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Even though the ball of liquid metal kept rambling about how it would give Senior White Two a good lesson if he dared to come over—leaving behind only one ruler in the Netherworld Realm—it didn't expect that he would really appear in front of it.

"Why did you appear here?!"

"Oh, wasn't it you who summoned me here? That's why I came over," Senior White Two said with a smile. Afterward, his gaze shifted to the Sinful Black Lotus.

The Sinful Black Lotus had fully matured, and was now evolving.

Senior White Two could feel a type of space power transmitting from the Sinful Black Lotus. It was a type of space power that had the ability to create a small world within the Netherworld Realm itself.

Senior White Two was the ruler of the Netherworld Realm. As such, he needed but a glance to understand the ins and the outs of all the things that were part of the Netherworld Realm. Earlier, the other ruler of the Netherworld Realm—the ball of liquid metal—had been blocking his senses, preventing him from clearly understanding the situation. But now that he saw this Sinful Black Lotus with his very own eyes, its effects were immediately unraveled in front of him. No secret was safe before the eyes of the ruler of the Netherworld.

The ball of liquid metal gritted its teeth, and said, "Are you trying to stop me?"

"Ahahaha, what do you think?" Senior White Two said with a smile. While speaking, he lifted the black flying sword, and aimed at the Sinful Black Lotus, slashing toward it. "I'll borrow your line from before: as long as there is something you want to do, I'm particularly interested in preventing you from doing it!"

Senior White Two slashed down, and since he was the ruler of the Netherworld, all the energy of the Netherworld Realm was mobilized along with his slash.

The ball of liquid metal tightly clenched its teeth, and instantly teleported in front of Senior White Two. Afterward, its body changed into a metallic shield, blocking Senior White Two's attack. "It's useless. Although I have no way to deal with you while in the Netherworld Realm, you also have no way to deal with me!"

It wasn't the first time that the ball of liquid metal and Senior White Two were fighting, and since both of them were the rulers of the Netherworld, both their strength and authority were identical here in the Netherworld Realm. If Senior White Two could do something, the ball of liquid metal could do it as well. Neither of them had a way to deal with the other.

If the ball of liquid metal gave its all to protect the Sinful Black Lotus, it would be very difficult for Senior White Two to destroy it.

"It's true that I have no way to deal with you.... but I'm the attacker, and you're the defender. If you stay on the defensive, you are bound to lose. If I keep attacking, there would come a time when you'll fall," Senior White Two said. In the next moment, his body broke through the limitations of space and appeared on the right side of the Sinful Black Lotus, shooting several streaks of sword qi toward it.

The ball of liquid metal gritted its teeth and appeared in front of Senior White Two in the blink of an eye, keeping off the sword qi he released.

Soon after, the whole unground place where the Sinful Black Lotus was located was covered with darkness.

The methods the two rulers used while battling surpassed the cognition of ordinary people.

Their attacks, magical techniques, and battle techniques were different from that of ordinary cultivators and demons of the Netherworld. In the darkness, the whole place was filled with the figures of the ball of liquid metal and Senior White Two. One was attacking, and the other defending; they were literally all over the place.

But right at this time, the calyx of the Sinful Black Lotus opened again.

As the Sinful Black Lotus was blooming, another world slowly started to take shape within the Netherworld Realm.

"complacent_smile:, White, it's your loss! I'm the winner in the end!" the ball of liquid metal said smugly. The world of the Sinful Black Lotus was already taking shape, and Senior White Two had no way of stopping the process!

Senior White Two stopped attacking and leaned on his flying sword with his two hands. Then, he pondered for a short moment, and said, "In that case, congratulations!"

"..." Ball of liquid metal.

"How can I say it... when I saw that you were attempting to leave the 'Netherworld Realm' and enter the 'main world', I didn't really feel like stopping you. After all, nothing changes if you fail, and it's not a bad thing for me if you succeed. Isn't everything I said correct?" Senior White Two said.

"You knew what I was trying to do? In that case, why did you try to stop me just now?" the ball of liquid metal said in a grave tone.

"What do you mean 'why'? Aren't we eternal rivals? Regardless of your objective, wouldn't I fall short of being an 'eternal rival' if I did nothing to stop you?" Senior White Two said calmly.

"..." Ball of liquid metal.

"Well, we don't have much time left. Let me take a look at how you want to use the world of the Sinful Black Lotus to leave the Netherworld Realm!" Senior White Two said.

The ball of liquid metal secretly clenched its teeth. It was unable to read Senior White Two's thoughts.

Anyway, it didn't really matter what Senior White Two was planning to do. Now that the Sinful Black Lotus was blooming, he didn't have any way to stop it!

Once the Sinful Black Lotus had fully bloomed, the world of the Sinful Black Lotus would also enter its final stage.

The ball of liquid metal was on guard as it drilled into the world of the Sinful Black Lotus. It wanted to leave its personal mark in there.

During the whole process, Senior White Two really didn't try to stop it!


Senior White Two calmly stood outside the world of the Sinful Black Lotus, quietly looking as the ball of liquid metal was leaving its own mark inside the new world.

Now I understand... to control this space, one has to leave behind that type of personal mark, huh? Senior White Two thought to himself.

Immediately after, he closed his eyes and used his consciousness to enter that infinite make-up test dimension.

"Now, I only have to drag that little friend Song Shuhang here," Senior White Two said in a soft voice.


At this time, in the White Cloud Academy.

Song Shuhang—who was currently taking a break—felt that there was something important he forgot to do. However, no matter how much he tried to recall, he just couldn't remember what it was.

"Sixteen, do you also feel that there was something important I forgot to do?" Song Shuhang asked.

Su Clan's Sixteen yawned, and said, "Something important? What was it related to?"

"I can't remember, but I'm feeling rather restless at this moment, just as if there was something very important that I had to do at the quickest time possible." Song Shuhang walked back and forth in the room while in deep thought.

"Oh... perhaps there is some cultivation technique you forgot to learn or some enemy you didn't take care of, or again, something you had to eat and forgot to eat? It might also be because you had to look for someone and forgot about it," Su Clan's Sixteen thoughtlessly replied as she wiped the tears in the corner of her eye after the yawn.

"Speaking of cultivation techniques, I reached the beginner level in several cultivation techniques as of late. I plan to learn a few more and then look for Senior Phoenix Slayer to borrow his CPU and increase their level. I have to make good use of the three opportunities I have and not waste them. Speaking of enemies... I killed so many demons today, and there shouldn't be any other target to take down left. As for the eating thing, I'm not really that much of a glutton. Then, about looking for someone... f*ck, wait a moment, I remember now." Song Shuhang's eyes lit up.

"Did you recall what it was?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked out of curiosity. Song Shuhang wanted to see someone important? Who was this person?

"Do you remember that infinite make-up test dimension I told you about earlier? Whenever Senior 'beep, beep beep~' pulls me to that place, he demands that I tell him a joke. I failed to adequately prepare myself the previous times, and I had to resort to all sorts of tricks to get out of that 'infinite make-up test dimension'... As such, just to prepare for all eventualities, I felt that it was safer to look for a few funny jokes in advance. After learning the jokes, I would have nothing to worry about even if Senior 'beep beep beep~' drags me to that infinite make-up test dimension since I'll be able to easily satisfy his craving," Song Shuhang said as he took out his mobile phone.

He then opened the browser and looked for 'funny jokes'. A lot of research results related to jokes appeared on the screen immediately after.

Song Shuhang casually scrolled through them and opened one of the links.

'100 funnily dirty jokes' was the title of the page he opened.

[Joke number one: A male student asked a goddess: 'May I treat you to a meal?'. The goddess replied: 'Another day'.] On one side of the message was attached a blushing emoji wearing a funny smile on its face. That smirk really made one feel like punching it in the face.

"..." Song Shuhang.

What the... just what kind of joke was this?!

If he dared to tell this joke to Senior White Two, there was no way he would laugh!

Shuhang kept scrolling... but the jokes below were even worse. Not only were they dirty, but they also had that little bit of pornographic content that made whomever read them blush from shame!

At this time, Song Shuhang really wished he could fling his mobile phone away. He would be really tired of living if he dared to tell porn jokes in front of Senior White Two!

Song Shuhang didn't think twice about changing page.

He returned to the previous page with the results and typed 'funny jokes that make you laugh out loud' in the search bar.

But just as his finger pressed the 'search' button, he had a sudden dizzy spell.

What's happening?

It's not like I clicked on the YES or NO options of the 'Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live... a real life?' line.

I only clicked on the 'search' button! Why did I have a dizzy spell?

Hold on, is it possible that Senior White Two is summoning me? No, wait a moment! Give me a few more seconds! I haven't found a suitable joke yet!

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang's desperate cry didn't reach Senior White Two's ears. In the next moment, his consciousness was dragged into the 'infinite make-up test dimension'.

In the real world, Song Shuhang's body softly fell to one side.

Su Clan's Sixteen blinked her eyes, and immediately understood what was going on. From the looks of it, Song Shuhang had been dragged into that strange place again.

Thereupon, her petite figure quickly arrived next to Song Shuhang's body, swiftly supporting him.

At the same time, she used her other hand to catch Song Shuhang's phone.

"This time around, Shuhang shouldn't have any problem in that infinite make-up test dimension... after all, he prepared beforehand and looked for jokes," Su Clan's Sixteen muttered to herself. Then, she glanced at the screen of Song Shuhang's mobile phone out of curiosity.

"Eh? Strange, he was still at the page of the results? And yet, I'm sure I saw him reading some jokes earlier!" Su Clan's Sixteen said in puzzlement. Afterward, she stretched out her hand, and opened the history of the browser.

In the next moment, those '100 funnily dirty jokes' appeared before her eyes.

After scrolling through the site, Sixteen's small face blushed. "Bah, what kind of jokes are these!?"

Wait a moment!

Is it possible that Shuhang was looking at the jokes on this page when he was dragged to that infinite make-up test dimension?

Now then... if that senior whose name couldn't be mentioned were to ask Song Shuhang to tell him a few funny jokes, and Song Shuhang were to bring up these '100 funnily dirty jokes'...

The resulting scene would be both tragic and beautiful, to the point that Su Clan's Sixteen didn't even dare to imagine it.

It seemed that Song Shuhang was done for this time... he wouldn't directly die, right?

Sixteen was a little worried about him!


In the infinite make-up test dimension.

"Noooo! Senior White Two, give me some more time! Eh? I'm already here!" Song Shuhang blinked, and discovered that he was in the public square of the infinite make-up test dimension.

Senior White Two was right in front of him, looking at him with his eyes half-narrowed.

"Ahahaha. Senior White, what's up? Right, did you receive that vial of demodragon medicine?" Song Shuhang said. He had to immediately show his dominance and change the topic of conversation to something that wasn't related to 'jokes'. At this time, his knowledge was limited to dirty and pornographic jokes, and telling them in front of Senior White Two was the same as seeking death!

After all, he wasn't like Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and he refused to seek death.

"Yes, I've received it, but I didn't have the time to drink it since something rather troublesome happened halfway." Senior White Two narrowed his eyes in a smile.

"Ahahaha, good, good. Senior White, do you want me to teach you how to spin a cocoon?" Song Shuhang suggested. The more the conversation got sidetracked, the better!

"You don't have to trouble yourself with this matter. There are a lot of demons in my Netherworld Realm that can spin a cocoon. I can casually pick one and ask it to show me how to spin a cocoon and learn from it," Senior White Two said with a smile, his eyes still narrowed.

"Ahahaha..." Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh.

"Alright, let's not waste time with this stuff. I've just obtained a very important piece of information that is related to the life and death of the scholarly faction and your world in general. Do you want to hear it?" Senior White Two said.

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. The news and information he obtained from Senior White Two were always accurate up until now.

If the information was related to the life and death of the scholarly faction, it was surely something very important.

"Is this news related to the golden lotus in the scholarly faction and the black lotus in the Netherworld Realm?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Eh? You know about the black lotus in the Netherworld Realm?" Senior White Two was somewhat surprised. After all, he had yet to tell him about it!

Song Shuhang said, "It's a long story, but I was able to see that black lotus in the Netherworld Realm through a strange innate skill of mine, and it was almost identical to the Virtuous Golden Lotus in the scholarly faction... as expected, there is something wrong with those two lotus flowers."

"Such being the case, are you interested in this information?" Senior White Two asked.

"Yes! Senior White, please tell me about it," Song Shuhang said in a hurry.

Senior White Two sat straight, and said, "Very well... in that case, tell me a good joke and improve my mood."It can be read as the student wanting to eat the goddess in a sexual way if you try hard enough.Reference to Terror Infinity, another novel.

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