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Chapter 952: It’s like a caravan of the world of cultivators!

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Song Shuhang panicked.

“Does this sword have a ‘cancel’ option?” Song Shuhang asked.

Nowadays, smart TVs and smartphones all had a ‘cancel’ option to cancel the current command and return to the previous menu.

“There seems to be no such option.” Ye Si carefully checked the list of options ‘Deadly Cold’ provided, and she didn’t find anything of the sort.

Senior White said, “Shuhang, was this also your doing?”

“I saw the option to [Pick Up the Palace of Winter] and wondered what it might be. Then, this happened…” The corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched.

While they were discussing, the Palace of Winter had already separated from the ground of the forbidden area, starting to float in midair alongside the other small palaces attached to it.

That seven-colored light got more and more dazzling. Amidst the blinding light, the volume of the Palace of Winter started to decrease at a very fast pace. In the blink of an eye, it shrunk to half of its original size.

“If it keeps shrinking like this, it will perhaps turn into a scale model,” Ye Si muttered to herself.

“Wait, if there is the option to [Pick Up the Palace of Winter], there should also be an option to [Place Down the Palace of Winter], right?” Song Shuhang said.

“I looked earlier, and there was no such option. I think we’ll have to wait until the Palace of Winter shrinks completely. Only after that should the option to [Pick Up the Palace of Winter] change into an option to [Place Down the Palace of Winter],” Ye Si said.

“In other words, we’ll have to wait until the palace finishes shrinking.” Song Shuhang sighed.

These instructions weren’t too user-friendly!

As the Palace of Winter kept shrinking, the seven-colored light it was emitting kept, on the other hand, getting stronger and stronger.

“Interesting,” Senior White said with a smile. Then, he raised his head and looked upward. “Shuhang, get behind me.”

Song Shuhang and Ye Si quickly got behind Senior White.

At this time, something akin to a black hole appeared in midair. Afterward, a big hand came out of it. “Shameless bastard, are you trying to steal my ‘Palace of Winter’?! Get ready to die!”

After coming out of the black hole, the volume of the hand increased sharply. Soon after, that hand covered in what seemed to be a layer of stone headed toward Song Shuhang and the others.

As it arrived above the heads of the trio, it had already transformed into a 200 meters big hand.

Rather than a huge palm, it resembled more a ‘track and field stadium’ falling from the sky! In the main world, this thing would have created a huge catastrophe!

“Your Palace of Winter? Nope, that palace wasn’t yours,” Senior White said with a smile. “You lacked the means to control the Palace of Winter. Therefore, it couldn’t be considered yours!”

After saying this much, Senior White likewise attacked with his palm.

When Senior White attacked with his palm, a big hand made of jet-black energy condensed in midair, and headed toward that 200 meters big palm in the sky.

That hand made of jet-black energy was imbued with a type of power capable of destroying everything, and when it was about to crash into that palm covered in a layer of stone, its size likewise increased until reaching 200 meters.

The hand made of stone and the hand made of jet-black energy clashed. In the next moment, that huge palm covered in a layer of stone was continuously corroded, and started to crumble as pieces of it gradually fell off…

“Ah~” An indistinct cry of pain was transmitted from the black hole.

“Return where you have come!” Senior White laughed as he pushed forward with his right hand. In the sky, that palm made of jet-black energy likewise pushed forward, suppressing that hand covered in a layer of stone and pushing it back inside the black hole.

As the hand covered in stone was continuously pushed back, the person on the other side of the black hole clenched his teeth, and said, “Who are you? State your name.”

“White,” Senior White said with a smile.

“I’ll remember you. If you have the ability, come to the core of the forbidden area. We’ll fight again to determine the winner!” the owner of that huge palm said in a grave tone.

While attacking through the black hole, his strength was greatly weakened. But if they were to fight in the core of the forbidden area, he would be able to use all his power.

“Good! Wait for me. I’m coming over in a while,” Senior White said with a smile.

“At that time, I’ll return the humiliation this palm brought me tenfold,” the owner of the hand covered in stone said coldly.

Senior White took back his hand made of black energy and shrugged his shoulders. “As long as you have the ability, you can even return it a hundredfold.”

“Hmph, I’ll temporarily leave the Palace of Winter in your care. At the appointed time, I’ll personally take it back,” said the owner of that hand covered in stone. Immediately afterward, the black hole in the sky started shrinking and finally disappeared.

Senior White laughed and waved his hand.

As the black hole disappeared, the Palace of Winter also finished shrinking.

The palace had shrunk, reaching the size of one cubic meter. It was shrouded in dazzling light, and it was identical to the scale model of a palace.

Just as Ye Si had guessed, after the Palace of Winter finished shrinking, the option to [Pick Up the Palace of Winter] that ‘Deadly Cold’ provided had transformed into the option to [Place Down the Palace of Winter].

“In other words, we can bring back the whole thing to the main world and place it somewhere good?” Song Shuhang said.

“Indeed, and even if the spiritual energy in that place weakens, you can pick it up again and bring it to another place where the level of spiritual energy is high. Having a portable immortal cave is very convenient,” Ye Si said.

Song Shuhang struck his left palm with his right fist, and said, “Damn, isn’t this thing the same as a caravan? A very luxurious version, on top of that.”

As he was speaking, Song Shuhang suddenly had another good idea.

“Ye Si, Senior White… If I bring the Palace of Winter to my Inner World and then use the option to [Place Down the Palace of Winter], will I be able to transplant it into my Inner World?” Song Shuhang said.

Ye Si said, “Theoretically speaking, it should be possible.”

“There should be no problem. Actually, this idea isn’t half bad. Let’s give it a try.” Senior White’s eyes immediately lit up—right, as long as he could find a portable palace or something similar, he could likewise bring it to his ‘new home’, making that deserted place a little lively.

Actually, as long as he saw a place with beautiful scenery, he could directly cut that piece of land and transplant it into his new home. If there was an opportunity, he should also head to space, where he could collect a few good-looking meteoroids and use them as a decoration.

Senior White was extremely satisfied with this plan of his.

Song Shuhang nodded, then took a step forward, stretching out his hand and picking up the Palace of Winter.

Afterward, he issued a mental order. Immediately thereafter, he, Senior White, Ye Si, and Lady Onion were instantly moved to his Inner World.

“Eh? Teacher, you have returned.” At this time, Little ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’ Cai was standing on one leg while waving the other one at the unconscious ancestor of the Chu Family.

“Little Cai, what are you doing?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity. Was she treating the injuries of the ancestor of the Chu Family?

“Ahahaha, it’s like this… I just finished reading the ❮Diary of the Ascetic Senior Monk❯. Just like teacher had said, when I combined the content of the diary with ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯, my heart was suddenly filled with emotion, and I learned a soul ferrying technique,” Little Cai said with a smile.

“You managed to learn it? Your talent isn’t bad,” Song Shuhang praised.

What if this lovestruck bird at the mercy of her feelings was actually a genius?

“Still, what were you doing to the ancestor of the Chu Family just now? Wait a moment… you weren’t trying to ferry his soul, right?” Halfway, Song Shuhang guessed what Little Cai was doing by waving her leg like that.

Little ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’ Cai blushed.

“Since there was no one else around, I decided to try my soul ferrying technique on the ancestor of the Chu Family. Still, the effects were pretty good. Earlier, the ancestor of the Chu Family would call out in pain from time to time, but after I repeatedly used the soul ferrying technique on him, his condition stabilized, and his expression became calm, just as though he was sleeping soundly,” Little Cai said proudly.

“…” Song Shuhang.

F*ck, had this foolish bird ferried the soul of the ancestor of the Chu Family?

Senior White squatted down and checked the ancestor of the Chu Family. Then, he turned toward Little Cai and held his thumb up in approval. “Little bird, you did well. Your soul ferrying technique had a pretty good effect.”

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang said anxiously, “Senior White, the ancestor of the Chu Family didn’t die, right?”

The ancestor of the Chu Family hadn’t died after those guys plotted against him, and he hadn’t died in the dangerous forbidden area, either… It would be truly a tragedy if the reason he ended up dying in the end was Little Cai’s soul ferrying technique!

“Don’t worry. The ancestor of the Chu Family is fine. Little Cai has a benevolent heart, and the soul ferrying technique she comprehended can also be used to calm the mind and the heart other than ferrying the souls of the dead,” Senior White said.

And precisely due to its soothing effects, it was able to stabilize the condition of the ancestor of the Chu Family, whose body and mind were in pain.

After hearing the explanation, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief.

“Right, did Little Cai stay in contact with a buddhist treasure for a prolonged period of time in the past? Her natural talent was apparently influenced by a buddhist treasure, and perhaps she can obtain twice the result with half the effort while practicing buddhist techniques,” Senior White reminded.

“A buddhist treasure? Right, Little Cai swallowed two buddhist relics in the past, and she stayed in contact with them for a very long time,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Perhaps she was able to learn the soul ferrying technique from the ❮Diary of the Ascetic Senior Monk❯ and ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯ this quickly precisely for this reason.

After making sure that there was nothing wrong with Little Cai and the ancestor of the Chu Family, Song Shuhang picked up the Palace of Winter.

“Still, where should I place this thing?”

His Inner World had evolved several times, and now had the size of a small island. Therefore, there was a lot of places ready to accommodate the Palace of Winter.

Senior White looked all around the Inner World, and pondered for a short moment, saying, “Why don’t you try to place it on the edge of your Inner World?”

On the edge of Song Shuhang’s Inner World was a ‘chaotic region’. That place was just waiting for the Inner World to expand further.

If the Palace of Winter was placed on the border of the Inner World and then returned to its original size, would it increase a little the surface of Song Shuhang’s Inner World?

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up.

Thereupon, he brought the Palace of Winter to the very edge of the Inner World.

“Ye Si~” Song Shuhang turned his head toward Ye Si.

“Everything is ready.” Ye Si took out Deadly Cold.

“[Place Down the Palace of Winter!]”

In the next moment, this palace that belonged to the ancient Heavenly City started to crazily expand in Song Shuhang’s Inner World!

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