of the remaining 300 plus cannons didn’t seem inferior to that of the God Slaying Cannon itself!

“Wait a moment!” The stone giant panicked.

Given his strength, he believed he could resist a few of the blows of those 300 cannons. But what about the forbidden area beneath his feet? Would it be able to withstand the attack?

The earth and the glaciers were innocent, and one couldn’t casually hurt them!

“Boom, boom, boom~”

Those 300 cannons with a strength similar to the God Slaying Cannon fired in unison.

The attacks were very diverse. There were ordinary cannonballs, beams of light, light waves, ultrasonic waves, and attacks that disintegrated everything…

Song Shuhang had never seen so many cannons in this life.

It was like an exhibition of cannons, and the light and the explosions had now become the main attraction of the glacial world.

When Senior White opened fire, Shuhang felt his eardrums shake, and he temporarily lost his hearing. But that wasn’t all… when the God Slaying Cannon and its over 300 companions fired, the sound they produced had the capacity to shatter one’s mind. After hearing the sound of the cannons, Song Shuhang started having hallucinations.

If the icy land beneath their feet had a consciousness of its own, it would surely be in a terrible mood right now. What had it done to suffer this calamity?

The stone giant was burrowed amidst the attacks and the explosions.

One could faintly see that the protective layer of stone on his body was continuously getting chipped away. Pieces of scalding stone were flying away from his body due to the explosions, creating holes in the ten thousand years old ice around.

Senior White praised, “Wonderful!”

However, that stone giant surely had some skills. Even after those 300 or so cannons opened fire, he was still alive.

“It’s not over yet.” Senior White’s attack didn’t stop, either.

Senior White snapped his fingers.

In the space gate behind, the 300 cannons that had just fired were replaced by other 300 brand-new cannons.

“Now, eat another wave. I really want to see how long you can resist.” Senior White looked very happy. At this time, his eyes were narrowed into a smile, and his charm was off the charts.

But just as he was about to start with the second wave of attacks, his smiling face suddenly stiffened.

“Ah? How is this possible! Is it because the consumption was too large?” Senior White said, somewhat disgruntled.

After a short moment, he turned his head toward Song Shuhang, and said, “Shuhang, I have this bad news to tell you.”

“WHAT?” Song Shuhang said loudly. He hadn’t recovered his hearing at the moment, and he couldn’t properly hear what Senior White was saying.

“My time is up.” Senior White shrugged his shoulders.

“Ah? Senior White, what did you say? I can’t hear you very clearly. Please speak louder or use the secret sound transmission method,” Song Shuhang shouted.

Senior White waved at Song Shuhang, and said, “I said that I’m about to disappear. My time is up.”

This time, he used the secret sound transmission method to communicate with Song Shuhang.

“…” Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, wait a moment. Is that stone giant dead?”

“I managed to launch only one wave of attacks, which wasn’t able to kill him. However, you don’t need to worry. Even if he’s not dead, he’s surely injured. Anyway, see you tomorrow, bye,” Senior White said with a smile.

His body was getting more and more transparent as he was speaking.

Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked toward the position of the stone giant that Senior White had blown up just now.

The flames there were burning so fiercely that they seemed to reach the sky.

It almost felt as if those flames were filled with the anger of the stone giant!

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