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Either I don't do it, or I do it to the best of my abilities!

Long Fei owed Fu Xishan too much.

If not for her continued life pill, Long Fei's grandfather would already no longer be in this world.

If not for her help, Long Fei might not have been able to reach where he was today.

It was the same in god's phoenix pavilion.

Could Fu Xishan just watch as Fu Xishan was bullied for his sake?

Absolutely not!

The day passed.

The backyard was divided into two parts. One was Alchemy, and the other was artifact forging.

The artifact forging was set up in a secret room, this was Long Fei's request.

Man Tuoluo was in the Alchemy room.

Long Fei looked at the [Refined Ore], "What are you refining?"

"Blade?" A sword, or a rod? "

"Not even these, the weapons are all here, if you want to win in terms of grade, it's probably very difficult, moreover, my Refining Technics is not even at the Divine level yet, not to mention refining immortal grade weapons." Long Fei's mind was thinking frantically, what kind of weapon was this?

Just what was he trying to create?

As a great treasure, it had to crush the entire battlefield, and make people's blood boil. Only then could it help Fu Xishan, and make the Fengyuan Merchant Union famous.

Long Fei's mind kept working on the structure.

But during the entire day, Long Fei did not make any progress.

Even when his brain was about to burst, he still couldn't figure out what kind of weapon he would forge.

However …

He was not idle. Instead, he turned into a Sky Demon and entered the space of the god's devil token, frantically cultivating his Refining Technics.

This time.

He once again rushed into the highest level, the ninth level, of god's devil space without a care!

god's devil space's domineering pressure caused his body to be in an incomparably tense state. As he increased his Refining Technics, he was also thinking about what kind of thing to create.

One night passed.

Long Fei didn't have a clue …

… ….

"What is Fu Xishan doing?"

Inside Fu Tianlong's exquisite courtyard.

The three clan elders sat together and drank their tea, chatting when Fu Tianlong's bodyguard entered the courtyard.

"Replying to Elder, she's looking for people to help her borrow things. Basically, she went to every single family that has business with the Fu Family."

Fu Tianlong held back his laughter and asked: "And the result?"

That person replied, "She did not borrow anything. These people did not give her any face at all."


"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

The three elders couldn't help laughing out loud.

Fu Tianlong laughed out loud: "Of course she can't borrow it, because we have already visited all three of the families that are related to the Fu Clan. How many days has it been since this little girl Fu Xishan came to the god emperor city? We've been here for decades, it would be weird if she could borrow something. "

"Hahaha …"

"Fight with me?"

"Little girl, are you even worthy?" Fu Tianlong was extremely proud. He was originally the person in charge of the god emperor city, but who would have thought that Fu Xishan would directly descend in the air above him. He had been suppressing his anger these past few years, and now, he finally had the chance.

He would definitely not let Fu Xishan go.

"Riding on our heads to shit and pee on our pants, do you really think you're so good as a scallion?"


"If it wasn't for her father, how could she have come to the god emperor city? A woman is always the life of a man, and that is what she should know. "

One of the elders said.

"Big brother, the Fengyuan Merchant Union will definitely lose this auction. At that time, they will definitely suffer a blow from the other Nine Business Union. What should we do?"


"Fu Xishan being forced to leave is already a foregone conclusion, but what about us?"

Fu Tianlong smiled blandly: "You don't have to worry about this matter. As long as we force Fu Xishan to leave, I have a way to make the Fengyuan Merchant Union rise again."

"Heh heh …"

"Don't forget, we have a strategic relationship with the imperial family of the Divine Emperor Empire. Only the three of us know about this matter, even the President isn't aware of it."


Startled, the three of them burst out laughing at the same time.

At this moment.

Fu Tianlong asked, "What is the trash that Fu Xishan is raising in the South Horizon Region doing?"

"He's been closed up."

"However, that woman called Man Tuoluo is not simple. I have investigated her, she seems to be from the drug race, and she is even a poison pill refiner, just yesterday she was able to concoct 10 groups of poison pills. The grade and quality are not bad, she is probably Fu Xishan's only thing."

Fu Tianlong's gaze turned cold as he said, "A poison pill, right?"

"A'Gui, think of a way to steal all the poison pills she has refined. I want to let Fu Xishan have no chance at all at all, I want to make sure that she will never be able to recover!"

Fu Tianlong's eyes revealed a vicious light.

His methods were vicious to the extreme, even his own niece was the same. As long as she was in his way, she would not acknowledge him!

… ….

In another place.

Murong Mansion.

Murong Fenglei became excited, and said: "It's as you expected, the Family Jin Union has succeeded, and there is internal strife within the Fengyuan Merchant Union."

"god's phoenix pavilion's boss can't take it anymore."

"As for that trash from the South Horizon Region, he's been hiding in his room the entire time and doesn't dare to come out. He's probably afraid that the people from the god emperor academy are looking for him."

He was beginning to admire his son more and more.

Even though he wasn't old, he was capable of calculating everything.

It was true that cultivation was important, but … His brain was even more important.

Not to mention.

Murong Tian had the skills and brains of a Demon Slayer, even if he wasn't, his Murong Prince's Manor would still be able to soar into the sky with this kind of strength.

Murong Tian laughed complacently, and said: "I've already heard about the matter with god emperor academy. Fu Xishan is simply unable to take out five thousand fairy stones, once the deadline has passed, her god's phoenix pavilion will prepare to close the gates."

This matter.

Once his master's illegitimate child died, he would be the only important disciple and would receive all of the resources, including the three-rate fairy vein.

Everything was perfect!

Murong Tian laughed sinisterly, and thought: "Kid, what are you using to fight me now? I just need to make a little trick and your Feng Yuan Merchant Union is about to be destroyed, do you still have anything to rely on? "

"Hahaha …"

Murong Tian laughed proudly.

… ….

"What exactly is being refined?"

There were only two days left.

The Refining Technics had already been raised to the Heaven Stage by Long Fei.

However... He still hadn't thought about what spiritual treasure he would forge.

At this moment.

A loud sound echoed out of the courtyard.

Xiao Ying was sent flying with a slap, "There's an assassin!"

Man Tuoluo crawled out from the room, "Uncle Lei, Uncle Lei, Absolute Poison Pellet … All the Absolute Poison Pills were taken away. "

The smoke thunder had just gone out.

Hearing the sound, he rushed to the backyard, but … Everything was too late. The expert had long since disappeared.

Fu Xishan also walked into the backyard, looking at Fu Xishan and Man Tuoluo who were both in her hands, her heart was already dead, "Why must it be like this?"

"Does the heavens want me to die?"

She hated him!

She clearly knew who was stealing the pellets Man Tuoluo had refined, it was Fu Tianlong's man!

They were both from the same family.

Why would the Merchant Union fight against each other?

Fu Xishan felt extreme hatred in his heart!

Long Fei also knew what happened just now, and in that instant, a thought flashed in his mind.

And then … Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

He opened the door and said to the Uncle Lei, "I need ores, a large amount. I need as many as I can get!"


Long Fei turned around and entered the room, his heart excited as he said, "I want to forge a set of armor!"

"Transformers' armor!"

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