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True Monarch Eternal Fire couldn't help but ask, "May I ask what the relationship between you and the Sage is? Are you... the Sage himself?"

Was the Still Pond of Wisdom some kind of method the Sage had left behind in order to 'resurrect' himself?

After stepping on their own path, the Tribulation Transcenders that had what it took to carry the Will of the Heavens would advance another half a step in the Tribulation Transcender Realm and become 'Immortals', obtaining an unlimited lifespan.

After obtaining an unlimited lifespan... these Immortals would try their best to leave behind some methods that would help them 'come back to life'.

After all, 'Immortals' were different from the Wielder of the Will; they weren't truly eternal, and could be killed.

As long as they had some method to resurrect themselves, these Immortals would have the possibility to stage a comeback even if they were to accidentally lose their life. Although they would have to pay a huge price while coming back to life, they would be able to quickly return to peak condition by relying on all the arrangements they had made before their sudden death.

As such, was the Still Pond of Wisdom the method that the Sage had left behind in order to resurrect himself?

The 'Still Pond of Wisdom' looked at the excited True Monarch Eternal Fire, and shook his head, saying, "I'm sorry, but I'm not the Sage. The Sage died both in body and soul, and there is no hope of reviving him."

The Sage died in the last battle for the Will of the Heavens, and his opponent became the new Wielder of the Will later on. There was no way his opponent would give the Sage an opportunity to stage a comeback.

It didn't matter if the Sage had left some method behind that could help him come back to life. Since his greatest enemy became the Wielder of the Will, all those methods must have been destroyed.

True Monarch Eternal Fire was once again disappointed. Then, he asked, "In that case, what's the deal with your existence?"

"I'm the Still Pond of Wisdom. When the Sage was battling against that mysterious 'Immortal', he used his innate skill to bite off a part of the 'existence' of his enemy. I'm a special amalgam that was slowly produced after the usage of that innate skill," the Still Pond of Wisdom said in a flat tone.

That mysterious 'Immortal' became the Wielder of the Will later on...

"In short, you can consider me something that the Sage created after his death," the Still Pond of Wisdom added.

"It sounds very interesting." Venerable White closely watched the 'Still Pond of Wisdom'. After biting off part of the 'existence' of the Wielder of the Will, the Sage produced this amalgam... Senior White really wanted to study and research this thing.

After Venerable White stared at him like that, the Still Pond of Wisdom got a scare.

"In that case... Still— Mister Still Pond of Wisdom, why are you in this place? And why did you lead us here?" Song Shuhang asked.

He didn't bring them here just to tell them how amazing the life of the Sage was, right? Song Shuhang guessed that the main reason should be the inheritance of the Sage or something similar.

The eyes of True Monarch Fallout and Scholar Drunken XXX also lit up. If this was really the inheritance of the Sage, let alone Sixth Stage True Monarchs like them, even Seventh Stage Venerables, Eighth Stage Profound Sages, and Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders would go crazy.

The inheritance of the Sage was the inheritance of an 'Immortal'. As if that wasn't enough, he was an Immortal that was very close to becoming the Wielder of the Will.

"The reason I stayed here all this time is to pass down the inheritance of the Sage," the Still Pond of Wisdom said with a nod.

That was really the case!

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. A genteel scholar with a scholarly robe donned on his body, and an elegance that was out-of-this-world... this was the ideal image of a cultivator in Shuhang's mind. However, when he'd first started cultivating, the cultivation technique he got was the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯. Therefore, he had always wanted to look for a scholarly cultivation technique while in the Second Stage Realm to balance things out.

If there was an opportunity to obtain the inheritance of the Sage, he would surely give it a try.

Song Shuhang asked, "How can we obtain the inheritance of the Sage?"

"It's not easy to obtain the inheritance of the Sage," the Still Pond of Wisdom said with a serious expression on his face.

The nearby True Monarch Eternal Fire said earnestly, "Still, we ask you to tell us how to obtain the inheritance of the Sage."

"In that case, listen carefully." The Still Pond of Wisdom sat straight, and then said solemnly, "First, I have to ask you a question. Was there any strange phenomenon the day you were born? For example, auspicious omens, auspicious clouds filling the sky, the room you were born in getting covered with light, or at least dragons dancing around you or something similar?"

"..." Song Shuhang.

After hearing the words of the Still Pond of Wisdom, he immediately had a bad premonition. Was it possible that one's birth had to be as amazing as that of the Sage to get his inheritance?

The nearby True Monarch Eternal Fire shook his head... there wasn't any strange phenomenon the day he was born. Actually, in the whole world of cultivators, it was very rare for strange phenomena to take place during the birth of a cultivator.

True Monarch Fallout likewise shook his head.

Scholar Drunken Moone also shook his head.

Then, all those present unconsciously looked at Venerable White. If there was someone that had produced strange phenomenon during his birth, it was very likely that this person was Venerable White.

However, Venerable White also shook his head. "I have no idea what happened the day I was born. I was an orphan when I was a kid, and I've never seen my parents. I've been alone as far as I remember."

"How is this possible?" Song Shuhang was shocked.

True Monarch Eternal Fire, True Monarch Fallout, and Scholar Drunken Moan were likewise surprised.

Which parents would be heartless enough to abandon baby Venerable White? How blind were they to abandon him?

Venerable White was a lucky star! As long as he was in the house, money would flow in from all directions, and everything would turn for the better. If one were to hug him and walk around, they would step on all kinds of natural treasures.

Actually... wait a moment.

Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

Venerable White's luck had certain conditions, and his luck would often bring mortal danger to the people close to him.

For example, True Monarch Yellow Mountain once said that he was strolling around together with Venerable White when a meteor suddenly fell from the sky and landed right next to him. If not for his great reaction speed, the meteor would have hit him. Afterward, when Venerable White cut the meteorite open, he obtained a large number of rare metals that belonged to the world of cultivators, which he equally divided with True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

In other words, if one wanted to reap the benefits of Venerable White's luck, they would need to survive first.

If one looked at things from this perspective, it made a little more sense.

But right at this time, the Still Pond of Wisdom faintly sighed, and said, "From the looks of it, there were no strange phenomena the day you were born. It's regrettable, but you don't have the qualifications to inherit the legacy of the Sage."

The most basic condition to inherit the legacy of the Sage was to produce some kind of phenomenon during one's birth.

"..." Song Shuhang.

"..." The three True Monarchs.

"..." Venerable White.

Damn, it really turned out to be the case!

It was the same as losing right at birth!


After a short moment, Venerable White laughed, and said, "In short, we went through all this trouble to reach this place and then obtained nothing?"

"It seems the case," True Monarch Fallout replied.

Scholar Drunken Loon sighed with emotion, and said, "That's really unfortunate. The inheritance of the Sage is right before our eyes, but we can't obtain it."

"Is it possible that there is no fate between me and scholarly techniques?" Song Shuhang gently sighed.

True Monarch Eternal Fire crossed his hands behind his back and operated his brain at full speed. He was trying to recall if there had been any strange phenomenon during the birth of some of their scholarly disciples.

At the same time, he thought of a plan... it was time to implement the offspring plan and tell those young scholars to quickly procreate!

If there were a lot of births, there were bound to be one or two children that would produce some kind of phenomenon during their birth, right?

Just as the people there present were disappointed, filled with regret, or making plans... Venerable White said, "Since none of us is going to get anything, let me study this 'Still Pond of Wisdom' a bit!"

Actually, Senior White wasn't too interested in the inheritance of the Sage. After all, he had a lot of cultivation techniques, martial skills, magical techniques, and inheritances with him. He had personally created some, got some through trades, found some while braving risks outside, and met a lot of old cultivators on their last breath that forcefully gave their legacy to him.

He had so many techniques that he couldn't even practice all of them. Thereupon, it made no difference for him if he was going to get the inheritance of the Sage or not.

In comparison, he found the 'Still Pond of Wisdom' much more interesting.

It was something related to the Wielder of the Will! Was it something made of flesh and blood? Or was its structure similar to that of a soul? Or perhaps it was something made of pure energy?

Thereupon, Venerable White slowly headed toward the Still Pond of Wisdom.

"What do you want to do? Don't come over. Even if you are a Seventh Stage Venerable, you will get sent flying before you can even touch me. I'm a very special existence, so don't cause harm to yourself!" the Still Pond of Wisdom reminded.

Venerable White smiled, and kept getting closer and closer.

This picture was somewhat funny.

Song Shuhang muttered in a low voice, "Hopefully, Senior White won't tear open the Still Pond of Wisdom. Senior White is very good at disassembling things, but rather bad at reassembling them."

"Wait a moment... little friend, what did you just say?" The hearing of the Still Pond of Wisdom was very good, and he heard Song Shuhang talking to himself in a low voice. "You want to disassemble me?"

Venerable White glared at Song Shuhang, and then reassured the Still Pond of Wisdom, "Of course not, I have no intention to disassemble you. After all, you are a living thing, and not an electric appliance. I'll study you a bit and won't harm you."

"I refuse!" the Still Pond of Wisdom called out in alarm. "If you come any closer, I'll send you flying!"

The Still Pond of Wisdom felt that this 'Venerable' was somewhat strange. He could feel the fluctuations of the power of space coming from his body.

This person wasn't a Seventh Stage Venerable that could already make use of the power of space, right? Because if the opposite party could use the power of space, they would be able to touch him.

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, he noticed that the space around Venerable White's hand really started to fluctuate!

F*ck, what type of human breed is this? It can use the power of space in the Seventh Stage!

The Still Pond of Wisdom was shocked. Then, he suddenly remembered something, and said, "Don't be impatient, don't be impatient! Although you guys can't get the inheritance of the Sage, I have other things that I can give you."

"What things?" True Monarch Eternal Fire immediately asked.

"What if I broadcast a speech of the Sage for you? In addition, every one of you can learn a magical technique or secret technique from me here!" the Still Pond of Wisdom said in a hurry.

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