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Chapter 864: The world of the black lotus changing sides

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

After my strength increases some more, allowing me to twist a steel pipe and turn it into a fried dough twist, I will look for that guy again and take my revenge! the blackmailer thought to himself.

Fortune and misfortune came in cycles, and with that magical ring in his hand, he would keep becoming stronger and stronger. As such, he would surely have the strength to trample that kid underneath his feet the next time they met!

At this time, on one of the roofs adjacent to the small alley, a figure revealed a satisfied smile on its face after seeing that the blackmailer had put the ring on. That illusory voice from before belonged to this person.

After a short moment, the figure jumped and floated toward a distant place, not bothering any longer with that blackmailer. Once the target had put the ring on, this person didn’t have to do anything else. The evil energy of the Netherworld Realm and that wicked voice echoing in one’s ears would guide and transform the target until they had assumed an acceptable form.

At this time, this person had an even more important task to complete… and the task consisted in making even more people accept the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm and turning them into the ‘kings of this world’.

After that figure left, another figure appeared in a not too distant place in the rear.

This new figure that had just appeared was Senior Sister Ye Si. At this time, she was holding a video camera in her hand, and she had successfully recorded all the things that had taken place earlier. At the same time, she had relayed everything she had seen to Song Shuhang through their mental connection.

After relaying to Song Shuhang all the information she had gathered, she also added, “I can tell for sure that this person that threw the bait isn’t a demon of the Netherworld Realm, but a human cultivator. This means that the entity behind all this has already contacted some human cultivators, starting to collaborate with them.”

“I didn’t expect that we would get this unexpected harvest after coming out to buy some vegetables.” After Song Shuhang got to know about the situation through his mental connection with Senior Sister Ye Si, he sighed inwardly. If human cultivators had started to collaborate with the Netherworld Realm, it was quite a headache.

But right at this time, Senior Sister Ye Si said, “The strength of the opposite party was that of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm. However, they were slightly weaker than me. Therefore, I was able to quietly leave a mark on their body. The other party isn’t far from the Jiangnan area at the moment, and they are probably strolling around in the hope of finding another target. Perhaps that piece of information that the young monster hunter and Guoguo’s group received, the one about some evil aura gathering in the Jiangnan area, is related to this person…”

“Right, what’s the current condition of that blackmailer?” Song Shuhang asked.

“He already started to accept the corrupt energy of the Netherworld Realm. The strength of his body is continuously increasing, but he still retained his reason for now. But if things continue like this, it won’t take long before he becomes like that middle-aged we met some time ago or that other big fellow that True Monarch Yellow Mountain captured,” Senior Sister Ye Si replied.

“Is it possible to take off that ring without injuring him?” Song Shuhang asked. But after saying this much, he quickly added, “Actually, just wait for me to come over. Since the nucleus in my Heart Aperture has the power to suppress the energy of the Netherworld Realm, it’s better if I personally make a move.”

Just now, he suddenly recalled the content of that conversation that took place in the Nine Provinces Number One Group earlier. Senior Skylark from the Xuan Nu Sect got infected while researching the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm injected into that demonic mouse. If Senior Sister Ye Si got infected as well, things might get complicated.

“Alright, I will wait for you here. At this time, the blackmailer is helping his companions up, and he made them board a nearby van where they can rest,” Ye Si replied.

“I will immediately come over,” Song Shuhang said.

While proceeding to the Luo Xin street area…

Song Shuhang suddenly suggested to make a U-turn and go look for those ruffians again.

“Eh? Why are we going back? Is it possible that Senior Brother Shuhang didn’t release all his pent-up anger and wants to beat up those guys again?” Guoguo asked out of curiosity.

“No, it’s just that something unexpected happened,” Song Shuhang said.

“But weren’t we going to buy vegetables?” Loli Shi asked.

“We will buy them in a while, no need to be impatient,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. It was a pity that his scouting puppet was destroyed in the Jade Lake Realm.

Otherwise, he would have used the scouting puppet to bring Guoguo and the others to buy vegetables.

But right at this time, Loli Zhu’s eyes suddenly lit up as she said, “Senior Brother Shuhang, why don’t you give us some money? Guoguo, my senior sister, and I can go to buy those vegetables by ourselves and help you share the load.”

Song Shuhang rubbed the head of the little girl, and said, “If you plan to use this opportunity to run away, you might as well give up. In addition, it’s better if you just follow me… Although it’s not a matter related to vanquishing demons and monsters, what we are going to do next is related to the evil influences of the Netherworld Realm. You won’t be disappointed.”

Just in this fashion, the three disobedient children were easily enthralled by Song Shuhang’s words and brought back.

At this time, in small the alley.

The blackmailer moved with much difficulty all his companions into that van parked on the roadside on the other side of the alley. Although his body had gotten stronger, moving all his buddies into the van had taken its toll. Therefore, he was panting a little.

After moving all his companions into the van, he sat in the driver seat and prepared to drive away from that place.

But right at this time, a figure approached from far, quickly pouncing toward his van and finally tripping in front of it.

“Shiet, is this someone staging an accident and trying to blackmail me?” The blackmailer was startled. F*ck, does that guy have no eyes? Trying to blackmail me?

You’d better be careful. Otherwise, my brothers will get down the vehicle and beat you up until you can’t even get out of bed…

Wait a moment… my brothers can’t get out of bed, either.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I now have this magical item with me, and I can even bend a steel pipe! Who dares to blackmail this blackmailer? I will beat them up so badly that they won’t get out of bed for a while!

After thinking up to this point, the blackmailer rubbed his fists and opened his eyes wide, trying to get a clear look at the man in front of the van.

In the next moment… he saw that very same youngster that had twisted his steel pipe until turning into a fried dough twist not too long ago. Of course, he was immediately alarmed.

Although he was now someone that could bend a steel pipe, he didn’t really stand a chance against this other guy that could directly turn it into a fried dough twist!

Why has this guy returned here? Is it possible that he wasn’t satisfied after the beating he gave me and decided to beat me up again?

Dammit. I’m still someone that managed to obtain a magical item, is this guy treating me as a punching bag or something?

I will definitely repay this enmity twofold in the future!

Just as he was thinking all this, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and opened the door of the van, grabbing the blackmailer and dragging him out.

“We meet again,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

The blackmailer was speechless.

“Don’t worry. This time, I don’t have any bad intentions. On the contrary, I’m here to save you,” Song Shuhang said.

The blackmailer shouted, “Stop talking rubbish!”

“Ahaha, it’s up to you to believe me or not.” Song Shuhang placed him on the ground and stretched out his hand, holding his arm in place. Then, he used his other hand to grab the ring on his finger.

Has this guy come here for my magical item? The blackmailer was startled.

Then, he also thought about the scene from before, when Song Shuhang twisted a steel pipe until turning it into a fried dough twist… Is it possible that this guy also received a magical item? And the reason he came here is to snatch my own magical treasure and become even stronger?

After thinking up to this point, the blackmailer started to struggle. “No, I won’t let you steal my ring!”

Still, he was only slightly stronger than an ordinary person at the moment. As such, how could he hope to break free of Song Shuhang’s grip? No matter how he struggled, it was all useless.

Song Shuhang pinched that ring made of black crystal between his fingers, trying to take it off. However, that ring seemed to be glued to the finger of the blackmailer, and it simply didn’t want to come off.

At the same time, the blackmailer that sent out a pitiful yell. “Stop, my finger is breaking!”

“As expected, you can’t take this thing off so easily.” Song Shuhang sighed. In the end, it was something that originated from the Netherworld Realm, and it was completely different from an ordinary ring.

“If it really doesn’t work, we can perhaps try to cut off his finger,” Senior Sister Ye Si suggested after suddenly appearing beside Song Shuhang.

At the same time, she gently flicked her finger, activating the barrier she arranged just now. With this barrier in place, even if ordinary people were to pass by, they wouldn’t be able to see or hear what was happening inside the barrier.

Next, Senior Sister Ye Si raised her finger again and aimed toward the van with the companions of the blackmailer inside, casting a spell on them and making them faint.

After seeing this scene, the blackmailer was even more terrified.

“No need. The reason I wanted to take this ring was to give it to the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group so that they could research it and come up with a way to deal with this phenomenon. But since we are unable to take it off, it’s better if we destroy it directly. Ye Si, I will also have to trouble you to take care of the memories of this fellow later,” Song Shuhang said. Afterward, he gave the nucleus in his Heart Aperture the permission to come out and have its fill.

“Sure, no problem. You can leave the task of erasing his memories to me,” Senior Sister Ye Si replied.

In the next moment, the picture of a lotus flower was projected out of Song Shuhang’s chest. Next, the roots of the lotus flower plunged into the body of the blackmailer, absorbing all the energy of the Netherworld Realm within.

Then, an even larger number of roots pricked that ring made of black crystal, directly extracting all the evil energy inside.

Around two breaths later…


That ring made of black crystal shattered.

“Done,” Song Shuhang said.

The condition of this blackmailer was different from that of the middle-aged man or that other big fellow, who had been severely contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm. The blackmailer was possessed not too long ago, and he returned to normal after Song Shuhang cleaned up the evil energy inside his body.

After feeling weak for a few days, he should recover.

In the Netherworld Realm.

The metallic ball was currently lying in a chair made of stone, meditating.

But then, it suddenly opened its eyes.

“It happened again. This time, I was able to sense it even more clearly. The energy I had secretly smuggled into the main world through human beings was swallowed down.” The metallic ball spun above that chair made of stone.

In the main world, even a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender would have a hard time swallowing its energy. But in just a few days, the energy it had smuggled into the main world with much difficulty was swallowed twice…

Who was it?

Was it White’s doing?

No, impossible. White had been sealed in the world of the black lotus and could forget about coming out of there for the next hundred years.

But just as this thought flashed through the mind of the metallic ball, its body stiffened.

Because the mark of ownership it had left in the world of the black lotus had disappeared…

“WHITE!!” The metallic ball started jumping up above the chair.

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