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Chapter 72: Resolve

Shuhang turned around and found Jiang Ziyan sitting on a fence close by. Her lips were raised, and she revealed a very beautiful naughty smile. In her hands was a bag of fried chicken, where she used her snowy-white fingers to pick it up and place it into her mouth.

From her tone, it seems that she had been watching him tear down the wall with his bare hands for a very long time?

Furthermore, she seemed quite different from when he first met her.

At this moment, Jiang Ziyan’s originally shoulder length hair had been curled up, making her hair seem shorter than it actually was. Her bangs were put down, slightly covering her eyes.

Under the light of the setting sun, Song Shuhang found that her hair wasn’t black. It was actually deep purple, a very mysterious color. Furthermore, in her eyes there was also a faint purple light. This made Jiang Ziyan seem even more nefarious, and even more ‘naughty’.

“Good afternoon, Lady Ziyan.” Song Shuhang said dispiritedly.

“Just call me Ziyan. Being addressed as a Lady just makes me feel like I’m pretending to be gentle.” Jiang Ziyan jumped down from the fence, then catwalked towards Shuhang, “Other than the 《Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique》, ordinary people’s methods could also improve the quality of a foundation building cultivator’s body. Whether it’s jogging, ball games, working out with machines, they could all increase the body’s quality by a certain degree. Hehe, but of course, a cultivator must workout several times more than the ordinary human to reach the effect of increasing the body’s quality.

Song Shuhang smashed the back of his head against the wall with force, “Why didn’t I think of this!?”

Ways to strengthen the body are all over the internet. But in his eyes there was only the 《Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique》, he had actually overlooked the methods of ordinary people’s physical exercise.

This was the reason why he was in the dark despite being surrounded by light.

Jiang Ziyan: “The person involved is unaware, but a spectator can see everything clearly. This is what happened.”

“I’ve decided, I’ll run a lap around Jiangnan University tomorrow morning.” Song Shuhang clenched his fist. When he has time, he’ll look around if there’s a gym near the University, perhaps it could serve a purpose in the future.

Shuhang then asked, “By the way, is there any matter you need me for, Lady Ziyan?”

“Nope. I was just bored this morning, so I followed the tracks of the special poison Teacher made. In the end, I found the hotel which the poisoned person last rested, hehe.” Jiang Ziyan’s eyes turned into crescents. As Medicine Master’s disciple, she had many ways to track down the traces left by the acute poison.

Song Shuhang happily asked, “You’ve found the person who infiltrated my bedroom yesterday?”

“Found him, hehe. However, it’s unfortunate that that fellow is totally dead. Even his corpse has been turned into mush, so there’s no clues that could be found on him. Furthermore, the person who got that room at that hotel had used a false identity, thus, the trail ended there, hehe. However, this has also proven your hypothesis, as that person indeed has companions.” Jiang Ziyan tossed away the bag for fried chicken in her hand, then she licked her fingers in an erotic manner.

Charming, flirty and provoking…… Men who see this scene would all become incredibly aroused.

Song Shuhang was no exception, he felt her movements very alluring. However, after some thinking, he decided to advise Jiang Ziyan: “Ziyan, you may love eating chicken very much, but there’s a lot of bacteria on your fingers. Licking your fingers is very unhygienic.”

Jiang Ziyan’s alluring movements came to a halt.

“Ha… you really don’t know how to read the mood. I dare claim that you’ll be single your whole life.” Jiang Ziyan didn’t seem angry at all, she just squatted beside Song Shuhang, and fiercely rubbed her oily fingers onto Song Shuhang’s clothes.

Song Shuhang wanted to dodge, but who knew how many levels higher Lady Jiang’s strength was above him? Her small hands rubbed all of its greasiness onto Shuhang’s shirt.

“Even though we’re acquaintances, I’ll get angry if you curse me like this, Lady Ziyan.” Song Shuhang said, “I’ve decided to find a girlfriend during these four years of university.”

“Anyone willing to be your girlfriend would definitely be a weirdo. Let’s not talk about that anymore. I have a piece of good news, do you wanna hear it?” Jiang Ziyan rubbed her fingers clean, and asked.

“Of course!” Song Shuhang nodded.

“If you want to know, let’s make a deal.” Jiang Ziyan stood up, then stared at Shuhang in an authoritative manner.

Shuhang asked: “What kind of deal?”

Other than the spirit ghost, he truly couldn’t figure out what he possessed which could catch Jiang Ziyan’s eye. But she didn’t even need the spirit ghost.

“I’ve travelled from far away to rush to this place called Jiangnan region, and I just want to spend some alone time with Medicine Master. Therefore, for the next few days, other than aiding Medicine Master in improving the recipe, don’t bother me and Medicine Master for anything else. Do you have any problems with that?” A wide smile hung on Jiang Ziyan’s face.

Yet Shuhang was absolutely horrified.

“No problem, definitely!” He hastily replied, he had a premonition; if he didn’t agree, tomorrow he would enter the hospital and keep Professor Renshui company. The pitiful Teacher Renshui still hadn’t been discharged…….

“Good boy.” Jiang Ziyan rubbed Song Shuhang’s head, “Then let me tell you; the killer’s companion who hid in the hotel or the one pulling the strings in the dark had been caught off guard and had come into contact with the poisoned assassin who infiltrated your bedroom. How unlucky. As Medicine Master’s acute poison is incredibly tyrannical, the poison would enter the bloodstream, causing the victim to become a source for the poison. Therefore, the companion or boss behind the scenes has also become poisoned.”

“Now the question is how deeply poisoned he is. If he is deeply poisoned, then his photo will appear in the newspapers in a few days. If he wasn’t poisoned too badly, then he would need to go through closed door cultivation for at least half a year or so to concentrate on expelling the poison.”

“Oh, there’s one more possibility. If the other party is of the 5th Stage – Spirit Emperor, it would be a different story. Of course, this possibility is practically zero. Because, if the other party is of 5th Stage – Spirit Emperor, you’d already have dropped dead by now. Hehe.”

If the opposite party was of 5th Stage – Spirit Emperor and above, there wouldn’t be a need to consider Song Shuhang, even Soft Feather who brought him to catch the spirit ghost wouldn’t have left J City alive.

Jiang Ziyan made some calculations based on the remaining aura in the hotel, and estimated that the opponent is at the 2nd Stage – True Master realm. Against an opponent like this, Song Shuhang had no chances of success in a direct confrontation. But now that the opposite party has been poisoned, using his brains and some luck he might be able to handle the opposite party.

Jiang Ziyan: “What do you think, this is good news, right?”

“It’s good news that makes one delighted.” Song Shuhang answered.

If the opposite party is poisoned, his strength would definitely be greatly decreased. Furthermore, he would have a pressing need to search for ‘medicine’. In that situation, Shuhang’s chances of finding a trace of this person becomes higher.

Jiang Ziyan inquired, “I heard Medicine Master say you have a method to find the assassin’s companions?”

“Yes, I received some clues from Senior Medicine Master and I have already asked a friend to search according to those clues. However, there’s still luck required in finding the opponent.” Song Shuhang replied.

Jiang Ziyan asked, “Then……. If you find the opponent, what do you plan to do?”

“I’ll see how strong the opponent is. If I have a chance, I’ll take advantage of his sick state to kill him, to settle him once and for all. If I’m can’t handle him, I’ll have to ask the seniors in the group for help.” Song Shuhang clenched his fists and said.

“Handle? Hehe.” Jiang Ziyan did a cutthroat gesture, “Well then…… For someone like you who has never killed a person, do you have the resolve to kill off your enemy?”

“…….I, will be mentally prepared!” Song Shuhang lowered his voice and said, “Whether it is for my safety, or the safety of my family and friends, I will make my resolve.”

Resolve, he must have. He must have it even if he doesn’t!

The opponent is someone who uses underhanded tricks, if he didn’t even have this bit of resolve, he should just wash up and wait for the opponent to come collect his head.

“That’s good. I can only advise you to never show mercy to your enemy. Also, be sure to ascertain whether the enemy is truly dead. There are countless ways for cultivators to survive. When necessary, destroying the corpse totally is the most reliable method. For 2nd Stage practitioners, you need to at least cut off their head.” Jiang Ziyan stretched her back, “Well then, good luck.”

As she said that, she didn’t await Song Shuhang’s reply, and had already jumped out of the window, disappearing from Shuhang’s line of sight.

“Thanks.” Song Shuhang softly said.



At 4:40PM.

Shuhang dragged his exhausted body and ran 5km.

“No good, there’s a limit to how much running would benefit the body.  Should I consider wearing weights? But weights seem to have adverse effects towards the body’s height, causing someone to be unable to grow any taller?”

“With the Body Tempering Liquid here, it should be fine.”

There was a myriad of thoughts in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Forget it. I’ll just go back to the dormitory to rest. I’ll make a proper training plan for the weights and bodybuilding a few days later.

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