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Chapter 889: Fainting and waking up… with the summer vacation being already over!

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That black metallic man used an ancient language, but as coincidence would have it, Song Shuhang understood the meaning of those two words. The ❮Self-Cultivating Prose Poetry of the Sage❯ he had learned in the White Cloud Academy happened to have a similar vocabulary.

Fusion? But with whom does it want to fuse? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In the next moment, he thought about the things that Senior White Two had told him while he was sleep talking. Senior White Two had guessed that the person that had baited those ordinary human beings into accepting the power of the evil energy of the Netherworld was the ruler of the Netherworld—an existence that Senior White Two called ‘metal lump’.

From the looks of it, this ruler of the Netherworld Realm was trying everything in its power to return to the main world and merge with its ‘other self’.

The hand behind the scenes… the ruler of the Netherworld… the metal lump…

Song Shuhang gazed at that black metallic man in front of him and wondered if that thing was the ruler of the Netherworld Realm or one of its clones.

If this was really the case, the background of this big boss was truly astonishing! A small kid like him might be unable to withstand the anger of a big boss of this level!

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thought, a wisp of pure energy suddenly appeared in midair.

In the next moment, that wisp of energy rained down, falling on the body of that black metallic man!

This pure energy didn’t give the feeling of being very powerful… but as soon as the body of that black metallic man came in contact with this energy, it started to crumble.

Song Shuhang could feel the aura of the ‘heavenly tribulation’ coming from that wisp of pure energy.

“Aaaah!” that black metallic man angrily shouted as it was crumbling. “Did you hear my words?! We have to fuse! Otherwise, we will both disappear!”

When it angrily shouted, it still used that ancient language.

However, this sentence was a little too complicated, and Song Shuhang wasn’t able to understand its meaning. As such, he tried to memorize the sentence to the best of his capabilities. Later, he would look for a senior that knew ancient languages in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and ask them about its meaning.

While the black metallic man was shouting, the pure energy in the sky ground down its body like a meat grinder and turned it into little bits.

It wasn’t only its body… even its consciousness was completely wiped out.

After taking care of that black metallic man, that wisp of pure energy disappeared without a trace. All the bits and pieces of the black metallic man were left behind.

That pure energy acted like a valiant and selfless hero. After taking care of the matter, it quickly left the place and didn’t stay behind to take the glory!

The female monster swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at that pile of fragments. “Did it die?”

“It indeed seems to be dead… However, no one can completely see through the tricks of entities of this level. Therefore, it’s better if we stay vigilant,” Song Shuhang said.

Ye Si said, “Let’s observe for a while and see if something happens to those fragments.”

Around five breaths later.

The fragments of black metal on the ground melted!

Just like iron melting and transforming into molten iron, the fragments melted and transformed into oil-like pure evil energy of the Netherworld that spread out and covered a surface of three square meters.

This melted evil energy of the Netherworld was richer, filthier, and more wicked than any other form of evil energy Song Shuhang had come in contact with in the past.

After sensing this highly concentrated evil energy of the Netherworld, the nucleus in Song Shuhang’s Heart Aperture started to get restless again. It wished it could immediately project a lotus flower out and eat that ‘delicacy’ in front of it, transforming it into precious nutrients.

However, Song Shuhang restrained it. For safety purposes, he decided to stop the nucleus from absorbing that pile of evil energy of the Netherworld for now.

After all, if the fragments of black metal really belonged to the ruler of the Netherworld, who knew what kind of tricks were concealed within!

Problems might arise if he were to absorb them without being careful.

After receiving Song Shuhang’s order, the nucleus could only stop in its tracks and wait for the next opportunity. However, it still made a fuss in Song Shuhang’s Heart Aperture, just like a little kid that wanted its favorite candy.

“Wait a moment and observe what happens. If nothing unexpected happens, you can come out,” Song Shuhang said in a soft voice as he stretched out his hand, pressing it on his chest.

After getting Song Shuhang’s guarantee, the nucleus in his Heart Aperture calmed down a little.

Around two minutes later, the evil energy of the Netherworld on the ground mutated again.

It started to condense.

But this time, it didn’t condense into that metallic man. Instead, it condensed into an evil beast around the size of a grown-up man that resembled a dinosaur.

After taking shape, the evil dinosaur rolled a bit in its original place and got up from the ground.

Luckily, ordinary people couldn’t see this evil beast of the Netherworld Realm. As such, it didn’t give rise to a disturbance.

After getting up, the evil dinosaur opened its mouth and issued a noiseless roar.

Then, it raised its head and looked upward.

In that place, Song Shuhang, Ye Si, and that female monster were sitting on the floating golden book.

“Roar~” the evil beast roared again. In the next moment, it put its strength into its hind legs and jumped toward Song Shuhang and the others, opening its large mouth and revealing the sharp teeth within.

Ye Si operated her life-bound golden book and flew upward, dodging the bite attack of the evil dinosaur.

At the same time, she said, “Shuhang, there seems to be no problems. This mass of evil energy of the Netherworld doesn’t have a consciousness of its own.”

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and pressed it on his chest, saying in a soft voice, “You can absorb it!”

Since the evil energy of the Netherworld had transformed into a mindless evil beast, it meant that the ‘will’ controlling it earlier had been thoroughly destroyed.

The nucleus in his Heart Aperture was overjoyed. In the next moment, it projected a lotus flower out, and a large number of roots extended from it, piercing into the body of that evil dinosaur.

After the roots pricked the body of the evil dinosaur, extremely pure evil energy of the Netherworld was endlessly absorbed through the roots of the lotus flower.

The evil dinosaur was the same as an ordinary evil beast. It simply relied on its instinct, and didn’t possess any intelligence.

It kept jumping and falling back to the ground since it couldn’t reach the golden book.

Later, it repeated this same set of actions over and over again. Jumping, failing to reach the golden book, and falling.

Still, the evil dinosaur wasn’t discouraged, and kept jumping again and again.

It didn’t pay any attention to the roots that had pricked its body—its only objective was the golden book in the air.

Enemies such as this one were the cutest.

The constantly vigilant Song Shuhang also heaved a sigh of relief.

Around five minutes later.

The golden lotus the nucleus had projected was still busy absorbing the energy of that evil dinosaur.

Although the volume of this evil dinosaur wasn’t that big, the density of the evil energy of the Netherworld in its body was very high. Therefore, the speed at which the nucleus was absorbing this energy was very slow. After five minutes, only one-fifth of the body of that evil dinosaur was absorbed.

During this time, Ye Si used a few healing techniques on Branch Elder Gu Wu. However, his injury seemed pretty heavy, and he wasn’t giving any sign of waking up.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang’s phone rang. It was Fairy Dongfang Six calling.

“Shuhang, what happened to you guys? Where is that big boss now? I’ve found several helpers. Let’s see if we can kill it,” Fairy Dongfang Six said.

“That big boss… hmm, died. Right now, we are on the edge of a road outside the 250th branch. Senior Dongfang Six, can you come over? Branch Elder Gu Wu was injured and is still in a coma. He probably needs help from a professional,” Song Shuhang said.

“Ah? It died?” Fairy Dongfang Six was dumbfounded. After a short moment, she said, “Wait for me. I’ll immediately come over.”

The golden lotus kept absorbing the energy of the evil dinosaur with all its might.

That evil dinosaur was still jumping and falling, just as though it was in a loop.

Still, its body kept getting smaller and smaller as it was jumping.

The roots of the golden lotus pierced more and more deeply into its body, until they reached what seemed to be the core!

“Wait a moment!” Song Shuhang was surprised.

This evil beast had a core? But when he absorbed that incredibly huge evil beast in the Jade Lake Realm, he didn’t find any!

“Avoid that core for the time being. I feel there is something wrong with that thing. Actually, just back off for now, and stop absorbing its energy. It’s better if we capture this evil dinosaur alive,” Song Shuhang said through his mind.

But Song Shuhang’s mental order had yet to reach the destination—and the roots of the golden lotus were still stuck in the dinosaur—when the core in the body of the evil dinosaur suddenly exploded.

It was evidently one of the tricks the owner of the energy had left behind. If someone came in contact with this core, the core would automatically detonate.

The power of the explosion was pretty big.

In addition, when the explosion took place… that adorable and stupid evil dinosaur was in midair, very close to the golden book Song Shuhang and the others were sitting on.

“F*ck,” Song Shuhang said.

Was the space between his eyebrows still black since his misfortune hadn’t seemingly come to an end?

Ye Si stretched out her hands and quickly moved her fingers. In the next moment, tens of barriers were activated all around the golden book. Ye Si had already prepared for all eventualities.

As such, when that explosion took place, she quickly activated all the barriers.

At the same time, the virtuous lamia also came out. This time, she inflated as much as she could and coiled her tail around Song Shuhang and the others, firmly protecting them.


The huge explosion swallowed Song Shuhang and the others up.

In a distant place…

Fairy Dongfang Six saw the large explosion in the sky as she was dashing over.

“Didn’t they say that the big boss was dead? Where is this explosion coming from?” Fairy Dongfang Six quickly headed in the direction of the explosion.

After the explosive subsided…

The golden book fell from the sky.

Ye Si’s face was covered with dust and dirt, and Song Shuhang was currently in her embrace.

The nearby female monster fainted due to the remaining power of the explosion, but she didn’t look injured.

The most pitiful one was the branch elder. The already injured branch elder was now vomiting blood as though he owed a load of money… It felt as if he could die at any time.

In Ye Si’s embrace, Song Shuhang was likewise unconscious.

At this time, the daoist robe he was wearing beneath his clothes—the one he got from the western monk—had been blasted open around the chest area. It was unknown if it could be repaired.

When the explosion took place, the roots of the lotus flower projected from Song Shuhang’s chest area were linked to the core in the body of that dinosaur… and the power of the explosion unexpectedly traveled through the immaterial roots of the lotus flower, finally affecting Song Shuhang.

It was worthy of being a trick that the ruler of the Netherworld would use.

Ye Si quickly used several healing techniques on Song Shuhang’s body, stabilizing his injuries.

Fairy Dongfang Six came over from afar, and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, there are only some superficial wounds. He should be fine,” Ye Si replied.

She could feel that Song Shuhang hadn’t fainted due to his injuries alone. At this time, the Inner World inside his body was also changing. Therefore, there was nothing to worry about.

September 1st, clear weather.

As Song Shuhang woke up, his summer vacation was already over…

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