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Just as Song Shuhang and the others were discussing, the flames of virtue burning on Shuhang's body underwent another change. The light of virtue—which was previously shrinking bit by bit—inflated again, starting to burn even more violently. The temperature also increased until it reached the same temperature as real flames.

Afterward, the flames curled up and wrapped around Song Shuhang's body like a long dragon.

"Hot," Song Shuhang blurted out.

"It seems that the qualitative change of the light of virtue is about to come to an end," Su Clan's Sixteen said. At the same time, she quietly took a step back so as to avoid getting affected by the light of virtue, which was now burning more and more fervently.

"After so many changes... the evolution process of the light of virtue is finally about to come to an end. Now then, does everyone have to go through all this trouble when their light of virtue undergoes a qualitative change?" Song Shuhang asked.

At this time, he felt as if someone had thrown him into a steamer. Sweat was already streaming down his face when he said the sentence above.

"I have no idea. There is no one in our Su Clan that cultivates the light of virtue," Su Clan's Sixteen said.

Ye Si wasn't really affected by this degree of heat. Therefore, she raised her head and looked on top of Song Shuhang's head. "I see something. From the looks of it, the light of virtue is about to condense into the form a huge dragon." Two small claws had already become visible amidst the curled up light of virtue. Therefore, the shape it was going to assume in the end was very likely that of a dragon.

Song Shuhang stuck out his tongue like a dog due to the heat, and said, "It seems it's transforming into something very cool."

If the light of virtue really ended up shrouding his body like a dragon, it was going to look rather cool!

He would have a golden dragon protecting his body.

If Song Shuhang used the body protecting saber qi of the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯ on top of that, it would seem as though two dragons were protecting him when he was fighting others. The level of the special effects would be off the charts!

Earlier, when the light of virtue just started to burn up, it was giving signs of assuming the shape of a person. At that time, Song Shuhang got somewhat worried, afraid that the light of virtue would end up taking the shape of something strange.

"Eh? Strange. Now, it seems as if the spiraling flames are about to the take the shape of a person..." Su Clan's Sixteen said suddenly.

Song Shuhang immediately turned his head around and looked up.

He saw that the light of virtue, which was previously wrapping around his body like a dragon, had now started to assume the shape of a person on the top of his head. However, only the part above the waist of this person was visible.

How could that be?

Is it possible that when the thought of the light of virtue assuming the shape of a person flashed through my mind, the light of virtue followed my will and really started to assume the shape of a person?

There is really such a possibility. After all, the light of virtue is currently taking shape, and it might have been influenced by my will.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang closed his eyes and started to mutter, "Dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon..."

At the same time, he started to visualize the picture of a huge dragon in his mind.

Deer-like horns, camel-like head, rabbit-like eyes, snake-like neck, clam-like belly, fish-like scales, hawk-like claws, cat-like palms, and cow-like ears...

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang's head was full of pictures of dragons.

Therefore, he asked, "Sixteen, Ye Si, how does it look now? Did the shape of the light of virtue revert back into that of a dragon?"

Song Shuhang didn't open his eyes to look at the light of virtue above his head, afraid that he might influence the shape of the 'dragon' in his mind if he were to glance at it.

Su Clan's Sixteen replied, "It didn't change, and it has the same shape as before."

"From the looks of it, my will was not firm enough." Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, "Dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon..."

At the same time, he visualized, again and again, the pictures of dragons in his mind.

After a short moment...

Song Shuhang felt that the flames of the light of virtue burning on his body had reached their peak power!

This was the right time!

Whether the light of virtue would end up turning into a dragon or an insect would be decided in this instant!

Song Shuhang suddenly opened his eyes, and shouted, "Dragon!"

When he gently shouted, the light of virtue shrouding his body condensed!

The lower part, which was wrapped around Song Shuhang's body, transformed into lifelike glittering scales, extremely dazzling to the eye.

It's the body of a dragon! Song Shuhang was overjoyed. Then, he moved his eyes upward.

In the next moment, he saw the glittering upper part of a... stickman.

A 'stickman' was a very simple drawing of a person composed of a few lines and curves. The head was represented by a circle, and the limbs by straight lines attached to the main line that represented the torso.

At this time, the lower part of Song Shuhang's light of virtue—the one wrapping around his body—was entirely covered with golden scales. It looked like a lifelike snake tail.

As for the upper part, it had the appearance of a rough stickman. It had no eyes, ears, nose, lips, or tongue... it was nothing but a mass of light condensed together.

What kind of creature was this?

Stickman monster snake?

The style of the lower and upper parts were completely different!

"Why did it become like this?!" Song Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Hmm, it seems that one's will can't determine what kind of shape the light of virtue will assume after condensing," Senior Sister Ye Si said. Even if Song Shuhang kept visualizing pictures of dragons in his mind, it had no relationship with the shape his light of virtue was going to assume after the condensing process was complete.

Su Clan's Sixteen added, "Shuhang, after the qualitative change of your light of virtue took place, I feel as if the upper part is still an 'incomplete version'. Perhaps your power of virtue wasn't enough, and you have to collect some more virtue points before the upper part of your light of virtue takes shape properly?"

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at that 'stickman monster snake' with two completely different styles from top to bottom. Then, he faintly sighed, and said, "From the looks of it, I'll have to ferry souls again in a short while and see if I can make my light of virtue take shape properly. Although it didn't end up taking the shape of a huge dragon, a monster snake is also passable. At the very least, it will be better than this stickman monster snake."

Su Clan's Sixteen gently smiled, and said, "You have to remember that it was just my guess. Perhaps you should mentally prepare yourself for your light of virtue staying like this forever."

Song Shuhang raised his head once again, looking at the upper part of the stickman monster snake, and sighed again.

"Shuhang, can you control your light of virtue and make it return back inside your body?" Senior Sister Ye Si asked.

"I'll give it a try," Song Shuhang said, and then issued a mental command.

In the next moment, the light of virtue, which had materialized and taken the shape of a stickman monster snake, whizzed back inside Song Shuhang's body. The only thing left behind was a pale layer of light of virtue protecting Song Shuhang's body. However, if Song Shuhang were to suffer the effects of a curse, evil technique, or ghastly thing, the solidified light of virtue would immediately come out and protect him from harm!

"It seems I can control it freely," Song Shuhang said, very satisfied.

Next, he asked out of curiosity, "Right. Ye Si, since both you and the solidified light of virtue are staying inside my body, will it give rise to conflicts of any sort?"

"Let me see." After saying this much, Ye Si returned back inside Song Shuhang's body.

After a short moment, she replied, "There isn't any conflict... actually, I can't even tell in which part of your body that solidified light of virtue is residing."

"It's good, then," Song Shuhang said with a nod.

Next, he thought of another interesting thing.

"Ye Si, let's try to use our Two Heads Four Arms superpower again!" Song Shuhang said.

"You still haven't had enough of it?"

"I thought of a new way to use it. Wait for my instructions and then come out with your head from my left side. I need to prepare a little," Song Shuhang said.

Ye Si replied, "Alright."

Song Shuhang closed his eyes and pondered for a short moment.

Then, he smiled at Su Clan's Sixteen, and said, "Sixteen, take a look at my new superpower."

"?" Su Clan's Sixteen was confused.

"Ye Si, get ready! This time... we'll use the Three Heads and Six Arms superpower!" Song Shuhang called out.

In the next moment, Ye Si coordinated with him and made her head come out from Song Shuhang's left side. Then, her two arms came out of Song Shuhang's shoulder area.

At the same time, the head of a 'stickman' drilled out from Song Shuhang's right side together with a pair of stick-like arms drilling out of his shoulder area.

Three Heads Six Arms mode!

"Sixteen, how is it? How does it look?" Song Shuhang asked.

"..." Su Clan's Sixteen.

Ye Si turned her head around to look at Song Shuhang's other side, and then said, "I feel that our current appearance isn't too cool. The head coming out from your right side is literally a ball of light, a ball that has been squashed, to be precise."

Su Clan's Sixteen added, "In addition, those two arms coming out from behind your shoulders look like two sticks of light that have been inserted in your body."

After saying this much, she took out her mobile phone and took a picture of Song Shuhang. Afterward, she gave him the phone, and said, "You can see how it look by yourself."

Song Shuhang took the mobile phone and gazed at the screen. "The right side having the appearance of a stickman ruined the feeling of the whole picture. If my solidified light of virtue could be improved a little, changing into a person with a proper head and arms, the Three Heads and Six Arms would look perfect."

"That might not be the case," Ye Si said after visualizing the picture. "If the face of the solidified light of virtue turns out to be the same as yours, my head and arms would ruin the whole picture while using the Three Heads and Six Arms superpower."

"You have a point." Song Shuhang returned the mobile phone to Su Clan's Sixteen. "However, it's still going to be better than the current stickman, ahaha."

Su Clan's Sixteen took her phone and blinked her eyes, asking, "Shuhang, can I send this picture to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and give the seniors something to talk about, preventing them from seeking death and mentioning Senior White's matter again while chatting?"

"You can send it if you want." Song Shuhang didn't seem to mind.

Su Clan's Sixteen nodded and swiped on the screen of the phone, sending the picture to the Nine Provinces Number One Group.


In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

After they finished chatting about the screening of the movie, the seniors couldn't find any new topic. Thereupon, the group had temporarily quieted down.

But right at this time, Su Clan's Sixteen send that picture where Song Shuhang had three heads and six arms.

The first one to reply was obviously Northern River's Loose Cultivator. "Eh? That's an interesting picture. Is this little friend Shuhang's new way of amusing himself? Isn't the little friend on the left side Fellow Daoist Ye Si from the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion? But what's that thing on the right? Did you use a magical technique to condense it? @True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, since you are the 'Eight-Armed Sword Sage', do you have anything to say about little friend Song Shuhang's Three Heads and Six Arms mode?"

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: "We can shoot 'Journey to the West' or the 'Investiture of the Gods' as our next movie. At that time, little friend Song Shuhang can play little Nezha's role."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Speaking of which, I just remembered about a picture I took some time ago. I'll look for the picture and show it to you guys."

After a short moment, True Monarch Yellow Mountain sent a picture—[Three-Headed Infernal Doudou].

In the picture, Doudou was still very young and looked adorable. Then, there were two adorable dog heads made of plaster growing on both sides of his real head...

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