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"Give me a quick death. If you were a cultivator of our Skysword Sect, you might have done the same thing back then." Moreover, the one leading them at that time was not me, but my senior brother Cao Yi. Liu He could not stop begging, begging for death.

Wei Suo stood there quietly, looking at the seventh crack in the sky that was filled with bloody light.

No one knew what came to his mind in this short period of time.

After a long time, Wei Suo's eyes moved. He channeled his true essence, as if he wanted to directly throw Liu He into the crack in the ground.

"How dare you attack the heart with such impoliteness …" The evil aura assaulted his heart … You definitely won't be able to overcome the Celestial Tribulation. "

The little girl had been silent all this time and looked on expectantly, as if she wanted to see Wei Suo fall into a boundless rage and use countless methods to torture Liu Yi. Seeing that Wei Suo seemed to want to directly kill Liu He, the little girl had an extremely disappointed look and muttered this sentence. At the same time, he immediately ran towards Wei Suo and shouted, "Liar, wait!"

"What are you going to do now?" He turned and looked at the little girl.

"What the hell." The little girl with the horn on her head was dumbstruck. Right now, Wei Suo's face was expressionless, and his aura had returned to being serene. He gave off a feeling as if his entire body had been washed away by the rain, as if he had been reborn. On the contrary, it seemed that his Soul Depth had increased by quite a lot.

"What the hell!"

Following which, the little girl with a horn on her head became even more dumbstruck, and she almost bit her tongue.

Just now, she had clearly overheard the conversation between Wei Suo and Liu Fujiu, and knew that Wei Suo had come here to avenge the deaths of his parents.

But at this moment, after Wei Suo had asked her this question, a smile appeared on his face as he faced the crack in the ground in front of him.

"Little Suo …" When you see this, we should be gone. You'll have to rely on yourself in the future …. Actually, we don't have much hope. We just hope that you can live a good life and have a happy life … If one day you can come to us and smile... We'll be happy to see you, too. "

Wei Suo's current state of mind was truly calm. The last words from the Purple Profound Scripture surfaced in his mind.

If they could see themselves now... Then they would feel at ease as well … They wanted to see themselves laughing. They didn't want to see themselves as incomparably violent and crazy.

No one knew what Wei Suo was thinking at the moment. He himself didn't know that as he broke free from the boundless violence, he was also like a gem that had been polished again and again, causing the aura around him to be even more different than before.

"Could he really be …?" The eyes of the little girl with a horn on her head flashed with a golden light as her expression became even more bewildered.

"What are you trying to do?" Wei Suo looked at the little girl with a strange expression and asked again.

"I want to ask you about the underground relic, I seem to remember something else." The little girl composed herself and said.

"What do you want to ask?" Wei Suo wasn't impatient, he looked at the little girl and asked.

"What's the appearance of the outer perimeter of that underground relic?" The little girl's eyes sparkled as she asked.

Liu He was afraid that Wei Suo would change his mind and torture him when the time came, so he immediately replied, "I only know that the outer barrier of the underground relic seems to be circular and has a black luster. Royal Elder Huangpu once said that even if several Divine Profound experts joined hands, they would not be able to break through it. I do not know about anything else. "

"Oh?" "The little girl ground her teeth and looked to be deep in thought." Alright, you can kill him now. " Then, the little girl said this to Wei Suo.


Wei Suo didn't waste any time on words. He immediately clawed Liu He to death with his Black Demon Claw, and then stored him back into the bangle.

"Weren't you going to throw him in and kill him? Why did you put him away again?" When the little girl saw Wei Suo's actions, she was stunned for a moment.

"I've changed my mind."

"Bad guy!"

Wei Suo's light words made the little girl's teeth itch with hatred.

"Why are you still following me?" After killing Liu He, Wei Suo took a deep look at the seventh fissure, and then flew in the direction where the other prospectors gathered. However, the little girl followed him, so he had no choice but to stop.

"Just now you were asking about that relic and you didn't want to go in and take a look?" The little girl looked at Wei Suo and said.

"I don't want to." Wei Suo didn't even say a single word, directly spitting out a word. The Magic Veins were extremely dangerous, even the entire force of the Skysword Sect was at a loss. He did not think that he would be able to gain anything from it. Plus, this little girl didn't seem to have any experience as a businessman, so her way of speaking looked like she was a small businessman.

"You! Don't you know how to be polite! " The little girl was so angry that she almost jumped up again, but when she saw that Wei Suo had turned around and was about to leave, she held herself back.

"The Heavenly Sword Sect's Yin Sword pattern cannot be resolved. It can only wait for a few years before it naturally disappears. If you return to the Profound Sky Continent, the Heavenly Sword Sect will very likely track you down. Since the Heavenly Sword Sect has lost so many Aurous Core stage cultivators here, they will definitely vent their anger on you. I believe that your best option is to travel across the Wilderness to the Cloud Spirit Continent. "I can escort you all on your journey. I can guarantee that no Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator will follow us." Wei Suo no longer paid any attention to the little girl and rushed to the front of a group of almost a thousand Pulse Searching Mining Cultivators and said to them.

Earlier, Wei Suo had already heard from the cultivator surnamed Chen that once the Heavenly Sword Yin imprint was activated, even the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Sect would not be able to remove it. Furthermore, the collapse of the sky above the Profound Sky Continent was imminent, so in Wei Suo's view, the best choice for these cultivators was naturally to flee to the Cloud Spirit Continent.

"Thank you, senior!" When these cultivators heard Wei Suo say this, they immediately bowed and thanked him.

"Bad guy... Are you trying to win her heart? " The little girl chased after him, her spirit lingering around her body.

"Whatever you say." "Wei Suo only felt that the more he cared about this extremely weird little girl, the more excited she would get, and now that he paid her less attention, it was obviously already much better. In addition, the Demonic Tattoos Evil Vein is extremely strange, and without so many of them, the Skysword Sect would not be able to continue collecting spirit stones, so they don't need to take any risks to destroy the spirit stone mine." "Come, let's leave this place." After saying that, Wei Suo did not pay any attention to the little girl and directly left with the group of Pulse Searching Mining Clan cultivators. According to his plan, he would first send these Pulse Searching Mining Cultivators to a distance of five thousand Li before he headed off to explore the Northern Mang Ruins.

Even if that Divine Xuan expert from the Skysword Sect named Huangpu Jue came personally, it would still take them at least two to three days to reach the Devilish Tattooed Ape. By then, they would have traveled for two to three days already, and it would be extremely difficult for even a Divine Xuan expert to track them down. Moreover, so many Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators saw this little girl's strangeness. If true essence and magic techniques were useless against her, then even Huangpu Jue might not dare to rashly chase after her.

"Bad guy... How about we make a deal? " The little girl with a horn on her head saw that Wei Suo was ignoring her, but this time, she did not get angry. She only ground her teeth as a golden light flashed in her eyes.

"Deal? "What kind of deal?" Wei Suo looked at the little girl who was following him, but did not stop. He followed the same path they came from, heading out of the Fierce Demon Tattoo Mountain.

"Give me that lump of gold essence you have, or the black pagoda and the golden furnace. I'll tell you something you want to know about."

"If you want it, won't you be searching for it yourself in this mine?" "Not interested."

"Are you an idiot? It's not like those gold taels are the trash you gave me. You can find them anywhere." "Even if I rummage through the surrounding several thousand miles, I might not be able to find any gold." The little girl gnashed her teeth in anger, but for some reason, she seemed to be more patient with Wei Suo. "Don't you want to know more about that palm and the ancient scent on your body?"

"I don't want to, unless you can tell me directly the top rank arcane skills and cultivation techniques that are useful." Wei Suo could tell that the little girl's unwavering determination in following him was not only because she had intentions for his gold taels. Of course, he also wanted to know the origins of the ancient fragrance and the severed arm. However, ever since he was a child, he came from a business and directly said that he didn't want to, silently and insinuatingly.

"You can't use what I know." The little girl with a horn on her head couldn't even compare to Wei Suo. She grinded her teeth and said, "Why don't we change the conditions." "You give me your gold taels. I'll take you to find treasures. Who knows, maybe you'll have some powerful cultivation methods and cultivation method manuals."

"Then you can trade with me after you find one." Without even looking at the little girl, Wei Suo continued to rush forward.

"Give me that ball of gold essence, or the black pagoda." I will guide you through some of the ancient sect's remains. " The little girl was so angry that she didn't want to talk to him, but after a moment, she followed him and continued to do business with him.

Wei Suo glanced at the tireless little girl, "Why don't you give me your magic robes or that piece of black copper, I'll guide you to a real ancient sect relic."

The little girl was again so angry that she became speechless. Gritting her teeth, her body flashed with a purple light as she fell to the ground. 「 Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!」 Some rocks on the ground behind Wei Suo were sent flying. Countless rocks were smashed into smithereens by the little girl as if she was Wei Suo.

"Brother Rabbit!"

"There's actually a helper?" However, when Wei Suo met up with Li Jianyi, who was waiting outside, the little girl followed up. When she heard Li Jianyi call out "Brother Wei Suo", the little girl was immediately a little surprised.

"Hey, Brother Rabbit, who's following you? Why do you have two horns on your head?" When Li Jianyi saw the little girl behind Wei Suo, he became very curious as well.


The little girl's eyes flashed with a golden light as she suddenly appeared in front of Li Jianyi and threw a hand towards him. However, Wei Suo noticed her movements and immediately blocked Li Jianyi's attack.

"So fierce …!" When the little girl approached him, he also felt that her aura was very strange. However, his mind was a mess, and he did not have a clear concept of what she was. He only felt that the little girl was fierce and scary.

"Haha!" Liar, he's not strong at all. " However, the little girl laughed complacently. This time, it was obvious that she was testing him on purpose to see if Li Jianyi was like Wei Suo, unable to hit him no matter what. Li Jianyi and Wei Suo's reactions also made her understand that Li Jianyi was not a big threat to her. The only bone that was really hard to bite was the one in her hand, Wei Suo.

"You should also understand that I'm not the only one who can deal with you in the cultivation world. If you're not afraid of death, continue pestering me."

"Why don't we talk more?"

"Not interested."


"Okay, how about this, we don't need the gold. We can answer each other's questions first, I'll answer you with a question, and you can also answer me with a question, how about that?" After intertwining for a long while, Wei Suo and Li Hanyi had already led the way for over a thousand miles. The little girl who was still following Wei Suo once again made a concession as she spoke while grinding her teeth.

"Didn't you say that I'm a swindler and you don't believe me?" Wei Suo was already completely moved, but he still silently said this sentence.

"That's all in the past." The little girl said.

"..." Wei Suo was immediately speechless. This little girl did indeed have the bearing and potential of a merchant.

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