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To Swap with a Friend? A Dog's Tail and Ears Ornament!

"Uwah~ this cream puff is delicious!"

Eating a cream puff from a platter of cakes, a young girl's face is lit up with a delighted grin.

"This Paris-brest with its round ring shape like a bicycle wheel too!"

"Hee~, Natsumi Onee-chan is so knowledgeable."

"Hahaha, so respectful…even if it's actually just written on the menu."

"Even so~, this is delicious~♪"

A little girl cut's into a Paris-brest with a fork and then tosses the piece into her mouth while smiling like an angel. There were many people who walked past and into the sweets store in front of the station and the girl here inside the brightly lit store was Kawase Natsumi, Yuuna's classmate. Wearing a white tunic, tea coloured leggings and lace up boots, the little girl is incredibly cute, so much so that she wouldn't look out of place on the cover of a children's style magazine. Next to her, Yuuna wore similar clothes, however, on her, they didn't look nearly as stylish or cute sadly.

(Yuuna is cute, but if you compare her to the adorable Mary, she looks rather plain.)

Despite thinking this, Natsumi hasn't noticed that this applies to her too. Not only that, but the girl eating Paris-brest is sitting next to her unusually friend. Natsumi quickly becomes distracted as she watches the adorable little girl's gestures and antics.

"U~nn, Paris-brest is definitely the greatest~ bestest~, don't you think Yuuna Onee-chan~♪"

The girl calls out to Yuuna who is sitting next to her. The little girl has adorable purple hair like a heroine straight out of a manga.

"Uh, yeah, that's right… Dark Diaster-chan."

Yuuna responds in a trembling voice. Yuuna's body, sitting next to the adorable anime-like little purple haired girl, is rigid with embarrassment. A costume so obscene it can't even be called clothing hides the bare minimum behind black leather belts. Normally the attire Dark Disaster wears. Today Yuuna is wearing this outfit.

To explain this, you must go back to just before the two left Yuuna's house.

"Oh, Yuuna, are those your best clothes?"

Dark Disaster appears in front of Yuuna who has been repeatedly changing clothes as if at a fashion show while preparing for the lunch on Saturday in her room. As always, the little girl has appeared out of nowhere.

"Miss… Mistress-sama!?"

"Hmm, it's definitely very charming, bravo!"

The young girl nods her head after looking up and down Yuuna's body from the top of her head to her toes.

"Now then Yuuna. What do you have planned for today?"

"Ah, yes, today we will visit the sweets shop, but before that I thought we could have a look around the shopping mall. You haven't already had lunch have you?"

"No, I haven't yet. Well then, lead the way. Are we going to head there on foot?"

"Yes. It's about a ten minute walk to the station."

"And we'll have lunch at the shopping mall?"

"Yes, that's the plan."

"Umu, I understand. Well, let's go."

"Thank you."

Dark Disaster nods and agrees to follow Yuuna's plan. Their conversation, like a supervisor and their subordinate gives Yuuna a slightly complicated feeling. While Yuuna is contemplating it, Dark Disaster makes a small black leather case appear and hands it over to Yuuna.

"What's this?"

The rectangular black case is made of shiny black leather and has fasters holding it closed. It is rather heavy and seems to be filled to the point of bursting.

"Go on, open it up."


Doing as she's told, Yuuna opens it up only to be surprised. Inside are tightly rolled piles of bank notes. More money than Yuuna has ever seen in one place filling the entire case.

"These are today's war funds. Feel free to pay for anything from the money in there. Because the exchange rate is always going up and down changing prices, I brought a lot along."

"Eh? Eh! Eh? This looks like at least a million yen worth in here!!?"

"Hm? Well, yeah, maybe that much I think?"

In fact there are two hundred and fifty six, ten thousand yen bills in the case, but Yuuna, a high school student, has never dealt with large amounts of cash before and to her a huge bundle of cash should be around one million yen. Similarly, not knowing earth's currency well, Dark Disaster doesn't have a good grasp on how much is in the case. The two girls, even though they are talking to one another, have each other's points completely missed as they each think of the case in different ways.

"Well anyway, you don't need to worry about money thanks to these war funds. If there's any left over, just keep it yourself I guess."


The pretty girl is so astonished her voice won't even come out properly. These huge wads of cash. No matter how Yuuna thinks about it, there is no way she can have them spend this huge amount of many during a single shopping trip. In her hand Yuuna can feel the soft tactile sensation of the leather of the case and just looking at it and the silver clasps, she can tell even the case is crazily expensive. Originally she would have just said "I can't take this" instantly, but the words don't come out. Another example of Yuuna going astray from the path of a righteous magical girl.

"Well, uh, well then, what is Mistress-sama going to be wearing?"

"Ah, me too, I'm going to get changed."

Hearing that, Yuuna is relieved. Dark Disaster's normal clothes are her black bondage belts. Yuuna had been worried that she would forcibly demand to wear that while accompanying her today. Secretly, heart beating hard in her chest, Yuuna was actually hoping she could convince Dark Disaster to dress in clothes that matched hers.

"Hm, a whitish robe, brownish tights that cling to your legs and fluffy white things hmm?"

Dark Disaster considered Yuuna's clothes as if the older girl was putting on a fashion show for her. After murmuring for a moment, the purple haired cute little girl did a twirl and when she finished the bondage clothes had disappeared and she was wearing light brown leggings and a white tunic.

"Hey, are you surprised Yuuna?"

"Ye… yes."

Yuuna stared at the spectacle stunned. The Lustful Empress' fashion had completely changed and now she looked completely adorable and cute. She was so cute that even standing next to Mary she would eclipse her.

"Cute… or beautiful?"

At a loss for words, Dark Disaster smiled at the enraptured Yuuna. Still smiling at her, Dark Disaster then spoke again.

"Well then, Yuuna, time for you to get changed into your clothes too."


Not understanding what Dark Disaster is saying, Yuuna still took an item from the little girl. Then there isn't any way to mistake what Dark Disaster meant. This is because, looking down, Yuuna sees that she is holding a dress like thing that isn't clothes, what was handed over was a black leather costume made of belts that is identical to what Dark Disaster normally wears.

"Here, like this Yuuna, we'll be wearing matching clothes!"

Looking at the wicked smile on the little girl's face, Yuuna is shocked as she realises her meaning. When she said matching clothes, she meant matching what Dark Disaster normally wears.

"Come on Yuuna, hurry up and change into your Mistress' clothes."

"Eh… but…"

"What? There's no need to worry you know, just like as Shiny Angel yesterday, no one will be able to see it."

Moving quickly and deftly, Dark Disaster quickly strips Yuuna and easily redresses her body in the obscene black leather straps. Well, redress is a little inaccurate, it would be better to say wraps her up in the black leather straps. Almost instantly Yuuna's modest breasts and their soft pink tips are covered in straps, a black leather belt wrapping around each breast to make them stand out. After clacking closed the clasps of the belts running across Yuuna's chest, Dark Disaster then moves to Yuuna's lower body. However, unlike Dark Disaster's young girlish body, there is an obscene thing hanging from Yuuna's crotch that shouldn't be there.

"Now then Yuuna. See this ring, I need you to pass your dick through it. Get it at least half hard for your Mistress so I can pass it through the ring easier."

Saying that, the little girl passes a ring that's part of the bondage costume to Yuuna.

"This thing… attached to me?"

Without even needing an explanation, Yuuna understands that this means her thing will be completely exposed, not hidden at all. The ring is very slightly larger than the ring that Yuuna can make with her thumb and forefinger and will be just barely large enough for her.

(It's a lie right, I need to attach this? But, with this attached, nothing will be hidden at all.)

"Come on, it's alright. Hey, just remember how it felt yesterday with everyone looking at you."


"It was embarrassing, but it felt good, that what you said right?"

Listening to the little girl, Yuuna can't stop an aching throb from starting below her belly. The flesh rod which had been hanging loosely begins rising, lifting itself up.

"Kukuku, you're really easy to get going aren't you, bravo, bravo, well done!"

As Dark Disaster lets out a lewd mocking laugh, it's just as she says, Yuuna is already hard and it is easy to slide the ring down over her erection.

(Wow, right now I must look really crazy…)

Yuuna, her body bound in leather straps looks like it has been decorated with obscene ribbons. However, the embarrassing decoration of Yuuna hasn't been finished yet. As the little girl tightens the strap with the ring holding Yuuna's cock in place, she gives her even more instructions.

"Now, for the next thing Yuuna. Get on all fours and stick out your ass towards me."

"Eh… my anus? Um, that place?"

Feeling ashamed, Yuuna slowly gets to her hands and knees while feeling a sense of wariness. Presenting her bottom, she shivers as she feels a cool belt being slid down between her ass cheeks. The costume then tightens around Yuuna as Dark Disaster pulls on the belts, the leather biting into Yuuna's flesh making her more conscious of the leather binding her. The belts easily press into the high school girl's flesh as she groans. A small thin finger then slides under the belt biting into Yuuna's ass and pulls it aside exposing the puckered flesh of her anus. As the cold air touches Yuuna anus she lets out a small scream, but this only seems to please the perverted little girl standing over her. Smiling, the little girl makes something appear in her right hand and, lining it up with Yuuna's anus, inserts it inside.


"Umu, nice voice there."

"Mistress-sama, that!"

"Yep, anal. It's the first time for your asshole, so let's get it used to it."

Saying that, the little girl slowly pushes the strangely shaped rod into Yuuna's ass before she begins to twist it while watching Yuuna's body wriggle in response. At the same time as the rhythm of the movements inside her anus, Yuuna's meat stick fully hardens and begins throbbing up and down.

"What is this, Mistress-sama, my anus is strange, my cock keeps bouncing up and down on its own?"

"How is it Yuuna? How is your first taste of anal play?"

"I, I don't know, this, it's the first time… my penis has gotten hard like this, ah, on its own… feels like it will…"

"I see, you're not sure yet. However, before too long this will be completely addictive. For now, just listen to your Mistress and do as I say."

Then, for two or three minutes the little girl used her hand to keep the rod stirring up Yuuna's anus until the flesh started to spread and puff up, gaping enough to allow her to see inside it a little.

"That's good enough. Hey, today Yuuna is going to be my Doggy-chan."

While looking at Yuuna's unsightly stretched anus, the little girl gives an obscene smile while making a rod that ends in a long tail of hair appear in her hand. Taking out the smaller rod, the little girl quickly inserts this larger toy into Yuuna's anus making sure the high school girl's asshole tightens up around it's narrower portion so that it is firmly embedded inside her.

"Kukuku, what a cute tail, now for the ears and the collar."

Yuuna gasps in shock as she sees herself in her mirror. Standing there reflected is an insane perverted sow with an exceptionally obscene appearance. The girl's body is barely hidden by black leather straps, her breasts almost completely on display while her most private place, her crotch is fully displayed. Around her neck is a dog collar and atop her head are a pair of dog ears on a headband. A dog like tail hanging down from her anus.

"Miss, Mistress-sama, do I… really have to go out looking like this?"

"Hm, what's up? Did you not like the perverted costume yesterday?"

"No, but…"

Clearly the amount of fabric has decreased even more. Anyway, these aren't even clothes, they're just straps. Not only that, the dog ears and collar might be laughed off as Cosplay, but the tail definitely can't be. However, there is another reason Yuuna is hesitating. This is because this form is nothing like her Shiny Angel costume. When she becomes Shiny Angel her hair and eye colour changes allowing her to feel like she's become a different person. However, like this, it will just be her. That's why this time it feels like if she does this it will be even worse than when she was running around in a perverted costume as a heroine. Yet, despite all this, Yuuna does still want to do this as Sumeragi Yuuna deep down inside. Dark Disaster doesn't understand at first, but then she realises that Yuuna still has something of a mental block against this.

"I see, even though you're a pervert you're still worried about the safety of the citizens around you like a proper heroine."

The little girl makes a pose as if a heroine herself and then stares at Yuuna for a few moments.

"However, Yuuna, you don't need to worry."

"Huh, why's that?"

"Today you'll be besides your Mistress, that's a truly safe place isn't it, no matter what, nothing bad will happen to you or anyone in the area."


"Hey, remember who I am. Mistress is super powerful. With darling there are only five people in all the worlds that can beat your Mistress."

"Huh, there's five that can?"

"No, four since darling doesn't count. Even then, with darling around there aren't any that would come after me and even if they did Abyss Gate would wreck them. So it's fine."

"…is that so."

Yuuna thinks of the beastman king that was mentioned the other day but shakes it off. There isn't a choice even if she does worry about it. Then Yuuna looks at the little girl known as the Lustful Empress. Even though she looks like a little girl, she's incredibly strong, much stronger than Yuuna. Nothing can beat her. Not even Mary's magic was able to pierce hers and see through it. Standing next to her truly was a safe place. However, to follow her Yuuna really will have to expose her body like this outside.

"I understand."

"Umu, good, good. It's important for you to decide to do these things with your own will. Now come, let us enjoy your walk."

As Dark Disaster praises Yuuna she strokes the girl's head which makes her cheeks turn pink with delight. Having said this, the little girl known as the Lustful Empress gives oh an ominous aura as she grins lewdly.

"Well then, now that we've settled that, it's time for the final finishing touches."

Saying that, the little girl reaches down and sticks her fingers inside Yuuna's pussy.

"Hgyaaaah! Miss, Mistress-sama, wha, what are you doing?"

"Yuuna, I have a question. Do you know where sperm is made?"


"Semen. That white juice Yuuna loves to shoot out. Hey, come on, hurry up and answer me."

"Uhiii… there, that thing, the scrotum."

"Yeah, that's right. The scrotum, also called the testicles. However, Yuuna is always able to shoot out that white stuff, but she doesn't have any testicles does she? It's weird isn't it?"


"This is the answer to the mystery!"

While saying this, the little girl pulls her fingers out of Yuuna's vagina. At the same time Yuuna lets out a scream as something happens to her crotch. There is a bizarre sensation of something protruding out of her flesh between her rod and her vagina.

"Ueh? What is this, something is coming out of my body!?"

"Don't be scared Yuuna. Right now something interesting is growing from your crotch."

"Wha, something, weird. This… it's weird…"

A strange sensation that isn't pain or an itch increases to a crescendo and then, with a plopping sound, something comes out at Yuuna's crotch. Fearfully the girl lowers her gaze to her crotch and sees something there. A bag, similar to a drawstring bag, hangs down before her rod, wrinkly skin able to be seen on either side of the shaft from above.

"Hee? This? What…?"

"Nah, this, these are testicles aren't they? A scrotum, balls, testes, Yuuna's beloved semen producing spunk tank."


Seeing the wrinkly skin and the balls hanging inside it, Yuuna timidly reaches down and touches the skin making it stretch a little.

"This… it's a little disgusting…"

"That's right isn't it? That's why your Mistress normally keeps them hidden away, so that Yuuna's pretty girly crotch doesn't have such grotesque things hanging from it."

"Then… why?"

"Today it's fine. While a pretty little girl shouldn't have something so ugly hanging from them, since you're a dog, you need some disgusting balls. Walk around town showing off these ugly things while going strange in the head, it'll make your Mistress really happy."

The little girl says incredibly obscene things while giving an ever obscener smile.

"After I attach this, we'll be done."

Even though what she's saying is crazy, the little devil known as Dark Disaster is smiling happily while lifting Yuuna's balls up with one hand. Suddenly feeling weak in the knees, Yuuna barely stops herself from collapsing at the very first stimulation her balls have ever felt. Not only do the little girl's silken fingers feel heavenly, just thinking about such a beautiful little girl touching such disgusting testicles is enough to make Yuuna almost boil over and ejaculate right there.

"Hey Yuuna, try not to go too crazy. Can you help me by holding your balls up like this?"

"Hahii… sorry, okay."

"Okay. There, with that we're finished."

Motioned to look by the little devilish girl, Yuuna turns and sees herself in the mirror once again. There, standing reflected is an even more obscene perverted slut than was there a moment ago. The black leather bondage outfit, dog ears and tail are still there, but this time there is a scrotum hanging from the crotch too. The semen producing bag is now also wrapped in a decoration that Dark Disaster just applied. The left and right testicle is covered in lacy black underwear and a pink ribbon is wrapped around the base of Yuuna's rod. Now Yuuna will be walked like a dog outside.

(What, this kind of perverted appearance. It's way too embarrassing!)

The black undergarment is something that can be called a balls' bra and it is edged with white lace. At the same time, it perfectly frames Yuuna's male package and, with the pink ribbon attached to it, there is no way anyone seeing it wouldn't think she was an insane pervert. The pink colour easily drawing the gaze to the place Yuuna doesn't want to be seen the most.

"How is it, do you like the bra for your balls?"

"Ba… balls' bra?"

Yuuna tilts her head while listening to the words she's never heard before. She's never heard of it, but are there men that like wearing underwear on their scrotum? However, before she can ponder it too long Dark Disaster teaches her properly.

"Of course normal men won't wear such things. Only a crazy pervert like Yuuna would put that on her futanari cock."

"A pervert! I'm…"

"Hmmf, don't worry about it. Well, anyway. How does it feel wearing that, is it comfortable?"

"It feels strange, even though it's cute underwear it feels wrong wearing it."

"I see, I see, it feels wrong. However, today you'll just have to put up with it. Yuuna, today you're ugly balls are going to be seen out in public, you're going to accompany your Mistress as a dog while she takes you for a walk."

As Dark Disaster laughs, Yuuna looks down at the underwear covering her futanari crotch, her face cramping. Her wrinkled balls are hanging down there feeling cold and each time the underwear touches them she feels a shiver. With the large wrinkly balls hanging from her, Yuuna can only think that she looks more like a tanuki rather than a dog as she tries pulling on the skin to smooth it out.

"Waa… what, it keeps stretching!"

"Hmf, I know you've never seen them before, but listen you need to be careful. When you're touching balls you…ah! Yuuna— stop!!!"


It is extremely rare to see Dark Disaster lose her composure for even a second. However, seeing Yuuna pulling tightly on the flesh under her rod, she yells out as soon as she notices. However, Yuuna pulls too tightly on the flesh.


Yuuna shook voicelessly as incredible pain shot through her crotch. It was so painful she became unable to think. The beautiful elegant young girl fainted after squashing her own balls with her hand. Not as popular as Mary, Yuuna was still a girl that many of the boys in her class fantasied about and now she was a futanari rolling on the floor in agony thanks to crushing her own balls.

"Ah, too late…"


"That place is ultrsensitive and delicate, so you need to be really careful with it."


"…hm, perhaps we need a short intermission."

Five minutes later.

Dark Disaster killed time eating Menbei, a specialty sweet from Hakata. A rice cracker with a mixture of mentaiko atop it, so called shrimp rice crackers that had a crisp tactile sensation mixed with a spicy throat burn.

"Yuuna, you okay?"


"Well then, here, have a menbei and eat up."


"…well, you seem okay. Should we get doing?"

"…jeez, please forgive me for a moment ago."

"Umu, I forgive you."

"…thank you very much Mistress-sama."

There is no "prideful heroine waiting to be abused" or "tragic magical girl" here. Just a "ball crushing futanari corpse" lying on the ground.

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