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Chapter 938: Everything is within my grasp

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang and Little Cai followed Venerable White and went to look for the nest of those invisible sword insects. They moved away from the range of the voodoo curse and headed right.

Given the distance they had traveled, they should have already entered the area where those invisible sword insects resided. But, strangely enough, the insects didn’t attack them.

Is this Senior White’s luck at work? Is that why we didn’t meet any of those invisible sword insects? Song Shuhang wondered.

However, if Song Shuhang possessed a special ocular skill that allowed him to see those invisible sword insects, he would notice that Venerable White hadn’t really taken a path that would allow them to evade the invisible sword insects. On the other hand, the invisible sword insects were the ones trying to escape from him and Venerable White.

Tens of thousands of invisible sword insects were subconsciously hiding from Venerable White. In a range of ten meters from Venerable White, there wasn’t a single invisible sword insect, and all the invisible sword insects in a range of 100 meters from him were trembling, too scared to attack him. Whenever Venerable White took a step forward, the invisible sword insects would flap their wings and quickly retreat ten steps, putting some distance between Venerable White and them.

At this time, several cries were transmitted from a not too distant place.

Those several cultivators that had tried to scatter all around earlier weren’t that lucky. Although they were fleeing in different directions, the invisible sword insects in this place had reproduced for several thousand years, and their number was insane. When the cultivators split up, the invisible sword insects split up as well, and started to hunt them down.

Soon, those several cultivators all died. The invisible sword insects completely devoured their bodies, and nothing was left behind.

Little Cai tilted her head, and said, “Those cultivators we saw earlier died.”

“Ordinary cultivators are unable to see or detect the presence of these ‘invisible sword insects’. As such, they are absolutely deadly for them,” Venerable White said.

“But why didn’t any of those invisible sword insects attack us?” Little Cai asked in puzzlement.

“They don’t dare to attack because I’m here,” Venerable White said with a smile.

Little Cai didn’t completely understand, but still nodded her head.

Song Shuhang: 😳

It wasn’t that Senior White was evading those invisible sword insects… it was the insects that were too afraid to attack him!

Song Shuhang fell deep in thought.

Since the beginning, he felt that there was something wrong with Venerable White today. This person was indeed ‘Venerable White’, and Song Shuhang believed that he wouldn’t easily mistake him for someone else.

Even if Immortal Master Copper Trigram were to disguise as Venerable White… hmm, actually, Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s disguising technique was a bug-like existence, and if he really disguised as Venerable White, Song Shuhang wasn’t totally sure that he would be able to tell if he was the real one or not.

Anyway, was it possible that Venerable White became too happy after learning how to perform acrobatic feats with the excavator and entered into this ‘overexcited’ state? Was this the reason for his strange behavior today?

Or perhaps…

“Shuhang, why are you spacing out? Keep up the pace and don’t fall behind. Otherwise, if you are not careful, those invisible sword insects will tear you to pieces.” Venerable White’s voice made Song Shuhang return to his senses.

Song Shuhang quickly increased his pace and stopped indulging in flights of fancy.

The two of them continued to head right.

Little Cai asked, “Senior White, will we reach the nest of the insects if we keep going in this direction?”

“Probably. However, it doesn’t really matter… even if it doesn’t work, we can easily flatten this whole area where the invisible sword insects are reunited and find their nest that way,” Venerable White said, sounding very tyrannical.

Little Cai said, “It makes sense!”

“Senior White, you can see these invisible sword insects?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Yes, I can see them. I’m currently heading in the direction with the largest number of invisible sword insects. We should be able to find their nest this way,” Venerable White said.

While they were discussing, Venerable White said smugly, “Look, we found it. There are countless insects flying in and out of that cliff in front of us. That’s surely their nest! Let’s increase our pace and get inside. If we can find their eggs, we’ll take some with us.”

After saying these words, Venerable White quickly headed toward the cliff.

Song Shuhang operated his ❮Virtuous Man’s Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯ footwork, quickly following after him.

Not long after Venerable White and Song Shuhang entered the nest of those invisible sword insects…

In the area of the voodoo curse.

The surviving cultivator that had been affected by the voodoo curse earlier suddenly tripped and fell to the ground. After that, his body was grabbed by an invisible hand and dragged outside the range of the voodoo curse by force.

Soon afterward, a defensive barrier was erected, creating a safe zone between the area of the voodoo curse and the area of the sword insects.

In this safe zone, the bloodshot eyes of that purple-robed cultivator quickly returned to normality.

“Ahaha, I finally woke up,” the purple-robed cultivator said as he opened his eyes. “General, can’t you be a little gentler? My body almost broke to pieces when you dragged me here.”

From the looks of it, this purple-robed cultivator had intentionally entered into the range of that voodoo curse, and had a hidden helper waiting for him outside the range of the curse that could pull him out at any time.

“Hehehe, a little gentler?” A heavy voice echoed in the air. “If you were a female human cultivator, I would perhaps be a little gentler. You should use the body of a pretty female cultivator the next time. At that time, I’ll be gentler and show you some more affection. I can never refuse to cultivate together with female cultivators.”

“No, thanks.” The purple-robed cultivator rubbed his eyes. He had no such hobby. “Has that little friend surnamed Song arrived here already?”

“He has come, and just like you guessed, he came alongside that Venerable White. They just passed through this area with the voodoo curse; that’s why I dragged you out.” That heavy voice echoed in the air again. “However, they didn’t advance forward after entering the area with the invisible sword insects, but decided to look for their nest.”

“Tsk, it seems they want to get the eggs of the insects. They actually had the same idea as me. The eggs of those sword insects are a real treasure,” the cultivator said with a smile. “However, that’s fine as well. If that Song Shuhang manages to get the eggs, I won’t have to take risks myself in order to look for them. After all, the eggs will also fall in my hands as long as I manage to catch him.”

“Hehehe.” That heavy voice echoed in the air again.

“Anyway, since Song Shuhang has come, we can proceed with the plan. We have to rely on little friend Song to open the door of the forbidden area.” After saying this much, that purple-robed cultivator stretched out his hand and waved it. Then, four ropes made of blood extended from his fingertips, drilling into the area with the voodoo curse.

Soon after, they pulled over the corpses of four cultivators from the cursed area.

Earlier, Venerable White said that six people had been affected by that voodoo curse. Four of them died before he and Song Shuhang got there, and one got chopped to pieces when they tried to ambush them.

After dragging the four corpses over, the purple-robed cultivator bent down, and started searching their bodies. But, after searching them for a while, he only found a few talismans on them. The talismans had lost the spiritual energy inside, and were just junk right now. As for other items such as medicinal pills, flying swords, and whatnot, they had completely disappeared.

“This forbidden area sure is scary. All the items imbued with spiritual energy that these dead cultivators had with them were devoured, becoming the nourishment of this place.” After saying this much, the purple-robed cultivator threw away those talismans that had lost their spiritual energy.

Then, he stretched out his hand, and pressed one of the corpses. Blazing red true qi started to revolve all over the body of the corpse.

Afterward, the blazing red true qi poured into the corpse, making it shake fiercely. Next, the corpse slowly stood up with the help of the true qi.

The only problem was that the corpse had changed and become very strange. At this time, the corpse of that cultivator was like a wobbly balloon filled with water.

“No matter how many times I look at your Skin Puppet Technique, it makes me want to throw up.” That heavy voice echoed. “Anyway, careful with your movements. That Venerable White is a cultivator of the Seventh Stage. Even if I’ve erected this barrier, he might discover us if the fluctuations of your energy are too big.”

“Hehe, I know what I’m doing. In addition, this Skin Puppet Technique makes me feel like vomiting as well,” the purple-robed cultivator said with a smile. “However, it’s very cost-effective, and even if the puppet gets damaged, it doesn’t really matter. It’s so practical that I can’t bear to part with it.”

The process was repeated four times altogether, and the corpses of the four cultivators turned into wobbly skin puppets that seemed filled with water.

A few breaths later, the skin puppets stopped wobbling, and the liquid inside stabilized. Now, they looked no different than ordinary cultivators under a superficial scrutiny.

Then, under the command of the purple-robed cultivator, the four skin puppets headed toward the area of the invisible sword insects, forcefully barging into it.

“Done.” Then, the purple-robed cultivator asked, “General, which place have those greedy guys ahead reached?”

“Those guys already got past the fourth checkpoint, and are about to reach the entrance of the forbidden area. No one is suspecting anything while being led by your ‘living puppet’. They all think that they will return home with a full load,” that heavy voice’s owner said with a smile.

“Tsk, it cost me a lot of effort to bring up a ‘living puppet’ that had next to no prestige among cultivators. I had to spend three years in order to modify him into a ‘living puppet’ without him noticing,” the purple-robed cultivator said, very pleased with himself.

He had this living puppet with small prestige take the lead, and used this forbidden area with high return as the bait. After that, he used his personal connections to spread the information everywhere, and gathered a group of cultivators with decent strength to explore the forbidden area in no time.

It seemed everything was proceeding according to his plan.

Unfortunately, the cursed nightmare of the Jet-Black Sect he’d planted in Song Shuhang’s body with all that trouble had lost its effect. Otherwise, the plan would have been even more perfect.

“Everything is within my grasp,” the purple-robed cultivator said smugly.

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