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From what Song Shuhang remembered, Venerable White rarely made hand seals or recited incantations while attacking.

Under normal circumstances, Venerable White would just grab Meteor Sword and slash out with his sword qi, which would be enough to deal with the enemy. From time to time, he would also use some strange magical treasure to deal with his enemies.

But now, while facing this mountain valley, Senior White had decided to take things seriously, and he was even chanting an incantation while casting this magical technique!

Along with Senior White's incantation, a huge ring of light appeared in front of the people present there.

In the next moment, all the surrounding spiritual energy crazily poured into the ring of light.

Due to this spiritual energy pouring into the ring too quickly, the picture of a 'funnel' appeared midair. It was a sign that this magical technique was powerful enough to affect the surrounding area and cause strange phenomena!

After that, a huge oppressive strength was released from the ring of light the magical technique had generated.

In Song Shuhang's size-reducing purse, Lady Onion was having trouble resisting the pressure, and her body had started to tremble.

"Is Senior White planning to use a forbidden spell?" Song Shuhang said in a soft voice to Su Clan's Sixteen. "Sixteen, do you have any idea which magical technique is Senior White planning to use?"

"I can't tell. I have very little knowledge in regards to magical techniques of the Seventh Stage rank," Su Clan's Sixteen replied in a soft voice.

But right at this time, Venerable White suddenly turned his head around and said, "Ahaha, do you know that you can directly ask me these questions? Well, let me explain! This is a magical technique I've personally created. During the past few days, I've been visualizing in my head the structure of this magical technique, and now, I can finally test its might!"

"Senior White, don't get distracted while casting the magical technique!" Song Shuhang said, somewhat worried. Wouldn't the forbidden spell blow up in their faces if Senior White got distracted and lost control over it?

It was a magical technique that could even create a strange phenomenon in the surrounding area; if it were to go out of control and blow in their faces, both he and Su Clan's Sixteen would be reduced to ashes, with not even their skeletons remaining intact!

"Don't worry, I'm taking the casting of the magical technique very seriously. Moreover, I've already completed the first step. Now, I only need to pour energy into the embryonic form of the magical technique. Therefore, you don't have to be so anxious," Venerable White said.

On the other hand, how would this magical technique that had generated this ring of light attack the enemy?

But right at this time, Venerable White called out, "Qing Wu, quickly come out and load all my disposable flying swords into the ring."

In the next moment, that monster willow that Senior White had subdued, Qing Wu, drilled out of Venerable White's sleeve.

Song Shuhang noticed that there was a belt winding around her tree trunk.

After landing, the monster willow increased her size until becoming as big as a person and used her nimble tree branches to take out a few bundles of disposable flying swords from the 'belt' coiled around her body; each bundle was made of twenty swords.

Afterward, she used her tree branches to continuously load these bundles of disposable flying swords into the ring of light.

While she was loading the disposable flying swords, the tree branches of the monster willow were continuously shaking. From the looks of it, the magical technique was making her feel a lot of pressure... or perhaps those disposable flying swords were actually made from her tree branches?

"So many disposable flying swords?" Song Shuhang was speechless.

Venerable White smiled, and explained, "Ah~ I was somewhat bored as of late. Therefore, aside from practicing and watching the editing of the movie, I've been manufacturing flying swords. Then, without even noticing, I ended up making this many."

Su Clan's Sixteen silently nodded. While bored, Venerable White's practical skills soared to another level.

While they were discussing, the monster willow had finished loading the disposable flying swords into the ring of light. She had loaded a whole twenty bundles of disposable flying swords there.

"That should be enough," Venerable White said. "The consumption of this magical technique is truly high, and it has almost consumed all my energy. Now, it's better if you retreat a little. The strength of the magical technique might be higher than I initially thought!"

Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, and the monster willow quickly retreated.


Anyway, what was the Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect inside the mountain valley doing while Venerable White was busy casting the magical technique? They unexpectedly didn't come out to prevent Venerable White from using his big move and allowed him to cast it freely!

Was it possible that the opposite party had reached a critical moment while closing up and couldn't move?

Anyway, it didn't matter anymore... because Venerable White had now finished preparing his big move!

Venerable White aimed the ring of light toward the mountain valley, and then said, "How should I call this move?"

"You can give it whatever name you want... but Senior White, you have to seize this opportunity to blow that other Venerable up!" Song Shuhang said.

"Alright, we can choose a name later, then." This time, Venerable White actually compromised. The main reason was that the consumption of this magical technique was too big, and he was consuming a lot of energy for each instant he was maintaining it. Venerable White felt that he would really lose control of the magical technique if he kept wasting time.

In the next moment, Senior White stretched out his hand and shoved it into the ring of light.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz~"

Layers upon layers of formations gushed out of the ring of light, for a total of more than a hundred formations.

All the formations were supplementary formations, and amidst the whole lot were present formations such as Acceleration, Acceleration Lv.2, Super Acceleration, Reinforcement, Sharpness, Energy Doubling, Energy Doubling Lv.2, Lightning-Fast Flash, Storm Cut, Chain Bombardment, Flame Boost, Lightning Boost, Wind Boost, Spirit Boost, Split Chain Attack, Energy Discharge, Blazing Boost, etc.—there were more than a hundred formations altogether, without a single duplicate.

One could easily imagine what kind of terrifying boost Venerable White's disposable flying swords would receive after getting strengthened by all these formations.

From the looks of it, a single sword would have enough strength to cleave mountains and seas!

And yet, Venerable White had thrown into that ring of light a whole 400 disposable flying swords!

Song Shuhang gazed at the mountain valley.

Even if the mountain valley was full of defenses, formations, and traps of the Seventh Stage Venerable rank, it would be impossible for it to withstand the power of Venerable White's move.

That Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect inside the mountain valley could still keep their calm at this moment? Or had they already given up on resisting?


"Preparations have been completed," Venerable White said in a soft voice. After those hundred or so supplementary formations came into effect, the 'nameless magical technique' started operating... in the next moment, the space of the mountain valley was sealed.

No matter what that Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect was planning to do, it was too late now!

Now that space had been sealed, only if the opposite party had a godly space-type weapon would they be able to get out of the mountain valley. Otherwise, they could only meet Venerable White's move head on.

"It's really a shame... I even spent all this time to prepare this magical technique as bait, but that guy still didn't come out of the mountain valley." Venerable White was actually feeling some regret right now.

If the opposite party had lost their calm and come out of the mountain valley to interrupt the casting of his magical technique, he could have used those 400 disposable flying swords to instantly turn them into a porcupine! If the timing of the hand seal was right, he could have defeated the enemy with a single move.

Actually, Venerable White could have instantly completed the casting of this magical technique. The reason he took his sweet time was to make the fish swallow the bait.

But, unfortunately for him, the opposite party didn't take the bait.

So unlucky!

After sighing, Venerable White said in a soft voice, "Explosion!"

"Whizz, whizz, whizz~"

A myriad of beams of light capable of covering the whole world shot out of that 'ring of light'. Each of those beams of light was a disposable flying sword.

When the flying swords shot out, they orderly passed through the various supplementary formations.

Each time a flying sword passed through a supplementary formation, a layer of light would be left on the body of the sword, and the strengthening effects of the formation would be added to it.

As the hundred or so effects of the supplementary formations were applied to the various disposable flying swords, Song Shuhang discovered that there was now a strange seven-colored light covering the blades of the disposable flying swords.

Had the disposable flying swords turned into divine weapons?

In video games, the seven-colored radiance represented equipment of the divine rank!

Therefore, should they be called 'disposable divine flying swords'?


The sword light rained down, and the whole world was instantly overshadowed!

At this time, the whole world was filled with seven-colored sword light!

"Boom, boom, boom~"

The flying swords slashed toward the mountain valley.

A huge defensive formation instantly appeared around the mountain valley... however, this defensive formation of the Seventh Stage rank was as frail as paper in front of Venerable White's sword attack.

The defensive formation was immediately ripped open.

The first wave of 70 or so disposable flying swords bombarded the mountain valley, with the sound of explosions continuously echoing~

At this time, all the formations inside the mountain valley had been activated...

It seemed that the Seventh Stage Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect had finally realized how scary that seven-colored sword light above their head was?

They controlled all the formations, drawing forth all the energy stored within.

Afterward, black mist rose from inside the valley, assuming the form of contorted tentacles that clashed against the seven-colored sword light in the sky.

"Ahaha." Venerable White gently laughed.

Then, the seven-colored sword light in the sky instantly condensed and turned into a giant seven-colored beam of light.

The beam of light covered the whole mountain valley!

Then, it rained down with a boom.

The black mist gushing out of the mountain valley disappeared without a trace under the bombardment of the beam of light.

The seven-colored beam of light continued heading down.

The formations of the mountain valley were getting burst open at speed visible to the naked eye. After a formation was broken, the piece of the mountain valley it protected would be immediately obliterated by the disposable flying swords.

After all the defenses had been broken through, the 400 sword lights scattered and carried out one last wave of carpet bombing.

Fire, lightning, wind, blazing rays of light, pure explosions, sharp sword qi... at this moment, the whole mountain valley had transformed into a mass of beautiful fireworks.

Soon after, a powerful shock wave headed toward Song Shuhang and the others.

However, Venerable White had already prepared for it. The huge ring of light in front of him ultimately transformed into an impenetrable defense that protected the party.

"So beautiful~" Song Shuhang said.

"Ahaha." Venerable White laughed, seemingly very pleased. Behind him, the monster willow Qing Wu was holding a camera and recording the whole scene playing before their eyes.

This was actually Venerable White's idea. However, he wasn't like Fairy Lychee, who just liked to take pictures. The reason he'd decided to record the scene of this magical technique in action was so that he could study it later and find a way to improve it.


The remaining strength of the 'nameless magical technique' finally dispersed.

The 'mountain valley' had now been replaced by a bottomless pit. If one stood on the edge and looked downward, they wouldn't be able to see the bottom.

"Just how deep is this abyss!" Song Shuhang said.

Su Clan's Sixteen said, "Did that Seventh Stage Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect inside the mountain valley... die?"

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