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Chapter 942: Are you feeling desperate today?

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Before the door to the forbidden area, that group of cultivators unaware of the truth had been completely disintegrated, and not even their ashes were left behind. It was unknown what kind of material was used to manufacture the door of the forbidden area, but even after getting affected by the remaining power of the explosion the God Slaying Cannon had generated, it wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

In the dreamland, Song Shuhang remembered that Daoist Priest Li Tiansu had arrived in front of the door of the forbidden area and pressed his hands on the disc, starting to touch it with great care.

At the same time, Shuhang sighed with emotion. The disc before his eyes was a massive chunk of gold! If he dug it out and brought it home, he would become rich!

Oh, that was inappropriate as well. After all, it wasn’t going to be easy to sell such a massive amount of gold after bringing it back. Perhaps he wouldn’t even have the time to sell it that the government would take it away, rewarding him with 500 RMB and a silk banner.

Just as he was indulging in flights of fancy, Song Shuhang’s mental energy fluctuated. In the next moment, his mental energy was linked to the golden disc.

As long as he issued a command, the rings of the golden disc would start moving according to his thoughts. This was the method to ‘move’ the various rings of the golden disc. Otherwise, Song Shuhang could forget about moving the rings of this hill-sized golden disc with his physical strength.

“Now, I will start to solve the puzzle!” Song Shuhang followed the method in his memories and started to unlock the door.

Those 10,000 rings started to move according to different patterns. Sometimes, the 8000th ring would start moving. Next, it would be the turn of the 4000th ring. Other times, two rings would start moving at the same time.

The process was extremely complex, and one would get bedazzled just by looking at it.

Little Cai started to feel dizzy after looking for a while. Thereupon, she turned her head around and flapped her wings, landing on the body of the injured ancestor of the Chu Family.

The ancestor of the Chu Family was still unconscious, and there was some foam around the corner of his mouth.

Right, when Ye Si arranged that soundproof formation earlier, she forgot to wrap it around the ancestor of the Chu Family. From the looks of it, he had been affected by the loud noise the God Slaying Cannon generated while firing.

His body was already heavily injured, and his mind had now received a wound as well. After getting injured both in body and mind, the ancestor of the Chu Family was truly miserable.

In the meantime.

At the third checkpoint, the place where the wall with the talisman was located.

“What was the deal with that explosion just now?” The purple-robed cultivator swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They could feel the terrifying destructive power of the explosion even from where they were standing.

“It was very likely the attack of some magical treasure. As expected, that Venerable White can’t be underestimated.” That heavy voice in the sky echoed.

“Tsk, the ‘living puppet’ I had secretly deployed was also killed. I suffered a big loss this time,” the purple-robed cultivator said with his heart aching.

It wasn’t easy to create a living puppet, and one needed the right conditions to do so. Now that he had lost another one, his heart was in pain.

As for the other cultivators, the purple-robed cultivator didn’t really care about them. After all, the main reason he had lured those guys over was to make them attack the Chu Family and force Song Shuhang to come to the forbidden area and open the door. If they were alive, he could use them as vanguard and explore the forbidden area. If they were dead, he could turn them into skin puppets and still use them to explore the forbidden area.

“The gold disc is emitting a brilliant light. That Song Shuhang is already opening the door. We have to make haste; we can’t let them get inside first— aaaah!” that heavy voice in the sky suddenly cried out while speaking.

That talisman engraved on the wall was emitting a white light.

Then, a total of 18 fists materialized from the talisman and punched in the air nonstop. The moves those 18 fists used formed a mysterious fist technique.

In the sky, that ‘general’ fellow, who was busy concealing himself, was caught off guard. He got momentarily suppressed, and didn’t have the strength to fight back.

“How is this possible? The energy inside the talisman was already depleted!” The purple-robed cultivator opened his eyes wide.

That general fellow gritted his teeth, and said, “It must be the doing of that Venerable White. The fist technique of the talisman also changed. Dammit, I underestimated him again.”

Then, he roared.


One of his magical techniques completely corroded those 18 fists, making them disappear.

But just as those 18 fists were corroded, the runes engraved on the wall lit up again. Then, another 18 fists appeared, punching toward the purple-robed cultivator.

The expression of the purple-robed cultivator immediately turned ugly. He clenched his teeth, and several skin puppets drilled out of the ground, keeping off the 18 fists.

The skin puppet exploded one after another, turning into puddles of blood.

That general fellow in the sky seized the opportunity to grab the purple-robed cultivator, quickly heading toward the entrance to the forbidden area.

The golden disc that led to the forbidden area was about to open, and they couldn’t afford to waste time with this talisman materializing fists left and right.

Along with Song Shuhang getting better at controlling the golden disc, the various rings started to move faster and faster. Very soon, those 10,000 rings were all moved to their correct positions.

“Success!” Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief, taking his hands off the golden disc.

In the next moment, he felt some pain transmitting from the place between his eyebrows, and almost fell to the ground. It was a sign that he had consumed too much mental energy.

Senior White promptly stretched out his hand and supported him. “Finished?”

“Yes. I followed the method in my memory and moved the various rings to their correct positions. Therefore, the door to the forbidden area should now open,” Song Shuhang replied.

What kind of dangers would they meet in the forbidden area? Even Daoist Priest Li Tiansu came out of that place dead. Song Shuhang hadn’t even reached the Fourth Stage Realm, so he would have to be extra careful in there.

“Hopefully, we will find a way to treat Li Yinzhu’s disease there,” Song Shuhang said in a soft voice.

Both he and Senior White had inherited Daoist Priest Li Tiansu’s karma. Therefore, he hoped to fulfill his part and bring an end to this matter.

“Clang, clang, clang~”

The mechanical sound of the door opening echoed. Soon after, celestial towers and pavilions appeared inside the golden disc. The scenery was beautiful, just like a painting.

There were also celestial clouds drifting over from the world behind the golden disc, and one could faintly see the figures of two beautiful fairy maidens on those celestial clouds.

Little Cai sighed with emotion, and said, “Is that a wonderland?”

“Let’s go inside,” Song Shuhang said as he gazed at the ancestor of the Chu Family, who was still foaming at the mouth. From the looks of it, Senior White wasn’t planning to treat the ancestor of the Chu Family right now.

Was it because he didn’t want him to enter the forbidden area? It made sense. After all, there wasn’t much of a relationship between Senior White and the ancestor of the Chu Family, and Senior White was probably too lazy to bother looking after him as well after entering the secret realm.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang issued a mental order and moved the ancestor of the Chu Family to his Inner World.

But just as he was preparing to take a step forward… a blood arrow flew toward him. Song Shuhang retreated one step, dodging the incoming arrow.

“I won’t allow you to enter, Song Shuhang. You will stop here.” A purple-robed cultivator suddenly made his appearance, looking to be in dire straits.

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