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Fairy Lychee continued, "Given how hostile the scholars and demons of the Netherworld Realm are toward each other, the scholars must have constantly been researching the weaknesses of the demons and how to gain the maximum value out of their bodies. Perhaps their intent is to use them to forge magical treasures. Anyway, no one in the world should know better than the scholars how to make use of the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld Realm."

Venerable White nodded his head. Perhaps the scholarly disciples really needed a large number of corpses belonging to the demons of the Netherworld to forge some type of magical treasure.


At the Mountain of Myriad Books.

The members of Jacob's Production Team had already completed their preparations, and the cameras were ready to get into action.

The next scene they were going to shoot was the one where the guardian beast of the sect, the 'Heaven Devouring Cat', would meet Ling Ye while running away after the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect with the few surviving disciples.

At this time, the shooting of more than half of Gao Moumou's story had been completed.

After the beginning of the shooting of the movie, they had already taken care of the following scenes: Senior Brother Gao Sheng beating up Ling Ye; Senior Sister Murong Hua marrying Feng Chuanzi; Ling Ye getting severely injured and being unable to reach the wedding location; Ling Ye disconsolately leaving the Immaterial Cloud Sect and heading toward the frontline of the battle between the cultivators and the creatures of the demonic realm, fighting bloody battles; Ling Ye looking for a place with ample spiritual qi where he could rest after the battles, where he met the female ghost spirit Ling'er later on; Ling Ye discovering the real identity of female ghost spirit Ling'er; the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect; the sad scene of Ling Ye rushing back at the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

All the above-mentioned scenes had been shot already.

According to the plot, Ling Ye would despair and drown himself in alcohol, finally heading toward a city. There, he would meet by chance the disciple of a rich family that would run him over; this important role was given to the kamikaze driver Fairy Dongfang Six.

However, they would have to head toward a modern city to shoot this scene. At that time, the characters that Song Shuhang's friends were cast as, as well as the ones the remaining seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group played, would make their appearance one after another.

Nevertheless, they were going to skip these scenes for now, and would first shoot the scene where the guardian beast of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, the Heaven Devouring Cat, would meet Ling Ye.

During the shooting of this scene, the main character Ling Ye would finally pull himself together, and swear to destroy the forces of the demonic realm.


As soon as Venerable White and Fairy Lychee returned, they were pulled back to the make-up room.

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were secretly discussing something. From the looks of it, they were talking about the incoming battle between the White Cloud Academy and the demons of the Netherworld.

Song Shuhang was first thinking of heading toward the seniors to listen to their conversation. However, he met his roommates Tubo and Yangde along the way.

Thereupon, he changed his mind, and decided to greet his roommates after making sure that the effects of the shapeshifting brooch were still there.

During the past few days, Gao Moumou had been together with the movie crew, trying to learn as much as he could. From the looks of it, he was really interested in learning how to shoot movies... his girlfriend was accompanying him and likewise always together with the movie crew.

As for Tubo and Yangde, they were currently chatting with the western monk... or perhaps the western monk was trying to convert the two of them?

As soon as Song Shuhang got closer, he heard the western monk telling Tubo how beautiful having burn marks on one's forehead was. Then, he explained to the duo about the various religious texts of buddhism, using very extravagant descriptions.

Had Song Shuhang seen this scene earlier, he would have found it quite normal. But now, he had discovered that the western monk was actually a daoist. As such, he felt his liver ache a bit when he saw him describing buddhist religious texts with such care, flaunting about how awesome buddhism was...

At this time, the western monk joined his palms together and said to Tubo and Yangde, "Such being the case, are you two benefactors interested in becoming buddhist monks and accept the blessing of the Triratna?"

"Ahaha." Tubo laughed and waved his hand, saying, "Great Master, that won't do. Although your explanation was rather interesting, I would still like to have children in the future. Therefore, you'll have to excuse me."

"There is no problem, Benefactor. It's not too late to become a buddhist monk once you have had children." The western monk didn't give up, and then shifted his gaze to Yangde.

"I refuse," Yangde said calmly. "I believe in science, and not in occult and uncanny things."

After seeing Yangde's expression, Song Shuhang was reminded of how he'd been some time ago. Back then, he'd also firmly believed in science and what those nine years of compulsory education had taught him. Then, one day... his view of the world was shattered overnight.

As if that wasn't enough, those nine years of compulsory education didn't even teach him how to spin a cocoon. They had been totally useless, and they deserved a one-star review!

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Yangde turned around toward him, and said, "Shuhang, are you finally back?"

"Ahaha." Song Shuhang laughed, and said, "I went shopping with a few friends earlier. Did you guys familiarize yourselves with what is happening in these days?"

"Following the movie crew around is rather interesting. In addition, as soon as the filming location shifts to the city tomorrow, the characters that Yangde and I are going to play will also make their appearance." Tubo laughed. Then, he also added in a low voice, "Still, it's much better than staying inside Miss Yu Jiaojiao's villa. While at her place, I was drunk, sober, drunk, sober, and then drunk again. It was fun to drink like that, but I feel that I would have drunk myself to death if I had stayed there any longer."

Song Shuhang could only make a hollow laugh. Back then, Yu Jiaojiao had really given her all in the hope of getting Gao Moumou to write a few more characters.

But, right at this time, the western monk turned his head around and saw Song Shuhang. After that, he solemnly joined his palms together and greeted him, "Senior Song."

In the end, Song Shuhang was still his savior, and had to be addressed properly.

Song Shuhang simply waved his hand at him. However, when the western monk called him 'Senior Song', Tubo and Yangde looked at Song Shuhang in a strange manner.

"Right. Senior Song, today I received some requests to exorcise spirits. Are you interested in going to exorcise spirits together with me in a few days?" the western monk asked in all seriousness.

He remembered that this senior had learned ❮Ksitigarbha's Soul Ferrying Scripture❯ from him and seemed really interesting in ferrying souls to the afterworld. As such, he tried to please him with this offer.

The way Yangde and Tubo were looking at Song Shuhang became even stranger.

Song Shuhang continuously waved his hand, and said, "Ahaha, thanks for the offer. We'll see later."

After hearing these words, the western monk revealed a simple and honest smiling face. He joined his palms together, and said, "Senior Song, in that case, this poor monk will go play his part. Now, it's time for my small role to enter the fray."

After he had said this much, the western monk happily ran away.


"Shuhang, are you studying how to exorcise spirits now?" Yangde said with an evil smile.

Song Shuhang laughed, and said, "Are you guys interested in learning?"

"I'll pass. I'm not interested in becoming a buddhist monk," Tubo said with a laugh.

"There is no need to become a monk. It's merely about studying how to exorcise spirits," Song Shuhang said.

Tubo squeezed his throat with his fingers, and said, "Thanks for the offer, but we aren't kids anymore, Uncle."

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth, and said, "Go die."

Tubo laughed, and then asked, "Right. There was something I wanted to ask you, Shuhang. Where is this place exactly? The scenery is truly beautiful, and Yangde was planning to bring his girlfriend here for sightseeing whenever he had free time."

"She isn't my girlfriend yet! We just started going out!" Yangde quickly explained.

Tubo laughed, and said, "It's the same, and you get what I meant. Anyway, what is the name of this place, and where is it located?"

"This is the Mountain of Myriad Books," Song Shuhang replied. Coming to this place to sightsee wouldn't be easy. If not for Venerable White being in the lead and showing them the way, the White Cloud Academy wouldn't have let anyone enter.

"Mountain of Myriad Books? I've never heard this name before. In addition, this place is somewhat strange; it's not even visible on the online map." Yangde took out his phone and started to fiddle with it.

"Actually, it's also my first time coming here. Perhaps it's a very remote place hidden in the mountains and there is no signal here? I don't know any more than you guys about this place," Song Shuhang said with a smile. "But, if you want to come here the next time to relax, I can have someone accompany you until here."

This place belonged to the White Cloud Academy and was the place where scholars practiced.

If Tubo and Yangde were interested in this place, they would perhaps obtain some benefits later?

However, it was better to wait for the White Cloud Academy to deal with the invasion of the demons of the Netherworld Realm first.

"Sure," Tubo said with a smile.


The shooting of the movie continued.

Song Shuhang and his two friends continuously chatted. In the meantime, Su Clan's Sixteen sat next to him and started to meditate.

While chatting with his friends, Song Shuhang gazed at the distant mountain.

Overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books, the Still Pond of Wisdom...

The Mountain of Myriad Books was right before his eyes, but where was the Still Pond of Wisdom? He didn't see any unusual pond around here.

Was it possible that the Still Pond of Wisdom was on the Mountain of Myriad Books?

Or perhaps it was something that would appear only after the Mountain of Myriad Books was overturned?

But, here came the problem... how could he overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books? Only if a powerful cultivator with the strength of moving mountains and seas appeared would that be possible!

The Mountain of Myriad Books wasn't very tall. Its height was around 600-700 meters at most, and Song Shuhang and the others were currently shooting the scene at the foot of the mountain. In a while, they would climb the mountain to shoot the other scenes.

Anyway, even if one had the strength to overturn mountains and seas, it was rather impractical to overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books. After all, this place was within the territory of the White Cloud Academy, and one couldn't simply start overturning things while in someone else's house. Otherwise, you would be a terrible guest, and the scholars would give you a good thrashing after they were done dealing with the demons of the Netherworld Realm.

"Overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books, the Still Pond of Wisdom..." Song Shuhang gently muttered to himself.

"What are you mumbling about?" Tubo asked in puzzlement.

"Nothing. I was talking to myself," Song Shuhang said with a gentle smile.

But Song Shuhang's voice had yet to fade when the nearby Yangde opened his eyes wide and shouted, "F*ck, what's happening?"

"Rumble, rumble, rumble~"

The Mountain of Myriad Books present before their eyes had started to shake.

"Is it an earthquake?" Tubo called out.

Song Shuhang furrowed his brows. It wasn't an earthquake, it was the Mountain of Myriad Books shaking.


Right at this time, the monster butterfly Jiu Gu from the Spirit Butterfly Island repeatedly flapped her wings and issued an order.

Immediately after, the illusory butterflies got into action and used a magical technique on all the ordinary people there. Tubo and Yangde fell asleep to the ground. The members of Jacob's Production Team also fell to the ground one after another.

At this time, the only people still conscious were the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Venerable Spirit Butterfly's subordinates, and the western monk.

Immediately after, Venerable Spirit Butterfly's subordinates quickly gathered all the ordinary people in one spot and protected them.

The Mountain of Myriad Books kept shaking.

Around ten breaths later, the Mountain of Myriad Books literally stood up. Two huge legs had appeared beneath the mountain.

"Oh! Hello, everyone~" A thunderous voice was emitted from within the Mountain of Myriad Books.

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