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Early in the morning, around 5 AM.

The members of Jacob's Production Team were currently having breakfast.

They had already packed all the equipment and stage props necessary for the shooting of the movie, and were ready to set out at any moment.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang was accompanying Ye Si, strolling through this holiday residence that Venerable White had 'casually' found. Since they would soon leave this place and head toward the next shooting location, Ye Si wanted to stroll around and take a look at this place. After all, these were the ruins of the original Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

As such, Song Shuhang decided to accompany her for a walk.

At this moment, the duo arrived in front of a small road that was paved with cobblestones.

Senior Sister Ye Si fell into deep thought, and, after a short while, said, "Right here, where this small road is located, was once a beautiful river. There were a lot of willow trees planted on both sides of the river. Shuhang, do you remember?"

Song Shuhang nodded his head. He had passed some time in that new Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion located in space. Therefore, he had seen that beautiful river.

"When I was still alive, I liked to play here with my senior sisters. Back then, there was a special type of spirit beast residing in the river, the 'Rose Petal Fish'. During the course of its life, the fish would continually produce spiritual qi, filling the whole river with spiritual energy," Senior Sister Ye Si muttered to herself.

Song Shuhang silently nodded his head, but he found it somewhat strange when Senior Sister Ye Si said the sentence 'when I was still alive'.

"Unfortunately, things change with the passage of time. Now, that beautiful river has disappeared without traces." Ye Si stretched out her hands, and grabbed Song Shuhang's arm. "Shuhang, let's go. Let's go take a look at the pavilion I was residing in. I'm very curious to see what happened to it in the end."

As such, the duo quickly walked away.

Very soon, Senior Sister Ye Si and Song Shuhang arrived in front of a small pavilion.

This small pavilion was completely made of green bamboos; it looked as though it was something that nature itself had created.

"Eh?" A surprised expression appeared on Ye Si's face as she stood in front of the small pavilion.

"Is something the matter?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

"My residence has the same appearance as before?" Ye Si said with a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

All the nearby building had been reduced to ruins, and were later rebuilt by Venerable White. However, her small pavilion still had its previous appearance...

She blinked her eyes, and pulled Song Shuhang's hand, entering the small pavilion made of bamboo.

The things she saw after entering the pavilion made her remember about her past. There was a large number of bookshelves in the pavilion, as well as a big chair in the center.

This was precisely her previous dwelling.

The whole pavilion resembled a huge library. There were four stories in total, and they were all full of bookshelves. Back in the day, she used to squat on that big chair in the center and read books while hugging her knees.

Right now, the bookshelves were still there, the chair was also there, the tea table adjacent to the chair was also there... but the books on the bookshelves had all disappeared.

Senior Sister Ye Si examined all the things inside the pavilion, and fell into deep ponder.

Song Shuhang also examined the surrounding area, and asked, "There isn't any book on the bookshelves. Is it possible that Senior White stored them in some other place?"

All the books that Ye Si had collected were rare and valuable books. If he were in Senior White's shoes, he would store them in a safe place.

But right at this time, Ye Si shook her head, and said, "No, that's not the case. This pavilion was rebuilt... this isn't my original pavilion."

Song Shuhang was confused. "Hmm?"

"Even if the shape of the pavilion, the position of the bookshelves inside, and the position of the furniture and decorations are all the same as my original pavilion, there are some slight changes that didn't escape my eyes. I can tell that the bookshelves, chair, and the whole pavilion were rebuilt at some point," Senior Sister Ye Si said in a soft voice.

"Is it possible that Senior White rebuilt them?" Song Shuhang said. However, Senior White had never met Senior Sister Ye Si before, and it was impossible for him to restore the pavilion return to its original appearance without ever seeing the previous version!

"I have no idea." Senior Sister Ye Si shook her head.

Afterward, Senior Sister Ye Si lost interest in strolling through the 'ruins of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion'. Although this was the old Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, all the people that used to live here were gone. If she were to keep strolling around in this place, she would only feel nostalgic, and nothing more.

Next, she and Song Shuhang headed toward the second floor of this pavilion made of bamboo, and leaned against the guardrail, gazing at the far-off landscape.

At this time, they were free and had nothing to do.

As such, after Senior Sister Ye Si's requested him, Song Shuhang started to teach her modern simplified Chinese characters.

He just happened to have Dharma King Creation's big notebook and a pen with him.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang wrote various characters on the blank pages at the end of the book and taught Senior Sister Ye Si about their meanings.

Time slowly passed by...

Without them noticing, something had changed between Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye Si. There seemed to be a mutual and tacit understanding between the two now. However, this mutual and tacit understanding was somewhat strange.

When he was teaching Senior Sister Ye Si how to identify simplified Chinese characters, Song Shuhang had sometimes just finished writing the character and had yet to open his mouth to explain its meaning—with only the thought flashing through his mind—and yet, Senior Sister Ye Si's eyes would suddenly lit up, and she would correctly guess the meaning of the character immediately afterward.

Song Shuhang felt that there was something wrong with this situation.


Early morning, 6 AM.

The members of the movie crew had finished their breakfast, and were ready to set out.

The whole movie crew was about to head toward the White Cloud Academy.

In the next scene they were going to shoot, Venerable White would be cast as Ling Ye and leave the Immaterial Cloud Sect with a broken heart since Senior Sister Murong Hua had ended up marrying Feng Chuanzi.

Then, he would proceed toward the frontline of the battle between humans and the evil creatures of the 'demonic realm'. After getting exhausted, he would retire from the battle, and find a place to rest.

His strength was quickly growing during this period.

But right at that time, just as he was looking for a place to rest adjacent to the mountain valley of the 'scholarly school', he would meet the second woman of his life. This woman was precisely the female ghost, Ling'er.

Afterward, according to the script, Ling Ye would lose himself in the sea of love after experiencing Ling'er affection.

Then, just as the plot seemed to be going in the right direction... Ling'er's true nature as a ghost would be exposed and the sad part begin.


The immortal boats were once again disguised as aircraft as they carried the members of Jacob's Production Team toward the White Cloud Academy.

This time, True Monarch White Crane, Yu Jiaojiao, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, Doudou, Song Shuhang, Ye Si, and various other seniors all boarded the same immortal boat. As for Scholar Xian Gong, he didn't set out together with the members of the movie crew. It was unknown where he had run to spin his cocoon, and up until now, no one had seen him. Therefore, he wasn't with them as they were heading toward the White Cloud Academy.

On the way, while in its feminine-looking form, True Monarch White Crane carefully guarded Venerable White' cocoon, as well as its own empty cocoon. The two cocoons were still linked together.

The cocoons were like a valuable treasure for True Monarch White Crane. It absolutely wouldn't let them separate.

True Monarch White Crane protected the cocoons with utmost care, not leaving them even for an instant.


The journey would last for a while this time. As such, Ye Si sat next to Song Shuhang and listened to him as he was narrating the content of the next scenes of the movie.

"Ling Ye's second love will be a ghost?" After hearing this much, Ye Si blinked her eyes.

"Ahahaha." Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh. This plot that Gao Moumou had randomly written was really a jab at his feelings.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang's mobile phone suddenly rang.

Is it possible that Senior White had slept enough and has finally decided to come out? Song Shuhang took the mobile and glanced at it. The number displayed on the screen belonged to 'Su Clan's Sixteen'.

Song Shuhang picked up the phone. Just like Scholar Xian Gong, neither Sixteen nor Seven had set out alongside the movie crew.

The very day Su Clan's Seven returned to Earth from space, he carried Su Clan's Sixteen away so that she could start preparing for the tribulation.

Even now that everyone else had set out, the two of them had yet to appear.

As such, the movie crew had no choice but to set out first. Su Clan's Seven said that he would carry Sixteen to the White Cloud Academy directly and converge there with everyone else.

After the phone was picked up, Su Clan's Sixteen's melodious voice was transmitted from the other end. "Shuhang~ what's the current position of the movie crew?"

"We are flying in the sky at this time, but I have no idea what's our current location. Sixteen, what method will you and Senior Seven use to come over?"

Su Clan's Sixteen replied, "Seven and I are still preparing something. At the appointed time, he will bring me to the White Cloud Academy with his flying sword. Perhaps we'll get there before you guys."

"I see, good to know," Song Shuhang said.

"In that case, let us meet at the White Cloud Academy," Sixteen said in a soft voice.

Song Shuhang replied, "Sure~ let us meet at the White Cloud Academy."


Time flew by.

At last, they arrived at the White Cloud Academy.

The immortal boats slowly descended in a public square outside the White Cloud Academy.

True Monarch Eternal Fire was already waiting for the arrival of the various fellow daoists alongside different teachers of the White Cloud Academy that had come over with him.

After the immortal boat descended, True Monarch Fallout, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, and the other seniors that were acquainted with True Monarch Eternal Fire came out and greeted him. Scholars had various different types of customs to observe while greeting each other.

After everyone had descended from the immortal boat, True Monarch Eternal Fire glanced at those present, and asked in puzzlement, "Fellow Daoists, where is Fellow Daoist White?"

"Senior White? He is right there." True Monarch Fallout pointed toward the position of Song Shuhang and the others.

True Monarch Eternal Fire looked in the direction of Song Shuhang and the others. But even after a while, he was unable to find Venerable White's form. Let alone his form, he couldn't even detect his aura.

Right at this time, True Monarch Fallout added, "Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire, do you see those two cocoons?"

"Yes, I see them, Fellow Daoist Fallout," True Monarch Eternal Fire said with a nod.

True Monarch Fallout shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Senior White is inside one of the cocoons."

"..." True Monarch Eternal Fire.

Right at this time, Song Shuhang also urged Senior White to wake up.

This time, he didn't call him, but stretched out his hand, starting to shake the cocoon. "Senior White, Senior White, get up. We have arrived at the White Cloud Academy."

"Oh... but the sky is still so dark... as such, let me sleep some more." Venerable White's feeble voice was transmitted from within the cocoon. If Song Shuhang hadn't been leaning against the cocoon, he wouldn't have understood clearly what he was saying.

"Stop using this excuse about the sky being dark! And stop being capricious! We have already arrived at the White Cloud Academy, and Senior Eternal Fire from White Cloud Academy is looking for you! Quickly come out. Otherwise, it will be seen as a lack of manners!" Song Shuhang urged him.

"Let me sleep some more, and call me right before the shooting of the movie starts. It's settled then," Venerable White muttered.

Settled...? Hell no!

Do you think I won't dare to flip the table— no, wait... do you really think I won't dare to flip the cocoon?!

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