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Chapter 876: Everyone, this is a farewell~

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“[All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family]? Which monster organization is that? And is it really okay to use such an eye-catching signboard?” Loli Zhu asked after staring at the signboard of the monster organization.

“If it was before, there might have been some problems… but monster hunters haven’t been too active during the past several hundred years. Nowadays, the vast majority of the cultivators treats monsters equally and without discrimination, and they won’t bother them as long as the monsters don’t start committing crimes. Therefore, there is no problem even if they put such a signboard in the open,” Shi said.

Just as they were discussing, a figure suddenly appeared in midair. The figure was sent there through the power of space, and it had appeared out of thin air.

The figure was that of a girl. She had long green hair—which was worn in two ponytails—and was wearing a tight-fitting white dress, which served as a contrast to show off her slender yet explosive figure.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide… it was Lady Onion!

Why did Lady Onion suddenly appear in that place? Was it possible that she had met Senior White Two, and Senior White Two had delivered her here?

Song Shuhang’s guess was correct.

Senior White Two had sent Lady Onion outside the ‘world of the black lotus’, delivering her to Shuhang’s side. However, due to the ball of liquid metal tightly sealing the exit of that world, the teleportation was slightly affected.

Although Senior White Two had become the new master of the world of the black lotus and had learned of that backdoor passage from Song Shuhang, the location he teleported Lady Onion to still ended up being a little off when he used the power of space to get her out.

His original plan was to deliver her next to Song Shuhang, but when Lady Onion appeared, she was materialized at a height of five meters in the air and started to fall down.

At the entrance of that rented house, the husky narrowed its eyes and stared at Lady Onion, who had appeared out of thin air. “Woof.”

Lady Onion opened her eyes in a daze and discovered that she was in midair.

As such, she quickly performed a beautiful backflip and steadily landed on the ground.

What had happened? Earlier, she was swinging Senior White Rabbit’s cocoon around, and she started to get somewhat drowsy… but then, she suddenly appeared in this place?

“What is this place?” Lady Onion turned her head around and gazed at the rented house. In the next moment, she discovered that there was another writing on the number plate that only cultivators and monsters could read.

[All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] — [Secret Base Number 250].

“Eh?!” Lady Onion intensely stared at that house number plate.

Wait a moment… wasn’t this that damned organization the same one that taught her those [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive], which were the main reason she got locked up for 300 years by that buddhist nun called Nine Lanterns?

Why had the branch of that damned organization appeared here?

In addition, if this was a ‘secret base’, why was the signboard so eye-catching?

Just how much of an idiot one had to be to do something like this!?

Sure enough, it was better to just turn around and leave, acting as if she had seen nothing.

Aside from that, Lady Onion discovered another very good thing.

She was finally free~

She had escaped from Song Shuhang’s evil clutches!

The feeling of freedom was great. Lady Onion clenched her small fists, delighted.

But right at this time, that lazy-looking husky gazed at Lady Onion, and asked, “Little girl, if you can’t defeat a human cultivator, how many methods can you use to surrender?”

The voice of the husky was clear and sharp. It sounded like the voice of a woman or a young boy.

“500,” Lady Onion replied subconsciously. It couldn’t be helped, she was simply too familiar with that technique! She didn’t even need to think to reply to questions such as this.

“To which category of the [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive] does the needlework secret technique belong to?” the husky quickly asked another question.

“To the [How a Female Monster Should Become the Male Master’s Mistress] category, and also to the ‘Good Wife and Loving Mother’ chapter of the [13 Moves to Fight the Male Master’s Harem],” Lady Onion quickly replied.

Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu—as well Ye Si in the sky—couldn’t help but turn their heads to one side after hearing these names.

Just from the names, these secret techniques and skills sounded rather tragic.

No matter which monster it was, after studying those 200 skills, they would surely turn into useless monsters!

Song Shuhang faintly sighed.

How could he tell them that he, too, knew the [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive]?

Back then, he’d dreamt of Lady Onion’s life, living for several hundred years as a green onion. Thanks to that dream, he’d learned what patience was as well as those trashy [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive].

Those 200 skills were truly scary, and even up until now, they still slightly influenced Song Shuhang’s behavior.

For example, while handling certain matters, Song Shuhang would unconsciously recall the content of the [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive].

Even if he wanted to forget them, he couldn’t.

After hearing Lady Onion’s quick and correct replies, that lazy-looking husky nodded. “Very good, your replies were correct. It seems you are indeed a member of our [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization. Which branch are you from?”

“I don’t know.” Lady Onion shook her head.

Just now, she wanted to pretend that she knew nothing about this [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization. But little did she expect that she would reveal her identity as soon as the dog asked her a few questions.

“You don’t know? Strange, how come the organization didn’t tell you the branch number when they recruited you? Actually… is it possible that you are a new member that the general headquarters recruited personally?” A surprised expression flashed through the eyes of that husky.

“I’m not sure. I was casually recruited by the organization and then taught a set of skills known as [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive] by an elder of the organization. After learning those skills, I descended from the mountain,” Lady Onion replied.

“It seems you might really be a disciple that the general headquarters recruited. It’s a good thing you came to our 250th branch today because we were about to organize a hard-to-come-by Human-Morphing Feast. You came just in time, quickly come in.” That husky revealed a happy expression on its face.

When the husky narrowed its eyes, opened its mouth, and stuck out its tongue… it was a sign that it was happy. Truly a marvelous expression.

“Human-Morphing Feast? What is this human-morphing thing? Don’t tell me that you… y-you are planning to… e-eat humans?” Lady Onion was shocked, and she had even started stuttering by the end.

After hearing these words, the three disobedient children, who were still hiding, perked up their ears—eating humans? If these monsters were really planning to eat humans, they couldn’t let this matter be! They would have to report this matter back to their sects so that they could send over some experts to take care of these monsters!

Although the three children were disobedient, they weren’t stupid. As such, they weren’t going to foolishly barge into the headquarters of the monsters alone and become their snack.

“Eating humans? Stop indulging in flights of fancy. What’s even tasty about humans? This thing about eating humans is a superstition that started back in the age of feudalism… In the past, some stupid monsters really thought that you could turn into X after eating X. As such, they believed that they could turn into humans ahead of time if they ate enough of them… Did they mistake humans for some ‘thousand years old ginseng’ or ‘ten thousand years old spirit fungus’ to think that they could advance to the Fifth Stage and condense a Monster Core after eating them?!” The husky had an indignant expression on its face.

Here it was again! Another marvelous expression, an indignant husky!

After hearing these words, Lady Onion secretly heaved a sigh of relief. “In that case… what is this Human-Morphing Feast?”

“The aim of this Human-Morphing Feast is to give a few weak monsters the opportunity to personally experience how it feels to assume human form. Right, you know about the Immortal Feast, right? I’m talking about that banquet organized by Immortal Fairy Bie Xue that is famous in the entire world of cultivators.

“Immortal Fairy Bie Xue needs a large number of ingredients for each Immortal Feast, and the 250th branch of our [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization is one of the largest suppliers of ingredients for that feast. As a special reward for our efforts, aside from giving us a lot of spirit stones, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue will also prepare a large Human-Morphing Feast for us.

“The Human-Morphing Feast allows weak monsters to experience how it feels to assume a humanoid form. Although the transformation lasts only for a short two hours, it’s enough to let these weak monsters comprehend a lot of things.

“In addition, monsters that can already assume human form can likewise perfect their transformation through the Human-Morphing Feast, getting rid of some distinctive traits of their species that might stay behind. For example, after monster cats painstakingly practice until the Fifth Stage Realm and gain the ability to assume human form, they might unconsciously retain their cat ears and tail even after transforming, which would cause them a lot of inconvenience during their daily life. But they can get rid of these distinctive traits through the Human-Morphing Feast,” the husky explained things to Lady Onion as it entered into scholar-mode.

“I understand,” Lady Onion said with a nod. Let alone this Human-Morphing Feast, which was something Immortal Fairy Bie Xue had specially prepared and had special effects, even her normal dishes were enough to make the majority of the cultivators salivate.

Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu, who were still hiding, heaved a sigh of relief. “So that was how it was!”

But after a short moment, Guoguo waved his small fists, and said, “Sinful!”

“Ah?” Loli Shi was puzzled.

“Cat ears are righteous, removing them is sinful!” Guoguo lowered his voice, and said, “I feel I have to prevent them from doing something so stupid.”

“…” Zhu.

Shi said, “I feel that Zhu and I should be the ones preventing you from doing something stupid.”

In the sky, Song Shuhang held his chin, and said, “Actually, I don’t think there is really a need to remove cat ears or the cat tail. They look very cute.”

“But what if they are pig ears and a pig tail? Or again, alligator teeth or cow hooves?” Ye Si said with a smile. “It’s not like there are only cats in the monster race, there a lot of different species.”

Song Shuhang tried to imagine a girl with pig ears or cow hooves… sure enough, the resulting picture wasn’t that wonderful.

“You have a point,” Song Shuhang said with a nod.

In addition, there weren’t only girls in the monster race. If it was a man with cat ears, it would look somewhat strange.

Just as they were discussing, Lady Onion was already hoodwinked into entering the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family—Secret Base Number 250].

After Lady Onion got inside, that husky yawned and lazily lay down again.

Perhaps this husky wasn’t that active because it had become a monster and lived for a long time? However, it was easier to change the rivers and the mountains than change the nature of a person. A husky would remain a husky even after living for ten thousand years!

“From the looks of it, this place isn’t the target we were looking for,” Guoguo said in a low voice.

Shi said, “In that case, let’s leave and look for another place.”

Zhu said, “Senior Brother Guoguo, Senior Sister, I’m a little hungry.”

Shi said, “Now that Zhu mentions it, I’m also a little hungry.”

Guoguo touched his small belly. He, too, was hungry.

Zhu said, “I want to participate in that Human-Morphing Feast. It’s something Immortal Fairy Bie Xue prepared, and it’s definitely going to be delicious.”

Guoguo shook his head. “We aren’t monsters, and we aren’t part of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization, either. It’s impossible for us to go in there.”

Guoguo had never seen Lady Onion’s human form before. Therefore, he had no idea that the green-haired beauty that got in the building was Song Shuhang’s Lady Onion.

“In addition, that’s one of the headquarters of the monster race. If three human cultivators like us sneak in there and get discovered, the consequences will be unimaginable,” Guoguo also added.

Shi said, “It’s really a pity.”

Zhu said, “My belly is grumbling. Senior Brother Guoguo, let’s look for a place where we can eat, alright?”

“Let’s go eat something good. This time, we have Senior Brother Shuhang’s wallet, and there is over 10,000 RMB inside. This money will last for several days,” Guoguo said with a nod.

After saying this much, the three drooling children made up their mind and turned around, preparing to leave the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

“It’s really a shame. How good would it be if a senior acquainted with us was here and could bring us in there to join the Human-Morphing Feast…” Zhu fantasized.

“That’s not going to happen. We don’t know any senior from the monster race,” Loli Shi said with a serious expression.

After hearing these words, Guoguo pondered for a moment, and discovered that he knew a lot of seniors from the monster race!

As such, he joined his palms together and started to offer prayers with a devout expression on his face. “Senior White, Senior White, omnipotent Senior White~ If you can hear my prayers, please send over a senior of the monster race I’m acquainted with that can bring us inside to join the Human-Morphing Feast!”

“…” Shi.

Zhu said, “Senior Brother Guoguo, to which buddhist ancestors are you offering your prayers to? Which bodhisattva is this Senior White?”

Guoguo explained, “Senior White is a super incredible senior I’m acquainted with. I’ve offered him prayers several times, and my wish came true each time.”

If possible, he would have really liked to convert these two lolis, and tell them of all the benefits they could obtain after praying to Senior White.

Just as Guoguo was speaking, the sound of an impact was transmitted from behind along with the rumbling sound of the engine of a vehicle.

Then, there was also the sound of a horn echoing continually.

“Aaaaaah~ Kids, quickly move aside~ I can’t stop the vehicle! Oh no, I’m going to get in a car accident again!” The scream of a woman was also audible.


Guoguo and the two little lolis turned their heads around. In the next moment, they saw that an off-road vehicle of a brand they didn’t recognize had barged into the small alley the trio was hiding. At first glance, that vehicle seemed a specially made one, and gave off a feeling of overwhelming power! Protections to avoid collisions were mounted all around this off-road vehicle.

It was like those bumper cars used in amusement parks. However, it was the terroristic version of those bumper cars. It was the version used to take human lives, the ‘bumper car of death’!

Other than that, the speed of the vehicle didn’t make any sense.

It was so fast that even cultivators of the First Stage Realm like Guoguo and the two little lolis would have a hard time avoiding it.

At the critical moment, Guoguo clenched his teeth and stretched out his hand, pushing the two little lolis off the path of that off-road vehicle.

He was the one that had brought Shi and Zhu out of the Faraway Wandering Temple, and it was up to him to guarantee their safety. As such, it was better if only he got involved in the car accident!

A second after the two little lolis were pushed to one side, the vehicle brutally rolled over Guoguo’s body…

Ah~ Everyone, this is a farewell~

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