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The scholarly faction and the Netherworld Realm were arch-enemies. Back in the days, after the Scholarly Sage was defeated in the battle for the Will of the Heavens, the creatures of the Netherworld Realm seized the opportunity to launch a powerful attack that almost wiped out the entire scholarly faction. As such, the scholars—who were at the peak of their momentum back then—started to decline.

Then, after going through a long dark age, the scholars slowly started to recover. But, each time the scholarly faction was showing signs of recovery, the demons of the Netherworld would look for them and launch a powerful attack, crushing them again before they could recover their strength.

More than 300 years ago, the scholars decided to withdraw from the world due to the continuous raids, and rarely appeared in front of others since then. Only after several hundred years had passed did they recover some of their power.

Now that they discovered that the scholars were slowly recovering their strength, the demons of the Netherworld got ready to enter into action. They decided to make use of the grand ceremony that scholars held once every three years to launch their large-scale attack.

"The demons of the Netherworld want to attack the White Cloud Academy?" Song Shuhang pondered for a short moment, and asked, "Are the demons coming over to attack very powerful?"

As soon as the demons of the Netherworld were mentioned, he immediately thought of that batch of demons that attacked Venerable White's holiday residence a while ago.

Actually, the strength of that group of demons wasn't low. After all, there were several demons of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank amongst them.

It very regrettable that they met an expert in formations such as Scholar Xian Gong, as well as the helpers he had invited. In addition, there were also the superstars of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. As such, the trip of those demons turned into a tragedy.

What was scary wasn't an amazing cultivator or a cultivator so amazing that no one could befriend them... but an amazing cultivator with a bunch of amazing friends! That was simply too much to handle!

"According to what I know, although there won't be any demon of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender rank personally getting into action, there is a possibility that demonic hives of the Eighth Stage rank will be dispatched. As for demons of the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm, there will be at least three of them," Senior White Two said indifferently.

Song Shuhang got a scare, even existences of the Eighth Stage rank were going to be dispatched? One had to remember that the strongest members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group—Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, Venerable White, and that other mysterious administrator, Xuan Nu Sect's Skylark—were only powerhouses of the Venerable Realm! As for Venerable Spirit Butterfly, he was more like an external helper, and not really part of the group.

Up until now, there wasn't a single cultivator in the Nine Provinces Number One Group that had shown their divinity in front of the masses and reached the Eighth Stage Realm. But, now, there were going to be demons of the Eighth Stage rank amidst the enemy army...

"Is this news... reliable?" Song Shuhang's smiling face stiffened.

The troops the Netherworld Realm was going to dispatch this time were simply too powerful!

He had no idea what the current strength of the White Cloud Academy was, or what the level of the strongest senior here was... but if they were not careful enough, their entire sect might get annihilated!

Senior White Two stretched himself with a smile, and said, "In the Netherworld Realm, nothing can escape my eyes."

"Senior White, thank you for this information," Song Shuhang said gratefully. "I'll immediately tell this news to the various senior so that they can prepare themselves in advance."

After he had said this much, Song Shuhang shouted, "Leave!"

But... nothing happened.

Song Shuhang's consciousness was still in that space.

Shuhang raised his head and looked at Senior White Two in confusion.

"Tell me another joke, and I'll let you leave this place," Senior White Two said with a smile.

Song Shuhang said anxiously, "Senior White, can I owe this joke for the time being? The situation seems critical, and I must save every second I can!"

"But I'm in no hurry~" Senior White Two yawned, and said, "And from a certain point of view, I'm someone from the camp of the Netherworld Realm. Therefore, stop wasting time and quickly tell me a joke. I'll let you leave this place when I'm satisfied."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior White Two was from the camp of the Netherworld Realm? In that case, why did he tell him about this attack the demons of the Netherworld were about to launch?

Just as though he had seen the confusion in Song Shuhang's eyes, Senior White Two said, "Aren't you humans divided into several factions? It's the same in the Netherworld Realm, and there are several influences. Anyway, stop overthinking, and tell me a joke already!"

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and said, "Senior White, I really can't think of a good joke at this time. Can't I owe it for now? After I go back, I'll look up several jokes and tell you two— no, ten of them!"

"Aaah~" Senior White Two yawned, and said, "If you don't tell me a joke, I'll just go to sleep. This time, I might sleep a little longer than usual. For your information, the last time I was a little tired and felt like sleeping a little longer, I slept for whole 600 years~"

600 years?! Song Shuhang felt that even his bones would become dust by that time!

Song Shuhang was now in a dilemma.

After seeing Song Shuhang's expression, Senior White Two said, "Are you really unable to tell me a joke?"

"Yeah, I find it somewhat difficult at the moment. In my current mood, I'd find it easier to tell a horror story," Song Shuhang forced a smile and said.

"In that case, how about telling me a horror story? If it's good, I can let you leave this place," Senior White Two said happily.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Did he just dig his own grave?

"Anyway, quickly tell me something. Otherwise, I'll go to sleep, and you'd better not shout to wake me up when that happens," Senior White Two urged him.

Song Shuhang pondered for a short moment, and said, "Alright. I'll tell you a short horror story."

Senior White Two immediately sobered up, and sat up inside his sleeping bag.

Song Shuhang lowered his voice and tried his best to create a dark atmosphere. "This horror story is very short, but also very scary. The school was about to start... but there were many students that had yet to finish their summer school assignments."

There was a time when Song Shuhang believed this one to be the scariest story of all. Although he had started attending university now, he would break out in a cold sweat whenever he thought about this horror story.

Senior White Two blinked his eyes. He was completely unable to understand what was scary about this story Song Shuhang had just told him. But from Song Shuhang's expression, it seemed that it was indeed a very frightening story.

Only Song Shuhang's consciousness had been dragged to this place, and Senior White Two could read his mood a bit as a consequence. As such, he could tell that Song Shuhang's terrified expression wasn't fake.

"Alright... I'll give you a pass this time. Remember to prepare a lot of jokes for the next time. Jokes are much more amusing than horror stories." Senior White Two waved his hand, somewhat disgruntled.

"In that case, I'll take my leave first, Senior White." Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh of relief and waved his hand.

Then, he silently said the word 'leave'.

In the next moment, his consciousness left that place.


Song Shuhang opened his eyes, and saw Su Clan's Sixteen's small face.

Su Clan's Sixteen furrowed her brows, and said in a soft voice, "Did you wake up?"

Song Shuhang discovered that he was lying on Sixteen's lap at this time. Therefore, he quickly sat and forced a smile, somewhat embarrassed. "For how long did I sleep?"

"Around five minutes, I think. You suddenly lost consciousness, and the symptoms were the same as the last time. Did you enter that dimension related to the statues of the thirteen Tribulation Transcenders again?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked.

"Yes, I was dragged to that damnable place again. However, I didn't have to take a test this time. Instead, I got an important piece of information... we have to immediately get in contact with Venerable White and the other seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group," Song Shuhang said with a worried expression on his face.

"What kind of information? Don't panic and tell me slowly," Su Clan's Sixteen said as she took out her mobile phone.

Song Shuhang said via secret sound transmission, "The Netherworld Realm is gathering its forces, ready to take advantage of the grand ceremony that scholars hold once every three years to attack the White Cloud Academy. In the army of Netherworld that will launch the attack, there will likely be demons of the Eighth Stage rank, and at least three of the Seventh Stage Venerable rank."

It was better not to discuss similar stuff in public so as to avoid creating chaos.

Su Clan's Sixteen furrowed her brows, and said, "Is this information reliable?"

"It's reliable. After all, 'beep, beep, beep,' has no reason to deceive me. Dammit, I was censored again," Song Shuhang said, somewhat depressed. Just now, he wanted to say 'that person' instead of 'Senior White Two'. But, as long as he thought of Senior White Two while saying a certain word, that word would be censored.

Su Clan's Sixteen nodded her head and dialed Venerable White's number. Then, she said to Song Shuhang, "I'll give Senior White and Fairy Lychee a call. In the meantime, you should send this information to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and seek their opinion. This isn't something that the two of us can deal with."

"Sure!" Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and started to write the message.

Very soon, Venerable White's voice echoed from the other end of Su Clan's Sixteen's mobile phone. "Eh? Little Sixteen, is something the matter? Oh, right. There shouldn't be much time left. Is it time to leave already?"

"Yes, Senior White. It's indeed time for us to leave. In addition, you should come to the public square as soon as possible. Shuhang and I have something very important to tell you, Senior White," Su Clan's Sixteen quickly said.

Venerable White forced a smile, and said, "Ah~ it's urgent? In that case, wait a moment. I'm taking care of that matter related to the infractions right now. I'll be done soon." Within this hour, Old Driver White had been unrivaled in the whole White Cloud Academy. He alone had taken care of 20% of the orders issued through the Whizzing Flying Sword App. It was simply scary.

Now that he had decided to leave his occupation as a driver, he had been a good boy, and gone to pay the fine. After all, this was the territory of his good friend True Monarch Eternal Fire, and he had to give his friend some face.

On the other hand, True Monarch Eternal Fire really wished that Venerable White hadn't given him any face... at this time, he was personally accompanying Venerable White as the latter was paying his fine. Venerable White had called him over and asked him to show the way so that he could pay the fine.

True Monarch Eternal Fire felt really uncomfortable under the gaze of the elder of the White Cloud Academy in charge of dealing with the fines.

"Sure. We are waiting for you under the statues of the thirteen Tribulation Transcenders in the public square." After hanging up, Su Clan's Sixteen gave a call to Fairy Lychee too.

Song Shuhang had also finished writing his message and had transmitted this information about the forces of the Netherworld Realm preparing to attack the White Cloud Academy to the group.

After sending the message, Shuhang and Sixteen sat side by side.

"Are we also going to participate in the battle?" Song Shuhang asked. For some unknown reasons, the plot of Gao Moumou's story suddenly flashed through his mind.

In particular, the scene where the forces of the demonic realm surrounded the 'Immaterial Cloud Sect' and killed everyone...

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Gao Moumou's inauspicious plot! Everything is well, everything is well!

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