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Chapter 863: Do you want power?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“Senior Brother Shuhang, is that an enemy of yours?” Guoguo asked out of curiosity.

“Not really, just someone that had a beef with me in the past,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“Does that mean that they are going to kill Senior Brother Shuhang?” Loli Zhu asked out of curiosity.

“How can that be! At most, they will beat me up a little. Cough, were you hoping that those guys would beat me until I was severely injured so that you lot could run away and do whatever you wanted?” Song Shuhang asked.

Guoguo said, “Of course not! We only wondered whether or not we should give Senior Brother Shuhang a hand to solve this predicament! Senior Brother, you shouldn’t project your own bad thoughts onto good-hearted people like us.”

But right at this time, the blackmailer glared at the three disobedient children, and said, “Shut up. You three children had better not make any noise.”

Then, he stared at Song Shuhang again, and said, “Since we are men, let’s be direct with each other. Which one of your hands do you want me to break? In addition, tell those three children to move to one side. I never injure children.”

The blackmailer actually had a bottom line as well.

“Alright, I also agree that it’s better not to let the children see violent scenes. You three wait for me here,” Song Shuhang said to Guoguo and the others.

After saying this much, Song Shuhang headed to another, even smaller, alley alongside the blackmailer and those other fierce-looking men.

A tragedy was about to unfold in there.

Guoguo said, “Is Senior Brother Shuhang going to kill them?”

Shi said, “I’m sure he’s not. After all, they are just a bunch of ordinary people, and he will likely just teach them a lesson, right?”

Zhu said, “I’m so envious. Why didn’t anyone come to us looking for trouble as they did with Senior Brother Shuhang just now? I have never been surrounded and threatened by other people.”

After hearing these words, Guoguo’s eyes immediately lit up. Only God knew what sudden idea had popped up in his small head.

In the adjacent alley.

The current Song Shuhang didn’t have much interest in fighting against these ruffians. After all, he was already a cultivator of the Third Stage, and fighting against these ordinary people wouldn’t benefit him in any way; it was going to boring and pointless.

Of course, since the opposite party was simply shooting themselves in the foot, one couldn’t really blame Song Shuhang for what he was going to do.

“Kid, have you decided which one of your hands you want to give up? The right one or the left one?” the blackmailer said while patting the steel pipe in his hands. As for the other men, they surrounded Song Shuhang.

“Hmm… regardless of left and right, both are very useful. As such, I don’t really want to give up on any of them.” Soon after, Song Shuhang put on a serious expression, and said, “Anyway, let me give you a piece of advice. I’ve been training very hard lately, and I can easily fight up to a hundred people like you all by myself.” Song Shuhang was already modest with these numbers.

“Arrogant bastard!” the blackmailer said angrily.

Afterward, he brandished the steel pipe in his hands and attacked Song Shuhang.

When ruffians were fighting, aside from their experience on the battlefield, the most important thing was the momentum.

Their objective was to overpower the enemy with their momentum and knock them down with one single attack.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and made a gentle grabbing motion, easily snatching the steel pipe of the blackmailer. Then, he slightly moved his body to one side and stretched out his leg, making the blackmailer trip to the ground.

Song Shuhang faintly smiled and held the steel pipe in his hands, putting some strength into his arms. He wanted to show these ruffians how to twist a steel pipe bare-handed and turn it into a fried dough twist!

After seeing the scene, the blackmailer opened his eyes wide. After all, he had personally brought that steel pipe here, and he knew that the steel pipe was the real thing. Its hardness was nothing to sneeze at.

And yet, this young man had actually twisted the steel pipe with his bare hands, turning it into a fried dough twist! Even if he were to fap for a hundred years, he wouldn’t be able to reach this arm strength!

“I’ll remind you again. I’ve been training hard lately.” After twisting the steel pipe, Song Shuhang casually threw it to one side. Then, he wondered if he should go easy on them or put some strength into it while making his next move…

But while he was in deep thought, Song Shuhang’s body suddenly froze.

Afterward, he didn’t waste time and dashed forward, just like a tiger running into a flock of sheep. After a few punches and kicks, the blackmailer and his friends were lying on the ground, howling in pain.

After he finished beating those guys up, Song Shuhang turned around and left the small alley, bringing the three disobedient children to the Luo Xin street area.

The blackmailer and his companions lay on the ground, continually calling out in pain.

Song Shuhang had controlled his strength. He made them feel a lot of pain, but none of them was severely injured. They wouldn’t be able to get up from the bed for a few days, but no internal injuries would be left in their bodies.

“Dammit,” the blackmailer said as he clenched his teeth, rolling on the ground in pain.

This time, they had really decided to bang their head against a rock. The opposite party was a real martial arts expert, and it would be no problem for them to take down a hundred people like them.

However, his heart was still full of hate and frustration.

Three months ago, that young man stole all the money he had, forcing him to suffer from cold and hunger for quite some time. Then, when he finally managed to find the opposite party and was about to take revenge, he was utterly destroyed.

“If only I were stronger and had the power to strike down that guy…” This thought flashed through his mind.

But right at this time, an illusory voice echoed in the ears of the blackmailer. “Do you yearn for power?”

This illusory sound was indistinct, both close and distant, both masculine and feminine, both young and old. It was a very strange sound that carried a strange, bewitching power. After hearing it, one’s heart couldn’t help but move.

The blackmailer was still trying to think about the meaning of those words when he unconsciously blurted out, “No, thanks… I yearn for boobs!” Nowadays, youngsters had been heavily influenced (sometimes, in a bad way) by the various memes circulating on the Internet.

At times, the content of these memes would become part of the daily lives of these youngsters. As such, after hearing the sentence ‘Do you yearn for power?’, the blackmailer instinctively replied with ‘No, I yearn for boobs!’, which was the second part of this Chinese meme.

The illusory voice paused for a moment.

At this time, it was really thinking of turning around and walking away, not paying any more attention to this idiot that could only think about boobs.

Luckily, it managed to control its anger and didn’t give up.

After a short moment, the illusory voice whispered in the ear of the blackmailer again, “Do you yearn for power? Do you want to become the protagonist of this world? Do you want to take revenge on your enemies? Do you wish to trample your enemies beneath your feet, ruthlessly beating them up?”

This time, the illusory voice said all the enticing words in its arsenal in one breath so as to avoid this idiot giving another reply that would make it puke a mouthful of blood.

Become the protagonist of his world? This line struck the heart of the blackmailer.

However, he was still somewhat confused.

“Power? Can this power allow me to twist a steel pipe with my bare hands, turning it into a fried dough twist?” the blackmailer asked. After getting inspired by Song Shuhang’s achievement from before, he believed that twisting a steel pipe like that was a synonym of power!

“Of course, and it doesn’t stop at that.” The illusory voice kept enticing him. At the same time, it calmed down a little; this idiot had finally taken the bait.

The blackmailer asked again, “Can this power let me defeat that guy that beat me up just now?”

“As long as you can get this power, you can defeat ten of him with one hand.” The illusory voice kept enticing him.

The eyes of the blackmailer immediately lit up. But after pondering for a moment, he also asked, “Such being the case, what kind of price do I have to pay to obtain this power? Do I need to save the world or something?”

The illusory voice paused again.

“You don’t need to pay any price. It’s fine as long as you can retrieve a treasure for me someday in the future,” the illusory voice replied.

The blackmailer pondered for a moment, and said, “How can I believe you? And how do you want me to give this power?”

“Lower your head and look. What do you see?” the illusory voice continued.

The blackmailer followed the instructions and lowered his head, looking in front of him.

Soon after, he saw something akin to a black dot appearing midair. The black dot absorbed the energy of heaven and earth, and countless black particles of light gathered around it.

It was the same as a mass of fine sand slowly piling up. In the end, those black dots condensed and formed a finger ring, which seemed made of black crystal.

The blackmailer opened his eyes wide. What was happening was definitely something outside the capabilities of a human!

Was it possible that he was really going to become like those protagonists in novels?

“Tell me, what do you see?” the illusory voice continued.

“I see a… finger ring,” the blackmailer replied.

“Very well. As expected, you possess the aptitude of a king. Only someone with this aptitude can see that item. Now, stretch out your hand and grab that ring, wear it on your finger. After you do so, you’ll become the king of this world!” the illusory voice continued enticing him.

“I’ll become the king of the world after wearing it?” The blackmailer stretched out his hand and grabbed the ring, saying, “This plot sounds somewhat familiar. You won’t start controlling my mind after I wear this ring, right…?”

“No, I won’t,” the illusory voice replied.

“In that case, can you tell me if I will obtain the ability to make a suit of armor appear over my body after I wear this ring?” the blackmailer asked another question.

This time, the illusory voice didn’t reply.

It really couldn’t be helped… from the looks of it, there was a huge generational gap between it and the youngsters of this world. It would probably have to collect all the knowledge pertaining to young people as soon as possible.

The blackmailer furrowed his brows and waited for a while. After seeing that the illusory voice wasn’t planning to reply, he had no choice but to cautiously put that crystal ring on his finger.

He didn’t really care about becoming the protagonist or the king of this world…

As long as he could get enough power to defeat that guy, it would be fine.

In the worst case, he would seal the ring somewhere after giving that guy a good lesson, or use the same method that was used in that movie from several years ago, ❮The Lord of the Rings❯, and destroy it.

As soon as the blackmailer wore the ring on his finger, he felt a surge of power gush out of the ring and pour into his body.

All the pain he felt after Song Shuhang gave him that beating instantly disappeared.

Not only did the pain disappear, but his thin constitution also strengthened quite a bit, with the outline of his muscles becoming visible.

Endless power surged in his body.

It was a marvelous feeling. At this time, he felt as if he alone could easily deal with ten copies of his previous self.

In the surrounding area, when his groaning buddies—who were still lying on the ground and rolling—saw that their blackmailer friend had suddenly got up, they were all dumbfounded.

“Ahahaha.” The blackmailer weirdly laughed. Afterward, he squatted down and picked up the steel pipe that one of his buddies had brought along.

“Aaah!” The blackmailer used all his strength and tried to twist the steel pipe.

But unfortunately for him, the steel pipe wasn’t twisted until it turned into a fried dough twist… it was only bent to some degree.

However, the blackmailer didn’t lose hope, because he could feel that his body was becoming stronger and stronger as time passed by!

As long as he was given some time, it wouldn’t be a problem to easily twist a steel pipe into various shapes!

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