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Chapter 1572 - Great Sage Qitian


The flickering light from the golden cudgel vanished.


"Do you want to activate a hundred layers of energy?"

"Yes sir!"

Without the slightest hesitation!


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for activating the hundred layers of energy of the main artifact. He has obtained the 'Great Sage Tactics of the Heavens' transformation!"


"System Notification: Three minutes for Great Sage Tidemark's transformation!"

The system beep descended.

In that instant, Long Fei's body suddenly changed.


Long Fei was startled, "Become a sun wukong?"

"So fierce?"

In the past, he only obtained the power of monkeys of all realms. That power was just one of the sun wukong, but … Directly transforming was different.

It was equivalent to possessing all of his strength!

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Long Fei instantly turned into a sun wukong, his purple gold equipment sparkling, and the golden cudgel in his hands became as agile as a fish entering water.

The most important thing was power!


Great Sage Tactics of the Heavens, seventy-two changes.

Moreover, what he possessed was not divine strength, but Saint Force!

To a certain extent, Saint Force was stronger than the God Power.

"What is this?"

"How did it become like this?"

"Boss?" Aren't you being too cool? "

"Become a monkey?"

"How could it be?"

Completely stupefied!

Even the Eight King Kong was the same. They were a little dazed, they had always known that Long Fei possessed all kinds of special powers.

It was the first time they had seen it.

Li Yuanba's face was full of excitement as he said: "Mighty, too mighty! Boss, you're too cool!"

"Hahaha …"

The Fatmen Chen was grinning from ear to ear, "This looks really cool."

"That's awesome!"


All of the's disciples were flabbergasted. Watching Long Fei turn into Sun Monkey with their mouths agape, they were all shocked.

The sun wukong's appearance was naturally extremely handsome.

Years of dreams!

The first time Long Fei read Journey to the West, he had been fantasizing about when he could become the sun wukong. At that time, he definitely wouldn't go to the Western Sky to gather knowledge.

Entering the Immortality Peach Garden definitely wouldn't just be picking peaches, but ignoring the Seven Fairies.

She would definitely go to the Moon Palace to chat with Chang'e about the ideal of life.

… ….

In short, if he was a sun wukong, he would definitely become the king of the Three Realms and be a force pulled by the wind and lightning!

This isn't the world in Journey to the West.

However …

Since he had turned into the sun wukong, then he must turn the world upside down. Otherwise, he would feel bad for himself and even more so for his dream of being a child.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

A few elders laughed and said, "Long Fei, what power is this? To become a monkey, didn't they say that you are a descendant of the dragon race? "

"So you are the descendant of a monkey and an animal?"

"Hahaha... I'm dying of laughter! "

The Great Elder, who was stepped on the ground by Long Fei, let out a loud shout as well, "What did you say you turned into?! You just had to turn into an animal, hahaha …"

Long Fei grinned and said: "You like to laugh, right?"

"Then let's see if you can still continue laughing!"

"Eat a blow from I, Old Sun!"

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Long Fei instantly retracted his body, held the golden cudgel tightly in his hands and smashed it towards the Great Clan Elder's head.

At this moment.

The Great Clan Elder seized this fleeting chance and shouted, "You want to kill me? "You are not qualified..."

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He released all his power and instantly dashed out. He had been accumulating his energy to find this chance, as long as he escaped, the eight of them would be able to join hands and instantly kill Long Fei.

"You want to leave?"

"You're thinking too much, aren't you?" Long Fei sneered.


If he wanted to leave, the Grand Elder was overthinking it.

Long Fei did not hit her with the staff, but his figure disappeared in an instant.

Because the Great Elder was able to escape to the heavens by dodging this move, he was very excited. "Just you wait, you're going to die soon!"


He wasn't done yet. A person stood in front of him, or to be more accurate, a monkey. It looked at him with a smile, "Where do you want to go?"

Without waiting for the Great Elder to speak, he swung his staff out.


"With a loud explosion, space distorted."

The golden light hit the grand elder's chest and scattered in all directions.

Spiritual Warriors was instantly blown out of his body, as if his soul had been beaten out of his body.

"Pfft …"

Blood spurted out!

His body flew out like a remnant thread.


"Spiritual Warriors of a two star divine spark?"

"Mocking me?"

"Is the Nine Secret Warrior Family that amazing?"

"Now, does it feel good to ask you?" The voice resounded in the air, and Long Fei's figure could not even be seen. The Great Clan Elder had not even landed on the ground, when Long Fei swung his staff again.


The Great Elder's body once again scattered the golden light.


"Save, save, save me!" The grand elder did not have any leeway to retaliate. He could not even control his own body as he was sent flying.

The energy released by the golden cudgel was too strong.

The blend fo godhead's Divine level powerhouse was completely trash in front of its power.

The seven of them watched in a daze.

His brain could not react at all. Wasn't this monkey's strength too terrifying?

Hearing the Great Elder's cry for help, the seven of them came to their senses.


"Long Fei, attack!"

"Boom, boom!"

The seven of them instantly charged forward. The seven of them were Spiritual Warriors s who had fused with two star divine sparks, so blocking them would be like blocking the seven layers of an iron wall.


In this instant.


The seven of them stood together and tried to block Long Fei's path, but before they could even stabilize themselves, they were instantly knocked down by Long Fei.

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"Call me again!"

The Great Clan Elder was sent flying once again. The golden light surrounding his body was no longer as intense as the previous few times, and all of the power in his body had been scattered by Long Fei.

"Pfft …"

The Great Clan Elder spat out another mouthful of blood, staring at the speed that Long Fei could no longer move at, he roared out, "Long Fei, you dare to kill me?"

"The Nine Secret Warrior Family will kill all eighteen generations of your ancestors."

"You dare …"

Before he finished speaking, Long Fei's sinister expression appeared in front of the Great Clan Elder, and he said with a cold smile: "Rest assured, I will definitely exterminate all eighty generations of your ancestors."


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

This time, the golden cudgel smashed down onto the Great Clan Elder's head.

His head was splitting open.

The Great Elder was nailed to the ground like a nail, bleeding from his seven orifices. The amount of blood on his head instantly decreased as a system notification sounded out!

Long Fei didn't care.

Instead, he turned around slightly to look at the remaining seven people, smiled, and said, "First kill, there are still seven more that can transcend the gods!"


"Now... It's your turn! "

"I'll play a little trick on you all!"

The sun wukong's idea moved, releasing a Holy Source, and shouted, "Body Securing Technique!"

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