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"Fellow Daoist White, how are you planning to push that demonic hive to an altitude of 700 meters?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked while looking at that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage rank hovering in the sky and continuously releasing demons.

In the meantime, the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group glanced at the demons in the sky and selected the targets most suitable for them. The demons of the Fourth Stage or below weren't that good—at most, they would kill them while at it. The best targets were the demons of the Fifth Stage or above.

One had to remember that the White Cloud Academy would exchange the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus only for the corpses of demons of the Fourth Stage realm or above.

The strength of the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group was off the charts, and it was rather easy for them to single-handedly kill demons of the same realm as them.

Venerable White replied, "Hmm... I think I will need to give my all to push that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage up to an altitude of 700 meters!"

"Fellow Daoist White is truly incredible," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said. Using all his strength to push that demon of the Eighth Stage to an altitude of 700 meters was quite the feat. After all, Venerable White was still a Seventh Stage Venerable, and there was one whole realm's difference between him and a demon of the Eighth Stage rank!

"However, I won't proceed this way. If I use all my strength now, a moment of weakness will follow, and I won't be able to shoot the scenes of the movie," Venerable White said with a serious expression on his face. In a while, he was preparing to wear all sorts of different clothes and slaughter the demons of the Netherworld one by one. Fairy Lychee had already prepared the camera, and they could start shooting the scene where he would heroically kill demons at any time.

But how could he shoot the scenes of the movie if he was in a weakened state?

"..." Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

It seemed that Venerable White considered the shooting of the movie more important than dealing with the army of demons...

Luckily, White Cloud Academy's True Monarch Eternal Fire wasn't here. Otherwise, he might start crying after hearing Venerable White's words.

"But since I agreed to help Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire, I'm still confident in succeeding." After he had said this much, Venerable White stretched out his hand, and took out a volleyball-sized jade green ball out of his spatial equipment.

Venerable White faintly smiled, and said, "This is a magical treasure I've found inside my holiday residence when I first discovered it. At that time, it was separated into many different fragments of magical treasures that were scattered all over the holiday residence. I picked up the fragments and polished them up, ultimately remolding them into a sphere. This thing has a very interesting ability."

Venerable White had left behind a small treasure house inside that holiday residence where they were shooting the movie earlier. The day they finished the shooting of the scenes, Venerable White took a few things out of the treasure house and brought them with him.

He didn't think that he would get an opportunity to use them so quickly.

"It has an interesting ability? Is it possible that it has the ability to send things flying or push them back, allowing us to forcefully push the enemy to an altitude of 700 meters regardless of their strength?" Song Shuhang asked. After all, he was someone that had played a lot of games, and he knew there were some skills to push things back, send them flying, or make them hover in games.

But even if there was an ability to forcefully push back things in games, would there really be such an overbearing magical treasure in real life too?

"Indeed. Its effect is very similar to what you imagine." Venerable White gently smiled. Then, he raised his left hand and threw the jade green ball in the air.

All the fellow daoists were looking at Senior White, curious to see what he was going to do. How would a magical treasure that could forcefully push back a demonic hive of the Eighth Stage work?

Would it create a powerful storm? Or an explosion that would send the target back?

After the jade green ball was thrown in the air, Senior White straightened his back, and jumped upward. Then—just as though he was playing volleyball—Venerable White struck the ball with his hand. Venerable White literally 'spiked' the ball, sending it flying toward the sky.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Don't tell me that Senior White is planning to push back that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage rank by simply hitting it with this jade green ball...?


In the sky, that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage had constantly been paying attention to Venerable White. Its instinct was telling it that this human cultivator of the Seventh Stage was somewhat strange.

Therefore, it decided to dodge to one side just as the jade green ball approached. At the same time, it brewed some phlegm in its mouth, planning to reward the cultivators below with it.

But right at this time, the jade green ball suddenly disappeared while flying through the sky.

In the next moment, it appeared right in front of the abdominal area of the demonic hive, and ruthlessly smashed against it.

F*ck, why did that ball suddenly disappear? Is it a magical ball? Did he spike a magical ball?

No, that's not it... this is the power of space!

It was once again the power of space! This power that belonged only to Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders had already appeared twice on the battlefield.

"Still, there isn't too much strength behind this jade green ball, I can resist it!" Evil energy erupted from the body of that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage together with thick black fog.

The strength of the jade green ball wasn't enough to injure it!

Just as it was deep in thoughts, the emerald green ball kept spinning, and the fearful strength of the impact was transmitted to the body of the demonic hive. While rolling, the jade green ball released the faint aura of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

It seemed the godly weapon of a Tribulation Transcender!

That ordinary-looking jade green ball had within it the aura of ten... no, twenty Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders!

Is this a magical treasure that more than twenty Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders forged together?

While it was deep in thoughts, the strength of the impact pushed the demonic hive of the Eighth Stage high up in the sky. It had been pushed several hundred meters back in one go.

At this time, that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage felt a terrible pain in its abdominal area. In addition, the force behind the jade green ball was continuously increasing. If things continued like this, it would be pushed back by more than one kilometer.

Damn, those twenty-plus Tribulation Transcenders must have been truly bored to have joined hands to forge this ball to hit people!


The demonic hive of the Eighth Stage cried out in pain as it was pushed back to an altitude of one kilometer.

"Done." Venerable White clapped his hands and laughed.

Song Shuhang gulped. That jade green ball was quite something.


"Senior White, what about the ball? Aren't you going to take it back after spiking it?" Song Shuhang asked. Was it possible that that valuable magical treasure was actually a one-use item?

"Don't worry. There is a formation on the ball that has the same function as the 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique'. In a while, it will automatically fly back to my side," Venerable White said.

Mission completed!


After the demonic hive of the Eighth Stage was pushed back to an altitude of one kilometer...

Inside the White Cloud Academy, a thousand spirit stones of the Eighth Stage started to burn like crazy. All the energy inside the spirit stones was stimulated at once. As such, it looked as though the spirit stones were literally on fire.

These valuable spirit stones of the Eighth Stage almost completely burned away amidst the flames.

At the same time, the voice of an old man echoed from the depths of the White Cloud Academy. "Prepare the sacrificial altar and the writings of the Sage. Start the formation!"

Along with the grave voice of the old man, ten huge books appeared in the airspace of the White Cloud Academy. These ten huge books were known as the 'writings of the Sage'. These were texts that the Scholarly Sage had personally written.

Back in the days, the scholarly faction had more than a hundred similar 'writings of the Sage'.

But after the continuous attacks of the demons of the Netherworld, only ten of the writings of the Sage were left.

After the ten huge books appeared, they arranged themselves like a stairway, with each step being 100 or 200 meters away from the other. Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The demons of the Netherworld Realm didn't even have the time to react that everything had already happened.

The ten 'writings of the Sage' coordinated with each other from afar.

After that, the projection of a sacrificial altar suddenly made its appearance, and ten illusory nets spread out in all directions, with each of the huge books acting as the core of the nets.

The ten huge nets completely covered the airspace of the White Cloud Academy, isolating the demons of the Netherworld falling from the sky and the scholars below.


"What is that? Nets above and snares below?" Song Shuhang asked.

"No, that's a filtering net. It's something our scholarly faction prepared for today," the not too far 'Saber Wielding Scholar' Su Wenqu said while slightly panting.

He had run over at full speed.

"A filtering net? What is it going to filter?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

The Saber Wielding Scholar faintly smiled, and said, "It will filter the demons of the Netherworld according to their strength."

As they were discussing, the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group discovered that the demons falling from the sky were continuously passing through the huge illusory nets. It felt as though the illusory nets weren't even there and didn't obstruct the demons of the Netherworld in the slightest.

But just as the demons of the Netherworld were continuously falling, a few demons of the Sixth Stage that had passed through the second net were suddenly blocked by the third one.

After that, the demons of the Fifth Stage were blocked by the illusory net below.

As for the demons of the Fourth Stage, they were blocked by the net after that.

Song Shuhang immediately understood how this 'filtering net' worked.

For example, let us assume that the demons were like fishes and the ten nets had holes that kept getting smaller and smaller. The strongest and biggest demons would get blocked by the outermost nets, while the weak and small ones would slip through the holes and get blocked only at the lower levels.

The rest was analogous.

The first eight nets were enough to block the demons of the Netherworld from the First to the Eighth Stage.

As for the last two nets, they were there for safety purposes. If some demons managed to pass through the first eight nets, they would still have to deal with the last two.

At this time, all the demonic hives of the Eighth Stage rank had been blocked by the outermost illusory net. They attacked the outermost net, but were unexpectedly unable to break through it!

Those large illusory nets were actually so durable?

"Seniors and Fellow Daoists, you can head toward the level your prefer and deal with the demons there. You just have to carry this talisman with you and stamp it on your body to freely pass through the ten huge nets." The Saber Wielding Scholar stretched out his hand and took out several talismans.

The talismans were similar to the 'sticker tattoo' that Senior White created the last time. One only needed to stamp them on their bodies just like a sticker tattoo to freely pass through the various nets.

"If you suffer a pincer attack from the demons, you can move through the various nets to shake them off," the Saber Wielding Scholar explained.

Song Shuhang nodded.

Thanks to these nets, the scholarly disciples could attack and retreat whenever they wished. It shouldn't be too difficult for them to deal with the various demons of the Netherworld.

The sky—now filled with illusory nets—was the home field of the scholarly disciples.


Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the sky, asking, "If I want to head toward the third level and fight against the demons of the Third Stage... how can I fly up until there?"

After all, only cultivators of the Fourth Stage or above could fly!

Song Shuhang still had his 'puppet dragon' with him, but after flying to the level of his choice, would he have to constantly ride his flying puppet while fighting the demons of the Netherworld since he had no way to fight midair?

In addition, there was another thing that Song Shuhang was confused about... since the scholars could create such a powerful 'filtering net', why didn't they directly transform all the energy into an attack, but instead came up with this complex system?

Was it possible that these illusory nets were something that the Sage or one of the thirteen Tribulation Transcenders under his command left behind, and the consumption of energy was rather low?

The Saber Wielding Scholar replied, "Fellow Daoist Shuhang, you also want to kill some demons? If you want, I can use my immortal boat to bring you along. In addition, you can use those nets as a foothold. You can directly step on them and fight against the demons of the Netherworld. Then, with just a thought, you can pass through them. You don't have to worry that they will hinder you during the battle."

The scholars had prepared themselves for all eventualities!

"Little friend Shuhang, I will bring you along!" Right at this time, the sound of Su Clan's Seven's hearty laughter echoed.

Seven was already riding his saber, and the layer of light below his feet spread out.

On the layer of light, Su Clan's Sixteen faintly smiled at Song Shuhang. Then, she started playing with the small saber in her hand, continuously spinning it around.

"Thank you, Senior Seven." Song Shuhang didn't stand on ceremony, and directly jumped on Su Clan's Seven's layer of light.

The silver dragon puppet would just consume spirit stones, and it was better to save them if possible.

At this time, Venerable White was already soaring through the sky. "Fellow Daoists, I will go ahead! Fairy Lychee, I will leave the shooting of the scenes to you."

"Leave everything to me. My skills aren't inferior to that of a professional cameraman," Fairy Lychee said with a smile as she closely followed behind Venerable White.

Since Venerable White had to be cast as the main character Ling Ye and slaughter the members of the enemy army at each step, he decided to deal with the demons of the Fourth Stage first.

It wouldn't take him much effort to kill demons of this rank. He could kill several of them with each slash of his sword, and even if they were to attack him, they wouldn't be able to hurt him.

As such, they were really suitable to shoot that scene where he had to slaughter enemies at each step.

Venerable White was unrivaled in the level of the demons of the Fourth Stage. Sword light flashed, and the demons of the Fourth Stage were cut down just as though they were grass.

In around two breaths of time, 50 or 60 demons of the Fifth Stage had been cut to pieces and were lying on the ground, with demon blood pouring down like rain.

A monster willow silently followed behind Venerable White, and stuffed the corpses of the various demons into a cosmos bag.

The demons of the Fourth Stage were shocked, and immediately ran away from Venerable White, not daring to get close to him.

"Don't run away! Come here and try to kill me!" Venerable White provoked the far-off demons.

However, the demons fiercely shook their heads.

Venerable White held his sword, and faintly sighed. "Sigh, how can I even shoot the scene where I have to slaughter enemies at each step this way?"

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