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The beast-type demon was confident that it would be able to rip apart the body of this small human cultivator with its next attack!

Those sharp claws that carried the smell of blood dashed forward.

In the next moment, a certain scene flashed through the mind of the beast-type demon. In the scene, that small human cultivator was lying on the ground and wailing with his belly ripped open and insides gushing out.

This thought alone was enough to make its bestial blood boil.


When the claws of the beast-type demon met with Song Shuhang's arm, a metallic sound echoed in the surrounding area.

At the same time, a burst of tyrannical strength was transmitted back to the claws of the beast-type demon, making its claws tingle with numbness.

"How is this possible?!" The beast-type demon was dumbfounded.

Without it noticing it, the color of Song Shuhang's arm had changed into that of metal. The powerful attack of the beast-type demon wasn't even able to leave a mark on his metallic arm.

"Hehe, did you think that my ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ could be used only for blacksmithing?" Song Shuhang laughed. Afterward, he stretched out his metallic arm, and grabbed the claws of the demon.

In the next moment, he used his mere physical strength to swing the demon around.

This was the unique skill that Mama Lychee had passed onto him, the Wind-Fire Wheel! It could cause nausea, vomit, soft legs, and other similar negative effects to its victims.

This unique skill was pretty scary, wasn't it?

After swinging the demon around, Song Shuhang put his strength in his left arm and smashed the demon against the ground.

Next, he unleashed the Flaming Saber Technique with his right hand and slashed down at the beast-type demon.

At the same time, the flaming saber qi seeped into the body of the demon, thoroughly killing it.

There were many different types of demons in the Netherworld. Some of them wouldn't die even after losing their head, and others would just grow more if one was cut off. As such, it was better to make use of saber qi, sword qi, true qi, etc., while fighting and pour the energy directly into their bodies to thoroughly kill them.

In the rear, Lady Onion silently picked the corpse of the demon, and stuffed it inside the cosmos bag.

While picking up these corpses, Lady Onion had a calm expression on her face, but her green onion sprout was tingling with numbness.

Song Shuhang had gotten stronger. Without her even noticing, this Song Shuhang guy had gone from beating up the assassins of the Second Stage from the 'Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect' to beating up demons of the Third Stage.

The stronger Song Shuhang was getting, the lower Lady Onion's chances of obtaining her freedom were. It felt as though her freedom had grown a pair of wings and was getting more and more distant.

Song Shuhang's momentum was rising, and he found the demons of the Third Stage rather weak.

He wasn't sure if they had been weakened by those filtering nets, but if this was the level of these demons of the Third Stage, he felt that he could take on dozens of them all alone!

"Next one! Now it will be the turn of the third demon to die!" Song Shuhang muttered to himself as he wielded the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. This time, he used the ❮Strong Gale Saber❯.

It was that saber technique he obtained from Cave Lord Snow Wolf in exchange for some demodragon medicine. It was said that the first ten moves of the saber technique were each faster than the previous one. Although Song Shuhang was still a beginner when it came to this saber technique, these ten swift moves were more than enough to kill a demon of the Third Stage.

Song Shuhang turned around and prepared to kill the third demon.

But right at that time... the head of the demon suddenly flew away. Afterward, it fell to the ground with a thud.

The corner of Song Shuhang's eye twitched as he said, "Sixteen, that was a kill steal!"

Su Clan's Sixteen gently snorted, and said, "It's your fault for being so slow while dealing with the enemy, little~ friend~ Shu~ hang~!"

At this time, all the ten or so demons of the Netherworld surrounding Sixteen were already lying on the ground.

Sixteen was spinning the short saber in her hand, looking very cute.

Lady Onion's green onion sprout tingled with numbness as she quickly stuffed the dead demons into the cosmos bag. This Sixteen usually looked so lovely, but she was terrifying while fighting!

None of the guys hanging around Song Shuhang was normal!


Several minutes later.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen fought together and took the lives of more than twenty demons of the Third Stage.

The two people stood side by side in the battlefield littered with corpses.

Su Clan's Sixteen said, "Shuhang, don't you feel that these demons of the Third Stage are too weak?"

With a nod, Song Shuhang said, "Indeed. I think that the filtering net below our feet might have the ability to weaken the demons, allowing us to take them down with just one attack."

"In that case, should we head toward the upper level?" Su Clan's Sixteen's eyes lit up. "Our saber techniques are rather good, and it shouldn't really be a problem to take down a demon of the Fourth Stage if we fight together."

One couldn't use demons of the Third Stage to obtain the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, and they could exchange them only for spirit stones.

Su Clan's Sixteen had no interest in that little amount of spirit stones.

As such, her objective was to collect the corpses of the demons of the Fourth Stage or above and then exchange for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus.

She was really interested in seeing what kind of extraordinary skill she would awaken after eating the seed. As for the extra seeds, she could simply give them to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang's Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill would be able to produce four lotus flowers at once after upgrading, and it might give birth to some interesting effects.

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang was somewhat moved. "We can give it a try! However, we have to be very careful, and we have to immediately use the talisman the White Cloud Academy gave us to return to the level of demons of the Third Stage if something happens."

"Hmm, yes. Safety first!" Su Clan's Sixteen said with a nod.

"In that case, let's head to the upper level!" Song Shuhang took out his silver dragon puppet. It was time to become a dragon knight.

Su Clan's Sixteen stretched out her hand and grabbed Lady Onion, jumping on the silver dragon puppet together with her.

Then, she glanced at the silver dragon puppet and smiled sweetly. "Shuhang, it seems you went through a lot while I was closing up, right?"

This silver dragon puppet was a valuable flying puppet that the Jet-Black Sect had manufactured. Although it consumed a lot of spirit stones, it was still one of the best methods that cultivators below the Fourth Stage had to fly in the sky.

"Yes, I experienced a lot of things recently, and it's hard to explain everything in just a few words. I feel that the last seventeen years of my life haven't been as lively as the last few months," Song Shuhang replied.

He had experienced a lot of things recently, but he didn't have it too hard, and was rather free from worries.

After he had said this much, he gently patted the silver dragon puppet, and said, "Let's go!"

After that, the silver dragon puppet followed Song Shuhang's orders and headed toward the level of the demons of the Fourth Stage.


There were a few members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group in this level where the demons of the Fourth Stage were gathered.

For example, Medicine Master and his wife were in this level.

If she wanted to, Riverly Purple Mist could have gone to the level with the demons of the Fifth Stage. However, she decided to stay behind to accompany Medicine Master. When husband and wife joined their strength, they were extremely efficient at killing demons.

Medicine Master took out a small furnace, and would stuff some medicinal materials inside it from time to time.

Immediately after, a large number of demons in the surrounding area would drop to the ground.

It was a poisonous medicine that Medicine Master had created on the spot; it didn't have the strength to directly kill the demons of the Netherworld. The poisonous substance in the small furnace was like an anesthetic for the demons of the Netherworld, and would make their entire bodies go soft, making it impossible for them to move.

After the demons had fallen to the ground, Riverly Purple Mist would wield her sword and stroll around, easily getting rid of the demons lying on the ground and stuffing them into her cosmos bag.

It was even easier than mowing down grass.

After getting killed over and over again, the eyes of the demons were all red. However, none of them was able to deal with Medicine Master's poison. As such, they decided to stay away from him.

If they couldn't fight, wasn't it better to escape?

It was a pity that even if they escaped, Medicine Master husband and wife would just run after them~


Not too far away from Medicine Master and his wife, Yu Jiaojiao assumed her monster form and turned into a flood dragon fish, dealing with ten demons of the Fourth Stage all by herself.

She had the bloodline of a flood dragon, and had jumped through the dragon gate, gaining the ability to assume a half-fish and half-human form. In addition, she had relied on the enlightenment stone and moonstone while practicing as of late. As such, her strength had increased very quickly.

As if that wasn't enough, all the demons of the Fourth Stage were in a 'weakened' state.

Therefore, Yu Jiaojiao didn't have any problem fighting ten enemies at once.

At this time, there were already seven demons of the Netherworld lying beneath her body, their bodies completely flattened due to the ongoing battle.


Song Shuhang and Sixteen rode the silver dragon puppet and arrived at the level with the demons of the Fourth Stage. Since they had that talisman with them, the illusory nets didn't block them. As for Lady Onion, Sixteen wrapped her within her true qi, and she wasn't affected, either.

Song Shuhang had just finished putting away his silver dragon puppet when a mosquito-shaped demon of the Fourth Stage that wasn't too far from them noticed Su Clan's Sixteen and him. The eyes of the demon immediately lit up.

This huge demonic mosquito had been scared out of its wits earlier.

When it'd descended to this level, it'd met Venerable White, who had been in the middle of mowing down enemies and thus killed a lot of its companions. Then, when Venerable White finally had gone to have fun in the level above... it'd met Medicine Master and his wife, the poisonous man and the evil woman. If not for the fact that it quickly escaped, it would have turned into the spoils of war of the two.

The huge demonic mosquito quietly hid behind its companions, and started to size up this whole level where the demons of the Fourth Stage were gathered.

It wanted to see which cultivator was the weakest and make a move against them...

And it was right at that time that it saw Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen.

Those two human cultivators were both at the Third Stage Realm!

Needless to say, it wouldn't find any cultivator weaker than those two in this level. As such, it decided to rush toward those two and kill them!

Thereupon, the huge demonic mosquito happily dashed forward.

"A demon is coming after us already?" Song Shuhang held his treasured saber Broken Tyrant, ready to meet head on that demon of the Fourth Stage.

He still remembered that time when Demon Monarch Anzhi of the Limitless Demon Sect—who was likewise an existence of the Fourth Stage—had transformed into mist and carried him away. Back then, he didn't have the tiniest bit of strength to revolt against Demon Monarch Anzhi. If not for the fact that the members of the Immortal Farming Sect lay in ambush and Doudou arrived in time, Demon Monarch Anzhi would have brought him to the Limitless Demon Sect while thinking that he was 'Su Clan's Sixteen'.

But things had changed with time.

While facing an enemy of the Fourth Stage now, albeit a weakened one, he wasn't going to be as powerless as the last time.

It was a good opportunity to test his strength!

"It probably came over thinking that we are weaklings. After all, our strength is indeed the lowest in this level." Su Clan's Sixteen sweetly smiled.

"Hehe." Song Shuhang said, "Sixteen, I'll block its attack, you attack it."

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