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Chapter 2234 - Divine Conversion Pool

The moment Sheng Mei disappeared into this different world, within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming felt his heart tremble. He could feel his faint connection with Sheng Mei weakening. If he didn't carefully try to sense this, it was almost impossible to notice.

Moreover, even such a sensation was slowly fading…

At this time Lin Ming had already been in seclusion within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace for 3000 years. But because he had spent 1500 years within a time enchantment, the truth was that he had been cultivating for 18,000 years already.

Before this, Lin Ming had never spent such a long time cultivating in a single period.

In fact, going into seclusion for a long time wouldn't necessarily increase one's strength. Going into seclusion to cultivate was something that never managed to catch up to the speed of actual combat and experiencing the battlefield for oneself. In terms of foundation, the former would never be as solid as the latter.

But now with Lin Ming's current level of strength, there was nowhere he could temper himself in the entire 33 Heavens. As for actual combat, the only one that Lin Ming could fight was the Soul Emperor, and that would have disastrous results because as things stood, Lin Ming was not a match for him. Thus, going into seclusion to cultivate was Lin Ming's best choice at the moment.

In these 18,000 years, Lin Ming first had his nine revolutions of reincarnations reach perfection. Then he slowly combed through all the Laws and cultivation methods he learned in his life. Lin Ming had undergone endless slaughters, but he had never spent such a period like these 18,000 years to slowly sift through his Laws and consolidate his foundation.

In these 18,000 years, Lin Ming's cultivation system became increasingly mature and sublime. Everything was being carried along a straight path and Lin Ming's strength was also subtly increasing, but now, because the spiritual connection between Lin Ming and Sheng Mei vanished, his cultivation was also interrupted.

"Lin Ming… the Eternal Wall has been torn open…"

The Asura Road Master sighed. Hearing this, Lin Ming's heart tightened. The Asura Road Master's original speculation was that the Soul Emperor wanted to use Sheng Mei to tear down the Eternal Wall, and if the Eternal Wall was now broken, then that meant that Sheng Mei…

Carefully probing, Lin Ming faintly felt that Sheng Mei hadn't died. But for some unknown reason, the connection between the two of them was becoming increasingly faint, so faint that it seemed to completely vanish.

"I don't know the specifics of what happened, but my connection with the Amethyst Origin Crystal has also become faint…"

The Asura Road Master said, leaving Lin Ming surprised.

Lin Ming said, "Could the Amethyst Origin Crystal have been refined by the Soul Emperor?"

"I left my spirit mark within it. If the Amethyst Origin Crystal was refined by the Soul Emperor then my spirit mark would be destroyed and I would know of it. But currently… I can faintly feel that my spirit mark hasn't been refined by the Soul Emperor, but has been blocked off by something instead."

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. Blocked off by what?

His connection with Sheng Mei was also in a similar state.

The Soul Emperor didn't seem to have killed Sheng Mei nor did he obtain the Amethyst Origin Crystal. Then, what happened to them and why could they not sense them?

"Lin Ming, worrying about such things is useless. I cannot leave the Asura Road, and no matter how much more you worry, nothing can be done…"

In order to protect the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, the Asura Road Master had already fused his body and soul into the two worlds. If it weren't for the Asura Road Master's help, it would be impossible for Lin Ming to defeat the Soul Emperor with his current level of strength.

Of course, while Lin Ming and the Asura Road Master couldn't leave, the Soul Emperor also wasn't able to come. There were problems with the world of the Demon God's Tomb and the Emperor Bone Sea had nearly collapsed. Deep and Flood were too busy handling this to deal with other matters and even the Soul Emperor had to race back to the depths of the abyss. In truth, even if the Soul Emperor recklessly came to the Asura Road, it would only be an avatar of his true form that arrived. Then, facing the Asura Road that was controlled by the Asura Road Master, not only would the Soul Emperor be at a disadvantage but he would also suffer tremendous losses.

"Junior understands…" How could Lin Ming not understand these truths? But worry always clouded the mind with chaos. Lin Ming found it difficult to relax, and besides Sheng Mei there was also Immortal Sovereign.

"Senior Asura, this junior once left the Stone of Eternal Life with Immortal Sovereign. The changes in the Demon God's Tomb should be related to Immortal Sovereign, and now that the Eternal Wall has shattered and the Soul Emperor is able to return to the Dark Abyss, then Senior Immortal is…"

Lin Ming didn't speak any further. He could feel that once the Demon God's Tomb Master fused his avatars back together, then Immortal was likely to suffer a perilous fate.

Hearing Lin Ming mention Immortal, Asura deeply sighed. "You told me that Immortal has already died and all that is left over of him is a wisp of remnant soul that has been locked within the Emperor Bone Sea for 10 billion years to experience countless sufferings and tribulations. If he were to leave the Emperor Bone Sea, his soul would disintegrate to dust, but perhaps such an end would be salvation instead…"

The Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign were lifetime rivals, and this was true whether it was in martial arts or in pursuit of love. But at the same time, they were also lifetime friends. To know that Immortal's soul would perish to nothing, even Asura felt his heart grieve with emotion.

At this time, rays of light appeared from the void in front of Lin Ming. They blended in with the boundless space all around, racing on without end.

Lin Ming seemed to have arrived in the endless starry skies. As he saw this eternal divine light slowly gather together, the sight was like the creation of the universe, the beginning of a new age, a river that flowed through the past and into the future.

The divine light slowly condensed. Then, a person's figure finally appeared, just 1000 feet away.

This person wore a snow white robe and the edges of his face were sharp and distinct, filled with dashing heroism. His eyes seemed to contain the life and destruction of universes, and his eyebrows slashed towards his temples like divine swords.

This was a majestic and handsome man. But looking closely, one could feel that his appearance was blurred by the countless years of time, making it impossible to see him clearly.

Facing this man, Lin Ming inexplicably felt a connection to him. This was a resonance that originated from his bloodline and Laws.

"Senior… Senior Asura?"

Lin Ming's heart trembled. Although he had been in communication with the Asura Road Master during these years, the Asura Road Master had never appeared before him like today.

The Asura Road Master looked much younger than Lin Ming had imagined. Lin Ming originally thought that while the Asura Road Master wouldn't appear old, he would have the looks of a middle-aged man, filled with a calm dignity.

But, this white-robed figure before him seemed to be around 18-19 years of age.

The white-clothed Asura looked at Lin Ming and walked forwards, one step at a time. As he moved forwards it was like he was stepping across the river of time, headed from one shore to the other. His clothes were like snow and his features seemed carved from jade; he could simply be called a handsome youth in his prime; this was completely divergent from Lin Ming's original expectations of the Asura Road Master.

Asura said, "I have already fused together with the Asura Road as one. What appears before you now is only my incarnation. Lin Ming, I once passed onto you a single drop of Asura blood, but today I will pass onto you the complete Asura bloodline in order to lay the groundwork for your final fusion of the inner and outer universes…"

The Asura Road Master waved his hand, and a jade blue pool appeared in front of him.

This pool was only 30-40 feet wide and ten feet deep. It was filled with clear blue water and if Lin Ming were to jump within, the water could cover his head.

Lin Ming could feel that this wasn't some ordinary pool, but was likely a… spirit treasure.

In these past years, Lin Ming had seen countless spirit treasures. The most common ones were swords, sabers, spears, lances, halberds, and other such weapons. There were also the relatively rare seals, furnaces, staves, command signs, and other such unorthodox spirit treasures. But, this was the first time Lin Ming had seen a pool-shaped spirit treasure.

"This is the Divine Conversion Pool. Over 10 billion years ago I reached True Divinity in the Divine Conversion Pool and afterwards, I also stepped Beyond Divinity here. The Divine Conversion Pool is an ancient spirit treasure that I refined from a divine spring. The waters within have wondrous healing effects, and in your weakest moments it can assist your life source; it is the most suitable place for you to make your breakthrough!"

Hearing this, Lin Ming was shocked. This Divine Conversion Pool was actually the spirit treasure which the Asura Road Master had used to make his True Divinity and Beyond Divinity breakthroughs.

The Asura Road Master was a peerless ruler of the 33 Heavens. If he were to make a breakthrough somewhere, even the most ordinary pool would become a divine pool, and this pool itself was refined from a divine pool by the Asura Road Master to begin with.

Lin Ming cautiously stepped into the divine pool. On the edges of it, he could see Law tracings engraved by the Great Dao. These should be the remnants of the Heavenly Dao Laws from when the Asura Road Master made his breakthroughs.

Without a doubt, these traces were incredibly precious treasures.

Just this divine pool itself was enough to make a True Divinity level master go blind with jealousy.

If he were to make a breakthrough here, it could be called twice the result with half the effort.


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