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762: The demonic hamster enters into action

"This is impossible!" Fairy Lychee shook her head, and said, "Even if my ancestors angered to death the Heavenly City, I don't practice any of those cultivation techniques that are passed down from generation to generation. As such, my aura is basically different from that of my ancestors after so much time. No matter how powerful these broken godly weapons are... in the end, they are still broken weapons, and it should be impossible for them to sense anything from me now that so many generations had passed!"

Medicine Master added, "Unless... the Tribulation Transcenders of the ancient Heavenly City cursed Fairy Lychee's ancestors, and used one of those curses that are left behind in one's bloodline and passed down from generation to generation. However, those kinds of curses are very easy to detect, and it's impossible that the cultivator wouldn't notice."

Song Shuhang held his chin and fell into deep thoughts.

When he finished linking the clues together, he was suddenly enlightened.

The fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank of the ancient Heavenly City...

The revenge for the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion...

Ye Si getting the same feeling of a mother from Fairy Lychee's body...

When all these clues were linked together, Song Shuhang couldn't help but think about that ghost spirit that gave 'birth' to Senior Sister Ye Si.

That ghost spirit passed down in Senior Sister Ye Si's family had unknown strength and origins. The only thing they knew was that the ghost spirit was passed down in Ye Si's family, and didn't sign a 'ghost spirit contract' with her. However, the two of them were still very close to each other.

Senior Sister Ye Si died during the destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, but that ghost spirit passed down in her family used some kind of special technique to get 'pregnant' with Senior Sister Ye Si and give birth to her, allowing her to come back to life in the form of an entity that was the fusion of a human and a ghost spirit.

Finally, that ghost spirit changed into a figure wearing a daoist robe and daoist cap that zigzagged away from the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and even Pavilion Master Chu had no idea where the ghost spirit had gone.

Is it possible that the 'ghost spirit' went to look for those monster hunters after leaving so that it could take revenge for the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and ultimately changed the target of its revenge to the Heavenly City after discovering that the monster hunters belonged to the ancient Heavenly City? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Then, after an unknown amount of time and a tortuous process, the ancient Heavenly City was finally destroyed. After that, the ghost spirit passed down in Ye Si's family picked up the fragments of the godly weapons of 23 Tribulation Transcenders belonging to the ancient Heavenly City and brought them back to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to pay a final tribute?

If that was really the case, a lot of things made sense.

Such being the case, what was the relationship between the ghost spirit handed down in Senior Sister Ye Si's family and Fairy Lychee?

However, all of this was just Song Shuhang's guess. In addition, Fairy Lychee looked rather different from that ghost spirit passed down in Senior Sister Ye Si's family... and wasn't a ghost spirit.

Therefore, Song Shuhang didn't tell the others about this theory he had in his mind.

It was better to head to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion first and have a talk with Pavilion Master Chu to confirm things.


But right at this time, Venerable White delivered the jade green ball to Fairy Lychee after pondering for a moment. "Fellow Daoist Lychee, I might as well give this ball to you. Who knows, you might even recall something important if you keep it with you? You can consider it an apology gift on my part."

"Senior White, allow me to refuse! I don't want that thing!" Fairy Lychee quickly waved her hand and refused. Who could guarantee that the ball wouldn't suddenly go crazy in the future and pound her face?

In addition, she didn't suffer from amnesia! There was no need for her to recall anything!

"Fellow Daoist Lychee, don't be so quick to refuse. After all, this is a treasure forged from the fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank. I can teach you how to control this jade green ball, and with my restrictions, you won't have to worry about the ball rebelling against you," Venerable White explained.

"Senior White, I still refuse!" Fairy Lychee waved her hand, and said, "Whenever I see that ball, I feel pain all over the body! Even if I can control that thing, I don't want it."

"Well, that's truly regrettable." Venerable White put the jade green ball away.

Since Fairy Lychee didn't want the ball, what kind of gift could he give her to apologize?

Then, Venerable White suddenly thought of something good, and clapped his hands with a smile, saying, "Speaking of the ancient Heavenly City, I remembered that I brought several fellow daoists to those ruins at the bottom of the ocean the last time. Those ruins were left behind by an Immortal related to the ancient Heavenly City, and the things inside were particularly interesting. Perhaps we can find some time after the shooting of the movie to bring the second group of people to those ruins. You can consider it one of the rewards for helping me with the shooting of the movie."

After he had said this much, Venerable White turned toward Fairy Lychee, Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, Yu Jiaojiao, Medicine Master, and Riverly Purple Mist.

"How can we refuse?" Fairy Lychee said with a smile. She didn't want the ball, but she was surely interested in exploring the immortal cave that an 'Immortal' had left behind. If even Venerable White said that the things inside were interesting, the cave was bound to have good things inside.

"Purple Mist and I are free recently. Senior White, you just need to give us a call when you want to set out," Medicine Master said with a smile.

Since turning the scene in the movie into reality and becoming real husband and wife with Riverly Purple Mist, Medicine Master's image had undergone an earth-shaking change.

His signature gravity-defying braids and all the adornments attached to them had disappeared without a trace, and even the smokey make-up around his eyes was gone.

Even the dark circles under his eyes caused by the sleepless nights spent on refining pills had been covered with powder by Riverly Purple Mist.

The current Medicine Master was a handsomely dressed sunshine boy, very pleasing to the eye. He was completely different from his previous self.

"I also don't have any problem," Song Shuhang replied.

He had prepared a rough schedule in his mind.

After exploring those ruins at the bottom of the ocean together with Venerable White, he would look for an opportunity to explore with Senior White the 'forbidden area' that Li Tiansu had discovered and see if they could find a method to cure Li Yinzhu's disease there.

The earlier they could cure Li Yinzhu's disease, the better.

"It's settled, then," Venerable White said with a smile.


After they were done treating Fairy Lychee and Song Shuhang's wounds, the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group returned to hunt and kill demons.

Song Shuhang only sustained some superficial wounds, and recovered with a few healing techniques.

Fairy Lychee had actually sustained some internal injuries, but after taking medicinal pills, her wounds wouldn't cause her any trouble. In addition, she wasn't going to directly fight against the demons, and would only grab the camera and record the scene where Venerable White was killing seven enemies after seven steps, ten enemies after ten steps, and so on.


However, Song Shuhang was unable to concentrate properly while hunting the demons of the Fourth Stage.

His mind was filled with thoughts related to the ancient Heavenly City, the monster hunters, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, that mysterious ghost spirit, and Fairy Lychee...

But right at this time, Su Clan's Sixteen suddenly called out, "Shuhang, be careful!"

In the next moment, a small hamster-shaped demon arrived in front of Song Shuhang at lightning speed from a not too distant place. The small hamster was completely unaffected by the filtering nets that the scholars set up earlier, and its strength wasn't reduced in the least.

As if that wasn't enough... its strength was at the peak of the Fourth Stage.

It was a powerful enemy!

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