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Chapter 73: Trouble still came in the end!
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Night came, in the dormitory.

Song Shuhang was resting on the bed early in the night.

Tubo, Li Yangde and Gao Moumou were playing a very old group battle game.

These three fellows had no conscience at all when it came to gaming, the three even used Song Shuhang’s computer to make another account, and used it to join the opponent’s faction. Then they very happily used that account as an alt, bullying passersby.

Song Shuhang shook his head in disdain, he then opened the Nine Provinces (1) Group and refreshed it. For once, the group was totally quiet, even North River’s Loose Practitioner wasn’t talking.

Cultivators were normally all very busy, excluding North River’s Loose Practitioner.

“By the way, Shuhang, I’ve checked on the medicinal ingredients you asked me to. Amongst the medicine shops in the Jiangnan region that are in the national Chinese medicine system, only one of them is selling the medicinal ingredients you want, and they only have one of them. I’ve also helped you post in several forums, there should be news on it tomorrow. Then, I’ll send all of the addresses of these medicine shops to you.” Li Yangde had even shamelessly minimized the game, and opened a bot he scripted.

Setting up alts and he still needs to bot? Can he get any more shameless?

Song Shuhang chuckled and said, “Thanks for your trouble, Comrade Yangde!”

“Comrade your ass.” Li Yangde angrily said.

Very soon, the round ended, the three who set up alts and used bots had actually lost!

“F**k them, the opponent also set up alts.” Tubo shouted.

This war game was already rather ancient, Song Shuhang remembered playing it when he was in elementary school. Those who were still willing to play it after all this time are all experienced old fogeys. They were all highly skilled players who were adept at positioning, and had pockets that were bottomless pits.

“We can’t survive anymore, quickly change regions. Why are there so many shameless people starting alts in this time of the year?” Gao Moumou said with dissatisfaction.

Thou does not feel shame from using alts?

Shuhang laid on the bed and looked at his roommates switching regions and continue cheating, and suddenly asked, “By the way, Tubo, do you still have that stun baton which you modified last semester?”

“Yeah it is, I modified several times after that, it’s output is pretty formidable.” Once he started talking about modifying things, Tubo became excited.

He had an innate love for tearing things apart and modifying them. From big things like scooters to small things like laser pointers, he had toyed with all of them.

Song Shuhang asked, “Lend it to me in a few days, also, can the stun baton’s output be further increased? The higher, the better.”

“There’s a limit to how high the output can go, since it’s originally an item for civilian use. Whut, someone offended you? You wanna give him 10000 volts?” Tubo asked in doubt.

“Yep, and he thoroughly offended me. I’m already prepared to toss his corpse into the East China Sea.” Song Shuhang laughed then explained, “In a few days, I may need to accompany my sister to the deep mountains and forests to explore. It’s apparently similar to a tropical rain forest, I think it’d be better to bring something for safety.”

Other than when facing Zhao Yaya, Song Shuhang usually lies very professionally.

Hearing him say this, Lin Tubo’s eyes shone; because he knew that Sister Zhao Yaya definitely didn’t have any interest in going to the forest for an adventure at all.

In that case, the sister Shuhang is referring to this time has to be the long-legged sister I met the last time?

Tubo immediately thought of Soft Feather, that lady looked like someone who loved exploring just from a glance. Previously, she had even brought Song Shuhang all the way to J City to look for that ‘Ghost Lamp Temple’.

Suddenly, he didn’t even care about the game anymore and he turned to ask, “Is it the sister who went with you to J City previously?”

“It’s her.” Song Shuhang answered; when a person lies, they frequently have to make several more lies to reinforce and perfect the first lie they make.

“Shuhang, bring me on this forest exploration as well! Also, if you don’t mind, call me brother-in-law from today onwards, I won’t mind at all!” Lin Tubo said in a deadly earnest manner.

As he spoke, his character in the game was killed.

Gao Moumou screamed, “Dead, Bo-zai! You’ve died! You died in such a wretched manner!”

Li Yangde pushed his glasses up, and added on, “Bo-zai, I turned on sound recording earlier. Although the sister you’re talking about isn’t Sister Zhao Yaya based on your tone, however…… as long as those words you said were sent to Zhao Yaya, it can still bring out the effect of absolute death.”


“Treat us, Bo-zai.” Li Yangde and Gao Moumou pushed up their glasses at the same time.

Selling out his teammates was Li Yangde’s specialty, whether in game or in real life.

“You guys aren’t humans!” Tubo covered his face, “Why am I acquainted with you sluts.”

Right at that moment, Song Shuhang’s phone rang.

He took out his phone to look. It was such a coincidence, Zhao Yaya was the one who called.

“It’s Zhao Yaya’s call.” Song Shuhang laughed and teased, “Tubo, if I call you brother-in-law now, do you dare answer?”

Tubo suddenly felt a faint pain around his crotch, his eyes were already moist, “Please forgive me.”

Song Shuhang picked up the phone with a smile, “Jie? It’s pretty late, what’s the matter?”

“I can’t look for you without a reason?” Zhao Yaya sounded out of breath, “Come out and lend me a hand, I’m on the Old Sixth Street in the outskirts of Jiangnan University City. Beside me is the back door for Shasha Wedding Photography, you know the area, right?”

Song Shuhang’s eyebrows slightly creased, but he quickly recovered to normal, “Understood, do I need to bring anything over?”

“No need, you just need to help carry someone. Come here as soon as possible.” Zhao Yaya replied.

“I’ll be there in a jiffy.” Song Shuhang hung up the phone, and quickly put on his black shirt.

Next, he groped around his bed for a while, then got up to ask, “I’m going out, do you guys need anything?”

Tubo answered, “Bring me some supper.”

“And a large coke.”

“OK!” Song Shuhang waved, picked up his wallet and quickly faded into the night.



Once he left the dormitory, Song Shuhang’s face immediately turned gloomy.

The number of the phone call earlier belonged to Zhao Yaya, and the voice also resembled Zhao Yaya’s…… However, that definitely wasn’t Zhao Yaya’s voice.

Song Shuhang was too familiar with Zhao Yaya’s voice, including her speech habits, speech speed and even some other quirks that even she herself never realized she had.

Yet, the voice on the phone earlier was a little rougher than Zhao Yaya’s, the tone at the end of every sentence spoken was also a little different. By carefully listening to it there was also some hoarseness and stiffness that could be heard.

It wasn’t Zhao Yaya, yet this person had used her phone and voice to get him to go there…… If the opposite party said they didn’t have any ill-intentions, would you believe it?

Is it a companion of that killer? After failing to kill me, they immediately shifted to dealing with people around me?

Those damnable people still came in the end!

Shuhang very quickly arrived at the Old Sixth Street.

He didn’t go directly to Shasha Wedding Photography, and instead entered the Guo Xin Building which was two hundred meters away. He climbed up to the building’s seventh floor corridor to look out the window.

From this place, he could overlook the position of Shasha Wedding Photography. At the same time, Song Shuhang activated his mental energy. He used the ‘alertness’ mental technique to strengthen his senses, and concealed his aura.

Ever since he had his body tempered from practicing the foundation building fist technique, his eyesight could be compared with telescopes. Despite being affected by the darkness of the night, things that were two hundred meters away still looked as clear as a HD video.

Old Sixth Street used to be a very prosperous walking street, but now that the New Sixth Street has been constructed, the prosperity of the past had faded away, and it was no longer as bustling as before. When night fell, there were only several shops which were still receiving customers, while there were only a handful of pedestrians.

Shasha Wedding Photography was situated at the south west area of Old Sixth Street, other than the street lights nearby, there were only the Wedding Photography shop’s lights which were still on. It was a completely deserted area.

Song Shuhang very quickly found Zhao Yaya’s figure, she was currently situated between the Wedding Photography shop and a tree.

Under the cover of the lush green tree, she leaned on a stone chair with her eyes closed. She seemed to be in an unconscious state.

At Zhao Yaya’s side stood a tall, lanky man.

The man was approximately 1.83 meters tall, and was skinny. He had long arms which were obviously a chunk longer than ordinary people. There was a pair of large sunglasses on his face, and he had thick lips which were swollen like sausages.

In his hands, he toyed with a phone which had a girly style.

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