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Every second of time was worth an ounce of gold, but no amount of gold could buy time!

There was a famous catchphrase online whose content was something like: "I wish I could trade my entire life for ten years of your innocence!"

Hypothetically speaking, if the person that said this sentence could live for a hundred years, they would be able to exchange that amount of time for ten years. The conversion rate was 10:1.

Basically, ten years for one year... such being the case, Song Shuhang was more than willing to trade all the time he had spent playing video games to obtain an hour's worth of time in the world of the golden lotus!

No, he didn't even need one hour, ten minutes were enough! Ten minutes would be more than enough for him to sing the song and perform the dance.

But unfortunately for him, this hypothetical situation was nothing but... a hypothetical one.

In addition, he discovered another very important thing... he didn't have a folding fan!

He wasn't a cultivator of the scholarly faction, and although he had always admired them for being rather cool, he'd never thought of buying a folding fan and bringing it around to show off.

He had learned another important lesson now. Sometimes, it was better to carry around items that could help one show off in case there was an emergency.

"Who has a folding fan and can lend it to me?" Song Shuhang looked at the surrounding scholarly disciples. Did any of these scholarly disciples have a folding fan with them?

However, just like True Monarch Eternal Fire, the scholarly disciples were in apathy, their expressions dull.

"Dammit," Song Shuhang said bitterly. Since he didn't have a folding fan, would he have to dance empty-handed?

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~" At this time, the storm in the sky was already heading over toward their position, ready to kill everyone.

As such, Song Shuhang had no choice but to make use of all his defensive methods and try his best to dance and sing at the quickest speed possible.

Would he be able to create a miracle...?


Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and prepared to throw all his defensive talismans in the sky.

But right at this time, the projection of a golden lotus suddenly appeared beside him, firmly protecting him.

It was True Monarch Eternal Fire's doing!

Although True Monarch Eternal Fire was in apathy, he'd still heard the contents of Song Shuhang's secret message. Even if it took him a bit to react, he'd still mobilized all the strength of the 'world of the golden lotus' he could mobilize to protect Song Shuhang.

Finally some good news!

A happy expression flashed through Song Shuhang's eyes. Then, he shouted, "Does anyone here have a folding fan?!"

Unfortunately for him, the storm covered his voice, and no one was able to hear what he said. In addition, True Monarch Eternal Fire was busy using all his strength to resist the storm and condense the energy necessary to bring everyone back to life. Therefore, he didn't have the time to help Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang could only sigh. Such being the case, he had no choice but to dance empty-handed.

He had no idea if the effects of the dance wouldn't actually weaken if he were to dance without a folding fan.

"If you want a folding fan, is this fine?" But right at this time, Lady Onion suddenly popped her head out of Song Shuhang's clothes. She stretched out her hands and passed Song Shuhang a set of neatly ordered green (with a hint of red) onion sprouts.

These green onion sprouts were part of the batch that Song Shuhang had harvested using the 'green onion unsheathing' skill while Lady Onion was under the effects of the ❮Berserk Technique❯.

Just now, Lady Onion quickly grabbed a handful of green onion sprouts and put them on top of each other, stitching them together with a thread and manufacturing a very rough 'folding fan'.

One couldn't casually look down on Lady Onion. After all, she was a female monster that had learned the '200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive', and her needlework was top-notch!

Amidst these 200 skills were also the 'How a Female Monster Should Become the Male Master's Mistress' and the '13 Moves to Fight the Male Master's Harem'.

Amongst the thirteen moves, there was one called 'Smart Tricks of a Virtuous and Intelligent Woman', which included the [Graceful in the Guest Hall, Great in Kitchen, and Glamorous on Bed] skill. Needlework also happened to be included there, and compared to cooking, Lady Onion was more skilled in needlework. As long as she had the raw materials, it wouldn't be a problem for Lady Onion to manufacture a rough folding fan.

Lady Onion had no idea why Song Shuhang was looking for a folding fan at this time... but from what she had understood after living with him for a while, she knew that whenever Song Shuhang was doing crazy things, it often was because he had found a way to turn the tide.

She knew that whether she would be able to live on or not was all up to Song Shuhang's next move. Everyone was in the same boat at this moment!

Song Shuhang took the folding fan made of green onion sprouts and gently nodded. This folding fan looked fine and usable. "Thank you, Lady Onion."

"You're welcome. If you are really grateful for what I did, set me free a little earlier," Lady Onion replied.

However, Song Shuhang didn't hear her words.

After taking this special folding fan made of green onion sprouts in hand, Song Shuhang started singing.

He opened his mouth and relied on his memory to carefully imitate the sound of Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon's singing, starting to sing according to the rhythm.

There were no lyrics, just pure syllables that formed wonderful, heavenly sounds.

Next, he stretched out his hands and opened the folding fan, raising his leg and gently jumping upward as he was clapping his hands.

These two opening dance steps were the only thing that Shuhang was able to keep in mind after he was done looking at 'Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon' dancing in its human form.

In Song Shuhang's memories, all the following dance steps 'Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon' performed were in dragon form, and not in human one.

Now, he could only brace himself and imagine himself as a 'one-legged striped dragon' and imitate the next dance steps.

However, this was the same as asking him the impossible. Song Shuhang could reluctantly imitate the dance of 'Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon' while the latter was in its one-legged human form... but how was he supposed to imitate it in its dragon form? Was it possible that he would have to sway from side to side like a snake?

Just as Song Shuhang was worried... his body started to move on its own.

There wasn't any need for him to dance or sing.

He just had to recall the scene of 'Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon' singing and swaying from side to side in its dragon form, and his body would automatically imitate its movements!

The heavens hadn't abandoned him!


Just as Song Shuhang started singing and took a step, gently clapping his hands... the whole world of the golden lotus froze for a moment and resonated with his song.

In the next moment, the sound of his singing spread to each corner of the world of the golden lotus.

Now that Song Shuhang's body was in auto mode, it automatically performed the next steps of the dance. He opened the folding fan and covered his face, his eyes directly staring at the metallic finger in the sky.

The daoist robe he had traded from the western monk was fluttering in the wind. At the same time, the projection of the golden lotus around him was firmly protecting him, completely warding off the winds of the storm.

At this time, Song Shuhang looked extremely cool.

The tide had started to turn!

"What's happening?" In the sky, a confused voice was transmitted from the metallic finger. The ball of liquid metal felt that there was something wrong with this situation. The connection between the 'world of the black lotus' and the 'world of the golden lotus' was slowly weakening.

With the connection between the two constantly weakening, the passage connecting the two worlds was also becoming more and more unstable, which caused the strength the ball of liquid metal could use to attack the 'world of the golden lotus' to greatly diminish.


The bodies of the disciples of the scholarly faction shook.

That old scholar with a white beard and white hair suddenly raised his head and looked upward. Although he had no idea what was happening, he'd discovered that the strength of the storm the metallic finger had generated was reducing!

"Seal!" The old scholar didn't hesitate to activate the page of the golden book in his hand, aiming at the metallic finger. It was a magical technique that the Sage had left behind before his death to deal with Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders.

"You are seeking death!" An angry roar was transmitted from the metallic finger. The finger angrily pointed at the page of the golden book.

However, the page of the golden book resisted with all its might, not hesitating to sacrifice itself to complete its task!

At the same time, the speed at which Song Shuhang was singing was getting faster and faster.

The folding fan made of green onion sprouts covering his face was moved aside... however, what appeared before everyone's eyes after the folding fan was moved aside wasn't Song Shuhang's face.

When that old scholar with a white beard and white hair saw Song Shuhang's face, his whole body trembled as he shouted, "Sage!"

But when a scholar of the True Monarch rank standing next to him saw Song Shuhang's face, he shouted in surprise, "Demon Monarch Heijiao!"

When the 'Saber Wielding Scholar' Su Wenqu saw Song Shuhang's face, he opened his eyes wide. "Father!"

It was a very strange phenomenon. Whenever someone gazed at Song Shuhang's face, they would see the face of a different person.

At this time, it seemed as though Song Shuhang's face was the mirror to one's soul, and the person they saw was the one that had left the deepest impression on them.

But right at this time, that metallic finger in the sky suddenly froze.

"WHITE!!! You tricked me!!! You motherf*cking bastard, you tricked me!" A howl full of anger was transmitted from the metallic finger. The face it saw after Song Shuhang moved the fan aside was that of Senior White Two!

Not even the ball of liquid metal was able to escape the effects of Song Shuhang's dance!

After Song Shuhang's face—previously hidden behind the fan—was revealed, the passage connecting the 'world of the golden lotus' and the 'world of the black lotus' became even weaker.

In the sky, the destructive power of the storm was likewise weakening.

Song Shuhang stepped in the air while still singing, heading toward an elevated place of the 'world of the golden lotus'. Only Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors could walk in the air, but Song Shuhang had also managed to do it now that he had the assistance of the world of the golden lotus. It wasn't that he was trying to show off, but his body was moving on its own!

The sound of singing got even louder and clearer, and Song Shuhang raised his folding fan while gracefully dancing.

In addition, his dance steps weren't limited by the fact that 'Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon' had only one leg in its human form. At this time, he only needed to recall the scene of 'Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon' dancing in its dragon form, and his body would automatically move and perform the dance at its highest level.

Our Song Shuhang had found a hard to come by opportunity to show off... too bad that the person everyone saw while looking at him wasn't him!

"White! I'm going to kill you! I'm definitely going to kill you!" the metallic finger in the sky roared. It mustered all its remaining strength and attacked Song Shuhang, who was walking in the air.

Even if the passage between the two worlds was about to close, it had to kill at all costs this 'trick' that White had left here in the world of the golden lotus.

At this time, the ball of liquid metal was firmly convinced that Song Shuhang was the method that Senior White Two had left behind in this place to ruin its plans.

Song Shuhang faintly smiled as he was dancing, gently lifting the fan in his hand to ward off the attack.


A loud sound echoed.

The folding fan and the metallic finger bumped into each other. Under normal circumstances, Song Shuhang's body would have been turned into minced meat... but at this time, the whole 'world of the golden lotus', as well as the 'world of the black lotus' on the other side, were the source of Song Shuhang's power.

As such, it was the metallic that started cracking after the clash, starting to crack bit by bit from its fingertip.

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