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"Senior White said that he plans to sleep in the cocoon, and won't be coming out tonight." Song Shuhang put his mobile phone away, and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Fairy Dongfang Six, True Monarch White Crane, Yu Jiaojiao, and Cave Lord Snow Wolf were all speechless.

"In other words, we won't be seeing Senior White come out of the cocoon tonight, right? That's really a shame. I was truly looking forward to seeing how Senior White would look after coming out of the cocoon!" Yu Jiaojiao said with deep regret.

True Monarch White Crane exclaimed, "How is this possible?"

"It seems everything fell through. In that case, shall we retire?" Fairy Dongfang Six said.

But right at this time, Cave Lord Snow Wolf said, "Wait a moment! Young Master Phoenix Slayer still has to come out of his cocoon." Cave Lord Snow Wolf was looking forward to seeing Young Master Phoenix Slayer rip apart that layer of adhesive tape that was wrapped around his cocoon, as well as the scene of him ripping apart Doudou in a fit of rage.

Fairy Dongfang Six said, "Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer doesn't seem to intend to come out, either. Alternatively, we can just contact him?"

"I'll contact him." Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone, and dialed Young Master Phoenix Slayer's number. Without him realizing, he had already saved quite a few numbers that belonged to the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group in his phone.

The phone rang for a while, but Young Master Phoenix Slayer didn't pick up.

"From the looks of it, Senior Phoenix Slayer won't come out of the cocoon within a short period of time, either." Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders, and hung up.

Doudou said, "Dammit, what's happening?"

Fairy Dongfang Six stretched herself, and said, "In that case, let's just retire, alright? It's pretty late already, and everyone should get a good rest. Tomorrow, we have to head toward the White Cloud Academy in the scholarly territory and shoot the remaining part of the movie."

"There seems to be no other way. Let us meet again," Cave Lord Snow Wolf said. He had to head back to accompany his wife and children.

As such, Cave Lord Snow Wolf and Fairy Dongfang Six left Song Shuhang's room after bidding farewell to the people there present.


Yu Jiaojiao said, "Shuhang, where should we stay tonight?"

There were two huge intact cocoons hanging from the ceiling, as well as two empty ones. Then, there was also Song Shuhang's empty cocoon on the bed... could they really stay here for the night?

"I just need to sort out the bed a bit. There is no need to change locations," Song Shuhang said. Venerable White and Young Master Phoenix Slayer were still inside their respective cocoons. Therefore, it was better if someone stayed over to keep an eye on them.

Doudou rolled his eyes, and said, "Shuhang, I'll also stay over for the night!"

Doudou wouldn't be happy unless he could personally see the scene of Young Master Phoenix Slayer's coming out of the cocoon. He had gone through a lot of trouble to wrap Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoon with layer upon layer of adhesive tape. Therefore, he absolutely wanted to see Young Master Phoenix Slayer struggling to get out of the cocoon and getting angry as the tape hindered him.

After seeing the scene, True Monarch White Crane also said in a hurry, "Little friend Shuhang, I'll also stay over!"

It had to stay behind to watch over Senior White. In addition, it wanted to wait for Senior White to come out and immediately store away those two closely attached cocoons.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Can I refuse?

However, it didn't matter if Song Shuhang wanted to refuse or not. Doudou and True Monarch White Crane had decided to be shameless and stay over regardless.

But here came the problem... there was only one bed in the room.

Doudou glanced at Song Shuhang, and said, "I can reduce my size and sleep with you."

"Little friend Shuhang, you can go ahead and sleep," True Monarch White Crane said indifferently. "I'll sit on one side and meditate. That will do."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior White Crane, are you planning to sit on one side and stare at me while I'm sleeping? How can I even fall asleep like that?

After heaving a sigh, Song Shuhang said, "I'll also sit in meditation and practice."

Earlier, he had drunk some demodragon medicine, and the strength of his constitution had increased by more than three times.

Nevertheless, his constitution was still unable to keep up with his mental energy. Thereupon, his mental energy would fluctuate from time to time and make him feel as though a small hammer was pounding his head.

Under these circumstances, he couldn't fall asleep even if he wished to.

From the looks of it, he would have to drink at least one whole vial of demodragon medicine before the strength of his constitution could reach an acceptable level.

Unfortunately, his body had yet to completely absorb the medicinal power of the demodragon medicine. He would need at least several days for his body to return to normal. Only at that time would he be able to drink more demodragon medicine.

Such being the case, it was better not to sleep and sit in meditation, practicing until daybreak!


In this fashion, Song Shuhang sat in the foremost position on the bed. Doudou lay on his stomach next to him with a bored expression on his face, and Yu Jiaojiao sat next to Doudou. As for True Monarch White Crane, it sat at the end of the bed.

The four people sat in a row and started meditating.

Of course, there was also that two-meter-big empty cocoon on the bedside, as well as the two empty cocoons and the two intact ones hanging from the ceiling.

The scene was as beautiful as a painting... a very bizarre painting.


The next day, 4 AM. The sun wasn't up yet.

The members of Jacob's Production Team had woken up already, and their workday had begun. They had to handle the equipment, then prepare the stage props, and get ready to change the filming location.

Speaking of which, there was something strange going on. Although it wasn't unusual for them to sleep only a few hours and wake up before the sun had risen when they were shooting a movie, it was always a struggle to do so.

Nevertheless, the members of Jacob's Production Team felt that they were always brimming with energy whenever they woke up during the shooting of this movie. The sun wasn't up yet, but they woke up on their own, and were unable to fall asleep afterward.

Not only their minds, but their bodies were also healthy and full of energy. As if that wasn't enough, some members of the crew that had put on some weight due to their age discovered that their pot belly had disappeared, with the outline of the muscles of the abdominal area becoming visible.


After concluding his night-long practice session, Song Shuhang exhaled a mouthful of bad air.

Afterward, he raised his head, and looked at the ceiling. There was no movement from Venerable White and Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoons.

It seemed that Senior White was sleeping very soundly. Young Master Phoenix Slayer also had yet to break out of his cocoon for some reason. Perhaps he obtained many benefits after drinking the demodragon medicine earlier, and decided to practice a bit while he was at it?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, someone knocked on the door of the room.

It was still very early. Who might that be?

"Shuhang, are you inside?" Senior Sister Ye Si's voice was transmitted from outside the room.

"Ye Si? You are back! Wait a moment, I'll open the door for you." Song Shuhang smiled, and jumped down from the bed to open the door for her.

Yesterday, Fairy Lychee basically kidnapped Ye Si and took her away. She took her away for the whole night, and it was unknown what Fairy Lychee and Ye Si had talked about during this time. Had they managed to solve that matter between them?

After opening the door, Song Shuhang saw Senior Sister Ye Si standing in front of him with a happy expression on her face.

Behind Senior Sister Ye Si was Fairy Lychee, who had her mobile phone raised high up; it seemed she was in the middle of taking a selfie.

Just as Song Shuhang opened the door, Fairy Lychee took several selfies where Ye Si, Song Shuhang, and she were portrayed.

"?" Song Shuhang was confused.

Ye Si pounced toward him, and gave him a warm hug. "Shuhang, I'm very happy now."

Ye Si seemed very happy and excited at this time.

Song Shuhang had no idea as to what was going on, but still smiled, and said, "Did something happen that made you this happy?"

"Hehe." Ye Si pulled Song Shuhang's hand, and turned her body around, facing Fairy Lychee.

Fairy Lychee lightly coughed, and wore a serious expression on her small face.

"Shuhang, from today onwards, Fairy Lychee will be our adoptive mother!" Ye Si explained things to Song Shuhang.

The words 'adoptive' and 'mother' continuously reverberated in Song Shuhang's mind.

"Ah?" Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide. "Fairy Lychee? Adoptive mother?"

"Yes. After discussing for one whole night, Fairy Lychee received me as her adoptive daughter," Ye Si said with a nod.

"..." Song Shuhang.

This outcome was way beyond his expectations!

Right at this time, Fairy Lychee stretched out her hand, and gently patted Song Shuhang's shoulder while maintaining a solemn expression on her face. Afterward, she took out a gift from her clothes.

The gift consisted in two of those talisman treasures that were used during the shooting of the scene where the Immaterial Cloud Sect got destroyed. The talismans could create that transparent barrier that all the people that were playing dead back then had used. It was a barrier of the Fifth Stage rank, and its defensive power was outstanding. Even if a group of cultivators of the Fourth Stage Realm were to madly attack it, they wouldn't be able to do anything.

"Come, Shuhang. This is the gift that adoptive mother will give you on our first meeting. You must treat my Ye Si well later, got it?" Fairy Lychee said as she tried to squeeze out a gentle and kind smile that someone of the older generation should have. She looked rather cute while trying to forcefully play the role of an elder.

Fairy Lychee squeezed the gift in Song Shuhang's hand, and took several photos with her mobile phone, which was still hovering midair.

"..." Song Shuhang.

It was true that Fairy Lychee was old enough to be Song Shuhang's grandmother, but this wasn't the main problem at this time!

Song Shuhang had a WTF expression on his face at this moment.

Moreover, even if Senior Sister Ye Si had accepted Fairy Lychee as her adoptive mother, why did she carry Fairy Lychee over there to turn him into Fairy Lychee's adopted daughter as well? Ugh, no. It should be 'adoptive son' at most!

"Later, we'll be a family." Ye Si expectantly pulled Song Shuhang's hand, and said, "Shuhang, are you happy?"

Song Shuhang stiffly turned his head around, and squeezed out a smile, saying, "Yes, I'm very happy."

"Alright. Now that I've brought my daughter back, I won't bother you two juniors, and you can have your intimate time together. I'll take my leave first so as to prepare for the next scene, where I'm going to make an appearance. Let our family meet at the filming location in a while," Fairy Lychee said with a faint smile. Then, she swiftly waved her hand and left.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Soon after Fairy Lychee left, Song Shuhang's mobile phone vibrated; he had just received the notification of a message.

He took out his phone and unlocked it.

Fairy Lychee had sent a selfie in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. It was precisely that group photo she took with Ye Si and Song Shuhang, as well as the picture where she was giving Song Shuhang the gift.

Fairy Lychee: "I just brought my daughter to see her beloved. In addition, I gave to the man of my beautiful and radiant daughter a gift."

It was totally the tone of an auntie...

Song Shuhang felt that his head had started to ache... was this his mental energy fluctuating again?

As expected, the first one to reply was the always online holy warrior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "😱 So early in the morning, and Fairy Lychee's speaking like an auntie! I got a huge scare! Anyway, Fairy Lychee dropping big bombs!"

Fairy Lychee: "It can't be helped. This fairy maiden is now a mother."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "..."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "This time, I must quietly use the summoning technique. @True Monarch Yellow Mountain, True Monarch, quickly come online. There is some shocking news you must know about, Fairy Lychee now has a daughter~"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "..."

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