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Chapter 870: Who said that friendship was priceless?

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Everything he felt seemed very real… it was basically the same as his real body getting crushed. At this time, Song Shuhang felt as if he was lying in the streets with a truck weighing several tons rolling over him again and again.

“Painful, painful, painful, painful~ Senior White, you can forget about the question just now, abort, abort! I’m dying, I’m really dying! Quickly move this big cocoon aside, don’t crush me any longer… aaaah! I’m dying, I’m dying!” Song Shuhang called out.

The even sound of snoring echoed from within the big cocoon. Senior White Two was soundly sleeping… nevertheless, the strength he was using to crush Song Shuhang was getting bigger and bigger.

“Crack…” Song Shuhang felt that his chest had been really crushed to pieces.

In the next moment, everything before his consciousness went black.

Year 2019, Song Shuhang… died…

Cause of death… he got too curious and asked about Senior White Two’s private matters. As a result, Senior White Two became angry out of shame and used a big cocoon to crush him to death.

In the Jiangnan area, inside that multistoried building that Medicine Master had bought.

Song Shuhang lay in the bed, with Ye Si and the three children sitting next to him, waiting for him to wake up.

According to what Ye Si could see, Song Shuhang’s body was slowly recovering, and it wouldn’t take long before he regained consciousness.

But even after a while had passed, Song Shuhang was still unconscious.

Then, he suddenly started to call out while lying in bed, “Painful, painful, painful, painful~”

Ye Si got a scare. She quickly stretched out her hand and used a healing technique on Song Shuhang’s body.

“I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying~” Song Shuhang screamed in pain again. Afterward, he tilted his head, not moving anymore.

“…” After a short moment of silence, while not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Ye Si said, “Was he having a nightmare?”

Loli Shi stretched out her hand and poked Song Shuhang’s body. “Senior Brother Shuhang, Senior Brother Shuhang, quickly wake up.”

But Song Shuhang had no reaction whatsoever.

Loli Zhu likewise stretched out her hand and made an effort to shake Song Shuhang. “Senior Brother Shuhang, what happened to you? Don’t die!”

As before, Song Shuhang was still motionless.

Guoguo said, “Is Senior Brother Shuhang… dead?”

Loli Shi said, “Senior Brother Shuhang died?”

Loli Zhu said, “No! Senior Brother Shuhang, you can’t die! We’ve agreed that we would vanquish monsters and demons together!”

As before, Song Shuhang had his head tilted and wasn’t moving in the slightest.

“You guys don’t need to worry, alright? Shuhang is just… in a deep sleep. There is nothing wrong with him. His aura is very stable, and he was just having a nightmare and experiencing something scary just now,” Ye Si said, comforting the three children.

Just as they were discussing, Ye Si sensed that Song Shuhang’s consciousness had returned to his body.

However, Song Shuhang still didn’t wake up…

“Sigh… if Shuhang still doesn’t wake up, my ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯ might enter into action,” Ye Si muttered to herself.

She was going through a lot of trouble to keep up the dignified image of a senior sister in front of the three children.

During the past few days, she hadn’t had an opportunity to cry to her heart’s content. Whenever she felt like crying, she would hide in Song Shuhang’s body and cry secretly.

Ye Si said, “Alright, let’s leave first so that Senior Brother Shuhang can rest in peace. I think he’ll regain consciousness in a short while. Hmm… let’s head to the food stalls and buy the vegetables we need for the meal.”

As such, Ye Si left the room while carrying the three children along.

But right at this time, Guoguo patted his chest, and guaranteed, “Senior Sister Ye Si, you can stay behind and look after Senior Brother Shuhang. As for the vegetables, you can leave them to us!”

“Right, leave the vegetables to the three of us!” Loli Zhu likewise got up and patted her chest.

Ye Si blinked her eyes. “Hmm… in that case, Guoguo and Shi will go to buy the vegetables. Zhu and I will look after the house.”

After hearing these words, Loli Zhu immediately got anxious. “Senior Sister Ye Si, I also want to go there to buy vegetables. I want to go together with them!”

“There is no need… buying vegetables is just a small matter. Guoguo and Shi are more than enough to take care of it. Zhu, you stay behind. I can help you with your training a little,” Senior Sister Ye Si said with a smile.

In the end…

Senior Sister Ye Si forced Zhu to stay behind, while Guoguo and Shi took Song Shuhang’s wallet and headed to the Luo Xin street area to buy the vegetables.

The small monk and Shi headed to the food stalls together, chatting as they were marching forward.

Loli Shi said, “Zhu was forced to stay behind.”

“It’s really a shame, it was such a good opportunity!” The small monk sighed. “We were lucky that Senior Brother Shuhang suddenly fainted and Senior Sister Ye Si had to look after him… If the three of us had been together, we would have seized this opportunity to run away and look for some demons or monsters.”

Even more importantly, they had a lot of money with them this time. Song Shuhang’s wallet had a lot of cash inside. As such, the three of them wouldn’t have to worry about food and drink throughout the whole journey.

Loli Shi pondered for a moment, and then said, “Should we slow down our pace as we head towards the food stalls? Perhaps Zhu can find a way to escape in the meantime, and the three of us can secretly go to vanquish demons and monsters!”

The small monk nodded, and said, “It would be perfect if Zhu could find an opportunity to get out. If it really doesn’t work, we can only head back first and look for another opportunity to sneak out.”

The trio had run away from home together and had agreed to vanquish demons and monsters together. Therefore, they couldn’t leave Zhu behind.

As such… Ye Si’s decision to keep Zhu behind as a hostage had been very correct.

Soon after Guoguo and Shi left…

Song Shuhang’s consciousness had already come back at this time, but his body was still in an unconscious state.

Earlier in the world of the black lotus, when Senior White Two’s big cocoon crushed to pieces Song Shuhang’s consciousness, his consciousness didn’t really ‘die’, but instead left the world of the black lotus and returned to his body.

However, Shuhang’s body was still in a strange state at the moment, and he didn’t regain his senses.

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang made his consciousness sink inside that Inner World in his Heart Aperture once more.

After looking at the small island in his Inner World, Song Shuhang had a sudden idea. “It would be pretty nice if my physical body could get here. That way, I would have the possibility to take out Lady Onion and try to plant her here.”

Just as this thought flashed through his mind…

In the room, Song Shuhang’s body, which was lying on the bed, suddenly disappeared.

In the atmosphere.

A banknote riding a flying sword suddenly entered a stone fortress shrouded in light.

Yesterday, the banknote wasn’t loyal, and left the place in haste. But after pondering about it for a while, it felt that Skylark’s state back then hadn’t been too normal. Thereupon, it decided to go back today and take a look at her condition.

Just as it entered the fortress, the banknote felt a chill run down its nonexistent spine.

Although it was just a banknote, its body would become somewhat stiff as well as fragile if the temperature was too low.

“Hiss~ What’s happening? How come this place is so cold today?” the banknote muttered to itself.

Just as it was in deep thought, it saw a huge snow wolf squatting in the middle of the fortress.

This cold air was spreading from the body of that snow wolf. In addition, there was a coffin made of ice in front of this snow wolf, and Skylark was sealed inside the coffin.

After detecting the arrival of the banknote, the snow wolf turned its head around, gazing at the banknote with its cold eyes.

After seeing this scene, the banknote suddenly stopped.

Then, it got angry, and shouted, “Which evildoer dares to hurt my financial backer?”

Didn’t this monster snow wolf know that Uncle Banknote was relying on Skylark’s missions to make a living as of late? Skylark was its biggest source of income at the moment!

After saying this much, the banknote rode its flying sword and charged toward the snow wolf.

But just as it was sprinting forward, several ice-type formations engraved on the ground activated, stopping the banknote in its tracks.

The terrifying cold made it unable to move.

“Senior Skylark, is this banknote the one you mentioned earlier?” Cave Lord Snow Wolf said calmly.

“Yes, that’s the one. Although it’s somewhat unloyal, its natural disposition isn’t bad. In addition, as long as I give it money, it will do whatever I tell it to do. It’s very easy to use,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said.

“…” Uncle Banknote.

“Banknote, no need to get anxious. Cave Lord Snow Wolf is a friend of mine,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark added at this time.

The banknote said, “Who is easy to use? And here I was worried about you and especially came to visit you! Our friendship is over!”

“Will you forgive me if I give you a spirit stone of the Fifth Stage?” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said calmly.

“Deal,” the banknote said without the slightest hesitation.

“…” Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

Well, who said that friendship was priceless?

After forgiving Skylark, the banknote asked, “Skylark, why are you sealing yourself in this coffin made of ice?”

“Because my body was contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld. Come closer, and you’ll know. All my skin has become purple now, it looks very pretty,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said.

“…” Uncle Banknote.

Sure enough, when it left yesterday, Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark’s condition was indeed abnormal.

“Will you be alright?” the banknote asked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t die,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said with a smile. “The reason I decided to seal myself in ice is that I wanted to closely research the way the energy of the Netherworld fuses with the human body. This way, I can obtain even more information on this subject.”

“What have you discovered through your research?” the banknote asked again.

“Actually, my research just started~” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark continued. “However, I’ve still managed to discover something interesting. Along with the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm fusing with my body, I started to hear a voice calling me~ From the looks of it, someone wants to combine with me… and I don’t mean ‘combine’ in order to have a baby, it literally wants to merge with my body. Perhaps this is exactly the objective of that entity pulling the strings from the Netherworld Realm… maybe it’s looking for a suitable human being to merge with here in the main world?”

The banknote said, “F*ck, doesn’t that mean that you are in great danger right now?”

“No, as long as I reject the merging, it can’t do anything to me. In addition, my body is very special… even if it wants to merge with me, it won’t be easy,” Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark said in a soft voice.

The banknote said, “You are seeking death this way!”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf agreed with the banknote. Senior Skylark had been seeking death all along.

Actually, it wasn’t as simple as ‘seeking death’ anymore. From Cave Lord Snow Wolf’s viewpoint, Senior Skylark was simply throwing herself into the jaws of death!

Was this the reason she was this fond of Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber? After all, there was going to be a certain affinity between someone that liked to throw herself in the jaws of death and someone that liked to seek death all the time!

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