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Venerable Spirit Butterfly had decided to shoot this movie a very long time ago, and at this moment, the main plot of the movie had already taken shape in his mind.

For example, Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber would surge forward with great momentum on the surface of the sea, creating large waves and chaos! Then, he would be thrown into a crater lake, creating waves and chaos once more! Afterward, he would be thrown into corrosive mudflow, creating all sorts of waves and chaos over and over again...

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had pledged that he was going to invest a lot of money in this movie and strive to obtain a perfect result.

The fact that I wasn't a small caterpillar that practiced until becoming a spirit butterfly—as well as the fact that I don't know how to spin a cocoon—truly disappointed Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless back then. The movie is how I want to make it up to him. I heard that Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless was able to play only a very small role in the movie the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group shot a while ago. Such being the case, I will take responsibility to help and give him the opportunity to play the role of the main character in this new movie! Venerable Spirit Butterfly thought to himself.

But right at this time, Venerable White replied. However, it seemed that Senior White was very busy, and his reply was thus very short—"Sure, no problem!"

After a short while, Venerable White sent another message: "Reporting back to Senior Spirit Butterfly... Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber is still inside Senior White's 'Secret Realm of Slowness'. Senior, if you wish to, you can head to that place and bring Senior Thrice Reckless back home. As for the method to get into the Secret Realm of Slowness, I will send it to you via email in a short while. Since Senior White is very busy at the moment, I—Song Shuhang—am replying in his stead."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly slightly tapped on the table with his finger, and then wrote: "Very well. Little friend Shuhang, thank Fellow Daoist White on my behalf."

After pondering for a moment, Venerable Spirit Butterfly also wrote: "Right, little friend Shuhang. In this movie that I want to shoot for Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, there is a male character that likes to disguise as a woman. Little friend, are you interested in being cast as this character?"

Venerable Spirit Butterfly remembered that little friend Song Shuhang had that particular hobby of wearing female clothes. Therefore, wasn't it better to give him an opportunity to satisfy his craving?


At this time, in the distant fragment of the ancient Heavenly City, Song Shuhang was left speechless.

He felt that Venerable Spirit Butterfly was deeply misunderstanding something!

In addition, it was very likely that Senior Spirit Butterfly had no knowledge of the current state of his body. If he were to wear female clothing with his current build, the spectators would surely lose their eyesight. At that time, they would have no way to compensate for all the emotional damage they would cause!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and politely refused. "Thanks for your offer, Senior Spirit Butterfly, but I won't be able to play this character. My university will start soon, and I won't have the time to participate in the shooting of the movie."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly quickly replied, "That's really unfortunate. In that case, let's see if we will have an opportunity to collaborate the next time, little friend!"

After he finished the conversation, Venerable Spirit Butterfly switched off the computer.

He felt that this hobby of little friend Song Shuhang was both good and bad.

Personally speaking, Venerable Spirit Butterfly was rather supportive of little friend Song Shuhang's hobby—was it really that wrong for a man to be somewhat abnormal?

Therefore, Venerable Spirit Butterfly wondered if he should secretly give little friend Song Shuhang a push from the back. For example, he could give little friend Song Shuhang's hobby extensive care and room to nurture it.

"How about gifting him some new immortal clothing for women? When I'm free, I will have to find a way to instill into his mind some make-up-related knowledge and properly nurture this hobby of his." Venerable Spirit Butterfly started to lay out his plan.

Helping others was the source of happiness~

Anyway, he would implement this plan in a little while...

Because now... it was time to grab Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

Thereupon, Venerable Spirit Butterfly sent a short message to that lazybones of a disciple of his, Liu Jianyi, summoning him over. To cure Liu Jianyi's sloth cancer, Venerable Spirit Butterfly gave him duties nonstop lately, all to make him become a little more active.

After receiving his teacher's message, Liu Jianyi came over with a bitter expression on his face. "Teacher, do you have another mission for me?"

Recently, he had started to wonder if he had accidentally offended his teacher. Perhaps this was the reason his teacher was now giving him missions to complete all day long and making him suffer. Liu Jianyi felt that he had already lost quite a bit of weight as of late.

"Jianyi, there is something I need you to do. Head to these coordinates, you will find the Secret Realm of Slowness there. Then, get inside and bring back Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. However, you have to be extra careful while going to pick him up and not fall inside the Secret Realm of Slowness yourself. That place is rather troublesome, and one's action would be forcefully slowed down after getting inside." After he had said this much, Venerable Spirit Butterfly gave Liu Jianyi the coordinates of the Secret Realm of Slowness, as well as the method to open it and get the trapped Thrice Reckless Mad Saber out.

"The Secret Realm of Slowness?" After hearing these words, Liu Jianyi's immediately lit up. Then, he nodded his head, and said, "I understand. Teacher... in that case, I will head over there to bring Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless back."

After saying this much, Liu Jianyi did something rather unexpected and left immediately, quickly heading toward the Secret Realm of Slowness...

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was confused. How come this Liu Jianyi fellow had become so active all of a sudden?


In the meantime, in that fragment of the ancient Heavenly City.

Venerable White cautiously held a mass of light in his hand.

"Is this the soul of that Seventh Stage Venerable?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked.

"Correct... I have to admit that pulling the soul of a Seventh Stage Venerable out of their body was rather troublesome," Venerable White said smugly. "In order to take out his soul, I had to make sure that he was in an extremely weakened state. Therefore, I decided to make my move just as he was about to die.

"I fed him the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus moments before his death since the life-prolonging effects of the lotus seed would affect his soul first and start to restore his aged body only afterward.

"As such, there was going to be a certain 'lag' between the two processes. During this small period of time, his body would be in a state of 'death', while the life of his soul would be prolonged by 50 years.

"And only during this special state of 'life and death' would it be possible to successfully pull out the soul."

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and then thought of a bug in an online video game he had previously played where the character would keep living after hitting 0 HP.

Venerable White continued, "As a result, I managed to pull out the soul of this Seventh Stage Venerable, who was alive but extremely weakened. Everything went according to my estimations."

"Are we going to interrogate this soul next?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked.

"Not yet! Shuhang, you have to lend me another item. From what I remember, you should still have that 'spirit-binding ice bead' with you, right? It's precisely that item you used to seal the ghost spirit," Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang nodded and took an ice bead out of his size-reducing purse, handing it over to Senior White.

This ice bead really brought back memories!

It was precisely that ice bead that would make him feel a cool and refreshing feeling during the scorching hot summer, acting as an air conditioner. In addition, it would keep his mind clear, making it very easy for him to study. It was exactly due to the existence of this 'spirit-binding ice bead' that he started to suspect that 'cultivators' might be real. The scene of him heading to the neighboring city alongside Soft Feather to catch the ghost spirit was still vivid in his mind.

Venerable White took the 'spirit-binding ice bead' and placed it on the ground, engraving a small formation around the ice bead.

"Senior White, are you planning to seal his soul inside the spirit-binding ice bead?" Song Shuhang asked. Still, would the spirit-binding ice bead even be able to contain the soul of a Seventh Stage Venerable?

"Correct," Venerable White replied. After saying this much, he held the soul in both hands and pushed it toward the spirit-binding ice bead. In the next moment, the soul of that Seventh Stage Venerable was successfully sealed within the spirit-binding ice bead.

The formation on the ground disappeared, and the appearance of the spirit-binding ice bead also changed a little... a one-meter-long tail was now growing out of the ice bead!

"Done," Venerable White said as he clapped his hands.

Then, he pulled over the big ginseng.

At this time, the ginseng had once again regained consciousness and opened its eyes. Although it still had the appearance of a ginseng, it had already become a spirit, and had thus grown a pair of eyes and a mouth.

After waking up, it saw Venerable White and started to crazily struggle again.

"Don't cause trouble!" Venerable White gently patted the ginseng with his palm, making it lose consciousness again.

Then, he took the spirit-binding ice bead and stuffed it into the mouth of the big ginseng, leaving only that tail growing out of the bead hanging outside the mouth.

Song Shuhang asked, "Senior White, what are you doing?"

"Hmm... I'm doing this to allow the soul of that Seventh Stage Venerable trapped inside 'spirit-binding ice bead' to take control of the body of the ginseng spirit. In addition, it will make it easier to get information from him," Venerable White explained. "When I sealed his soul inside the spirit-binding ice bead, I intentionally left behind a small flaw so that part of the soul in the ice bead would leak out. In the end, this is the soul of a Seventh Stage Venerable, and even if it is extremely weakened, it should have no problems controlling the body of this ginseng spirit."

Su Clan's Sixteen blinked her eyes, and said, "Senior White, why did you go through all this trouble? Couldn't we have directly interrogated the soul and gotten all the information we wanted?"

"It wasn't that troublesome. In addition, the effects are going to be even better with this method!" Venerable White said smugly.

At this time, the big ginseng slowly opened its eyes again.


"I didn't die?" Demon Venerable Lushan Street was confused. He remembered that his life force was completely exhausted, and his consciousness had also started dissipating. He was going to thoroughly die in a short while.

As such, why was he able to open his eyes again?

But right at this time, just as he recovered his eyesight, he saw an old and weak body—it was his own body!

As expected... he had still died in the end.

But since he had died already, why could he open his eyes?

Was it possible that his soul had yet to disperse?

No, that was impossible... only a complete and thorough death awaited those cultivators that had completely exhausted their life force. After their corporeal body had died, their soul would follow suit and disappear as well!

But right at this time, several other figures appeared in his field of vision.

There was that handsome scary monster with incredible strength.

Next to him was that little rascal of the Third Stage with a kind and gentle face.

Then, there was still that girl, also of the Third Stage.

Venerable White squatted next to the big ginseng with a smile, and said, "Did you finally wake up?"

Demon Venerable Lushan Street, who had now been incarnated as a big ginseng, struggled with all his might. After struggling, he discovered that there was something wrong with his body. This body... wasn't the body of a human!

"After adapting to your new body a little, you should be able to speak. Anyway, it's time for us to have a good chat, isn't it?"

"What did you do to me?" Venerable Lushan Street said. He felt as if there was something wrong with his mouth, just as though he was biting on a rope...

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