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This demonic hamster at the peak of the Fourth Stage Realm that wasn't affected by the filtering nets of the scholars rushed over at lightning speed, making the onlookers feel as though it was impossible to evade its attack.

Even Su Clan's Sixteen, who was behind Song Shuhang, didn't have any time to stop the demonic hamster!

Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide, and immediately activated the innate skill of his Eye Aperture—Expert Sight. This skill turned out to be much stronger than what Song Shuhang had initially expected. Even now that he was in the Third Stage Realm, he could still achieve the 'bullet time' effect while using this innate skill.

Thanks to the innate skill of his Eye Aperture, Song Shuhang was able to see the silhouette of the demonic hamster with great difficulty... however, there was hardly any point in it. The demonic hamster was so fast that Song Shuhang wouldn't even have the time to raise his saber and defend himself!

Even if he could see the next moves of the demonic hamster through his 'Expert Sight', there was no way for his body to keep up with his eyes.

As such, he could only helplessly look as the demonic hamster stretched out its right leg and kicked his chest.

"Bang~" Song Shuhang was sent flying.

The kick hurt a lot! The demonic hamster was small and cute, identical to an ordinary domestic hamster, but the strength behind its kick was shocking. Song Shuhang felt as though he had been hit by a truck; he felt a sharp pain in his chest, and couldn't even breathe.

"Shuhang!" Su Clan's Sixteen called out in alarm. Then, she turned around and slashed at that demonic hamster!

In midair, the demonic hamster faintly smiled—its expression was very human-like.

Then, it stretched out its hand, and extracted a toothpick from its waist... no, it wasn't a toothpick, but a sharp sword!

An evil aura suddenly exploded from the toothpick-sized sword. It was the foul version of the 'true yuan' native to the demons of the Netherworld Realm, similar to the 'innate true yuan' of human cultivators of the Fourth Stage.

Afterward, the demonic hamster elegantly brandished its sword and protected its back from the incoming attack.

The tiny toothpick-sized sword effortlessly blocked Su Clan's Sixteen's saber light. In addition, the demonic hamster was only using one hand to wield the sword.

After keeping off Su Clan's Sixteen's attack, the demonic hamster said indifferently, "You are not my match, girl."

After saying this much, it swung the sword in its hand.

In the next moment, Su Clan's Sixteen felt a powerful impact getting transmitted from the short saber to her body, which forced her to retreat three steps, and almost made her lose the grip on her saber!

The minuscule body of the demonic hamster possessed superhuman strength!


"Demon Slaying Heavenly Dragon Slash!" Song Shuhang was finally able to stabilize himself, and seized the opportunity to attack.

He shouted in a grave tone, and the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hand rotated, with flames starting to burn on its blade. Afterward, the saber slashed toward the demonic hamster at a weird angle!

The demonic hamster was somewhat surprised when it heard this cool name. According to the information it received, this 'Song Shuhang' didn't have any technique with such a domineering and exaggerated name. Was it something he'd learned recently?

But in the next moment, it saw the flames burning on Song Shuhang's saber...

"..." The corner of the demonic hamster's mouth twitched. "Do you think you can deceive me just because I didn't go to school? Isn't that the Flaming Saber Technique? What the hell does it have to do with this 'Demon Slaying Heavenly Dragon Slash'?"

Song Shuhang's momentum increased as he thought to himself, How can there be no relationship between them?

When he shouted the name 'Demon Slaying Heavenly Dragon Slash' earlier, his imposing aura increased by a notch, and only by shouting the name of the finishing move loudly could one strengthen their resolve. In addition, there was a chance that a cool technique name might confuse the enemy, achieving extraordinary results.

Song Shuhang had learned this trick during the battle between the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School on the Grievance Settling Platform. The effects of this trick were pretty good... would the demonic hamster before him get affected as well?

The blazing flames of the Flaming Saber Technique chopped toward the demonic hamster~

At the same time, in the rear, Su Clan's Sixteen grasped her short saber and seized the opportunity to dash forward. She coordinated with Song Shuhang, and slashed out again—❮Spirit River Saber—Eerie Saber Technique—Uncanny Saber❯! This style was different from the 'Tyrannical Saber Technique', and the trajectory of her attack was eerie and uncanny.

While facing this combined attack from Su Clan's Sixteen and Song Shuhang, the demonic hamster smiled smugly. "Now is the time!"

In the next moment, the blinding radiance of a rune was emitted from Song Shuhang's chest. The demonic hamster left behind the rune when it kicked Song Shuhang earlier.

The light of the rune covered both Shuhang and the demonic hamster.



Although Su Clan's Sixteen had unleashed her 'Eerie Saber Technique' after Shuhang's technique, it actually hit the target first.

But just as her attack hit the body of the demonic hamster, Sixteen furrowed her brows. It felt as though her slash had hit empty air—the attack directly passed through the body of the demonic hamster!

The reason for this was the mysterious light the rune was emitting!

The strange light on Song Shuhang's chest had shrouded both him and the demonic hamster, creating two different worlds!

Song Shuhang and the demonic hamster—who were both covered by the mysterious light—were now in one world, while Su Clan's Sixteen was in the other one!

As such, Su Clan's Sixteen's saber attack was unable to reach the demonic hamster and help Song Shuhang.

"Is this the power of space?" Su Clan's Sixteen's pupils contracted. The situation was rather troublesome.

Why could this demonic hamster of the Fourth Stage make use of something as troublesome as the power of space?

Su Clan's Sixteen put away her short saber.

In the next moment, she raised her head and looked toward the level of the demons of the Fifth Stage, and contacted Venerable White via secret sound transmission. "Senior White~"

This time, they had no choice but to ask Venerable White for help, since he was the only that could use the power of space.


After Su Clan's Sixteen's saber attack missed the target, Song Shuhang's Flaming Saber Technique followed suit.

Song Shuhang was temporarily blinded due to the dazzling light from the rune on his chest, and the accuracy of his Flaming Saber Technique fell, causing him to miss the demonic hamster.

The demonic hamster put its sword back in the sheath, and quietly stood before Song Shuhang, allowing the Flaming Saber Technique to brush past its body. From the looks of it, it already knew that this attack wasn't going to hit it.

After discovering that his saber attack didn't hit the target, the blinded Song Shuhang quickly retreated. He still remembered the explosive speed the demonic hamster had displayed earlier. As such, he absolutely couldn't give the opposite party the opportunity to counterattack.

However, the demonic hamster didn't take advantage of this opportunity to attack him.

It stood in place with its hands behind the back, a relaxed expression on its face.

The hamster had the demeanor of an expert.

After recovering his sight, Song Shuhang gazed at the hamster—who had its hands behind the back—and was rendered speechless.

But right at this time, the demonic hamster opened its mouth, and said, "The 'Battle Arena Dimension' was created without problems. You are Song Shuhang, right? Next, you and I will fight to the death."

Afterward, both Song Shuhang and the demonic hamster were picked up by the strange light and led toward the airspace of this level where the demons of the Fourth Stage were gathered. Soon after, the strange light spread out, and transformed into a huge arena.

Su Clan's Sixteen and the others could see the arena as well, but they were unable to interact with it, since it was located in a different dimension.

"Actually, I'm not Song Shuhang," Song Shuhang said with a serious expression on his face. "I'm the 'Saber Wielding Scholar' Su Wenqu."

This demonic hamster before his eyes was very strange. Although it was the first time they were meeting, it knew his name. Then, it didn't seize the opportunity to attack him and severely injure him while he was blinded. Afterward, it even created this strange 'Battle Arena Dimension'... too strange, too strange. As such, Song Shuhang decided to deny that he was Song Shuhang.

Below, Su Clan's Sixteen, Yu Jiaojiao, Medicine Master, and Purple Mist had finally converged together.

This arena created by that strange light was located in another dimension, and the sound couldn't pass through.

However, Sixteen and the others could still read Song Shuhang's lips.

It wasn't difficult for cultivators to learn how to read lips.

After reading Song Shuhang's lips, Su Clan's Sixteen, Yu Jiaojiao, Medicine Master, and Purple Mist were all speechless.


"The 'Saber Wielding Scholar' Su Wenqu? You are not Song Shuhang?" The demonic hamster was dumbfounded.

Damn, did I really get the wrong person?

F*ck, these humans look all the same, and it's not easy to tell them apart!

Actually, this situation was the same as a human seeing a large number of mice all at once, and it wasn't going to be easy for them to quickly find the mouse they were looking for. They would find it only if the mouse had some special pattern on its fur or another distinctive characteristic.

"..." With a serious expression on his face, Song Shuhang continued, "I didn't change my name or surname, I'm indeed the 'Saber Wielding Scholar' Su Wenqu. Demon, why are you looking for little friend Song Shuhang?"

"You are deceiving this hamster!" The demonic hamster suddenly raised its head, and said coldly, "Song Shuhang, you sly bastard! I repeatedly checked my information, and you are—without a doubt—Song Shuhang!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

It actually checked his information repeatedly?

What was the objective of this demon of the Netherworld in the end?

Was it possible that it was a demon from the 'Mountain of Next Life' that discovered that the 'evil survivor of the Jingang Temple' was still alive and rushed over to kill him?

"Song Shuhang, enough chit-chat! The arena is ready. As such, let's have a proper battle!" the demonic hamster said coldly. "Make your move with the intention to kill me. That way, I can let you die with a little bit of dignity."

Afterward, killing intent exploded. The demonic hamster was truly angry this time.

Song Shuhang gently held his treasured saber Broken Tyrant. Since he hadn't condensed his saber intent, the strength of his ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯ would be insufficient, and his ❮Strong Gale Saber❯ was still at the beginner level.

Therefore... he could only rely on his fists.

Both the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯ and ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯ had the extraordinary power to restrain the demons of the Netherworld. As such, they were better than the Flaming Saber Technique and Strong Gale Saber while dealing with demons.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang spun his wrist and put away his treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

"You decided not to use the saber? After seeing its strength, even I did not dare to meet head on your Flaming Saber Technique," the demonic hamster said haughtily.

While speaking, the hamster spread open its hands and gently waved them. In the next moment, a white robe appeared on its body. This demonic hamster actually had its own spatial equipment.

Its robe was as white as snow, clean and spotless.

It even changed its clothes before starting the battle... what a madman— no, madhamster!

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