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This was a type of treasure known as 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' that True Monarch White Crane gave to Song Shuhang in exchange for his demodragon medicine. This type of treasure grew in the ruins of Immortals that have comprehended the principles of the saber, and it was something very useful for cultivators that used the saber.

After eating these blades of grass, they would have the opportunity to experience and comprehend 'saber intent'.

If one had enough of these blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass, they would be able to condense 'saber intent' just by eating them as long as their talent wasn't too bad.

Song Shuhang saw Su Clan's Sixteen and smiled, saying, "Sixteen, did you also eat this 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' thing?"

"Yes." Su Clan's Sixteen nodded her head. The Spirit River Su Clan possessed a lot of cultivation techniques, and was a clan that gave birth to a lot of sabersmen. In fact, their 'Spirit River Saber Technique' was famous in the entire world of cultivators. As such, how could the Spirit River Su Clan miss a treasure like the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent'?

"How are the effects?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

"After I reached the Second Stage Realm, I started to regularly eat the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass, and after eating around fifty of them, I was able to comprehend my own saber intent," Su Clan's Sixteen replied.

The Spirit River Su Clan had a very strong background. As such, Su Clan's Sixteen could regularly eat the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass—which was something extremely precious for ordinary sabersmen—and had managed to condense her own saber intent after eating around fifty of them.

"Shuhang, are you also planning to condense your own saber intent?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked out of curiosity. After staying in contact with Song Shuhang for some time, she had realized that Song Shuhang preferred the 'sword' to the 'saber'.

But now, he wanted to condense his 'saber intent' and seemingly walk the path of a sabersman?

"Yes, I wanted to give it a try. If I learn how to use saber intent, the strength of my saber techniques will increase by a lot," Song Shuhang said with a nod.

That strange ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯ actually didn't have much to do with saber intent...

But if he wanted to bring out the real power of the ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯ he learned from Senior Scarlet Heaven, he would have to fuse it with saber intent. After Song Shuhang had condensed his own saber intent, the strength of the ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯ was bound to increase by quite a lot.

"I see." Su Clan's Sixteen nodded her head.

Then, she thought of something, and reminded Song Shuhang, "Right. Shuhang, do you know that you won't be able to condense 'sword intent' after you have condensed 'saber intent'? Once you have condensed saber intent, sword intent, fist intent, or any other type of intent, you won't have the opportunity to condense a second type."

Whether it was saber intent, sword intent, or fist intent... they were nothing but the product of the extreme condensation of the energy of the cultivator, reaching new heights thanks to the new comprehension they had gained. Once a cultivator had condensed their saber intent, the saber intent would occupy all the energy inside their body, not leaving any space for any other type of 'intent'.

"What? There is such a thing?" Song Shuhang was astonished. He knew nothing about this matter!

In other words, if he got lucky and condensed his own 'saber intent' after eating the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent', he would have to walk the path of the saber until the very end.

"Therefore, you should carefully think about this matter before deciding," Su Clan's Sixteen said in a soft voice.

Song Shuhang held the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' in his hand, and fell into deep thoughts.

Compared to saber riding techniques such as the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯, riding a flying sword looked much cooler. In addition, sword techniques were more elegant than saber techniques.

Song Shuhang's reason was telling him that he simply didn't have the talent to learn sword techniques. The only sword technique he was able to learn was the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯, a sword technique that was revised and adapted from a sword technique from the West. In addition, the sword that the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯ used was so big that it more resembled a saber than an actual sword.

Even if he were to forcefully put points in the 'sword technique' section of his talent tree, he would achieve nothing.

If he wanted to walk farther on the road of cultivation, he couldn't do it without saber intent.

"Sixteen." Song Shuhang held the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' in his hand, and asked, "After I manage to condense my saber intent, will I be able to ride a flying sword? I just want to use it as a means of transportation."

Aside from the main flying sword, which was used in battle, cultivators also had a secondary flying sword that could be used as a means of transportation.

Back in the day, it was very popular to modify flying swords and turn them into all sorts of exotic items. For example, there were flying swords that had the shape of keyboards, fruit, or even Superman...

"Yes. Although the speed will be a little slower, a sabersman can ride a flying sword just fine," Su Clan's Sixteen said. "For example, after I manage to transcend the heavenly tribulation, I'll be able to ride a flying saber. However, I can also choose a flying sword, flying cudgel, flying hammer, or flying whip if I want. As long as it's a magical treasure with the properties of a 'flying sword', you can ride it."

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. If he could use the saber in battle and the sword to fly, at the very least, he wouldn't have any problems while soaring in the sky!

"Sixteen, I have another question. Will I be able to release 'sword qi' if I use a sword technique after I've managed to condense my saber intent?" Song Shuhang asked.

He had already given up on sword intent. Now, he only wanted sword qi to come out while slashing out with a sword.

Just for the sake of passion!

"Ahaha." Su Clan's Sixteen laughed, and said, "There isn't too much difference between sword qi, saber qi, and the likes. For example, even if I'm holding a sword, I can use saber techniques with it and release saber qi. Therefore, it shouldn't be any different with sword qi?"

"If that's the case, I can be at ease!" Song Shuhang was now relieved.

Thereupon, he grabbed the blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' and swallowed them.

"Ah?! Did you just eat them directly?" Su Clan's Sixteen opened her eyes wide in shock. "It will be very painful!"

She didn't expect that Song Shuhang would casually swallow them without giving her any time to stop him.

Weak 'saber intent' was condensed above each blade of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent'. As such, each blade of grass was similar to a treasured saber that the world itself had created. If one were to swallow it directly, it would be the same as swallowing a sharp saber; in other words, quite painful.

Su Clan's Sixteen remembered that whenever she ate those blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass, she would do it together with a special medicinal liquid.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Those who were impatient wouldn't get what they wanted... why couldn't he comprehend this simple principle?

In the next moment, Song Shuhang felt as though his throat had been slashed open; it was extremely painful.

It felt as though someone had shoved a long saber in his mouth that reached directly until his stomach, just like those sword swallowers.

But now, even most circus troupes used flexible swords for this performance. Swallowing a real sword was very dangerous, and could lead to death.

Sweat was streaming down Song Shuhang's face, and he looked pale while holding his throat with both hands.

"How do you feel?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked anxiously.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand with much difficulty and waved it, hinting that he could still bear it. He tried to open his mouth and speak, but he felt severe pain, and words didn't come out.

"Huff~" Song Shuhang exhaled a mouthful of air.

But right at that time, his tongue slightly shook, and a white lotus flower appeared on the tip of his tongue.

It was the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill.

"..." Song Shuhang.

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