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Chapter 902: I only accept RMB or USD

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But even more importantly… after getting that seed of the Sinful Black Lotus, why did he suddenly eat it after casually asking if there would be any problem?

Up until now, Song Shuhang had been rather vigilant toward items of the world of cultivators he didn’t know well. But after getting his hands on that seed of the Sinful Black Lotus, he swallowed it down without giving it too much thought.

Was it because he trusted Senior White? And this trust extended to Senior White Two as well?

No, that couldn’t be. Senior White was Senior White, and Senior White Two was Senior White Two. Song Shuhang was very clear about this point.

In that case, was it possible that it was due to the aroma of the seed of the Sinful Black Lotus, which made him act like a starving man that had just seen some food?

Regardless of the reason, he felt that he had been too careless.

“Shuhang, sob, sob, sob~ are you alright? Sob, sob, sob~” At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si started to weep loudly, looking very aggrieved.

The demonic hamster was temporarily at a loss. He saw that Song Shuhang was in a daze, and that Ye Si suddenly started crying. Thereupon, somewhat worried, it asked, “Hey, are you alright?”

Was it possible that there was really something wrong with that seed of the Sinful Black Lotus and that Song Shuhang had been poisoned?

“I’m alright, there is nothing wrong with me,” Song Shuhang replied. When he swallowed down that lotus seed, he felt as if he had eaten a Chinese goldthread; it was extremely bitter. In addition, the demonic technique he should have awakened after eating the seed of the Sinful Black Lotus hadn’t awakened yet.

“In that case, what about that head of your [Three Heads and Six Arms Technique]? Why is it crying so aggrievedly?” the demonic hamster asked.

Song Shuhang was also curious, and asked, “Ye Si, why are you crying?”

“Sob, sob, sob~ I don’t know why, but when I saw this adorable little hamster injured and looking so pitiful, I couldn’t help but burst out in tears.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“…” The demonic hamster.

Soon after, the hamster said loudly, “Wait a moment. Aren’t you the very reason I’m so heavily injured? All the wounds on my body are your fault!”

“Sob, sob, sob~ I know! It’s I who heavily injured you! But now, I can’t stop my tears.” Senior Sister Ye Si tried to wipe her tears away, but due to the effects of the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯, her tears weren’t showing any sign of stopping.

Women could cry rivers, but Ye Si could cry oceans.

“…” The demonic hamster.

The hamster had never seen someone so hypocritical before! First, she severely injured it. Then, she said she was crying because it looked very pitiful! These tears were even faker than the tears of a crocodile!

But right at this time, some changes occurred in Song Shuhang’s body after eating that seed of the Sinful Black Lotus.

First of all, his self-recovery skills got a boost. He could feel that his ability to recover energy had increased twofold. Then, his lifespan also increased by another ten or so years.

Actually, the fact that his lifespan had increased wasn’t directly due to the seed of the Sinful Black Lotus. After the seed of the Sinful Black Lotus started taking effect, it resonated with the power of the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus present in his body. After the seeds of the two lotus flowers resonated, Song Shuhang’s lifespan increased by another ten years.

This one was really an unexpected blessing.

Since he had advanced to the Third Stage Realm, Song Shuhang would easily live up to 300 years if there were no accidents. Then, he had also eaten the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus and drunk the water of the living spring in his Heart Aperture, which increased his lifespan 50 years each. Therefore, he could live up to 400 years now.

And after eating the seed of the Sinful Black Lotus, his lifespan increased by another ten years.

One shouldn’t look down on this ten-year increase. In the world of cultivators, there were many seniors in deep meditation who sometimes needed precisely these ten or so years to break through to the next realm. Therefore, cultivators wouldn’t look down on any increase of this type.

Aside from his self-recovery skills getting stronger and his lifespan increasing, the other effects of the seed of Sinful Black Lotus also manifested. After eating a seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, one would obtain an extraordinary skill. Likewise, after eating a seed of the Sinful Black Lotus, one would obtain a demonic technique.

Once it was awakened, the demonic technique would work the same as an innate skill. One didn’t need to study it, and would automatically learn everything about it.

“How is it? What skill did you obtain?” Ye Si asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang had an unusual expression on his face.

Soon after, he said, “I’ve just awakened a demonic technique, and it should be a pretty good one.”

While speaking, Song Shuhang gently raised his left foot.

In the next moment, spiritual qi condensed beneath his left foot, transforming into a black lotus flower that propped his foot up. Then, when Song Shuhang raised his other foot, the same thing happened, and another black lotus flower appeared beneath his other foot.

Just in this fashion, Song Shuhang stepped on the lotus flowers and walked high up in the sky. Each time he took a step, a lotus flower would appear beneath his foot, allowing his body to stay in the air. As for the older lotus flowers, they would quickly wither and disappear.

One step, one lotus flower. The flowers bloomed and faded step after step.

The skill was similar to a buddhist magical technique, with the only difference being that the lotus flowers appearing beneath Song Shuhang’s feet were black.

With this demonic magical technique, Song Shuhang had—while still in the Third Stage Realm—gained the ability to walk in the air. Compared to the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill, Song Shuhang liked this demonic technique, that allowed him to create lotus flowers at each step, way more.

However, this demonic technique also had some limitations, and he couldn’t use it indefinitely. With his current level of proficiency, Song Shuhang could only create a hundred lotus flowers at most before needing a break.

But just like the extraordinary skills of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, this demonic technique could also be upgraded.

In order to upgrade this demonic technique, one either had to look for other seeds of the Sinful Black Lotus, or diligently train the skill until it automatically leveled up.

“It’s another skill related to lotus flowers?” Ye Si asked out of curiosity.

“I have no idea what’s happening, either. Perhaps it’s due to the influence of the skill of the Virtuous Golden Lotus?” Song Shuhang said. The current Song Shuhang could make lotus flowers bloom with his tongue and feet. From head to toe, he was in full lotus flower mode.

Ye Si pondered for a moment, and then asked, “Are these lotus flowers blossoming under your feet also edible?”

“No!” Song Shuhang said. “In addition, I don’t think there is anyone that would want to eat the lotus flowers I’ve stepped upon.”

Aside from the ‘Lotus Blossoming Walk’ skill, Song Shuhang had obtained another demonic technique.

Indeed, Song Shuhang had obtained two demonic techniques after eating that seed of the Sinful Black Lotus!

The other demonic technique was called [strong teeth and good appetite], and it was based on the principle of absorption and rebound.

It seemed like a very cool demonic technique. The user could absorb all the magical techniques heading toward them and bounce them back.

However, it had some very big limitations.

First of all, Song Shuhang would have to swallow down the incoming magical technique, and then use his mouth to fire it back at the enemy.

In other words, if someone threw a fireball at Song Shuhang, Shuhang could use this demonic technique to counterattack. To do so, he would have to open his mouth, activate the [strong teeth and good appetite] skill, and swallow down the fireball, and then use his mouth to fire it back at the enemy. As such, if one didn’t have strong teeth and the right mindset, they wouldn’t be able to display this demonic technique.

Aside from getting limited by the size of the mouth, this magical technique couldn’t throw back ‘material-type’ magical techniques.

If it was an attack of pure spiritual energy like a fireball, tornado, water blast, or lightning attack… the user could eat it and send it back just fine.

But if the opposing magical technique had the capacity to summon a meteorite—or unleash any other type of ‘indirect attack’—this demonic technique was somewhat useless. After all, Song Shuhang would be unable to swallow down a meteorite and then send it back.

This apparently very powerful ‘demonic technique’ was actually quite weak due to these two limitations.

For some reason, this [strong teeth and good appetite] demonic technique sounded very familiar…

Sure enough, this [strong teeth and good appetite] demonic technique was actually Cave Lord Dragon’s technique.

Cave Lord Dragon was that demon that Venerable White had carelessly turned into a meat skewer while in the Netherworld Realm. In the end, Scholar Xian Gong used its body to refine the ‘demodragon medicine’.

In the past, Song Shuhang had dreamt of Cave Lord Dragon’s life experiences, and he had ‘seen’ Cave Lord Dragon eat a seed of the Sinful Black Lotus growing in the Netherworld and obtain the [strong teeth and good appetite] demonic technique.

He hadn’t expected that this [strong teeth and good appetite] demonic technique would also awaken in his body.

Still, Song Shuhang didn’t say anything about this second demonic technique for the moment.

The demonic hamster was still there, and the relationship between the two wasn’t so good that they would share their secrets. Therefore, he decided that it was better not to mention this second demonic technique for now.

Other than that, Song Shuhang felt that the [strong teeth and good appetite] demonic technique might be very suitable for him. After all, Shuhang had a supplementary magical technique called ❮Whale Swallowing Technique❯ that strengthened his teeth and stomach.

Perhaps something interesting might come out from the combination of the [strong teeth and good appetite] demonic technique and the ❮Whale Swallowing Technique❯. After getting out of this battle arena, he would give it a try.

Song Shuhang easily understood how to use the demonic techniques.

Now, he only had to wait for the demonic hamster to recover its strength and then get out of this strange battle arena.

At this time, the demonic hamster was lying on the ground like a corpse.

In the next moment, it saw that one head and one pair of arms of Song Shuhang’s [Three Heads and Six Arms Technique] drilled out of Shuhang’s body and arrived next to it.

“Song Shuhang, you’ve deceived me!” the demonic hamster said angrily after seeing Ye Si’s complete form. There wasn’t any Three Heads and Six Arms Technique; it was all a lie!

“Hehe.” Song Shuhang faintly smiled. “Regardless of her being part of my Three Heads and Six Arms Technique or not, I still won.”

“…” The demonic hamster.

But right at this time, Ye Si said, “Let’s not talk about that. I can see that your injuries are very heavy.”

She had finally stopped crying.

The demonic hamster rolled its eyes in contempt, and said, “You are the one that injured me. You should know how heavy my injuries are.”

“Ahaha.” Ye Si laughed, and then said, “Do you want me to use a healing technique on you?”

“You can use healing techniques? In that case, I’ll need a water-type magical technique, and not one of those buddhist healing techniques,” the demonic hamster said.

“Of course I can use them!” Ye Si said. “I’m a disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and water-types magical techniques are my forte.”

“In that case, can you use a healing technique to treat my wounds?” the demonic hamster asked cordially.

“Sure. But… do you have money?” Ye Si asked.

“Are you referring to… spirit stones?” the hamster asked.

“No, I’m referring to RMB or USD. Mind you, I don’t accept Vietnamese Dong or Indonesian Rupiah,” Ye Si said.

“…” The demonic hamster.

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