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The various fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group held their chins and glanced at Venerable White as he was spinning the cocoon.

Senior White had a graceful appearance while spinning his cocoon, and the speed he was spinning the cocoon at was also much faster than Song Shuhang's. In the time it took to utter a few sentences, Senior White had already finished weaving the supporting web of the cocoon.

After seeing Senior White's face, which was full of enthusiasm, the other fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were also itching to get into action.

The concept of 'popularity' was a rather strange one. As long as only one person was doing a certain thing, it was 'alternative' or 'non-mainstream', but if everyone did it, then that very same thing would become 'popular' or 'trendy'.

After Venerable White gave a start to the spinning thing, the other fellow daoists of the group also got excited, and decided to do the same.

Right at this time, Young Master Phoenix Slayer arrived next to Song Shuhang.

Great Master Profound Principle, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, and Young Master Phoenix Slayer had finished giving Immortal Master Copper Trigram a good beating, and had just returned; they were very satisfied at this moment. After coming back, the first thing that Phoenix Slayer did was to head here to watch little friend Song Shuhang as the latter was spinning his cocoon.

"Little friend Shuhang, do you want to carry out a transaction for your demodragon medicine?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked; he, too, was interested in this matter.

A transaction with Young Master Phoenix Slayer? Song Shuhang got immediately excited. Of course he wanted to carry out a transaction with him!

"Yes, absolutely!" Song Shuhang said.

He had twenty vials of demodragon medicine, and he didn't need such a huge amount.

Even though the demodragon medicine could strengthen the constitution of cultivators of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, it couldn't infinitely strengthen the bodies of cultivators. Each person had a different type of constitution, and they would develop a certain resistance to the medicine after using it a fixed number of times. After the limit was reached, no matter how much medicine they took, it wouldn't have much of a strengthening effect on their body.

"Little friend Song Shuhang, do you want anything in particular in return?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer was very straightforward. Although Phoenix Slayer had just advanced to the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm, the wealth at his disposal wasn't inferior to that of an ordinary Sixth Stage True Monarch.

"I want only one thing... and that is to borrow Senior Phoenix Slayer's CPU!" Song Shuhang quickly said. "I don't want anything else aside from that."

"..." Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

After pondering for a moment, Young Master Phoenix Slayer clenched his teeth, and said, "Fine!"

"Very well. In that case, it's twenty-five uses of your CPU for one vial of demodragon medicine. By the way, our management would like to thank you for patronizing our products!" Song Shuhang said complacently.

"Twenty-five uses? You can forget about it!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer lost his temper. Did Song Shuhang think that his CPU was a computer of public use that he could borrow whenever he wished? Ugh, enough with this CPU nonsense! It was his special innate skill, and it had nothing to with CPUs!

Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders, and said meanly, "That's truly regrettable. It seems we won't be able to carry out this transaction."

He had to take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the number of time he could borrow Young Master Phoenix Slayer's CPU. Otherwise, who knew how much time would pass before he could find something else that could pique Phoenix Slayer's interest and carry out another transaction with him!

At this time, there were only two people that had this mutated version of the demodragon medicine, Senior Xian Gong and Song Shuhang, and the possibility of obtaining some demodragon medicine from Senior Xian Gong was rather low.

On the other hand, if they wanted to refine some other demodragon medicine that could allow them to spit silk and spin a cocoon, they would have to find another mutated demodragon...

Young Master Phoenix Slayer pondered for a short while, and said clenching his teeth, "Five times at most, no more."

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, the way you beat down the price was simply too ruthless. Others would round the numbers and remove the decimal part, but you deleted the integer part, and left only the decimal one! Five times only? I refuse! I won't take any less than twenty times." Song Shuhang bargained back and forth.

"Twenty times...? Very well. In that case, I will take one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine and exchange it for five uses." Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed his glasses up, refracting rays of wisdom.

He had just entered the Fifth Stage Realm, and taking one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine once was more than enough for him; getting an entire vial would be just a waste.

"..." Song Shuhang.

"It's settled then. Give me one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine, and I will let you borrow my CPU five times." Young Master Phoenix Slayer's glasses were refracting rays of light from each angle, looking very dazzling.

Song Shuhang said, "Senior, this is a hard-to-come-by opportunity. Are you sure you don't want an entire vial?"

"There is no need. I just want to spin a cocoon and have some fun. I'm not planning to spin it four or five times. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Are you a real man or not? If you don't want to carry out this transaction, I will take my leave, and you can forget about borrowing my CPU ever again," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said ruthlessly.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Alright, if it was only five times, so be it. These five times would last him for quite some time, after all. As for what would happen next, he would think about it later. Who knew, perhaps he would find something else that could pique Young Master Phoenix Slayer's interest in the meantime.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth, and said, "Deal!"

In the next moment, Young Master Phoenix Slayer poured one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine into a small cup, and gulped it down all at once.

Afterward, he also stepped in the air, and headed toward the angle on the ceiling opposite to Venerable White's, where he started to spin his cocoon.

"Interesting. So that's how it was... not bad, not bad." Young Master Phoenix Slayer was spitting silk and spinning his cocoon, all of this while still pushing his glasses upward. From the looks of it, he was studying the principle behind the cocoon spinning process. From Young Master Phoenix Slayer to Young Master Super Brainiac?


As soon as Young Master Phoenix Slayer and Song Shuhang completed their transaction, another figure quickly arrived in front of Shuhang.

It was the neuter but feminine-looking version of True Monarch White Crane. In this state, she had a petite build and looked lovely and cute. The only problem was that her temperament was rather bad, and she would easily lose her calm.

True Monarch White Crane said, "Little friend Shuhang, give me some of that demodragon medicine!"

While speaking, she would often glance at Venerable White, who was still spinning his cocoon. How could she miss the chance to do the same thing that Venerable White was doing?

"Senior White Crane, do you also want to try to spin a cocoon?" Song Shuhang asked out curiosity. Senior White Crane was an oviparous life form, right? Therefore, it should already know how it felt to be inside an egg, which was similar to a cocoon!

"Enough of this useless talk. Anyway, I have a few good things here with me." The feminine version of True Monarch White Crane couldn't stand any form of useless talk. She put her hand in her pocket, and took out three blades of grass that were emitting a metallic luster. Weak 'saber intent' had unexpectedly condensed on these blades of grass. Each of them looked like a treasured saber that was born from the the world itself.

"This treasure is known as 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent', and it's a type of treasure that grows in the ruins of Immortals that have comprehended the principles behind the saber. After eating this treasure, you will have the opportunity to comprehend and experience with your body what 'saber intent' is. Your talent in regards to saber techniques is very good, and that 'Flaming Saber Technique' of yours already faintly touches the concept of 'saber intent'. With the help of these three blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass, you can perhaps grasp your own saber intent. As soon as you learn how to control your saber intent, the strength of your saber techniques will greatly increase," True Monarch White Crane quickly explained. Then, it also added, "I will use these three blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass to carry out a transaction for half of one vial of demodragon medicine."

True Monarch White Crane was already a powerhouse of the True Monarch rank. In addition, since it was a divine beast, its constitution was incredibly powerful. Thereupon, the demodragon medicine wasn't going to have much of a strengthening effect on its body.

From the very beginning, it didn't even consider using the demodragon medicine to strengthen its constitution. It simply wanted to weave a web next to Venerable White, and spin a cocoon together with him.

Song Shuhang was somewhat moved. He was indeed trying to grasp the concept of 'saber intent' with his Flaming Saber Technique, hoping to comprehend his own saber intent.

He wanted to get better, and he couldn't keep imitating and relying on Senior Scarlet Heaven's saber intent forever while displaying the ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯. This treasure True Monarch White Crane was offering him was indeed something he needed!

"Deal!" Song Shuhang said straightforwardly.

Just in this fashion, half of one vial of demodragon medicine was exchanged for True Monarch White Crane's three blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass.

True Monarch White Crane immediately drank the portion of demodragon medicine it had obtained, not leaving a single drop behind.

Next, it also stepped in the air, and thickened its face, starting to spin the cocoon close to Venerable White's position.

Spinning a cocoon together with Senior White, what a romantic thing to do!

Unfortunately, there was also that eyesore, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, who was spinning a cocoon not too far from them!


"How can I pass on the opportunity to experience something so interesting?" Cave Lord Snow Wolf appeared in front of Song Shuhang with a bright smile on his face.

Song Shuhang asked "Senior Snow Wolf, do you also want to try to spin a cocoon?"

Cave Lord Snow Wolf laughed, and said, "Little friend Song Shuhang, you have already reached the Third Stage Realm, right? In that case, you will surely need this thing—the ❮Strong Whale Saber❯. No, wait... it's the ❮Strong Gale Saber❯. It's a saber technique of the Third Stage rank. Even though it can't be regarded as a first-class saber technique in the Third Stage Realm, it's still an above-average saber technique. It's a very fast and fierce saber technique. After slashing out, one would surely see blood. Not only it has explosive speed, but its lasting capacity is also very high. The first ten moves of the ❮Strong Gale Saber❯ are all faster and fiercer than the previous one! It's something I found when I was young and braving danger outside. And now, I can present it as a gift to little friend Shuhang!"

After saying this much, Cave Lord Snow Wolf handed over the ❮Strong Gale Saber❯ to Song Shuhang. "Just like Phoenix Slayer earlier, I'm fine with exchanging it for one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine!"

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment.

At this moment, he had at his disposal the Flaming Saber Technique and the Inverted Scale Saber Technique. Although the Flaming Saber Technique was a very powerful saber technique, Song Shuhang was still far from being able to display its full power. As for the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯, it was a purely defensive saber technique.

Therefore, it wouldn't be bad for him to learn another attack-type saber technique. In addition, perhaps he could even increase his understanding of the Flaming Saber Technique using this other technique as a reference.

"Deal!" Song Shuhang said.

Just in this fashion, another one-fourth of one vial of medicine was traded for Senior Snow Wolf's ❮Strong Whale Saber❯ saber technique. No, wait... it was ❮Strong Gale Saber❯ saber technique!

As a result, Song Shuhang had already given away one full vial of demodragon medicine.

After getting his hands on the demodragon medicine, Cave Lord Snow Wolf quickly drank it.

In the next moment, he stepped in the air and headed toward the ceiling, arriving at the center, right next to the position of the hanging lamp.

Afterward, Cave Lord Snow Wolf started to spit silk from his mouth. However, he didn't weave a web that would act as a support as the others did. He glued a long thread of silk to the ceiling and hung from it.

Next, he used this silk thread that was hanging down from the ceiling as the center of support and started to weave the web alongside the nearby lamp.

If Cave Lord Snow Wolf could successfully spin his cocoon, the final product would be a huge cocoon hanging from the ceiling. It would look especially beautiful.

"..." Song Shuhang.

The nearby Yu Jiaojiao recorded the scene of Venerable White, True Monarch White Crane, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, and Cave Lord Snow Wolf spinning their respective cocoons and made a small video out of it, which was later uploaded to the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Celestial Fish Envoy: "From today onwards, our 'Nine Provinces Number One Group' should be renamed to 'Nine Provinces Cocoon Spinning Group'!"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator was the first one to reply. "Nine Provinces Cocoon Spinning Group? It sounds good! 👍"

Island Master Tian Tiankong: "Nine Provinces Cocoon Spinning Group +1."

Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei: "Nine Provinces Cocoon Spinning Group +2."

Immediately after, other fellow daoists also appeared and a series of +3, +4, +5, etc. followed.

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