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"The speech of the Sage?" True Monarch Eternal Fire's eyes immediately lit up.

If he could listen to the speech of the Sage, there was a chance he might have a breakthrough and increase his strength, passing from the Sixth Stage to a superior realm.

True Monarch Fallout and Scholar Drunken Moon silently nodded. Even if they couldn't obtain the inheritance of the Sage, listening to his speech was nothing to scoff at, and would bring them endless benefits. In addition, they could even learn a secret technique. This time, they certainly didn't suffer a loss.

"Which type of secret technique can we learn?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

Venerable White also stopped in his tracks, and looked at the Still Pond of Wisdom. He seemed somewhat conflicted at this time... was it better to study the Still Pond of Wisdom or settle for the speech of the Sage and the secret technique...?

The Still Pond of Wisdom struck while the iron was hot, saying, "Ahaha. Little friend, that's a good question. Although I'm not the Sage, I know a lot of secret techniques, tens of thousands of them! Tell me, which type of secret technique do you want?"

"Is there any secret technique that can allow me to ride a flying sword... while still in the Third Stage Realm?" Song Shuhang tried to ask.

After he had started cultivating, one of his biggest wishes was to fly in the sky while relying on his own strength. However, there was still a long way before he could reach the Fourth Stage Realm, and he would have to wait for quite some time before riding a flying sword.

The Still Pond of Wisdom clenched his teeth, and said, "How can there be such a secret technique?! Stop goofing around and practice diligently. Once you reach the Fourth Stage, you will be able to ride a flying sword just fine! Don't try to reach for what is beyond your grasp!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

"In addition, just think about it! Even if such a secret technique existed, wouldn't it be pointless to learn it? You obtained a hard-to-come-by opportunity to learn a secret technique, and you want to waste it to learn something that anyone can easily do after advancing to the Fourth Stage Realm?" the Still Pond of Wisdom patiently reminded Song Shuhang.

"What you said makes sense," Song Shuhang said. One couldn't expect anything less from an existence that was related to the Sage. His ability to educate and guide youngsters was top-notch.

"Think about it carefully. Choose the secret technique that you need the most at this time," the Still Pond of Wisdom said.

"I see. In that case, let me think about it for a little while," Song Shuhang said earnestly.

"Good, good. Think about it carefully, and don't waste this opportunity." After he had said this much, the Still Pond of Wisdom looked at the three True Monarchs and Venerable White. "Is there any secret technique that you guys want to learn?"

Venerable White raised his hand, and said, "I have one!"

"Speak." The Still Pond of Wisdom revealed a gentle smile on his face.

"I want to learn that secret technique the Sage used to bite off part of the 'existence' of that mysterious 'Immortal' he was fighting," Venerable White said happily.

"..." The Still Pond of Wisdom.

The smile on Venerable White's face stiffened. "That's not possible?"

The Still Pond of Wisdom forced a smile, and said, "That wasn't a secret technique... it was an innate skill! Innate skills are something you have innately; there is no way I can teach it to you. Therefore, I ask you to settle for something else, Fellow Daoist."

Somewhat disappointed, Venerable White said, "...Fine. Let me think a bit."

The Still Pond of Wisdom secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and turned toward the three True Monarchs. "What about you, Fellow Daoists?"

Scholar Drunken Loon quickly stepped forward, and said, "Is there any secret technique that can allow me to strengthen my 'presence'? If there isn't anything of the sort, how about something that can allow others to remember my name?"

"..." The Still Pond of Wisdom.

Scholar Drunken Soon had an expectant look on his face. Although there wasn't much hope, the opposite party was still the inheritance that the Sage had left behind. Therefore, it wasn't completely impossible for him to have a similar secret technique.

After a short moment, the Still Pond of Wisdom probed, "Fellow Daoist, what is your name?"

"Scholar Drunken Moon, my dao name is Scholar Drunken Moon!" Scholar Drunken Happiness said.

The Still Pond of Wisdom nodded, and pondered for a short moment, saying, "Scholar Drunken Sun? Good name. No... that's not it!"

The Still Pond of Wisdom looked at Scholar Drunken Moon, somewhat surprised, and said, "Do you practice some kind of special cultivation technique?"

Scholar Drunken Yoon repeatedly nodded his head.

"I can only give you this advice... practice hard, and once you reach the Eighth Stage and show your divinity in front of the masses, no one will be able to forget your name," the Still Pond of Wisdom said in a grave tone.

"But I'm still very far away from reaching the Eighth Stage!" Scholar Drunken Gloom was unwilling to accept this outcome, and said, "Is it possible that not even the Sage has such a secret technique?"

"I'm sorry... but the Sage indeed does not have such a secret technique," the Still Pond of Wisdom said apologetically. "Because the Sage had no use whatsoever for such a secret technique."

The Sage was unrivaled in the world, and next to no one in the current age would be his match. Back in the day, he was the number one cultivator, inferior only to the Wielder of the Will.

Who in the world didn't know his name?

Such being the case, why would he even bother creating such a secret technique?

Scholar Drunken Goon faintly sighed.

"Therefore, you should also think about some other secret technique," the Still Pond of Wisdom said in a soft voice. Damn, were these guys trying to embarrass him on purpose?

The secret techniques they wanted were one stranger than the other!

He had been unable to provide the secret technique these guys asked for three times in a row... that was a big loss of face.


"Now then, only the two of you are left. Fellow Daoists, which type of secret technique would you like to learn?" The Still Pond of Wisdom finally looked at True Monarch Eternal Fire and True Monarch Fallout.

Hopefully, these guys would turn out to be better, and wouldn't put forward strange requests.

True Monarch Fallout shrugged his shoulders, and said, "My understanding of the secret techniques of the Sage is limited... as such, can you let me draw a raffle? I'll keep whatever I draw."

True Monarch Fallout received a solid education from his elders. He was one of the descendants of Fifth Cultivator of True Virtue, and he hadn't even finished learning all the techniques handed down in his family. However, the inheritance of the Sage was now before his eyes, and the secret techniques of the Sage attracted his attention as well.

"..." The Still Pond of Wisdom.

"There is no raffle feature?" True Monarch Fallout asked in puzzlement.

"Please wait a moment. Let me put in order all the secret techniques of the Sage so that I can draw a raffle for you." The Still Pond of Wisdom felt like crying. Why were these guys all so strange?

True Monarch Eternal Fire shrugged his shoulders, and said, "I'm in no hurry. Such being the case, Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire can proceed first."

True Monarch Eternal Fire took a step forward. He had decided long ago which secret technique to learn. "I want to learn the ❮Writing Brush Battle Technique of the Sage❯."

It was one of the battle-type secret techniques that the Sage had created back in the day. The technique had a total of 24 ancient characters that could be combined to form all sorts of words... a secret technique that could allow the user to write down the truth of heaven and earth with their writing brush!

Still, after the scholarly faction experienced all those ups and downs, part of this battle-type secret technique was lost, and the technique became incomplete.

True Monarch Eternal Fire thus decided that he would complete the ❮Writing Brush Battle Technique of the Sage❯.

"No problem! Step forward and sit within a radius of one meter from me. I'll pass onto you the ❮Writing Brush Battle Technique of the Sage❯." The Still Pond of Wisdom finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, this gentle member of the scholarly faction didn't make things hard for him.

True Monarch Eternal Fire took several steps forward; he arrived one meter from the Still Pond of Wisdom, and then sat down cross-legged.

After a short moment, his consciousness was pulled into a mysterious space where he could see the whole process of the Sage creating and improving the ❮Writing Brush Battle Technique of the Sage❯.

It felt as though he was directly experiencing part of the memories of the Sage.

This experience wasn't any inferior to listening to the speech of the Sage!


After making arrangements for True Monarch Eternal Fire, the Still Pond of Wisdom didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he invited True Monarch Fallout to come forward and sit next to True Monarch Eternal Fire.

The pond arranged all the secret techniques inside his sea of consciousness by name, and pulled True Monarch Fallout within his consciousness.

At this time, all the secret techniques had transformed into particles of light.

The Still Pond of Wisdom invited True Monarch Fallout to step forward and touch one the particles of light to obtain the secret technique within.

True Monarch Fallout smiled and stepped forward, casually poking at one of the particles of light.

Secret technique: ❮Dragon and Phoenix Seal❯. It was a very special secret technique that required the male cultivator to practice the 'Dragon Seal' and the female cultivator the 'Phoenix Seal'. During battle, they could join forces and use the ❮Dragon and Phoenix Seal❯, which had astonishing power.

However, this type of tag-team cultivation technique could be practiced only under one condition: both the man and the woman practicing this cultivation technique needed to have a tacit understanding. If they were a couple or married, the effects would be even better.

In short, it wasn't a cultivation technique that single people could use.

"In other words, I will need to find a female cultivator that has a tacit understanding with me before I can practice this secret technique? Is this a reminder that the season of love is approaching?" True Monarch Fallout laughed.

"..." The Still Pond of Wisdom.


After taking care of those two fellow daoists with much difficulty, the Still Pond of Wisdom looked at Venerable White, Song Shuhang, and Scholar Drunken Meme. "Fellow Daoists, have you decided?"

Venerable White said, "Let me think for a little more. If I can't come up with anything good, I'll also draw a raffle."

The Still Pond of Wisdom forced a smile, and said, "No problem. As long as you are satisfied, it's all good."

Scholar Drunken Moone said, "I, too, want to think about it some more. Little friend Shuhang, do you want to go first?"

"Sure, I'll go first, then." Song Shuhang stood up, and said, "Can you help me choose a secret technique that might be suitable for the current me?"

Song Shuhang knew absolutely nothing about the secret techniques of the Sage. Therefore, it was better to let the experienced 'Still Pond of Wisdom' choose the secret technique most suited for him.

"Kid, you are quite smart." The Still Pond of Wisdom laughed, and then said, "Just stand there; I'll give you a check."

After saying this much, he started to examine Song Shuhang.

At the same time, Song Shuhang felt as though his entire body had become 'see-through'.

He felt as though all his secrets had been exposed in front of the Still Pond of Wisdom.

"Kid, your foundation isn't bad. Although you are still a cultivator of the Third Stage Realm, the 'liquefied true qi' inside your body has already some of the special traits of the 'innate true yuan' that cultivators of the Fourth Stage Realm possess. The volume of your true qi is also very high. Your constitution isn't half bad, either. It seems you have diligently trained for many years! As for your mental energy, what kind of fortuitous encounter did you have? Your mental energy is even stronger than your constitution," the Still Pond of Wisdom said slowly.

Song Shuhang nodded.

The Still Pond of Wisdom gasped with admiration, and said, "From the looks of it, you are also practicing a hand-type body tempering technique. Interesting, interesting... it can be said that you are building your foundation through 'body tempering'. Such being the case, I have a secret technique that is very suitable for you."

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up; he was truly looking forward to it.

Next, he followed the instructions of the Still Pond of Wisdom and sat next to True Monarch Fallout, closing his eyes and starting to meditate.

Soon after, his consciousness was dragged to another space.

In there, he saw the Sage creating a cultivation technique. This cultivation technique had a rather strange name—the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯.

"..." Song Shuhang.

❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯? What's the deal with that?! Why does a scholarly technique have such a name!

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