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"Under such a powerful barrage of attacks, the opposite party might have really been reduced to ashes. However, there is something I don't understand... why had the other party resigned themselves to their death and didn't fight back?" Song Shuhang said.

While speaking, Song Shuhang was still on guard and cautiously looking around.

Recently, his luck was simply awful. Therefore, no matter what was happening or what he was doing, he always had to prepare for the 'worst'.

At this time, he was wondering if that Seventh Stage Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect had some kind of trick up their sleeve which allowed them to evade Venerable White's destructive attack...

Perhaps that guy was now hiding somewhere in the dark like a poisonous snake, looking for an opportunity to make a surprise attack against them!

Actually... the first part of Song Shuhang's guess was correct, but the latter wasn't.

That Seventh Stage Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect known as 'Demon Venerable Lushan Street' indeed had a method to survive Venerable White's terrifying bombardment.

After all, Demon Venerable Lushan Street was a very old Venerable, and among the Venerables that were still alive, he was one of the oldest. Since he was an old fogey, he had a lot of secret techniques, secret treasures, and secret medicine to preserve his life. Therefore, it wasn't strange in the slightest that he had survived Venerable White's bombardment.

However, the opposite party didn't hide in the dark like a poisonous snake, but directly appeared in front of Song Shuhang and the others.

"I've lived for a very long time, but I've never met an opponent like you before." In the sky, a mass of demonic mist suddenly appeared. "I'm not sure how to describe you... but before you even got to see your enemy, you consumed all your physical and spiritual energy. It's undeniable that your attack just now made me see the shadow of death, but since you've failed to kill me... you're now done for."

"Hmm, thank you for the compliment," Venerable White said with a nod.

"Hehe." Demon Venerable Lushan Street sneered. Then, he calmly raised his hand and said, "In that case, how are you planning to fight me now that you have consumed all your physical and spiritual energy?"

"I can just eat medicinal pills to recover it!" Venerable White said.

"You can try if you want, but I need to remind you of something. In this stretch of land, the effects of medicinal pills are no different than that of ordinary candies. You don't stand a chance." The corner of Demon Venerable Lushan Street's mouth rose, and after he had said this much, he ruthlessly made a gripping motion with his hand. "I'll gladly accept your hearts!"

Along with his gripping motion, a burst of cursed energy emerged midair and headed downward.

In the next moment, a cursed rune appeared on Song Shuhang's, Su Clan's Sixteen's, and Venerable White's chest areas. Since the monster willow didn't have a heart, this curse-type magical technique that was specifically aimed at humanoid creatures didn't have any effect on her. Therefore, she wasn't in any immediate danger.

Immediately after, the rune broke into small pieces.

Even if it was a cultivator, they would die if their heart was crushed to pieces.

"It's a curse-type magical technique! Ye Si, can you eat this curse?" Song Shuhang quickly asked.

"..." Ye Si said, "I feel that my appetite isn't that great. In addition, how am I supposed to eat something like a curse?"

As expected, the ability to eat curses was the unique innate skill of his other ghost spirit!

But right at this time, Venerable White gently smiled, and said, "Was there really a need to take out such a low-level curse-type magical technique?"

After saying this much, Venerable White stretched out his hand and tapped, tapping on Song Shuhang's body.

Soon after, that layer of 'light of virtue' shrouding Song Shuhang's body bubbled up and inflated. The light of virtue was the natural enemy of curses and other evil things. As long as it was used properly, it was like a sharp weapon that could tear down curses.

Song Shuhang was still rather inexperienced when it came to using the light of virtue. Up until now, only while using the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique One❯ could he transform the light of virtue into a golden giant to shroud his body and increase the power of the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯.

At this time, under Venerable White's control, the light of virtue inflated and turned into three sharp swords that quickly slashed toward the curse.

"Crackle, crackle, crackle~" The curse was easily broken through.


"Hehe..." After his curse-type magical technique was broken through, Demon Venerable Lushan Street didn't get angry.

Then, after smiling, he finally made his move.

Just now, when he'd used that curse-type magical technique to crush the hearts of the enemy, he was only probing them. After testing the waters, he was now sure that the young Venerable before his eyes had really consumed all of his energy.

Then, when he got rid of his 'heart crushing' curse, the energy that the opposite party had recovered with great difficulty was depleted again.

At this time, the enemy had none of his physical and spiritual energy left; he was nothing but an empty shell standing there and acting tough.

Demon Venerable Lushan Street moved, but he didn't get closer to Venerable White and the others. Instead, he started to float up. Although this young Venerable had completely consumed his physical and spiritual energy, he could still use martial skills.

Demon Venerable Lushan Street, who didn't have much of his lifespan left, didn't want to engage in close quarters combat with this young Venerable.

Therefore, he decided to bombard the trio with magical techniques and kill them using this method. Although it was going to take him more time, this method was surely safer.

After he had floated high into the sky, three huge eyes appeared behind Demon Venerable Lushan Street.

Afterward, the three eyes opened...

Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen felt their bodies becoming heavy. They could feel a power capable of destroying everything coming from the three pupils. If not for Venerable White standing in front of them and protecting them, they would be directly lying on the ground due to the pressure weighing down on their bodies.

The disparity between a cultivator of the Third Stage and a Seventh Stage Venerable was simply too big.

But right at this time, Venerable White said, "Eh? I took a medicinal pill, and it really didn't have any effect! This place is ruled by a strange set of laws that made medicinal pills and liquefied pills useless here! I can't even absorb the spiritual energy inside spirit stones."

"Hehe." In the sky, Demon Venerable Lushan Street had already started with his attack. When the three eyes opened, the ground beneath the feet of Song Shuhang and the others had turned into a 'demonic area'. Under the sealing effects of this demonic area, Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen were unable to move.

Soon after, demonic qi welled up, transforming into blazing demonic flames.

It was an attack of the Seventh Stage rank, and Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen would be reduced to ashes even if something as small as a spark stuck to their bodies.

"Sigh... the older one gets, the smaller their courage becomes. Even under these circumstances, he's unwilling to engage me in close combat." Venerable White sighed. He seemed really disappointed.

While speaking, Venerable White stomped his foot. Raging spiritual energy spread from his foot, and the demonic area beneath the feet of the trio turned into fine sand.

The blazing demonic flames were also buried beneath the sand.

"You've unexpectedly recovered a little bit of spiritual energy... I have to admit that the speed at which you are recovering your spiritual energy is faster than what I imagined. You are really a scary youngster," Demon Monarch Lushan Street said in a soft voice.

However, even if the speed at which he was recovering his spiritual energy was faster than this, it was too late now!

A huge formation had already started taking shape in the sky, transforming into a black beam of light that headed toward Song Shuhang and the others.

Beneath their feet, that 'demonic area' that had been buried beneath the sand had now turned into a huge formation that was coordinating with the formation in the sky.

"Heaven Slaying Demonic Eye!" Demon Venerable Lushan Street shouted.

This move was Demon Venerable Lushan Street's instant kill move. Countless Sixth Stage True Monarchs had died under the power of this move.

In the past, Demon Venerable Lushan Street had even killed two enemy Seventh Stage Venerables by relying on this move of his!

Venerable White's long hair fluttered in the wind as he replied, "Actually... the speed at which my spiritual energy is recovering is way faster than what you imagined. In fact, I've already finished restoring my mana, and I'm brimming with spiritual energy at this moment!"

While speaking, he took a sealed 'crystalized lotus flower' out of his sleeve.

This crystalized lotus flower was truly a pay-to-win manrestoring item. Even in this place governed by a strange set of rules—to the point that not even medicinal pills or spirit stones could restore one's mana—the crystalized lotus flower was unaffected, and the speed at which it allowed the user to recover their mana was as fast as before.

Actually, even if he hadn't recovered his spiritual energy, Venerable White still had a lot of treasures with him that he could have used to deal with that Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect.

However, since he had recovered his spiritual energy, he could now use a simpler and cruder method to take care of the enemy.

A huge ring of light suddenly appeared behind Venerable White's body.

When he saw this ring of light, Demon Venerable Lushan Street's pupils couldn't help but shrink.

That huge ring of light was part of the magical technique that destroyed the whole mountain valley earlier... but didn't this move require a very long time to be prepared and used?

Demon Venerable Lushan Street got a very bad feeling at this moment.

"It seems you've guessed it correctly." Venerable White faintly smiled.

If he wished to, Venerable White could use the magical technique instantaneously.

As soon as the ring of light appeared, a hundred or so supplementary formations popped out of it. Amongst the effects of the formations were: Acceleration, Acceleration Lv.2, Super Acceleration, Reinforcement, Sharpness, Energy Doubling, Energy Doubling Lv.2, Lightning-Fast Flash, Storm Cut, Chain Bombardment, Flame Boost, Lightning Boost, Wind Boost, Spirit Boost, Split Chain Attack, Energy Discharge, Blazing Boost, etc.—the effects were the same as before, with no difference whatsoever.

And when those hundred or so supplementary magical techniques popped out of the ring... a streak of sword light that couldn't wait to get into action likewise shot out of the ring of light.

Just in this fashion, more than a hundred supplementary formations and a streak of sword light had shot out of the ring of light... all of this had happened in an instant!

"Whizz, whizz, whizz~"

The sword light split up and took two different routes.

One of the streaks shot toward the sky at lightning-fast speed, directly aiming at Demon Venerable Lushan Street, who was currently hovering midair.

The other headed toward that huge formation, also in the sky. The seven-colored divine sword thrust into the black beam of light, shattering it to pieces with its explosive power and forcefully interrupting Demon Venerable Lushan Street's instant kill move, the 'Heaven Slaying Demonic Eye'.

Dammit, how is this possible?! Things are turning for the worse!

Demon Venerable Lushan Street's pupil suddenly shrank.

He immediately activated all the defensive magical treasures on his body and threw out a large number of defensive talismans as well. In addition, he bit the tip of his tongue and spurted out a mouthful of blood essence... he decided to use this self-harming method to quickly make use of several magical techniques. "Indestructible Defense of the Demonic Monarch, Immovable Iron Wall, Double Immovable Iron Wall, Flame Guard, Lightning Guard, Wind Guard, Blazing Guard, Decelerating Cursed Field of Force, Repelling Field of Force!"

In the blink of an eye, he had set up layers upon layers of defenses in front of his body.

However, all these defenses were still not enough. The defenses he had set up in the mountain valley were even stronger than the ones he'd used just now... and yet, they had still been flattened to the ground together with the whole mountain valley. That mountain valley was blown up so many times that it ultimately turned into an abyss.

This move where the opposite party was shooting out a myriad of swords together was impossible to meet or resist head on.

The worst thing was that he had already used four of his life-preserving secret techniques, magical treasures, and talismans in a row to escape the myriad of swords that had rained down on him previously.

At this time, he still had a magical technique to maintain his life... but this last magical technique could not guarantee that he would be able to survive the bombardment of those myriad swords.

Just what kind of monster is this guy?!

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