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Chapter 877: We are about to arrest a bunch of guys that gathered without permission

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The off-road vehicle, which seemed especially designed to kill people, finally bumped into the body of the small monk, knocking him to the ground.

Afterward, the huge wheels of the vehicle mercilessly crushed Guoguo’s small body.

“Ah~ I’m going to die!” When confronted with death, tears streamed down Guoguo’s face. “Senior Brother Shuhang, farewell… Senior Brother Three Realms, farewell… Abbot Profound Principle, farewell… Everyone, this is a farewell!”

“Vrooom~” The engine of the vehicle was still roaring at the moment.

After the front wheels of the vehicle mercilessly rolled over Guoguo’s body, the rear wheels also closely followed behind, completing the deadly double hit.

My body is definitely going to be flattened to the ground at this pace! Guoguo was filled with despair right now. In the end, he used the last bit of his strength to turn his head around and glance at Shi and Zhu, who weren’t too far from him. After seeing that the two of them were safe, Guoguo revealed the smile typical of the Buddha.

Luckily, nothing bad had happened to the two of them.

Guys, farewell…

In the next moment, Guoguo used the ‘real’ last bit of this strength to raise his head and look at the sky. Ah, what a beautiful blue color!

Was this going to be the last time he would appreciate the beautiful sky?

Then, he slowly closed his eyes, waiting for death to come.

Sigh~ He hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t even have the opportunity to find a target after setting out to vanquish demons and monsters that he would get run over by a vehicle first and die!

Why was life this cruel?

But right at this moment, the woman driving the off-road vehicle suddenly screamed, “Aaaaah! That’s bad, I just run over someone! What do to, what should I do now? Ah, right! I have to reverse the car! Let’s reverse the car first!”

Thereupon, right after running over the poor Guoguo, she reversed the vehicle, mercilessly running over his corpse again.

“Aaaaaah~” In the next moment, the huge wheels of the vehicle rolled over the body of the pitiful small monk once more.

First, it was the rear wheel…

Then, it was the turn of the front wheel…

The wheels of the off-road vehicle were very big, and one wheel was more than enough to crush the whole body of our small monk. This level of cruelty was simply over the top! The vehicle wasn’t satisfied after rolling over him once. Therefore, it decided to roll over him again! Was it possible that it had no plans of letting off even the dead body of the little monk?

Even a Buddha would get angry if you were to roll over him again and again!

After she had reversed her huge vehicle, the female driver opened the door and prepared to get out.

However, it turned out that the alley they were in was too small, and the door of the off-road was unable to open. Could someone tell Guoguo why this woman had come to this small alley with such a big vehicle…?

“Eh? This alley is too small! Damned GPS, how did it lead to me to such a place?!” the female driver complained. After saying this much, she closed the door of the vehicle, and said, “It seems there is no alternative. I’ll have to drive out of the alley first.”

Drive out of the alley?

My dear Elder Sister, is it possible that you want to drive over my body one more time? The small monk opened his eyes wide.

Could you please not be this cruel?!

“Vrooom~” The engine of the vehicle roared again.

In the next moment, the huge off-road vehicle suddenly started to hover, hovering over the ‘corpse’ of the small monk.

My dear super-fierce Elder Sister, this vehicle can actually fly?!

Shiet, it can fly for real!

Elder Sister, since your vehicle can fly, why didn’t you make it fly as you were about to crash into me?! Do you know that you killed me just now?! The small monk felt that his eyes had started to tear up.

Guoguo felt that his death had been particularly unjust.

On one side, Shi and Zhu were looking with their eyes wide open, seemingly shocked that their Senior Brother Guoguo had been repeatedly run over.

In the next moment, the huge off-road stopped in front of the small monk, and a beautiful fairy maiden got off the vehicle, looking very worried. One needed just a glance to tell that she excelled at dancing. Her stature was tall and slender, and even when she was anxiously walking forward, all her movements looked like exquisite dance steps.

After getting off the vehicle, the fairy maiden quickly rushed to Guoguo’s side.

After seeing the small monk lying on the ground, she gently smiled, and said, “Little Guoguo, so it was you! Are you alright?”

Alright? How can I be alright?!

The huge wheels of your off-road vehicle rolled over me four times in total, two when it was moving forward, and two when it was moving backward! I’m probably looking like a pancake at the moment!

Eh? Wait a moment! Something doesn’t suit…

The small monk stretched out his hand and tried to touch his body—unexpectedly, he felt no pain! He discovered that his body hadn’t been flattened. It was still intact, and there wasn’t even a scratch on it.

Guoguo absent-mindedly looked at the fairy maiden before his eyes. At this time, he was still in a daze, and hadn’t understood what was going on.

“Did I scare you? Quickly get up from the ground, alright? There are multiple formations attached to my vehicle. For example, formations to decrease the power of the impact, formations to protect the things I bump into, and also formations to eliminate the damage I might cause after running over someone. I’ve engraved something like a hundred formations on my vehicle. As such, even if I were to bump into someone as fragile as an ordinary person, I wouldn’t hurt them in the slightest.” The fairy maiden arrived next to Guoguo and stretched out her hand, pulling him up from the ground.

It seemed this fairy maiden knew her ‘skills’ really well… Her driving skills had apparently thrown her into the abyss of despair. As such, she’d decided to engrave all those formations on her vehicle so as to avoid dyeing the streets with blood whenever she was out for a drive.

“Fairy Dongfang Six.” Guoguo finally recognized who that fairy maiden was. She was a friend of Abbot Profound Principle, Fairy Dongfang Six.

This fairy maiden was famous in the world of cultivators for two things.

The first thing she was famous for were her dancing skills. While dancing, Fairy Dongfang Six was one of the most beautiful women in the world of cultivators, enough to cause cities to fall.

The second thing she was famous for were her driving skills. She was a god-tier kamikaze driver, and bumping into random things was no problem at all for her. If she were to drive an ordinary car with no formations, she could easily dye the streets red with blood.

The last time, when Venerable White organized the ‘hand-guided tractor competition’, Fairy Dongfang Six fully displayed her god-tier kamikaze driving skills. Tens of seniors were greatly aggrieved due to her hand-guided tractor.

At this time, Guoguo fully understood why she had gotten into that small alley… as well as why she had rolled over him once when proceeding forward and once when proceeding backward… It was because she was none other than Fairy Dongfang Six!

Fairy Dongfang’s driving skills were precisely this scary. Up until now, had she never met those guys staging fake car accidents in order to blackmail people? Or had those people already been crushed to pieces after getting repeatedly rolled over by her?

The small monk jumped and got up from the ground.

He checked his body, and after making sure that there were no injuries, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he looked at Fairy Dongfang Six, and said, “Senior Dongfang Six, so it was you! How come you appeared here of all places?”

“I came to participate in a certain event that my companions are holding,” Fairy Dongfang Six said with a smile.

“Companions? Event?” The small monk immediately recalled his prayers to Senior White from before.

He had asked for a senior that was acquainted with him to come over and bring him inside the building of the monster organization to let him have a taste of the delicious food served during the Human-Morphing Feast.

A senior he was acquainted with… Fairy Dongfang Six was someone he knew!

Therefore, was it possible that this event Fairy Dongfang Six was talking about…

“Do you see that branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization ahead? They are holding a feast inside, and I’ve come here to participate in this feast,” Fairy Dongfang Six replied.

It was exactly as he had guessed! The small monk was overjoyed! Long live Senior White!

As for that off-road vehicle suddenly rolling over him… it was something that could be overlooked. Although he had heard that Senior White’s luck was often accompanied by dangers, it must have been a coincidence, right?


“Fairy Dongfang Six, are you also a member of the monster race?” the small monk asked out of curiosity.

“You can say that… my body has the bloodline of an ancient monster. For this reason, I coincidentally became an elder of the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization. According to what is said, after the term of the current ‘strength imparting elder’ ends, I’ll likewise have the opportunity to serve as a ‘strength imparting elder’,” Fairy Dongfang Six joked.

“In that case… Fairy Dongfang Six, did you study the [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive] as well?” the small monk asked out of curiosity.

“I’ve taken a look at it, but I haven’t studied it,” Fairy Dongfang Six said with a smile. “Alright, there isn’t much time left. I’ll go join that feast now. We’ll chat later, okay?”

“Fairy Dongfang Six, wait a moment!” Guoguo stretched out his hand, and asked shamelessly, “Fairy maiden, can you bring three of us to that Human-Morphing Feast?”

“Eh? You are also interested in that feast?” Fairy Dongfang Six blinked her eyes. Then, she smiled, and said, “Alright, you can consider it an apology for accidentally bumping into you.”

“We can go for real?” Shi’s eyes immediately lit up. It seemed she had recovered after seeing that scene where Senior Brother Guoguo was thrown to the ground, run over, and then run over again.

“We can really go?” Zhu likewise asked. At this time, she was extremely shocked. Praying to Senior White was really this effective?!

Senior Brother Guoguo made a wish, and a second later, his wish came true! It had been simply too cool!

“It should be fine. After all, I’m still an elder, and bringing inside three children shouldn’t be a problem,” Fairy Dongfang Six said with a smile.

Thereupon, she brought the three children along and got into the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

At the entrance, the lazy-looking husky raised its head and stared at Fairy Dongfang Six. “Elder Dongfang Six, even if you are an elder of the branch, it’s going to be rather troublesome if you bring in three disobedient human children!”

The husky had noticed Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu even though the trio had been hiding. However, it was too lazy to call them out.

Today, it was only in charge of guarding the entrance and nothing else.

“In the end, I’m still an elder. It’s only right for me to have some privileges!” Fairy Dongfang Six said with a smile. “In addition, you don’t need to worry. No monster will come looking for trouble.”

“That’s because no one dares to look for trouble when you are around. Otherwise, they would die a horrible death while strolling through the streets tomorrow,” the husky muttered to itself… They would die after getting run over by her vehicle!

“Ahahaha… you actually dare to say such words! Do you want to be the first one to die a horrible death tomorrow?” Fairy Dongfang Six smiled charmingly.

“Thanks for the offer, but allow me to refuse.” The husky stretched out its paw and plucked out a few tufts of fur from its body. “Give this to the three children. It should cover up their aura a little.”

“Thank you.” Fairy Dongfang Six smiled, and took the three tufts of fur from the paw of the husky.

Just in this fashion, the three children successfully sneaked into the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

“Shuhang, should we also sneak in there?” Ye Si asked.

“Let’s wait for now.” Song Shuhang gazed at the display of his mobile phone.

It was a piece of news that came from the WeChat Moments of his friend, [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director].

“We are about to arrest a bunch of guys that gathered without permission. We have already surrounded their meeting point.”

Director’s location from back then was displayed at the end of the message, and this location happened to be rather close to Song Shuahang’s current location!

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