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Chapter 868: Guess what I just found? A big cocoon!

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“Dammit, I can’t go in the Netherworld Realm in this condition.” That cultivator wearing female clothes started to get anxious.

Therefore, he rode his golden scissors and stopped midair. Afterward, he took advantage of the fact that he was still in that passageway that led to the Netherworld Realm to crazily operate his magical treasure and return to the main world.

However, he had forgotten that something even scarier awaited him in the main world…

After all, that heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage could rain down at any moment.

What awaited him after hastily returning to the main world was none other than the heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage!

In the meantime, in midair, Song Shuhang had already dispersed the projection of that golden lotus that had come out of his chest.

Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu looked at his chest in admiration. They hadn’t expected the lotus flower that Senior Brother Shuhang could project out of his chest to be so powerful. It directly barged into that passageway that led to the Netherworld Realm and attacked that male cultivator wearing female clothes!

Then, just as Guoguo was thinking of asking him what kind of magical technique he had used to create that lotus flower… Song Shuhang suddenly fell to the ground.

“Senior Brother Shuhang!” Loli Shi and Loli Zhu called out in alarm.

Ye Si’s body slightly froze, but after a short moment, she gently smiled. After that, she stretched out her hand and turned Song Shuhang’s body over, letting him properly lay on the ground. “Don’t worry, nothing happened to Shuhang. He only ate too much… he will be fine in a short while.”

Ye Si was Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit, and she could tell that his current condition was pretty good. There was nothing wrong with him.

Just as they were discussing, inside that passage that connected the main world to the Netherworld Realm…

That cultivator wearing female clothes finally drilled out of the passage.

“Shiet, who ruined my plans in the end?! I’ll kill their entire family!” the cultivator angrily shouted.

But just as he came out of the passage, flames emerged from beneath his feet. Next, the flames transformed into lotus flowers that wrapped him up, burning his body from the outside to the inside. At the same time, golden flames started to burn in his Heart Aperture, burning his body from the inside to the outside.

These were the heart and fire tribulation subtypes of the heavenly tribulation.

Suffering the combined attack of two types of tribulations was surely something terrible!

As if that wasn’t enough, when that cultivator wearing female clothes lost the protection of the tattoo, the energy of the Netherworld Realm started to corrode his body. After the energy of the Netherworld Realm had invaded the body of a human being, it would make them feel somewhat weak even if it was immediately removed.

The fact that this cultivator wearing female clothes had to face two tribulations while in a weakened state was truly tragical!

“Bang~” His life-bound golden scissors shattered under the power of the heavenly tribulation.

“Aaaaah~” that cultivator wearing female clothes screamed in pain, returning inside that passage that led to the Netherworld Realm.

Ye Si stood on her golden book and calmly gazed as that cultivator wearing female clothes returned inside the passage.

After the remaining power of the heavenly tribulation dispersed, she stretched out her hand and used a magical technique, creating a barrier that shrouded the whole quadrangle building. After all, there was a crack that connected the main world to the Netherworld Realm there, and it would be troublesome if ordinary people casually fell into the crack.

The only problem was that it would be pretty exhausting to thoroughly seal the crack by relying on Ye Si’s strength of the Fifth Stage. It was better to ask another member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group for help and seal the crack together.

As such, Ye Si simply created a barrier first and brought Song Shuhang and the three children away.

At this time, the unconscious Song Shuhang had reached a chaotic world while still in a daze.

Did I enter the dreamland again? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However, the scene before his eyes was somewhat different from the dreamland. Just as he was in deep thought, he heard the sound of flowing water. Soon after, a ‘living spring’ appeared before his eyes.

“Oh, it seems my consciousness didn’t enter the dreamland, but the world inside the nucleus in my Heart Aperture,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Then, he moved next to the ‘living spring’ and sat there.

But why had he ended up in this world inside his Heart Aperture this time around?

Earlier, when he let the nucleus in his Heart Aperture absorb the energy of the Netherworld inside the body of that cultivator wearing female clothes, he suddenly fainted.

Was it possible that some kind of change was about to occur in this world within his nucleus?

Right at this time, the water in the living spring suddenly surged up.

The spring water gushed out and transformed into a sharp sword that cut toward the nearby chaotic space. The surrounding ‘chaos’ was slashed open, and a small space of twenty square meters was formed around the living spring.

From Song Shuhang’s point of view, it looked like a small island floating amidst a sea of chaos.

In the next moment, that spring water that had transformed into a sharp sword came down like rain, moistening the ground of this space of twenty square meters.

Within a short period, green grass covered that stretch of land, transforming those twenty square meters into grassland, with the small island getting filled with vitality.

Come out, portable world! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Sure enough, it was a reference to the main characters of a novel he had read a few years ago, ‘Portable Flow’, who could use cheats and carry around with them a stretch of land.

Would this world also have some special properties like the one in the novel? For example, could this place turn carrots into ten thousand years old ginseng after they were planted there? And would he be able to plant a girl and harvest a bunch of wives the next year?

No wait… nowadays, if you planted a girl, there was also a chance you might harvest a bunch of gay friends the next year!

As such, it was better not to plant any girl in there!

In that case… he could perhaps try to plant spirit plants?

He really had to give it a try. Who knew, perhaps he would become rich by relying on this portable land!

Still, did he even have any spirit plant with him that he could plant there?

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and suddenly thought of something… right, there was still Lady Onion!

Should he try to plan Lady Onion there?

The only problem was that he didn’t know if he could bring her to this world…

He should try it out later.

Just as his imagination was running wild, a tunnel appeared midair, appearing right in front of Song Shuhang.

Strange, why had a tunnel suddenly appeared in this world within the nucleus?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thought, a huge attraction was transmitted from within that tunnel, which sucked his consciousness inside.

That was bad!

Everything in front of Song Shuhang’s consciousness turned black—he had fainted again. Shuhang was also unsure about which words he should use to describe his current state.

His body in the real world had fainted, with his consciousness entering this world within the nucleus in his Heart Aperture.

Now, even his consciousness had fainted… What was the deal with this situation?


After an unknown amount of time, Song Shuhang’s consciousness returned while still leaving him somewhat dazed.

He opened his eyes and discovered that he was in a dark place.

This place wasn’t the world within the nucleus in his Heart Aperture… As such, was it possible that it was the world on the other side of the tunnel?

Song Shuhang checked his condition first. His size-reducing purse and magical treasures were still missing… as such, he was still in the form of consciousness.

“Hello~ is anyone here?” Song Shuhang shouted.

Inside that world, only the echo of his voice replied to him.

Judging from the echo, the world he was in seemed very spacious and big.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples… just where had his consciousness run to? Was it possible that he would be able to get out of here only after his body in the real world had returned to its senses…?

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang decided to stroll through this dark world. He wanted to find that passage again. If he could return to the world within his nucleus, it would be perfect.

The dark world was very big. Song Shuhang ran in a straight line for tens of minutes, but still couldn’t see the end.

After running for almost half an hour…

Song Shuhang stopped and gazed at the dark world surrounding him, sighing. Since he had no landmark to rely on, he had no idea how far he had come. Who knew, perhaps he had been just running in place?

“How good would it be if Senior White were here. He would only need to throw a branch on the ground and follow whatever direction the branch pointed in to find the exit,” Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

His voice had hardly faded when a light suddenly shone in a place 200 meters in front of him.

Song Shuhang narrowed his eyes and gazed at what seemed to be a big, white cocoon.

In addition, a very familiar aura was spreading out from the insides of that cocoon.

“This aura… isn’t this Senior White’s aura?” Song Shuhang said in a soft voice.

But why would Senior White suddenly appear in this dark world? Didn’t he say that he was going to look for a furnace and forge a treasure?

Or perhaps everything here is just a figment of my imagination? Did this illusion of Senior White appear because I thought about him a moment ago?

While in deep thought, Song Shuhang slowly approached that big and white cocoon.

Whether this was the real Senior White or just an illusion, he was sure that it was the turning point to break through this impasse.

When he got closer to that cocoon…

He discovered that it was the cocoon that one would spin after taking the demodragon medicine.

Nevertheless, Venerable White didn’t have any more of that demodragon medicine with him… no, wait a moment! Venerable White had carefully stored his cocoon away, cutting only a small hole in it while coming out.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and gently touched the big cocoon. Although he was in the form of consciousness, he was still able to touch the white cocoon.

“Snore, snore~” A light sound of snoring was transmitted from the big white cocoon.

Song Shuhang circled around the white cocoon.

However, he was unable to find the hole that Venerable White had cut in it when he came out the last time.

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang knocked on the cocoon.

“Hmm~ snore~” Inside the cocoon, Senior White seemingly turned his body around, still in a deep sleep.

“Senior White, it’s time to get up and have breakfast.” Song Shuhang tried to lure him out.

“Hmm~ snore, snore~”

“Senior White, we are in a bad situation. The world is about to end!” Song Shuhang tried to lure him out again.

“Hmm, hmm~”

“Senior White, when your— forget it, better not to talk about that.” After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang squatted down and stretched out his hands, picking up the big cocoon.

Then, he started to violently shake the cocoon.

“Senior White, quickly get up!”

Shake it, shake it~

“Hmm, hmm~ snore, snore~” When Song Shuhang shook the cocoon, Senior White slept even more soundly.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This reaction was somewhat different from Venerable White’s reaction back then.

Song Shuhang held his chin and fell into deep thought.

If it wasn’t an illusion… and this wasn’t Senior White…there was only one possibility.

This person could only be that man that had the same face, elegance, and aura as Venerable White… Senior White Two!

Is it possible that I’m the Netherworld Realm? Song Shuhang thought to himself

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