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Song Shuhang stretched out his hand once more with the intention of grabbing the berserk Lady Onion.

The berserk Lady Onion failed to dodge this time too, and was thus captured.

But in the next moment, she used the 'green onion unsheathing' innate skill, and slipped away from Song Shuhang's hand.

Player Song Shuhang obtained a bright red green onion sprout!

Song Shuhang gazed at the two bright red green onion sprouts in his hand speechlessly.

Then, he lowered his head, and looked at Lady Onion. She was still in a frenzied state, madly punching his calf.

She still hadn't returned to her senses?

Just how good was the chemistry between Lady Onion and the ❮Berserk Technique❯?

Song Shuhang turned his head around, and looked at the Still Pond of Wisdom, asking, "Is there a way to eliminate the effects of the ❮Berserk Technique❯ ahead of time?"

The Still Pond of Wisdom laughed, and said, "There are a lot of methods to eliminate the effects of the ❮Berserk Technique❯ before the technique naturally wears off... a pity that you don't know any of them."

"..." Song Shuhang.

There wasn't much he could do in this situation. Whenever Lady Onion was jumping up to kick his knee, he would instinctively stretch out his hand and try to grab her to defend himself.

But whenever the berserk Lady Onion was grabbed, she wouldn't hesitate in the least to use her 'green onion unsheathing' innate skill to slip away.

As such, the number of green onion sprouts in Song Shuhang's hand kept getting more and more.

Song Shuhang swore that it was really for self-defense, and not because he wanted to harvest those 300 years old green onion sprouts!


As soon as Lady Onion snapped out of that frenzied state, she felt incredibly weak. All her physical strength and true qi had been drained.

"Heavens! This berserk state really drains a lot of physical energy and true qi. My legs are all soft~" Lady Onion called out pitifully as she weakly lay on the ground. At this time, she didn't even have the strength to move her root.

"You finally returned to your senses!" Song Shuhang said.

Lady Onion laughed, and then smugly looked at Song Shuhang, asking, "How was it? Was my ❮Berserk Technique❯ scary?"

"Hmm... from a certain point of view, your ❮Berserk Technique❯ was indeed incredibly scary," Song Shuhang said with a serious expression on his face.

"Ahaha! In that case, tell me about it. In what way was it scary? I don't remember anything about what happened after I used the ❮Berserk Technique❯. I feel all dizzy~" Lady Onion said, somewhat embarrassed.

"Sure." Song Shuhang turned his head around, and looked at the nearby small pile of blood-red green onion sprouts out of the corner of his eye. "After you went berserk, you forgot about fatigue; you were unyielding, and refused to retreat a single step."

There were actually more than 200 green onion sprouts in that small red pile.

Song Shuhang wasn't sure if the ❮Berserk Technique❯ really drained that much physical energy and true qi... but displaying the 'green onion unsheathing' innate skill for more than 200 times surely took a heavy toll on Lady Onion's body!

Next, Lady Onion's vision also fell on that small pile of green onion sprouts; her pupils immediately shrank.

After a short moment of silence...

Shivering, Lady Onion asked, "Song Shuhang, can you tell me what's the deal with that pile of green onion sprouts? Even if the color is different, why do I find those green onion sprouts so familiar? And even the smell is the same as mine."

"Your guess is indeed correct. The color is different... but that is because it was a different you!" Song Shuhang confirmed her guess.

"..." Lady Onion's body trembled. Her mood had a huge swing, and her lacrimal glands were stimulated; her green onion juice started to continuously flow out of her eyes. "How can you be so cruel and pull out that many of my green onion sprouts? They are surely more than 200 green onion sprouts in that pile! You... what have you done to me?"

"These lines... Lady Onion, you shouldn't watch too many Korean dramas. Don't think I don't know that you were secretly watching melodramatic love stories on my mobile phone." Song Shuhang sighed, and said, "In addition, you are the main reason that pile of green onion sprouts came to exist."

Lady Onion was surprised. Soon after, she realized what was going on, and said, "Is it possible that the reason is my ❮Berserk Technique❯?" A certain scene resurfaced in Lady Onion's mind. In the scene, she used the ❮Berserk Technique❯, and started to madly pull out her own green onion sprouts as they were regrowing again and again.

"Correct. It's precisely due to your secret technique," Song Shuhang confirmed.

Lady Onion: 😫

What a scary secret technique! Never again in her life would she use this secret technique!


Outside the Still Pond of Wisdom.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were discussing the various 'secret techniques' they obtained, as well as the things they comprehended after listening to the speech of the Sage.

In the meantime, Venerable White's monster willow was inflicting harm upon her brethren. She was chopping off the fine willow tree branches that Venerable White had picked up, turning them into crude versions of flying swords to make things easier for Venerable White.

The monster willow Qing Wu didn't enter the Still Pond of Wisdom. After all, she was a demon of the Netherworld, and she couldn't enter the special space on the other side of the pond before all the energy of the Netherworld in her body was purified.

Venerable White was sitting on the grass and listening to the fellow daoists discussing the things they had comprehended while quickly producing disposable flying swords 005 edition with the willow tree branches that the monster willow Qing Wu had already processed.

The war between the demons of the Netherworld and the White Cloud Academy would start soon. As such, he wanted to manufacture as many disposable flying swords as possible and give them to the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group so that they could protect themselves.


Su Clan's Sixteen sat on a big tree, and gazed in the direction of the pond of light, muttering to herself, "Shuhang hasn't come out yet?"

What important matter did the Still Pond of Wisdom have to discuss with Song Shuhang to the point that he asked him to stay behind?

Just as she was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang came out from the space on the other side of the Still Pond of Wisdom, firmly landing on the ground.

After Song Shuhang came out of that space, the pond of light in the sky slowly started to disappear. The entrance of the Still Pond of Wisdom vanished from their sights.

"Little friend Shuhang finally came out!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said with a smile.

Venerable White turned his head around, and said, "Oh, Shuhang is out. Why did the Still Pond of Wisdom call you out and ask you to stay behind?"

Song Shuhang faintly smiled, and raised the enlightenment stone in his hand. "Actually, I was told to stay behind because of Lady Onion. The Still Pond of Wisdom said that Lady Onion also had the qualifications to receive a secret technique. As such, I stayed behind to allow Lady Onion to learn the secret technique."

Venerable White nodded his head.

Right at this time, the 'Frenzied Strength Imparter' Daoist Priest Horizon came over, and asked, "What kind of secret technique did this little monster obtain? It took her such a long time to comprehend it!"

The more complex a technique was, the longer the time one would need to grasp it.

Daoist Priest Horizon was still trying to find an opportunity to receive Lady Onion as his disciple. Therefore, he was very concerned about her well-being.

"Actually, it didn't take Lady Onion that long to grasp the secret technique. However, the secret technique was rather interesting, and she decided to try it out after learning it. That's why it took us so long," Song Shuhang explained.

Lady Onion raised her green onion sprout with much difficulty, glaring at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang smiled, and quickly arrived next to Senior Medicine Master. "Senior Medicine Master, Lady Onion consumed a lot of energy after using that secret technique. Therefore, I wanted to ask if you knew a method to let her quickly recover her strength."

Several minutes had passed since Lady Onion had fallen into this state of extreme weakness, and she had yet to recover her strength even after a while. As such, she started to become anxious.

As for Song Shuhang, he felt guilty due to those 200 green onion sprouts. Therefore, he decided to ask Senior Medicine Master about it and give her a hand.

"What kind of secret technique did she use?" Medicine Master asked in puzzlement.

"The ❮Berserk Technique❯," Song Shuhang replied. As for that 'green onion unsheathing' skill, he wasn't sure how to explain it.

"In that case, she consumed a lot of physical strength within a short period of time, right? It's not a big deal. I'll give you a suitable medicinal liquid later, and you can use it to water her," Medicine Master said with a smile.

"Thank you, Senior Medicine Master," Song Shuhang said. Then, he suddenly thought of something.

Hence, he took out a handful of bright-red green onion sprouts from his size-reducing purse—around ten of them—and gave them to Medicine Master. "Senior Medicine Master, the last time you gave me the recipe of that medicinal bath that helped me strengthen my constitution. I didn't have the opportunity to thank you for it up until now. Therefore, please accept these green onion sprouts as a thank you."

It wasn't only for the recipe of the medicinal bath... Medicine Master had helped Song Shuhang quite a lot after he had stepped on the road of cultivation, but Shuhang didn't have the opportunity to thank him up until now.

But he remembered just now that Medicine Master had asked him about the sprout of a 'several hundred years old monster onion' while he gave him the recipe of that medicinal bath since he wanted to test out some new medicinal pills.

Medicine Master looked at the ten plus green onion sprouts, and asked in astonishment, "This many?"

"I have quite a lot of them with me. Therefore, Senior Medicine Master doesn't need to stand on ceremony, go ahead and accept them," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"Alright... actually, I really do need these green onion sprouts to make a few experiments. If I manage to research and create a new medicinal pill, I'll make sure to give you some compensation." Medicine Master laughed, and accepted the ten or so green onion sprouts.

Song Shuhang said, "In that case, I wish you to succeed with your experiment."

Lady Onion, who was in his hand, once again rolled her eyes—using her green onion sprouts to win favor with other people, what a despicable person!


Song Shuhang glanced at the large pile of green onion sprouts in his size-reducing purse, wondering how he should deal with them. Perhaps he should look for Immortal Fairy Bie Xue and exchange them for immortal dishes?

As soon as he thought of Bie Xue's immortal dishes, Song Shuhang started drooling. Now then, just how delicious would the food at the Immortal Feast, which was considered even better than ordinary immortal dishes, be?

"Hey~ Fellow Daoists~" But right at this time, a thunderous voice echoed.

All the fellow daoists raised their heads, and discovered that it was the Mountain of Myriad Books calling out.

"Fellow Daoists, when are you going to put this Uncle down? Uncle's legs are already numb~ In addition, Uncle has stayed in this shameful position for quite some time~ Can you straighten me up already?" the Mountain of Myriad Books said in a trembling voice.

The various fellow daoists discovered that the Mountain of Myriad Books was still doing backbends like a gymnast.

The legs of the pitiful Mountain of Myriad Books were already shaking, looking as though they would give in at any time.

Venerable White clapped his hands, and said, "No wonder I felt that there was something I forgot about after coming out of that space. I forgot about putting the Mountain of Myriad Books back in its original position."

"..." Mountain of Myriad Books.

"Fellow Daoists, let's stop chatting and put the Mountain of Myriad Books back first," Venerable White said with a laugh.

Thereupon, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group smiled and stood up, preparing to help Venerable White put the pitiful Mountain of Myriad Books back where it was.

Su Clan's Sixteen jumped down from the tree, and arrived next to Song Shuhang.

She saw that Song Shuhang was holding a few blades of grass in his hand, seemingly thinking about something.

"Are those blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass?" Su Clan's Sixteen immediately recognized the blades of grass.

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