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Chapter 81: Loli and going past his stop
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Leaving the University City and crossing the long bridge, he took a train towards Jiangnan region’s Guangyuan Road.

The Yuan Long Medicinal Drugs Store was located at Guangyuan road.

By squeezing through the crowded ticketing booths and going along the long escalator, the bustling underground world could be reached. The criss-crossing train tracks linked the four provinces together.

In the past hundred years, it was as if humans had accumulated enough ability points, and they rapidly progressed on their technology skill tree. This underground world that was like a spider web was something unimaginable for people from a century past.

Despite the fact that ordinary people couldn’t see the flying sword he was carrying with their eyes, Shuhang still got through the security inspection carefully… The entry checks here were very relaxed, perhaps it’s because nothing big had ever happened here before.

If the security remains so relaxed, there would definitely be a huge incident that occurs in the future, right?

No no no, don’t jinx it!

Song Shuhang got on the escalator. Looking past the barrier of the escalator, he could see large amounts of people getting out of the train.

Majority of the people had exhaustion written all over their faces. The rhythm of living keeps increasing, causing the people of this generation to madly spin along with it like a spinning top. In the end, people don’t even know why they have to be this busy and weary, or why they live life so impatiently. The more this is the case, the more numb they get, for they can’t find any joy in life.

If I didn’t come into contact with the Nine Provinces (1) Group, perhaps this sort of numb, apathetic life would have been my future.

At this time, a figure attracted the gaze of Song Shuhang in this crowd.

It was an uncle who looked was a white collar worker, he looked to be in a rush, and held a briefcase in his left hand.

It was the uncle who mistook Shuhang as a cheat when he dropped his money in front of Shuhang previously.

Song Shuhang touched his wallet; the money that uncle dropped was still with him. However, it was unfortunate that he didn’t have the opportunity to pass the money to him this time. A tall barricade was placed between the train and the escalator, and this is to prevent people from doing dangerous things like leaping over to the escalator.

If I meet him again, I’ll definitely pass him the money.

Come to think of it, this uncle’s behavior is pretty strange. This uncle seemed to be intentionally hiding behind tall people, acting sneaky……

Of the two, one was going up and the other went down.

Song Shuhang slightly smiled, he looked for the train that was going in Guangyuan Road’s direction, and stood on the platform.

Perhaps it was because of the college entrance exams, as the human traffic in the subway today was much higher than usual. On the platform were long lines of people, and there were constantly people joining their ranks, lengthening the lines.

Because it was too crowded, the air-conditioning in the station completely lost its effectiveness.

There was a young mother and daughter pair behind Shuhang, the daughter used very rigid Mandarin to grumble, “It’s very hot.”

“There are too many people out today, the air-conditioning has become useless.” Behind the young mother was a man who was loosening the collar on his white shirt who spoke in a helpless tone.

The young mother held onto the little girl’s hands and stuck out her tongue at her. Likewise, she used very rigid Mandarin and said, “The air circulation here is bad, and stuffy.”

She was approximately four to five years old, she had a bob haircut, big black eyes, wore a dress, and looked as exquisite as a porcelain doll.

“The train is coming soon, endure for a little more.” The man in white shirt forced a smile and said. Due to the college entrance exams, there was congestion, which was why they decided to take the subway. It was unexpected that the subway was even more congested. If he knew earlier, he would’ve taken the car instead, at the very least the car had air-conditioning which was more comfortable than this place.

While the family of three were grumbling, the little girl suddenly felt a cooling feeling in front of her, she subconsciously wanted to move towards that direction.

“Ai ya!” She knocked into something that was like a wall, and found it painful.

However, this wall was also nice and cool, sticking to it felt like lying on an ice-cold water bed in the hot summer. She subconsciously stuck onto this cold wall.

“……” Song Shuhang turned around, and speechlessly looked at the little loli who stuck onto his body like a blissful kitten.

Ever since he grasped the way to use the mental energy magics, he was able to control the chilliness of the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl, and controlled the area of chilliness to the surface of his body. Otherwise, in this scorching summer day, if he walks around spreading cold air like a human air-conditioner, it would be very suspicious to others.

But I was obviously low-key, so why am I still so attractive?

“Apo… apologies, I’m very sorry!” The young mother used rigid Mandarin and kept apologizing to Shuhang, at the same time, she reached out her hand in an attempt to pull her daughter back.

As her daughter wasn’t good at Mandarin, ever since she came with her daddy to Huaxia, she had a fear of strangers. For her to blissfully hug a stranger and keep rubbing herself on him, what’s going on? Is it because of the heat, and her daughter’s brain crashed?

“Don’tttt…. Mama, don’tttttt!” The little girl stuck onto Song Shuhang like she’d rather die than let go.

The young mother and her husband were both embarrassed.

“I’m really sorry about this, the child is insensible.” The father in white shirt’s mouth was twitching, he reached out his hand to pull his daughter back.

“Don’t, absolutely do not pull me! Break off relations, Papa, let’s break off relations!” The little girl shouted with her mouth wide open, as if she was about to cry.

The father’s hand stopped in mid-air.

Immediately, the surrounding people all directed their gazes at Song Shuhang and the others.

At this time, Song Shuhang was maintaining the ‘alertness’ state, and thus was very sensitive to his surroundings. Being directed this many gazes, he immediately felt like a lone warrior facing a thousand arrows.

“How about I hug her for a little while?” Song Shuhang carefully asked, because he was afraid of being mistaken as a child trafficker.

But before her parents could reply, the little loli had already jumped into Shuhang’s embrace, and firmly held onto Shuhang’s body like a monkey.

What could the father in white shirt do other than bitterly smiling? More bitter smiles!

He replied with a bitter smile, “Sorry to trouble you, young man.”

Song Shuhang lightly hugged the little girl, allowing her to comfortably rest on his shoulder.

The little loli held onto Shuhang tightly, and stuck out her tongue at her mommy and daddy. Then, she enjoyed taking a deep breath, she felt like this was the most comfortable thing in this scorching summer day. Being on this big brother’s body is heaven!

The father in white shirt saw this, and his heart twitched, he was both depressed and lonely: My daughter, my daughter…… Is no longer mine!

The young mother looked at Shuhang curiously, she couldn’t figure out which part of this young man managed to attract her daughter.

Hmm, now that I look carefully, he’s a young man with a kind face, and is obviously a good person?

Perhaps it’s because he’s a good person, which is why my daughter who has been rather introverted and sensitive likes sticking onto him?

The pretty mother was letting her imaginations run wild when the sound of the train moving in was heard from far. The train had arrived.

The father in white shirt made use of his physique to get into the train fast, intending to find a seat.

However, it was unfortunate that the seats had all been taken, so he looked at Song Shuhang apologetically.

His daughter was already five, and it wasn’t easy to carry her. The young man looked skinny and weak, he was very worried as to how long more this man could carry his daughter.

Song Shuhang replied with a warm smile. Gaining joy from helping others effortlessly was something that made him very happy, and he didn’t intend to let go of this happiness.

The little loli rested on Shuhang’s shoulder, and occasionally rubbed on it blissfully, with a face of satisfaction……

A whole half an hour later.

The train cued, they have arrived at Jing Li Plaza.

The father in white shirt sighed a breath of relief, one more stop and it would be their destination.

His daughter was already deeply asleep on the young man’s shoulder.

The young man’s physique was nothing like what it looked like, it was fantastic. The young man had carried his daughter for a whole half an hour, yet he still seems very relaxed. Furthermore, he had noticed that whenever the train braked, it was like the young man’s feet were glued to the ground, they didn’t move or even sway!

“Young man, it would be our stop next. My daughter is insensible, we’ve truly troubled you, I can’t thank you enough. Is it not your stop yet?” The father in white shirt carefully stretched out his hands, and received his sleeping daughter from Song Shuhang’s hands.

“It’s not troublesome at all, I still have a few stops. This young lady is really cute, hahaha.” Song Shuhang handed the little girl over with a smile.

In actuality… he had gone past his stop.

He had already arrived past it three stops ago, but when he saw how sweetly the little girl in his arms slept, his rottenly good characteristic showed, and he continued carrying her for the three stops.
Therefore, he still had to take another train back in the opposite direction later!

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