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Chapter 917: Those are not tentacles, those are roots! Roots!

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“Die, die, die! Everything will die! All those that are unfaithful, unfilial, cruel, and immoral will die! All those that go against the will of the heavens will die whether they resist or surrender!” This was a piece of the new song of the Soul King, the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯, after getting empowered by Fairy Lychee’s [365 rounds windmill spin], and obtaining the power of vibration.

Fellow Daoist Liu Jianyi, who was standing guard next to Soft Feather, was caught off guard by this bewitching sound, and his knees became soft. He also felt like vomiting, and almost got KO’d.

In the depths of the Spirit Butterfly Island, a certain loving father, who was silently watching over the whole island, was also caught off guard by this bewitching music. He immediately spurted all the Spirit Green Tea he was drinking.

Soft Feather blinked her eyes. She found this sound that could make one’s eardrums shake rather familiar.

The sea breeze blew over, making Soft Feather’s long hair flutter in the wind. As such, she stretched out her hand to put her hair back in place.

The bewitching music was still getting transmitted from the other end of the mobile phone. Soft Feather’s long legs couldn’t help but move according to the beat of the music, and she even gently started humming the song.

There was bound to be some song that would make you feel like humming it after hearing it~

“Oh, I remember now. This is Senior Creation’s voice! No wonder it was this pleasant to hear,” Soft Feather said in a soft voice.

Senior Brother Jianyi had started to doubt his ears. Although he had heard several people praise Dharma King Creation’s music as of late, they mostly were crazy heavy metal fans, and the reason behind their praise was that it resembled deadly music that had come directly from hell, and could make one hover between life and death.

But it was his first time seeing someone praising Dharma King Creation this way and saying that his voice was ‘pleasant to hear’.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s shivering voice was transmitted from the other end. “Hello… is this Senior Brother Liu Jianyi? Were you… looking for me?”

“Senior Song, it’s not Senior Brother Jianyi. It’s me, Soft Feather. I borrowed Senior Brother Jianyi’s mobile phone to give you a call,” Soft Feather said happily. “Right, Senior Song, I’m going to transcend my tribulation today!”

“Soft Feather? How come it’s you? Quickly hang up… Otherwise, oh, too late…” Song Shuhang said in a shivering voice. After saying these words, Song Shuhang suddenly turned silent.

Soft Feather blinked her eyes, clearly puzzled.

After some time, the voice of the Soul King died down… however, Song Shuhang had yet to reply.

But Soft Feather was still very satisfied, and said in the phone, “Thank you, Senior Song!”

After hearing Senior Creation’s music, she was brimming with energy. She, ‘Fairy Tribulation Transcender’, was definitely going to transcend her tribulation of the Fourth Stage today!

After saying these words, she turned off the mobile phone, and placed it beside Senior Brother Jianyi, who was currently foaming at the mouth.

Then, she happily hopped toward the place where she was going to transcend her tribulation.

Today, she would definitely succeed. Later on, she wouldn’t have to worry about losing her way after learning how to ride a flying sword!

In the depths of the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly fell into deep thought.

Was Fellow Daoist Creation’s music really pleasant to hear?

If his daughter said that it was pleasant to hear, then it was pleasant to hear. Therefore, was it the time to invite Fellow Daoist Creation to the Spirit Butterfly Island and have him hold a concert there?

“Jiu Gu, what do you think about inviting Fellow Daoist Creation to the Spirit Butterfly Island and letting him hold a concert?” Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked the colored butterfly beside him.

This monster butterfly named Jiu Gu was the same colored butterfly that had taught Song Shuhang how to spin a cocoon, and she was Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s right-hand butterfly.

“Teacher,” the monster butterfly Jiu Gu said in all seriousness, “I think you should keep taking your medicine.”

“…” Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

Limitless Demon Sect, on the 69th Peak, the Mahoraga Peak.

Zheng Neng, Demon Monarch Anzhi, and Young Master Hai were still in deep meditation, trying to break through to the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm. Golden, blood-red, and black-colored mist was hovering above their heads.

Zheng Neng and Demon Monarch Anzhi were still trying their best to break through. As for Young Master Hai, who was now acting as the core, he wasn’t in great condition.

During the past few days, that cursed nightmare had appeared each time he had tried to enter into a state of deep meditation, making him go through a lot of trouble. His internal energy had almost gone berserk on several occasions. At this time, Young Master Hai had become thinner than before, and he looked really pitiful.

Young Master Hai suddenly opened his bloodshot eyes. From the looks of it, he had forcefully escaped from that cursed nightmare again.

It was all that bastard Song Shuhang’s fault!

As expected, that cursed nightmare wasn’t a one-time curse, but a recurring one. As long as he entered into a state of deep meditation while practicing, he would get dragged to that nightmarish place where the puppets would try to gobble him up.

But the strange thing was that all the curse-breaking techniques that Young Master Hai had used turned out to be ineffective, and whenever he got out of that nightmarish place and tried to examine his body, he wouldn’t find the traces of that curse. His liver was really in pain.

If things continued like this, he would be unable to practice.

Therefore, he needed to change his plans a little.

He first had to find a way to deal with this curse affecting his body. Therefore, he had to look for the one that had started everything… he had to find Song Shuhang and discover where this curse originated!

After thinking up to this point, Young Master Hai quietly got in contact with the ‘puppet clone’ he had left outside.

Recently, he had been trying to find a way to discover Song Shuhang’s whereabouts with his puppet clone.

At this time, his puppet clone was right in the middle of relaying some information related to Song Shuhang.

According to the latest information, Young Master Hai’s new secret allies, the sea urchin warriors, had discovered Song Shuhang’s whereabouts, and had surrounded him.

Among that group of sea urchin warriors, several had with them the magical treasures that Young Master Hai had provided them with. These magical treasures looked like offensive magical items on the surface, but Young Master Hai had secretly installed a device to record conversations inside.

“Send over the content of the device,” Young Master Hai mentally ordered the puppet clone.

After a short moment…

Young Master Hai received the content the device had recorded.

First was a series of explosions; it seemed that the sea urchin warriors had already started to attack Song Shuhang. The sound of the explosions was probably that of torpedoes and other modern weapons.

The battle seemed pretty intense.

But right at this time, the sound of another shock wave, whose style didn’t really fit with the rest, was transmitted from the device.

[Die, die, die! All those that are unfaithful, unfilial, cruel, and immoral will die! Aaaaaaah~] The high and piercing voice of a man echoed from the device while carrying within the power of vibration.

The bewitching sound passed through Young Master Hai’s eardrums and flooded his mind.

In the secret room, Young Master Hai’s eyes rolled back, and he passed out with foam coming out of his mouth.

Ah, Mom~ Little Hai is coming to you~

He could only hope that there was no Dharma King Creation in paradise…

Inside the immortal boat.

The Soul King was fully satisfied.

My show is about to start, and I don’t care if no one stays until the end~ Seize the opportunity, and leave every to fate~ Bravely charge forward and let’s meet again…

My show has ended, and I’m countin the small number people that stayed until the end~ Seize the opportunity, and leave every to fate~ Or are you afraid of standing out amidst the sea of people~?

Outside the immortal boat.

Venerable White opened his spatial equipment, and started to store all the torpedoes and depth charges that had yet to explode inside.

Wasting things was the greatest of sins.

At this time, the bodies of the severely injured or unconscious sea urchin warriors started to slowly sink into the depths of the sea.

The blood of the sea urchin warriors dyed red this whole stretch of sea. Perhaps the fishes living in this stretch of sea would suffer the brutal retaliation of the sea urchin warriors some time in the future.

After all, every living creature that got dyed with the blood of the sea urchin warriors was their enemy! They didn’t even let off a small caterpillar!

Right below, Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins were like a huge mouth located at the bottom of the sea, and swallowed down the bodies of the falling sea urchin warriors.

Venerable White had originally sealed the entrance of the ruins, and unless the other party was much stronger than him, they wouldn’t be able to discover the existence of these ruins while the seal was in place.

But now, it felt as though the ruins had come back to life, and they started swallowing down the bodies of the falling sea urchin warriors.

Venerable White, who was collecting torpedoes, froze. Then, his vision passed through the dark bottom of the sea, and fell on the ruins.

After the falling sea urchin warriors were swallowed down, Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins underwent huge changes.

Inside the ruins, something that was seemingly confined there broke out of its seal. No, that wasn’t quite right… it didn’t break out of the seal. That seal in the ancient ruins wasn’t there to seal this thing—it was there to hide it. That thing was just sleeping.

After the bodies of countless sea urchin warriors fell into the ancient ruins, that thing finally woke up from its sleep.

At the same time…

Song Shuhang suddenly opened his eyes, and his breathing sped up. Then, he stretched out his hand, and pressed it on his chest. The nucleus in his Heart Aperture was shaking nonstop.

There was something that was resonating with the nucleus in his body!

Song Shuhang sensed something, and looked toward the bottom of the sea while keeping his hand pressed to his chest. The thing that was making the nucleus in his Heart Aperture shake was at the bottom of the sea.

“There is something that wants to come out from the depths of the sea,” Ye Si said as she drilled out of Song Shuhang’s body.

Further below were Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins…

There was a complicated relationship between Ye Si and Immortal Cheng Lin. As such, there was a reaction between Ye Si and the ruins as well.

Ye Si wasn’t the only one… because Fairy Lychee also opened her eyes, her expression confused. He had also seemingly sensed something.

“It’s coming out,” Venerable White said in a grave tone as he used his space-related innate skill, returning to the immortal boat.

In the next moment, countless tentacles extended over from the bottom of the sea.

Those tentacles were covered with other countless small tentacles that quickly captured the falling sea urchin warriors. It didn’t matter if the sea urchin warriors were dead or alive; the tentacles grabbed and dragged them toward the depths of the sea.

“Senior White, did you discover this tentacle monster the last time you came to these ancient ruins?” Fairy Lychee asked.

“No, those aren’t tentacles,” Song Shuhang said at this time.

“???” Venerable White, Fairy Lychee, and the others were confused.

“Those are roots, the roots of a lotus flower to be more precise, and they definitely aren’t tentacles! Tentacles and roots belong to completely different existences! Tentacles belong to the animal realm, while roots to the plant realm!” Song Shuhang said in all seriousness.

After all, there was a lotus flower that could materialize tens of thousands of roots in his body. Therefore, Song Shuhang could easily tell the difference between tentacles and roots.

He kept that hand pressed to his chest, and wondered, Is a lotus flower hiding in Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins?

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