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Chapter 933:Let’s not injure each other, how about I surrender and you don’t kill me?

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Soft Feather felt that the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ was the coolest song Dharma King Creation had produced so far. She felt that this song was perfect as her background music. The next time she met Senior Creation, she would ask him to give her the rights to use this song as her personal background music.

“Now that my background music is playing, I fear nothing.” Soft Feather pointed her sword at the scary flame and lightning tribulation in the sky.

The flame and lightning tribulation had made countless cultivators of the Third Stage bow since ancient times and up until now, and Soft Feather believed that she would have to give her all to transcend this wave of the heavenly tribulation under normal circumstances. But thanks to the empowerment of Senior Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯, this wave of the tribulation was doomed to get defeated.

“Butterfly-Eagle Transformation!” Soft Feather gently shouted. She held the sword with both hands, and used her strongest sword attack.

The Butterfly-Eagle Transformation was the skill antecedent to the Butterfly-Phoenix Transformation, and consisted in an attack of incredibly sharp sword qi.

After Soft Feather slashed, the sword qi transformed into a lifelike eagle with the wings of a butterfly.

After the butterfly-eagle condensed, the sharp sword qi exploded, cutting everything in front of it to pieces. Even that wave of flame and lightning tribulation was giving signs of dispersing after clashing against this butterfly-eagle-like sword qi.

Actually, this butterfly-eagle-like sword qi wasn’t a sword technique of the Third Stage, but one of the Fourth Stage.

Soft Feather’s big senior brother, Liu Jianyi, was very talented, but he could learn this sword technique only after reaching the intermediate stage of the Fourth Stage Realm.

In a distant place, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber wiped the foam off the corner of his mouth. Just now, when Dharma King Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ echoed at full volume, he was caught off guard and got affected.

Luckily, Dharma King Creation wasn’t on the scene, singing in person. Otherwise, Thrice Reckless would have surely fainted. Although Thrice Reckless had a death-seeking heart, he was unable to enjoy Dharma King Creation’s music.

“Senior Spirit Butterfly, this ‘Butterfly-Eagle Transformation’ is a technique of the Fourth Stage, right?” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

If this was the case, there was a chance this sword technique of the Fourth Stage might directly scatter the flame and lightning tribulation!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was likewise affected by the music, and his face was somewhat pale.

After hearing Thrice Reckless’ words, he faintly smiled, and said, “Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless’ guess is correct. This Butterfly-Eagle Transformation is a sword technique of the Fourth Stage, and even cultivators that are in the initial stage of the Fourth Stage Realm are unable to learn it. The reason is that the cultivator must have incredible control over the true qi in their body.”

To be honest, not even Venerable Spirit Butterfly had expected that Soft Feather would be able to learn this sword technique. With the Butterfly-Eagle Transformation technique at her disposal, transcending the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage wasn’t going to be a problem anymore.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber stared at the flame and lightning tribulation in the sky, and muttered to himself, “Is it just my misconception, or is the flame and lightning tribulation in the sky twisting?”

The heavenly tribulation was giving the impression of twisting, and the rhythm followed Dharma King Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯. Whenever the ‘die, die, die’ part echoed, the flame and lightning tribulation would seemingly twist.

But that was something impossible… No matter how scary the voice of the Soul King was, it shouldn’t be able to affect the heavenly tribulation.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly said calmly, “It’s just your misconception. The flame and lightning tribulation didn’t change, and is the same as before.”

Just as they were discussing, Soft Feather sang in her melodious voice, “Die, die, die, die, die, die, die! All those that are unfaithful, unfilial, cruel, and immoral will die!”

While singing, Soft Feather slashed again.

The sword qi of the Butterfly-Eagle Transformation technique slashed toward the flame and lightning tribulation.

When my background music is playing, I can destroy even the heavenly tribulation!

“Boom, boom~”

In the sky, the sword qi exploded.

After eating two slashes of a technique of the Fourth Stage rank like the Butterfly-Eagle Transformation, the flame and lightning tribulation finally dispersed.

The clouds of tribulation also slowly dispersed.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly said happily, “The tribulation was defeated!”

His daughter had managed to transcend her tribulation. Venerable Spirit Butterfly stood up, preparing to praise Soft Feather.

But just as he was preparing to move, Venerable Spirit Butterfly furrowed his brows. “The tribulation of the Inner Demon!”

Under normal circumstances, the flame and lightning tribulation would be the last wave of the heavenly tribulation that cultivators would face while advancing from the Third to the Fourth Stage. However, there was a chance that the Inner Demon would also manifest while the flame and lightning tribulation was raining down.

The probability was very low, and only one cultivator of the Third Stage out of ten thousand had encountered the tribulation of the Inner Demon in the past several thousand years.

At this time, Soft Feather was absentmindedly standing amidst the various formations, not moving in the slightest. The hand holding the sword was also dangling down, and her eyes had lost focus. These were all signs that she was facing her Inner Demon.

While facing the tribulation of the Inner Demon, all external objects were of little help to Soft Feather, and there was also a certain possibility that the Inner Demon might directly disregard the soul-type magical treasures or formations protecting the cultivator.

To transcend this tribulation, Soft Feather could only rely on her will, which was probably her Achilles’ heel.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had pampered his daughter too much. Under his protection, Soft Feather had very rarely encountered great storms, and she had almost never been in danger.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly also knew this much. In fact, the thing he was afraid of the most was that Soft Feather might encounter her Inner Demon while transcending the tribulation.

But sometimes, the thing one was afraid of the most would happen.

At this time, in Soft Feather’s sea of consciousness.

The tribulation of the Inner Demon had dragged her into a dark and chaotic space.

“What is this place? Wasn’t I transcending the tribulation?” Soft Feather pondered for a moment, and then understood. “Oh, right… this is the tribulation of the Inner Demon. There was only a one in ten thousand probability to encounter this tribulation, and I’ve encountered it. I think I was too vicious when I directly cut the heavenly tribulation into pieces earlier. It probably felt that it had lost a lot of face…”

After saying this much, Soft Feather turned her head around and looked around the chaotic space.

Since it was the ‘tribulation of the Inner Demon’, there was bound to be something akin to an ‘Inner Demon’ there.

Inner Demons didn’t have a fixed shape, and were ever-changing. An Inner Demon could be a rock, a blade of grass, a familiar person, a stranger, an enemy, an animal, a monster beast… or even things the darkness, the rising sun, or the bright moon.

In addition, the Inner Demon would target the weak points of the cultivator.

If the cultivator transcending the tribulation wasn’t that confident in their fighting skills, the Inner Demon would assume the shape of a battle scene, dragging the cultivator into an endless battle and crushing their will, making them unable to transcend the tribulation.

If the cultivator transcending the tribulation had an injured heart, the Inner Demon would create a beautiful scenery based on the wounded heart, causing the cultivator to be infatuated with this scenery and making them unable to break away from it, ultimately crushing their will.

If the cultivator was afraid of something, the Inner Demon would transform into that thing and pester them.

Therefore… although the tribulation of the Inner Demon was fearsome, the will of the cultivator would become much stronger if they managed to pass this test, and they would have one less weak point!

Soft Feather searched that dark and chaotic space, finding nothing.

“I didn’t find my Inner Demon! Where is it hiding? Or perhaps it’s invisible?” Soft Feather fell into deep thought.

An invisible enemy was the worst type of enemy.

How was she supposed to deal with her Inner Demon?

Soft Feather sat cross-legged amidst the chaotic space.

After an unknown amount of time…

“Perhaps this dark and chaotic space is precisely my Inner Demon? After all, I’m someone that is afraid of being alone,” Soft Feather said.

It was so boring!

In this space, she was even unable to practice to make time pass more quickly.

After a long, long time…

The bored Soft Feather started humming a song.

“Ding Dong~ Lalalala~ It’s easy to dodge an open spear~ but hard to ward off a hidden arrow~ I stand above the city walls~ looking at the invaders below~ ooooooh~” This was the first song of Dharma King Creation she had heard, and it was also the song that turned her into a fan of his resounding voice.

It was the same song that Dharma King Creation had sung when he was sitting next to Song Shuhang’s bed, almost turning Song Shuhang into a mentally disabled person during the process.

After finishing this first song, Soft Feather started with the second one.

“When will the moon be clear and bright~? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky~ In the heavens on this night, I wonder what season it would be?”

This was the song Dharma King Creation had used to hospitalize the 300,000 ignorant viewers of his live stream who had no idea as to what was going on.

Soon before transcending her tribulation, Soft Feather had quietly gone online and searched for Dharma King Creation’s music in the deadly songs category.

After concluding the second song, Soft Feather started singing the song she liked the most, the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯.

She wanted to ask Senior Creation the permission to make this song her personal background music. Later, each time she fought an enemy, she would use her mobile phone to play it at full volume!

The resulting effect was bound to be perfect.

“Die, die, die, die, die, die, die! Those that are unfilial… will die, die, die! Die, die, die~” Soft Feather screamed at the top of her lungs in her melodious voice.

Whenever she sang this song, she felt full of energy.

When the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ echoed, the chaotic space shrouding Soft Feather started to shake.

Just as Soft Feather was singing, another powerful voice echoed in the chaotic space. The voice coordinated with Soft Feather and sang alongside her.

“Those that are cruel… will die, die, die! Those that are immoral… will die, die, die!”

It was Dharma King Creation’s voice, and as if that wasn’t enough, it was the original edition.

It was the voice deeply etched in Soft Feather’s memories. It was Dharma King Creation’s original voice she had heard through the mobile phone when she called Song Shuhang right before transcending her tribulation. It was the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ after receiving the empowerment of Fairy Lychee’s 365 rounds windmill spin, and with the power of vibration added to it.

Under heavenly tribulation, the combination of the voice of the Soul King and the [365 rounds windmill spin] was even more perfect~

Its lethality was increased tenfold!

[Aaaaa! I can’t take it anymore! Who is singing? Who is using this sound wave attack?!]

My ears~! This song invaded my soul, save me!]

[I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying! Even if we are Inner Demons, you cannot treat us this cruelly! I want to dieeeeee~]

[We surrender…! How about we surrender, and you don’t kill us!]

[Let’s not hurt each other! Although we are Inner Demons, we are still part of you from a certain point of view! If you injure us, you are injuring yourself! Stop singing!]

[My ears got impregnated… I feel throwing up, and my body is lacking strength… are these the signs of the pregnancy?]

[Father, in my next life, I still want to be your daughter!

[Senior Song, save me!]

At this time, tens of pitiful cries were transmitted from the depths of the dark and chaotic space.

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