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Just as Song Shuhang returned to his room, one of the huge cocoons started to change shape.

It was Senior Cave Lord Snow Wolf's cocoon. He was the last person to get one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine from Song Shuhang, and also the last person that started spinning the cocoon.

And yet, he was the first one to break out of his cocoon.

Senior Snow Wolf used his sharp claws to slice the cocoon and slash it open. Next, his large body drilled out of the cocoon, smoothly landing on the ground.

"Eh? I'm the first one to come out?" Cave Lord Snow Wolf himself couldn't believe that he was the first one to get out of his cocoon.

Yu Jiaojiao glanced at Cave Lord Snow Wolf, and, somewhat disappointed, said, "Senior Snow Wolf's build didn't change at all!"

She was looking forward to seeing Cave Lord Snow Wolf with some explosive muscles. Had that happened, it would have been truly a sight to behold to see Song Shuhang and Snow Wolf standing side by side.

Had the four seniors turned into Musclewhite, Muscleslayer, Musclecrane, and Musclewolf after coming out their respective cocoons, she would have taken a photo of the group of them and Musclehang, uploading it to the Nine Provinces Number One Group... At that time, there would be several people asking for the name of the group to be changed to 'Nine Provinces Muscle Group'.

Yu Jiaojiao sighed. It was truly a shame.

"His build changed a bit, but the changes weren't as exaggerated as little friend Shuhang's." The nearby Fairy Dongfang Six glanced at Senior Snow Wolf with her beautiful eyes. Thanks to her 'Bewitching Eyes', she could see that Cave Lord Snow Wolf's build had strengthened a bit. However, it was hardly noticeable, and one basically couldn't tell by looking.

"Ahahaha, Fellow Daoist Dongfang Six has good eyesight," Cave Lord Snow Wolf said with a smile.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked, "How was it? Was it fun to spin a cocoon?"

"It was fun. Moreover, my constitution strengthened way beyond my expectations. This cocoon spinning session was completely worth its value," Cave Lord Snow Wolf said with a nod.

Just as they were discussing, a second cocoon was ripped apart, and True Monarch White Crane drilled out of it.

True Monarch White Crane's build didn't change much, either. It still had that petite build belonging to its feminine form.

After breaking out of the cocoon, it immediately shifted its head and glanced at Venerable White's cocoon.

"Senior White hasn't come out of his cocoon yet!" True Monarch White Crane said regretfully.

But in the next moment, a shy expression suddenly appeared on its small face, turning it red. The cocoon it had spun was now closely attached to Venerable White's.

Hundreds of different scenes suddenly flashed through True Monarch White Crane's mind.

In a while, once Venerable White had come out of his cocoon, it would immediately store away these two closely attached cocoons.

After all, it was the proof that Venerable White and it were 'linked' together.


"Senior White Crane's build didn't have any change, either... that's quite unlucky." Yu Jiaojiao had a disappointed expression on her face. Then, she turned her head around, and said, "Shuhang, only your build changed. It seemed you were the special one."

Song Shuhang forced a smile.

Now, only Venerable White and Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoons were left.

Venerable White had drunk one whole vial of demodragon medicine... perhaps this was the reason he was taking so long to come out?

And what was the deal with Young Master Phoenix Slayer? Why hadn't he come out of his cocoon already?


Just as Song Shuhang and the others were bored, waiting for Venerable White and Young Master Phoenix Slayer to come out of their cocoons, Song Shuhang's phone rang again.

He took out his mobile phone, and looked at the number of the caller.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, "Is it that salesman again?"

"No idea, but it's again an unfamiliar number." Song Shuhang picked up the phone. He had nothing to do at this time. Even if it was a salesman, he would accompany him for a chat since it would cost him nothing. If the salesman was a girl, he wouldn't mind chatting all night.

"Woof, woof~ Shuhang, Shuhang, woof~ are you still in your room? Woof, woof~" Doudou's familiar voice was transmitted from the other end.

It was the pekingese Doudou.

"Yes. Doudou, are you done sweeping that dungeon clean with your wife?" Song Shuhang felt somewhat guilty when this topic was brought up. Due to that deal between him and Doudou, he was once cast as 'Doudou', and participated in a video call with his in-game 'wife'. Now then, was that poor girl still thinking that he was 'Doudou'? Reminiscing about this matter made him feel somewhat guilty.

"Woof, woof~ I finished cleaning that dungeon with my main wife long ago. Now, I'm helping my second wife in a guild war. Woof~ so fun. The power level of these trashes probably doesn't go past 5. None of them is a match for this dog god!" Doudou said complacently.

"..." Song Shuhang suddenly had the urge to hang up the call!

"Right. Shuhang, is Phoenix Slayer still in your room, spinning that cocoon?" Doudou asked.

Song Shuhang glanced toward Young Master Phoenix Slayer, who had yet to come out of the cocoon, and said with a nod, "It's been a while since Senior Phoenix Slayer finished spinning his cocoon, but he has yet to come out."

"Ahaha, perfect! Wait a minute, I will head over there," Doudou said happily.

Song Shuhang had a confused expression on his face. What was Doudou planning to do?


After a short moment, Doudou pushed the door of Song Shuhang's room open. At this time, he had the appearance of a huge, five meters long dog.

After entering the room, he stood erect. Song Shuhang noticed that there was a large backpack hanging from his front paws.

"Young Master Phoenix Slayer... which is his cocoon?" Doudou raised his head, and glanced at those two big cocoons on the ceiling that were still intact.

Yu Jiaojiao pointed at Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoon, and said, "That's Senior Phoenix Slayer's cocoon."

"Doudou, what are you planning to do?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

"Ahahaha, just wait and see!" After he had said this much, Doudou stretched out his paw, and took a huge roll of adhesive tape out of the backpack.

Afterward, he jumped upward and flew until arriving next to Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoon.

Then, under the eyes of Song Shuhang and the others, Doudou stretched out his claws, and delicately cut the part of the cocoon attached to the ceiling.

Next, he opened his mouth and released a magical wind that acted as a support for Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoon, allowing it to quietly float midair.

"Very well. This position is good," Doudou muttered to himself.

Afterward, he used his claws to unstick the roll of adhesive tape, and glued the sticky side of the tape to Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoon.

"Wahahaha~ Phoenix Slayer, today, you finally gave me the opportunity. Woof, woof, woof~" Doudou laughed complacently. He held the roll of adhesive tape in his mouth, and started to circle around Young Master Phoenix Slayer's cocoon. As such, layer upon layer of adhesive tape was wrapped around the cocoon.

Very soon, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's whole cocoon was wrapped up in a thick layer of tape; there wasn't even a single place that the tape didn't cover.

However, Doudou didn't stop, and continued to circle around the cocoon until the roll of adhesive tape was completely finished—only then was he satisfied.

"Yuk!" After spitting the empty roll of adhesive tape in his mouth, Doudou glued the huge cocoon, which had now gotten even huger, back to the ceiling.

"That will do." Doudou clapped his front paws with a smug expression on his face.

"..." Song Shuhang.

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf, Fairy Dongfang Six, and True Monarch White Crane were also speechless.

After finishing what he was doing, Doudou returned to the ground, and shrunk back to the size of an ordinary pekingese, arriving next to Song Shuhang.

Then, he stood erect and used one of his paws to lean against Song Shuhang's leg.

Afterward, he pointed at the huge cocoon and said smugly, "What do you think? It's perfect, isn't it? It's simply a piece of art."

"Doudou, what's the use of doing something of the sort? Even if you add ten more layers of adhesive tape, won't Senior Phoenix Slayer instantly slash it open together with the cocoon whenever he comes out?" Song Shuhang ridiculed him.

The nearby Fairy Dongfang Six blinked her eyes. Little friend Shuhang, shouldn't you ridicule Doudou for wrapping Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer's cocoon in layer upon layer of tape? How come the topic of conversation shifted to the quality of the adhesive tape...?

"Ahaha, you think this dog god hasn't thought about this point?" Doudou said smugly. "The tape I used this time was very special. That isn't ordinary adhesive tape, but a special tape that was reinforced through the magical techniques of cultivators. This formidable tape was advertised even in the Daily Cultivator. According to the description of the product, even flying boats belonging to cultivators can be temporarily fixed with this tape in case of emergency. In addition, even a cultivator of the Fifth Stage Realm will have to use some strength to rip open this adhesive tape. Needless to say, after I wrapped him in all those layers of tape, Phoenix Slayer will cry bitter tears," Doudou said complacently.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Was this kind of advertisement really trustworthy?

If that advertisement was trustworthy, people would grow wings after drinking Red Bull; they would feel as though they were worth it after buying L'Oreal products, while those eating at McDonalds would be lovin' it, and so on.

Of course, all of it was just nonsense.

Doudou looked at Song Shuhang's face, and seemed to have guessed what he was thinking. Therefore, he laughed, and said, "Shuhang, don't worry. I've tested the strength of the tape personally, and it's absolutely excellent."

Then, he also added, "That petty Phoenix Slayer thought that I wouldn't be able to give him a lesson, since he has advanced to the Fifth Stage... but he was too naive! One day, I'll make him remember the terror of lying on the ground with me above him!"

"..." Song Shuhang. By the time you advance to the Fifth Stage Realm, Young Master Phoenix Slayer will have gotten even stronger, and you still won't be able to beat him.

In addition, the tape that Doudou had used required cultivators of the Fifth Stage Realm to use 'some strength' to rip it open; it was by no means indestructible!

If Young Master Phoenix Slayer managed to get rid of that layer of adhesive tape while coming out of the cocoon, it would be time for Doudou to die!

Would Young Master Phoenix Slayer like some dog meat hotpot?

Song Shuhang glanced at Doudou. Should he point this out and have Doudou escape as soon as possible?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, his mobile phone rang again.

He was receiving a lot of calls tonight!

Song Shuhang took out his phone and unlocked it.

Then, he discovered that the caller was a certain… Senior White.

"..." Song Shuhang raised his head, and glanced at Senior White's big cocoon.

However, he still picked up the phone.

"Hello, Shuhang." Senior White's voice seemed rather feeble.

"Senior White? How are you? Did something happen? Are you about to come out of the cocoon?" Song Shuhang quickly asked.

"No, no. Nothing happened, "Venerable White said. "I just feel that the interior of this cocoon is rather good and soft. Then, without me noticing, I started to get sleepy~ Therefore, I'll sleep inside the cocoon now. Remember to wake me up tomorrow morning."

Venerable White continued in a feeble voice, "That's all I wanted to say. Good night~"

After saying this much, Venerable White yawned, and hung up the call.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Well... as expected of Senior White?

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