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"Whizz~" Meteor Sword happily increased its speed.

A person with certain interests would forge a flying sword with similar interests. As such, just like its master, Meteor Sword loved racing.

"Aaaaaah~" Two voices, one masculine and one feminine, echoed throughout the sky.

This time, I didn't even speak heedlessly! As such, why did Venerable White suddenly increase his speed?! I just asked what was the distance between our location and the ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect! Song Shuhang's face was full of tears.

My acrophobia and tachophobia are going to become incurable at this pace!


In a desert within China's borders, one of the ancestral lands of the Limitless Demon Sect was hidden.

However, the ancestral land had almost fallen into ruin at this moment...

A century ago, this place was still filled with the fragrance of flowers and the singing of birds, as well as with ample quantity of spiritual qi. As such, it had become one of the head altars of the Limitless Demon Sect.

But now, the whole place had changed into a vast expanse of desert, and the altar had been moved somewhere else as well. As a result, the status of the place was changed, and it ultimately became one of the ancestral lands of the Limitless Demon Sect.

The bad living conditions of the land turned it into a place that the disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect could use to temper themselves. In addition, a few experts of the Limitless Demon Sect that didn't have much time left to live decided to enter into a state of deep meditation there, hoping to achieve a breakthrough in this situation where their life and death was at stake.

As such, the Limitless Demon Sect hadn't thoroughly abandoned this ancestral land.

Daoist Priest Weiwei was one of the people in charge of managing the formations of this ancestral land, and even if he was just a cultivator of the Fourth Stage Realm, he was rather talented when it came to formations.

As such, the higher-ups of the Limitless Demon Sect had assigned him to this ancestral land, giving him the duty to control, manage, and maintain part of the formations of the ancestral land.

Although life was difficult in this ancestral land, the formations here were very big and complex. As such, Daoist Priest Weiwei's formation-related knowledge had increased by leaps and bounds after becoming one of the people in charge of the formations here, to the point that he would make progress every day.

Once he had gained the skills to control all the formations of the ancestral land by himself, he would be recalled to the head altar of the Limitless Demon Sect. At that time, his prospects would be limitless!

As a routine, after he finished testing the defensive and core formations under his jurisdiction, Daoist Priest Weiwei decided to take a break.

He took out his mobile phone and went online to take a look at the recent news.

Daoist Priest Weiwei sighed with emotion, and said, "Luckily, science and technology developed quite a bit in recent years... with that, even cultivators like me that have to stay in this godforsaken place can find a little bit entertainment."

Without the entertainment that science and technology brought them, he was unsure if he could really bear to stay in this place. After all, he was just a cultivator of the Fourth Stage Realm, and a demonic cultivator on top of that; willpower wasn't his strong point. He would probably go crazy if he were to stay in this ancestral land in the middle of the desert for tens or hundreds of years.

"After I'm done looking for recent news, I'll continue gathering formation-related knowledge," Daoist Priest Weiwei muttered to himself.

After unlocking his phone, he found ❮Apocalypse War❯'s trailer on the main page of the search engine.

"Eh? It's Director Jacob's new movie! I'm really fond of his movies. One time, I even got several formation-related inspirations thanks to him," Daoist Priest Weiwei said with a smile as he kept fiddling with the phone.

Eh? This time, Director Jacob decided to direct a 'futuristic Chinese cultivation' movie?

Is it because he wants to get into the Chinese market?

After scrolling downward, he saw the list of the actors.

Male Lead: Ling Ye; Actor: Song Bai.

Senior Brother Gao Sheng; Actor: Tyrannical Saber.

Dragon God Fist; Actor: Tyrannical Flood Dragon.

Eight-Armed Sword Sage; Actor: Tyrannical Lake.

Feng Chuanzi; Actor: Tyrannical Medicine.

Murong Hua; Actor: Tyrannical Riverly.

Daoist Priest Wudao; Actor: Tyrannical River.

Daoist Priest Wuwei; Actor: Tyrannical Fallout.

Ling'er; Actor: Tyrannical Lychee.

Traceless Saber; Actor: Tyrannical Su.

F*ck... what's the deal with the names of these actors? Isn't the word 'Tyrannical' appearing a little too much? Tyrannical River, Tyrannical Lake, Tyrannical Riverly... how come there is no one called Tyrannical Sea?

Only the name of the male lead, Song Bai, was somewhat normal.

But returning to the original topic... if one ignored these ridiculous names, they would notice that each and every one of these actors was very good-looking, much more good-looking than the ones that had appeared in movies within the last few years.

In particular, the actor that was cast as the main character of the movie Ling Ye—Song Bai—was incredibly handsome and delicate, just like an immortal that had been banished to the mortal world.

"It's a shame that I can't leave the ancestral land for now. Otherwise, I would have definitely gone to the cinema to support this movie. That actor called 'Song Bai' alone is enough for me to buy a ticket!" Daoist Priest Weiwei muttered to himself.

If that 'Song Bai' was even half as handsome as he looked in these promotional pictures, the price of the ticket would have been worth it.

"This guy is really good-looking! I really feel like printing these promotional pictures and hanging them in the room, appreciating them every day! The actress playing the role of the female ghost, Ling'er, is also very good-looking. It feels as if she was born to stay in front of the camera. While in front of the camera, she automatically positions herself in the best way possible. As such, all her pictures are taken from the best angle possible.

"Since when did so many good-looking celebrities appear amidst ordinary humans?" After swiping on the screen of his mobile phone, Daoist Priest Weiwei finally clicked on the link of the trailer.

A few seconds later.

Daoist Priest Weiwei was thoroughly enraged, and roared, "Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!"

The nearby disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect that had come to the ancestral land to temper themselves got a scare.

Among them, a disciple that had a good relationship with Daoist Priest Weiwei asked out of curiosity, "Senior Brother Weiwei, who is Senior Brother Gao Sheng? Is there someone with this name in our Limitless Demon Sect?"

"Haha~" Daoist Priest Weiwei laughed awkwardly. "No, no. There is no one called Senior Brother Gao Sheng in our Limitless Demon Sect. I was talking about a movie. Have you seen the latest work of Director Jacob, ❮Apocalypse War❯? It's a movie full of Chinese flavor, and there is a character called 'Gao Sheng' in the movie. If you have some free time, you should also take a look at the trailer of the movie; it's great. Anyway, this Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die! It's a pity that the name on the actor list, Tyrannical Saber, is definitely not his real name. Otherwise, I would have used a cursing technique to put a long-distance curse on this Gao Sheng fellow!"

Of course, the reason True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn't put Song Shuhang's real name on the list of actors was to save his poor life.

Otherwise, myriad of people from China and all over the world would have cursed Song Shuhang on a daily basis.

After Daoist Priest Weiwei had wholeheartedly suggested everyone to watch the trailer of the movie, the disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect likewise took out their phones one after another, watching it.

The 'Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!' slogan played continuously.

"The theme song is very pleasant to hear."

"These actors are really good-looking!"

"Senior Brother Ling Ye is too handsome."

"The female ghost Ling'er is also beautiful."

"Wait a moment... I find this actor that plays the role of the 'Eight-Armed Sword Sage' somewhat familiar. He looks the same as a True Monarch-level cultivator of a daoist sect opposing our Limitless Demon Sect..."

"You are overthinking it. In this world, how can there be a True Monarch that is so bored to participate in the shooting of a movie?"

"Now that you mention it... I discovered that this little lolita that plays the role of 'Traceless Saber' also looks somewhat familiar. Right, did you see the online live stream of that Dharma King Creation from the Warring Buddha Sect the last time? At that time, there were a few fairy maidens dancing and singing in the background, and among them, there was one that resembled this lolita."

As such, the disciples that had been previously practicing were now discussing the plot, theme song, and cast of ❮Apocalypse War❯.

"It's really good to be young!" Daoist Priest Weiwei gently sighed with emotion.

At the same time, he swiped on the screen of his mobile phone, carefully saving every stage picture of Ling Ye.

"It's a shame that I don't have the means to go to the cinema and watch ❮Apocalypse War❯. Otherwise, no matter the price, I would have definitely tried to find a way to attend the premiere of the movie and see the actor starring as Ling Ye with my very own eyes!" Daoist Priest Weiwei muttered to himself.

Just as they were discussing, someone trespassed the set of defensive formations Daoist Priest Weiwei was in charge of.

Daoist Priest Weiwei suddenly jumped up, and shouted, "There is an intruder!"

He quickly ran to the control room of the formations he was in charge of, and activated the monitoring formation at the quickest time possible.

"Hehe, I really want to see who has the gall to invade the ancestral land of our great Limitless Demon Sect! They are simply seeking death!" Daoist Priest Weiwei said coldly.

"Is it possible that some cultivator barged into our place by mistake? In the past, it happened more than once that someone got into our ancestral land by mistake," a nearby cultivator, who was also in charge of managing the formations, said with a smile.

"How do we proceed if it's someone that entered the place by mistake?" Daoist Priest Weiwei asked.

"It doesn't matter if it was a mistake. All those guys that dared to trespass the boundaries of our Limitless Demon Sect already have grass growing on their grave mounds." That other cultivator in charge of controlling the formations sneered.

Daoist Priest Weiwei nodded and stretched out his hand, tapping on a mirror-shaped magical treasure. "Let's see who this person that has the gall to barge into our ancestral land is."

The surveillance magical treasure lit up, and the silhouette of the guy that had trespassed the defenses of the ancestral land appeared in the mirror.

The picture of a silhouette riding a flying sword had appeared before their eyes.

The silhouette had long black hair that reached until their waist. Their hair was hanging loose, fluttering in the wind. The silhouette was incredibly delicate and pretty, looking the same as an immortal that had stepped into the world of mortals. A charm that words alone couldn't describe was oozing out of their body.

When Daoist Priest Weiwei saw this immortal-like silhouette, he opened his eyes wide. He felt as if the whole world had lost its luster, and the only source of light left in the universe was this silhouette.

"Ling Ye!" Daoist Priest Weiwei called out.

"What?" The nearby cultivator, who was likewise in charge of managing the formations, was confused.

"It's the main character of ❮Apocalypse War❯, Ling Ye!" Daoist Priest Weiwei said. At the same time, he was now in a dilemma.

He hadn't expected that Ling Ye was actually a cultivator.

But why had he come to the ancestral land of their Limitless Demon Sect?

Was it possible that he had trespassed the boundaries of their ancestral land by mistake? What to do in that case? Did they really have to kill him?

Just as he was in deep thought, he saw 'Ling Ye' holding his hands high up in the sky, grasping the air.

In the next moment, streaks of sword qi exploded from his hands, condensing into a lifelike golden sword. In the starry sky, a large amount of spiritual energy turned into particles of golden light that continuously converged and fused with the huge sword.

Sword qi kept accumulating and getting stronger, and in the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a huge 400-meters-long golden sword.

How dazzling!

So dazzling that the eyes of the onlookers were about to get blinded.

At the same time, Daoist Priest Weiwei discovered that Ling Ye hadn't barged into the ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect by mistake...

The opposite party had come here to attack their base!

"Enemy raid! The main character Ling Ye wants to attack our base!" Daoist Priest Weiwei roared.

The fact that his idol had now turned into an enemy made Daoist Priest Weiwei's heart wince in pain.

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