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The jade green ball had changed direction too suddenly. In addition, Venerable White was still changing his clothes, and wasn't paying close attention to it.

Fairy Lychee didn't have any time to dodge, and got hit, getting hammered to the ground.

"Aaaaaah~" Fairy Lychee called out in alarm as the terrifying strength of the impact was transmitted to her body. After all, the strength of this impact was enough to send flying even a demonic hive of the Eighth Stage!

Fairy Lychee immediately activated the talisman which could allow the user to pass through the various filtering nets the White Cloud Academy had given her earlier. As such, she passed through the net of this level where the demons of the Fifth Stage were, and fell in the level of the demons of the Fourth Stage.

While she was falling down, Venerable White was finally able to react, and stopped the ball in its track.

Dammit... why the hell did this jade green ball suddenly change direction and hit me?! Fairy Lychee thought to herself.

Just as she was in deep thoughts, Fairy Lychee noticed that the aura of several Tribulation Transcenders exploded from the ball.

Within the aura of these Tribulation Transcender was concealed hatred, anger, and fury... and all these negative emotions were directed at her.

The aura of over twenty Tribulation Transcenders scared Fairy Lychee to death.

She was a small and cute cultivator that had just advanced to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm—when did she offend so many Tribulation Transcenders?

It was over! A Tribulation Transcender would need just a finger to crush her to death!


At this time, in the level of the demons of the Fourth Stage.

It just happened that Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, Yu Jiaojiao, Medicine Master, and the others were standing right in the place Fairy Lychee was falling toward.

The members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had entered the filtering nets from the courtyard of Venerable White's residence. As such, although they were on different levels, their coordinates had basically the same longitude.

"Shuhang, your Mama Lychee got hit by that jade green ball," Su Clan's Sixteen said to Song Shuhang.

At this time, she and Song Shuhang had once again joined hands to get rid of a demon of the Fourth Stage. However, they needed to gather the corpses of 300 demons of the Fourth Stage if they wanted to get a seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus. As such, there was still a long way ahead of them.

"Strange, isn't that jade green ball Senior White's magical treasure? Why did it hit Fairy Lychee?" Song Shuhang said in puzzlement.

While they were discussing...

In the level of the demons of the Fifth Stage, Venerable White had finished changing his clothes, and noticed that the ball had hit Fairy Lychee, making her fall downward. As such, he quickly made a hand seal, and shouted, "Stop!"

Under Venerable White's control, the jade green ball quickly stopped in its tracks and lost its power supply, falling from the sky.

But even if the jade green ball had stopped, Fairy Lychee's complexion was still pale as she was falling downward. She got hit so hard that she didn't even have the strength to stabilize herself midair.

Song Shuhang quickly took out his silver dragon puppet and soared into the sky, promptly catching the falling Fairy Lychee. At the same time, he grabbed the jade green ball as well.

After a short moment...

The silver dragon puppet landed next to Su Clan's Sixteen.

The not too distant Medicine Master and Purple Mist quickly rushed over, and created a safe zone for Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang held the jade green ball in one hand, and asked, "Senior Lychee, are you alright?"

"How can I be alright... I feel as though my entire body was smashed to pieces. If not for Senior White stopping the jade green ball in time, I would be spurting blood from all over the body now, "Fairy Lychee said as she forced a smile. After saying this much, she took out a medicinal pill and ate it.

Su Clan's Sixteen stretched out her hand and supported Fairy Lychee. "Senior Lychee, why did that jade green ball suddenly hit you?"

"I have no idea, either." Fairy Lychee felt very wronged.

Just as they were discussing, the nearby Medicine Master, somewhat surprised, said, "Eh? Little friend Shuhang, what's the matter? There is something wrong with your complexion!"

After hearing these words, Su Clan's Sixteen turned around and looked at Song Shuhang.

She saw that Song Shuhang looked deathly pale, and his brows were furrowed. At the same time, his eyes had lost focus.

In a distant place, Yu Jiaojiao—who was still fighting against several demons of the Fourth Stage—shouted, "Senior Medicine Master, quickly prepare a healing technique!"

What was happening to little friend Song Shuhang?

Although Medicine Master was confused, he still prepared a healing technique, as well as some healing medicinal pills.

Immediately after... a large amount of blood spurted out of Song Shuhang's body. Only on his bare arms appeared more than ten wounds.

The amount of blood was very large, to the point that it wasn't flowing out of the wounds, but directly spurting out!


As for why he was losing blood, it was obviously due to that scary 'secret appraisal technique'. Even if he wore Swordsman Wooden Ox's glove of passion, there was still a chance that the secret appraisal technique might get triggered.

The thing he appraised this time was the jade green ball he was holding in his hand.

Fairy Lychee blinked her eyes. "The person that got hit by the ball was me, right? And the one that should be spurting blood from all over the body should also be me, correct? As such... Shuhang, why are you losing so much blood, and even spurting it out in such an exaggerated manner?"

Song Shuhang forced a smile. "So painful!"

Medicine Master quickly used the healing technique on him. At the same time, Riverly Purple Mist poured a bottle of medicinal liquid to treat external wounds all over his body.

The effects of Medicine Master's healing technique were pretty good, and with the addition of that bottle of medicinal liquid, the wounds on Song Shuhang's body had started to heal after a few breaths of time.

"Ouch~ thank you, Senior Medicine Master." Song Shuhang gritted his teeth.

In the meantime, the result of the 'secret appraisal technique' was also transmitted back to Song Shuhang's mind.

This is a mysterious jade green ball without a name. It was personally polished and forged by 'True Monarch White', who was still a cultivator of the Sixth Stage Realm back then. The raw materials of this ball are the fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank that the Tribulation Transcenders of the ancient Heavenly City left behind after dying in battle or getting defeated. The ball is made of 23 fragments of the Tribulation Transcender-rank altogether.

After the destruction of the Heavenly City, '???' brought the fragments of those godly weapons to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, and scattered them all around to pay tribute to the already defunct Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The 23 fragments of those godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank carry a deep hatred within them that can't be eliminated. Even after tens of thousands of years, this hate is still there.

That '???' should be a powerful cultivator.

However, Song Shuhang was unable to get more information about this person with his current level of strength. As such, the name of that person was replaced with '???' in the piece of information the secret appraisal technique transmitted back to his mind.

Song Shuhang held the jade green ball and fell in deep thoughts. After the destruction of the Heavenly City, a mysterious cultivator brought 23 fragments of those godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion as a tribute...?

It was rather strange...

Back in the days, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was destroyed because five powerful sects were fighting in the airspace of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion... then, just as the various factions were engaged in a close battle and were killing each other, a group of mysterious monster hunters suddenly appeared and wiped out the various factions, and cruelly destroyed the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion while it was at it.

Song Shuhang had learned about the history of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion from Pavilion Master Chu.

The ones that destroyed the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were those mysterious monster hunters... in that case, why did '???' use the remains of the weapons of the Tribulation Transcenders of the ancient Heavenly City to pay tribute to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

Was it possible that that mysterious group of monster hunters was related to the ancient Heavenly City? Or perhaps those monster hunters were a force under the Heavenly City?

Only this way the information the appraisal technique provided made sense.

In that case, who was this '???'...?

Was it Pavilion Master Chu, or some other cultivator related to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Yu Jiaojiao had finished dealing with the demons of the Fourth Stage next to her, and was stashing away her spoils of war.

Soon after, she came over and gently patted Song Shuhang's shoulder. "So, how was it? Shuhang, what interesting information did you obtain?"

Song Shuhang held the ball in his hand, and said, "I indeed obtained some information. This jade green ball is made from 23 fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank."

The 23 fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank... if each person was wielding one godly weapon, it meant that there were like 23 Tribulation Transcenders! And even if the Tribulation Transcenders of the Heavenly City were wielding two godly weapons each, there were still 12 or 13 Tribulation Transcenders. This number was enough to keep pace with the thirteen Tribulation Transcenders under the command of the Sage!


At this time, Venerable White also got down from the level of the demons of the Fifth Stage while carrying the camera and the monster willow. While descending, he heard Song Shuhang's words.

Venerable White said, "The fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank? No wonder it took me so much effort to fuse the various fragments together after I picked them up."

Fairy Lychee ridiculed, "Actually, I find more incredible the fact that Senior White was able to remold into a ball the fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank while still in the Sixth Stage Realm!"

"Ahahaha." Venerable White laughed, very satisfied. "Back then, I had to use over twenty different methods to polish and remold those fragments into a beautiful spherical shape."

"..." Fairy Lychee sighed, and said, "Actually, I would really like to know why did this ball made from the fragments of godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank suddenly hit me! When did I offend it?"

Venerable White took the jade green ball from Song Shuhang, and said, "I'm not sure, either. However, I felt as though the ball was extremely 'angry' while flying toward Fellow Daoist Lychee."

"But why is the ball angry at me?!" Fairy Lychee felt very wronged. Even if this world was a world where one's face was everything, Fairy Lychee was beautiful and pleasing to the eye. As such, why did the ball suddenly attack her?

"The fragments of those godly weapons come from the ancient Heavenly City," Song Shuhang reminded at this time.

In the meantime, he started to link together the various clues in his mind.

The Tribulation Transcender-rank godly weapons of the ancient Heavenly City hated Fairy Lychee.

There was seemingly no relationship between Fairy Lychee and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

However, when Senior Sister Ye Si met Fairy Lychee, she felt a kind and familiar feeling coming from her body... and now, this kind and familiar feeling was passed onto Song Shuhang. As such, there was surely some close relationship between Fairy Lychee and Ye Si.

"The fragments of those godly weapons come from the ancient Heavenly City? Then, it has nothing to do with me! When I was born, the Heavenly City had been destroyed already, and not even its bits and pieces were left behind!" Fairy Lychee said, depressed.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and then asked, "In that case, perhaps one of Senior Lychee's ancestors did something that angered to death the Tribulation Transcenders of the ancient Heavenly City?"

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