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Earlier, when the demonic hive hovering midair saw Venerable White throwing out those disposable flying swords, it didn't pay too much attention to it.

After all, that human cultivator of the Seventh Stage Realm didn't even discover its presence, and was just casually throwing flying swords in the sky.

In addition, the flying swords weren't even going that fast, and the demonic hive could easily avoid them if it wished to do so.

However, just as its huge body was about to swiftly dodge a wooden sword, another wooden sword appeared out of nowhere and stabbed its abdominal area, exploding immediately thereafter and forcing it to reveal its presence.

The sky was so vast, and this human cultivator that had just casually thrown out tens of flying swords actually managed to hit it?

Well, it seemed that its luck today wasn't too good.

However... it didn't really matter. If it had been forced to reveal its presence, so be it.

After all, the plan had already succeeded.

In that case, it was time to start with the general offensive!

The demonic hive hailing from the Netherworld Realm laughed strangely. Soon after, all the scales on its body started to move, revealing the various entrances of the hive.

Countless demons swarmed out of the entrances hidden beneath the scales of the hive, covering the sky and crashing down toward the White Cloud Academy.

At the same time—in the other nine strategic positions of the airspace of the White Cloud Academy—another nine demonic hives suddenly appeared, opening the entrances of their hives and allowing countless demons to swarm out and head toward the White Cloud Academy.

Within the White Cloud Academy, the scholarly disciples that had been on alert all along immediately jumped upward to welcome the descending demons of the Netherworld Realm.

In the next moment, the sky above the White Cloud Academy was filled with golden texts and the evil aura native to the Netherworld Realm, as well as the sound of the poems of the scholars and the shouts of the demons.

The battle between the White Cloud Academy and the demons of the Netherworld Realm had finally started.


Alongside the demonic hives that appeared in the nine strategic positions of the airspace of the White Cloud Academy—and the one that appeared above the heads of the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group—there was a total of ten demonic hives of the Eighth Stage rank hovering midair.

However, the demonic hives didn't join the battle alongside the other demons, and just hovered midair, standing perfectly still there. But, just by hovering there, they were giving everyone a lot of pressure.

Ten demonic hives... and all of the Eighth Stage Realm! Song Shuhang felt a lot of pressure when he looked at the sky.

In the infinite make-up test dimension, Senior White Two told him that the Netherworld Realm was going to mobilize demonic hives of the Eighth Stage rank, as well as three or more demons of the Seventh Stage Venerable rank.

But now, it turned out that the number of demonic hives of the Eighth Stage rank alone was TEN!

What kind of joke was this?! Senior White Two's info was actually inaccurate!

Or, perhaps... there was something wrong with these demonic hives, like their strength not being as high as it seemed?


But right at this time, True Monarch Eternal Fire's voice echoed throughout the White Cloud Academy. "Fellow Daoist Tornado, please lend us a hand!"

"Ahaha, has my turn to take action finally arrived? This Venerable has been waiting for a long, long time." A very familiar voice echoed in Song Shuhang's ears.

Soon after, a daoist priest stepped in the air and soared into the sky. The area around the daoist priest was shrouded in a dazzling seven-colored light. Therefore, he left a beautiful rainbow behind while flying in the sky.

Flashy and cool~

His footwork was exquisite, and none of the demons of the Netherworld crashing down from the sky was able to lay its hands on him. They could only helplessly look at him as he was soaring through the sky and directly heading toward one of the demonic hives!

After carefully looking at this daoist priest, one would notice that he was extremely dazzling from all angles... there wasn't a single angle from which he didn't look cool and flashy!

Such a crazy— ugh, that was inappropriate. Such a cool style to make his appearance on the battlefield, and that personality that loved the limelight more than anything else... there was no mistaking. This person was precisely that genius cultivator that had gained a lot of fame in the world of cultivators in recent years and advanced to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm around fifty years ago.

He was the flashiest Venerable of the country—the one and only Venerable Tornado!

As soon as Song Shuhang saw this person, he got a toothache. This Venerable had left a deep impression on him. It was precisely that person that had refused to follow the normal rules when he had to fire the starting pistol to give a start to the hand-guided tractor competition.

Other people would fire the firing pistol after counting up to three... but this Venerable was hell-bent on doing things differently, and decided to count up to ten.

At that time, Song Shuhang was controlling Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body, and had a three-second lag. Therefore, he suffered quite a bit due to that rather peculiar set of rules this Venerable decided to follow while firing his starting pistol.

He hadn't expected that the scholarly disciples would invite even Venerable Tornado over here.

"Evil demons, look at how incredible and cool this Venerable is!" Venerable Tornado directly headed toward one of those demonic hives that had already reached the Eighth Stage, showing its divinity in front of the masses.

Although these demonic hives weren't demons specialized in combat, they were still genuine entities of the Eighth Stage Realm.

Venerable Tornado had advanced to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm just fifty years ago, and yet, he still decided to take on one of those demonic hives that had reached the Eighth Stage rank?

But right at this time, a godly weapon appeared in each of Venerable Tornado's hands.

It was the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel!

It was the godly weapon of Venerable Tornado's sect, the Realm Crossing Sect.

The Realm Crossing Sect was a very old sect where an ancient inheritance was passed down from generation to generation. Its original founder was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender of the ancient Heavenly City. After the ancient Heavenly City was destroyed, the original founder of the Realm Crossing Sect also disappeared. However, they left behind the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel before disappearing.

If the 'child' and 'mother' parts of the wheel were combined, the wheel would gain the ability to cut space.

After Venerable Tornado advanced to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm, the Realm Crossing Sect entrusted him with the 'Child Wheel' part of the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel.

It was unknown what kind of price the scholarly faction had paid to convince the Realm Crossing Sect to let Venerable Tornado come over with the complete set of the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel and help them in this battle.

Still, if the two parts were combined, the wheel would be able to cut space!


Wonderful, absolutely wonderful... now, all the eyes are focused on me!

The corner of Venerable Tornado's mouth rose. He was the type of person that would be able to surpass his limits whenever there were a lot of people staring at him. Now that the eyes of the masses were focused on him, and the godly weapon Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel was in hand, there was no limit to the explosive strength he could release.

"Buzzzz~" In the sky, that demonic hive laughed in a strange manner.

The difference in strength between a Seventh Stage Venerable and an Eighth Stage Profound Sage was like a bottomless pit, and only after getting past this pit would one be able to show their divinity in front of the masses.

A pair of godly weapons was nowhere enough to overcome this difference in strength.

The demonic hive was unaware of the properties of the 'godly weapon' in Venerable Tornado's hands, but as long as it managed to kill this Seventh Stage Venerable, the godly weapon would ultimately fall into its hands.

The demonic hive opened its mouth and exhaled a mouthful of foul air toward Venerable Tornado. The energy inside this mouthful of air was one grade higher than 'spiritual energy'.

That casual mouthful of air that the demonic hive exhaled turned into a waterfall that surrounded Venerable Tornado from all directions, making it impossible for him to dodge the attack.

The demonic hive was merely breathing, and the resultant effects were so scary!

"Ah!" But, right at this time, Venerable Tornado suddenly shouted.

He wielded the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel and slashed with all his strength. This slash wasn't aimed at the waterfall-shaped mouthful of air, but directly at the demonic hive.

"Gurgle~" The waterfall-shaped mouthful of air of the demonic hive completely covered Venerable Tornado.

At the same time, the slash of the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel had appeared in front of the demonic hive.

"Do you want to trade injury for injury? Hehehe." The demonic hive laughed lightly. Then, its colossal body nimbly moved to one side. It had covered more than 500 meters in just an instant!

The attack of the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel couldn't even touch its scales.

On the other hand, that human cultivator was now shrouded in its breath and had no way to defend himself, and could only get severely injured.


But right at this time, a figure suddenly drilled out of the attack of the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel.

This figure was none other than Venerable Tornado.

While wielding the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel, Venerable Tornado could—to a certain degree—use the skills of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender and make use of the power of space.

"Done!" After making his appearance, Venerable Tornado didn't continue attacking, but faintly smiled.

While he was speaking, the body of that demonic hive that had moved several hundred meters away to dodge the attack suddenly stiffened. Afterward, it was dragged inside a 'space crack' that had appeared out of nowhere.

The space crack appeared very suddenly, and it disappeared even more quickly.

Everything happened so quickly that not even that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage Realm was able to get out of it before the crack closed again.

It was unknown which place the demonic hive had been teleported to.

Venerable Tornado raised the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel high up and welcomed the cheers directed at him.


Venerable Tornado's surprise attack had allowed him to use the power of space to teleport the demonic hive to some unknown location, but even with the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel in his hands, Venerable Tornado wasn't strong enough to kill that demonic hive of the Eighth Stage rank.

At this time, there were still other nine demonic hives of the Eighth Stage hovering in the airspace of the White Cloud Academy...

Now that they knew about the strange powers of Venerable Tornado's Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel, they wouldn't give him the opportunity to exploit this weakness again!

How were the scholars going to deal with the remaining nine demonic hives?


At the place where the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were gathered...

The corner of Young Master Phoenix Slayer's mouth twitched as he quietly concealed himself amidst the crowd of fellow daoists. Young Master Phoenix Slayer found Venerable Tornado extremely annoying!

Right at this time, True Monarch Eternal Fire used a thousand mile sound transmitter to contact the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. "Fellow Daoist White, can you also enter into action and make that demonic hive reach an altitude of 700 meters?"

The sudden appearance of these ten demonic hives had truly caught the White Cloud Academy off-guard.

Of course, the scholars had their own methods to deal with them... but if they wanted to make use these methods, they needed the ten demonic hives to hover at a high altitude.

There wasn't really a problem with the altitude of the other eight demonic hives, but the demonic hive hovering above the heads of the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group—and the one that Venerable Tornado had just teleported to some unknown location—were hovering at an altitude lower than the others.

"You want me to force the demonic hive to move to an altitude of 700 meters? No problem," Venerable White replied.

True Monarch Eternal Fire immediately heaved a sigh of relief. "In that case, I'll leave everything to Fellow Daoist White. The White Cloud Academy will make sure to give you a big reward later!"

The conversation ended here.

"Fellow Daoist White, what do you plan to do next?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain made a hand seal and wielded his flying sword.

"Hmm... I'll directly push it upward until it reaches the necessary altitude," Venerable White said.

"Ah?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain was dumbfounded.

The enemy was after all a demonic hive of the Eighth Stage rank!

"I'm confident that I can do it," Venerable White said. When he made that disposable flying sword explode and wounded the abdominal area of the demonic hive, he discovered something.

There was something strange about that demonic hive hovering above their heads...

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